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My Main Japanese Reference Material is the Book  "Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Uniforms and Equipment”,
by Tadao Nakata and Thomas B. Nelson ( I will reference the Page and Picture number )

Catalogued Items

( Modern Items included if they are catalogued )

3509HK - 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-4 Flyer’s Jacket

Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) Jackets are hard to find

The 305th TFS flew F-4EJ Phantom Interceptors(hikotai) for the 7th Air Wing at Hyakuri Air Base until being re-equipped with F-15s
The F-4EJ was a version of the famous McDonnell Douglas F-4E developed for the Nihon Koku Jieitai (JASDF).
Ordered in 1968, a few were built by McDonnell and the rest by Mitsubishi circa 1972 to 1981.

3509HK - Pilot’s Issue Flyer’s Jacket, size Large (see measurements below), (similar weight to a U.S. L-2B), Blue with Orange Lining (to reverse in case of an emergency), Inside pocket, 2 x slash hand-warmer pockets, knits on Collar, Cuffs, and Waist, 2 x 305th TFS patches, Japanese Flag with “J.A.S.D.F.” below flag, embroidered Name Tag on VELCRO with Pilot’s Badge and his Name, quartermaster label on lining has the Inspector’s Stamp and the Pilot’s name written in characters, YKK Zipper, neck size label removed, tiny hole and a small stain in lining(see pictures), minor wear, Used....inquire

Chest = 48
Waist = 39
Shoulder-seam-to-seam = 22 1/2
Sleeve = 36 1/2
Back = 28   

Orange Lining - small stain, tiny hole, pocket, data label

3509HL - JASDF Instructor’s Issue Flyer’s Jacket


3509HL - Japanese Air Self Defense Force Instructor’s Issue Flyer’s Jacket (similar weight to a U.S. MA-1), Blue with Yellow Pile Lining, sleeves are lined with a reddish cloth (for signaling in case of an emergency?), YKK Zipper, left-sleeve Pocket, Bi-swing back, knits on Collar, Cuffs, and Waist, 2 x front slash hand-warmer pockets, Name Tag hand-sewn-on with “INSTRUCTOR” and his last name, below the name tag is his Rank also hand-sewn-on, quartermaster label inside but has faded(would be hard to read), Used.....inquire

Chest = 47
Waist = 40
Shoulder-seam-to-seam = 20 3/4
Sleeve = 33
Back = 26+

6126B - 40th Battalion, 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment Soldier's Handbook

( capturing GI's Draft notice for a physical dated 1941 )


6126B - Pack Artillery Handbook with drawings/diagrams, shows Medals the trooper could win if he was a good soldier, handwritten notes by the soldier, used, some pages dog-earred but looks 98% complete(?), 3 5/8" x 5" and 3/4" thick, overall in Good Condition..........inquire

- - - -
6126D - Guntai Techou

military notebook/diary issued to soldiers

6126D - Japanese field-diary (first part printed- last pages are blank), stains/cover damaged/etc., Used....inquire
- - - -
6126F - "Homare" made Cigarettes

stamped Imperial Japan ("dainihonteikoku")

6126F - Package of Japanese Cigarettes, comes with "paper cigarette holders"(lower part of picture), opened-but looks full(?), Used(?)......inquire
- - - -
6126G - pre-WWII Japanese Holster

Made by Uchiyama of Tokyo

I understand this is a rare holster that was used for imported side-arms used by Japanese Officers.


1930s - 1945 Japanese Holster, Leather is very supple, 2 stitches in belt loop need restitched, Overall is Good Plus Condition.....inquire

( also on Weapons/Holsters Gear page )
6128E - Fur Lined  Winter Flying Suit

6128E - Army Air Force Fur Lined  Winter Flying Suit (New Style), dated Showa 19 (=1944) (Date is faded….maybe wrong), Belt missing, small storage stains, Overall in EC Condition.............inquire

( see REF BK, page 118, Picture 361 and Picture #1 )

 ( more pictures available, if serious )
6128G - Winter Flying Suit (New Style)


6128G - Army Air Force Fur Lined Winter Flying Suit (New Style), dated Showa 17 (=1942), small storage stains, small Abrasion on butt, small ¼” tear on shoulder area, Overall in EC Condition.........inquire

( see ref bk, page 118, Picture 361 and Picture #1)

 ( more pictures available, if serious )
6128M - Naval Landing Force CAP


6128M  -   the top "RANK" band has been removed to make an American Pilot's CNAC shoulder-loop Rank, cloth badge on front was damaged when the band was removed, Cap has not been damaged, only the front badge...(sold)
6129A - Enlisted Man's Summer Jacket


6129A  Enlisted Summer Jacket, Small size, Data Stamp reads: Model 98  Tosakuno 227, Showa 18 (=1943), and etc., OD Cotton with: 4-Pockets, Copper Buttons, 1 inside pocket, 1 Large Belt-Loop on Left-Side, paint stains and other minor stains, Top(throat) Button missing, Used......inquire
( see ref bk, page 142, Picture 480 = very similar to this Jacket )

( I think that is what this Jacket is called, one collector said it was a Military Police Jacket(?) )


4th Wing

The T-2 aircraft was made by MITSUBISHI, entered service circa 1971
MSG may mean “Maintenance Service Group”, probably from the 1975 - 1995 era
Matsushima Air Base is in Northern Honshu

4" made in Japan, RFU, soiling from wear, border damage, Used......inquire

( I think this is a late 1970s era patch due to the construction )

4th Wing partial History
4th Wing Activated in 1958 flying F-86Fs
Received T-2s in 1975; T-4s in 1996
- - - -

all 3 have sold
- - - -
I think these are Japanese Jump Badges

if you need one, state the position

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