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I do not have the knowledge to describe German items correctly

UI/Mystery Items

UI#207 -  Chain-stitched Eagle, possibly German?
( for details see on UI/Mystery page )
- - - -

Displaced Person's "D. P. INDEX CARD" "G 09727674", Card printed by the U. S. Government Printing Office(GPO)
Very early DP form as it is number One

 Items came together in an old clear-sleeve for displaying for Identification

High-Quality Printed patch on heavyweight white twill cloth, knife might be a Mauser Bayonet, uncommon maker's trait is the broken blue trim line.
Anyone know a maker that printed a "trim-line" on their patches?
Patch could be a WWII unit the DP had served in?  

( listed on UI/Mystery and Ground Forces-WWII page )

If you have information on any UI (unidentified item) contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Catalogued Items

3508CT - 3rd Cavalry Regiment Family Grouping

Family's military service spans WWI and WWII


see on U.S. Army Ground Forces WWII page, 3rd Cavalry Regiment section
3509BR - “secret” Bulgarian AF Pilot's Badge

3509BR - pre-WWII, know as a “Flyer's of Tourist Aircraft” wing, sometimes given to German Luftwaffe Pilots, USAAF Pilot's bringback in 1945

( click on Picture or this link ALLO  for details )

6178A - Leather Case

Dispatch Case captured at Djebel Dardyys(?), Tunisia


6178A - no markings that I can find, comes with note from GI, stitching on back has rotted through (see right picture), good for static display, Used........90.00

 Germany Awake!

6178G - early-1930s NAZI Party Towel/?

also described as a "Hallway Table Runner" & "Banner"

I was told this was sold by early Party Memebers to raise funds in the State of Prussia
( I always thought it was a bath towel but I guess the NAZI's did not want anyone drying their butt with the Swastika )


6178G - approximate size: 22.5" x 39.5", stains and some damage ( ask for pics ), Good Condition for it's age, Used.....inquire

"Germany Awake!" Sunrise on upper-half

6178K - Bakelite Fuse Holders(cannisters)

different dates/manufactureres, late-1930s to 1940s

( not positive they are fuse holders but that is the general concensus )

6178K - 5.25"+/-, "ZUNDERBUCHSE" on top, date and other markings inside the bottom screw-on Cap, Excellent condition, Used.....inquire

inside the bottom screw-on cap and markings on top of cannister
47700A - Medals and Decorations of Hitler’s Germany

by Robin Lumsden, with Dust Jacket

Published by MBI Publishing Company in 2001

47700A - Medals and Decorations of Hitler's Germany by Robin Lumsden with Dust Jacket, printed in 2001, 191 pages, some of the German Items included: Pour le Merite, Freikorps awards, Cross of Honour 1914-18, Iron Crosses, Army Honour Roll Clasp, German Cross, SS Long-Service Award, Krim Shield, Spanish Wound Badge, Sniper Badge, Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Political awards, RAD badges, NSFK awards, Customs Service, Medals, Stickpins, Ribbons, Maker Marks, Chronology of Third Reich Awards, Navy War Badges, Tanker Badges, Army Paratrooper Badge, Infantry Assualt Badge, and many more, ISBN 0-7603-1133-1, UnUsed...inquire

Not Catalogued

NAZI 25 year Faithful Service Cross


discoloration spots (see pics), Used.........50.00
Tanker Badge by Hermann Aurich

War Merit Cross by Karl Gschiermeister of Vienna

Tanker's Badge, EXCELLENT-PLUS Conditon, Used.....inquire

Merit Cross in box, Badge is in 99% condition, box is around a 60%, Used......inquire


War Merit Cross flat-pin is stamped "50"; maker Karl Gschiermeister of Vienna

Stamp is for Hermann Aurich I think(?)

Imperial Germany Stick Pin, circa 1900 - 1918

A bringback from a Veteran who had 15-20 German/NAZI stick pins, one was a Condor Legion!


"Landesverband d. Saalinhaberi Sachsen." hallmarked "G.H. OSANG DRESDEN", Used......inquire
- - - -
translation and partial History
 "Landesverband der Saalinhaber i(n) Sachsen" = Union of businessmen running beer/dance halls in the German State of Saxony
note: This association in Saxony was one of the largest catering-trade-associatons of Germany in the Kaiserreich.
Kaiserreich means: the stick-pin is from circa 1900-1918.
 The star of David signifies the Jewish section of this association.
Until 1918 Jewish citizens had been held in high regard for their knowledge in running businesses.
In 1919 things changed because many Germans (before Hitler came to power) blamed the lost  war on the Jews.
In the following years of the Weimar Republic until 1933 Jews didn't show up with signs like the Star of David to avoid provocation.
 G. H. Osang is the name of the entrepreneur who manufactured the stick-pin in Dresden (Capitol city of the State of Saxony).
 Gold and Black stripes with Crown in bend (running from viewer's top-left  to bottom-right) are the Heraldic Coat of Arms for the State of Saxony with origins circa 1200 AD.  
Schutzstaffel (SS) Troops on the March

scanned at 300dpi

rough storage, 3 1/8" x 4 1/2", Used.....inquire

(stored in ALLO/ASA box)

Writing on the reverse is difficult to read but thanks to a Customer some of the verbage has been translated:
It is written in German used circa 1900 - 1930s+/-
"Maria Prüger (could be Jürger)"
"Pochten (Pachten?) Aillingen"
"Heuk(ul?)eg str. 19"

Naval items

from same GI's bringback collection

Cap badge, 1 15/16" wide, Unused.......75.00

Cap badge, 1 15/16" wide, most of finish worn off, Used.....(sold)

Tropical cloth Eagle, UnCut.....125.00
( bottom-right...pin marks & circle where it was attached to a scrapbook or ? )
Signed picture


Walter Reder, former CO of the SS Totenkopf Division, 5 1/2" x 6 3/4", good condition......100.00
( I assume the "1943" date is when the original picture was taken? )
Wehrmacht Doctor's photos from the Eastern Front
(Two Knight's Crosses shown)


3 scans, notice some pictures overlap into the next scan

24 pictures, circa WWII, most are from the Eastern Front, Summer and Winter, 2 Iron Crosses shown (I was told one is a General), Doctor's car has a "Snake" on the back and doors, car's plate reads: WH - 583239, you can probably determine the Unit he is with as there is a "4-Leaf Clover" and standard markings on the trunk lid, signpost by car reads: "Rudajewa", 1 picture looks like Cossacks(?), smallest photo is 2 1/4" x 3" and largest is 4 3/8" x 2 5/8", Good Condition.......225.00

(do not ask hard-core questions; I have no knowledge of German Militaria)

(I have not noticed any writing on the reverse sides describing location/etc.)

WWII Postcards  

 Fallschirmjaeger Oberleutnant Schmidt in Norway

A Hauptmann who jumped at Fort Eben Emael

scanned at 300dpi

poor storage: creased in center, 3/8" tear on left, corners damaged, old price on back, Unused.......50.00

poor storage: corners damaged, UnUsed......50.00

- - - -
Capitanleutnant Frauenheim, U-Boot Commandant


improper storage-corners damaged, UnUsed.........50.00

( stored in German boxes in H5 )
WWII 3 cm Luftwciffen - Munition Box


approximately 30" long, named on top to the GI, dated 1944(?), Used.......(sold)

Wound Badge


Wound Badge, stamped, with round-pinback, Used....46.00
Ryker Number Two - 050623

Top Left - Wound Badge(?), UnUsed...(sold)

Top Center - Cross with Swords(?), UnUsed..(sold)

Top Right - Cross with Swords(?), UnUsed..(sold)

Bottom Left - Bronze Colored Assault Badge, probably Unused.....151.00

Bottom Center - Cross "W" ""1914" with flat pinback, probably Unused....205.00

Bottom Right - Assault Badge with box, Unused..(sold)

( Boxes have been rode-hard and put-away-wet )

( I would classify these as being in average condition  if I was using American medal grading )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ryker Number Three - 050623

Left - "1939" Cross(?), Used.....86.00

2nd - "Wound" Badge, pin missing, UnUsed(?).....87.00

3rd - "Wound" Badge, UnUsed..(sold)

 Right - Tank Badge, UnUsed(?)...(sold)

( I would classify these as being in average condition  if I was using American Insignia grading )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ryker Number Four - 050701

Top - Black-White-Red triangle, double-sided, Used.......86.00

Center - triangle, Swastika sewn to both sides, well-used, has holes and the staff end is frayed....Used.....(sold)

Bottom - Armband, multi-layered, well-made, Used.......(sold)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ryker Number Five - 070924

scanned at 300dpi

Top Row

SS Edelweiss, UnUsed....(sold)

Wound badge, Used......51.00

triangle, UnUsed.......32.00

lightning bolt on black, UnUsed.......(sold)

bullion silver on orange, collar insignia(?), Used...30.00

scanned at 300dpi

2nd Row

pair of Shoulder Boards, moth holes on red wool backing, probably UnUsed.......35.00

Aluminum Eagle, looks UnUsed......35.00

"Werkfeuerwehr" 3 13/16", minor scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....100.00

  white on green, collar insignia(?), lots of mothing, Used......35.00

scanned at 300dpi

Bottom Row

Helmet device(?), cast, UnUsed......37.00

Spanish "Blue" Division Medal for Russian service, UnUsed.......(sold)

Rubber stamp "field post number 56509", handle neatly removed, Used.....50.00

Silver Merit Medal of the German Eagle Order, "DEUTSCHE VERDIENST MEDAILLE", with "30" stamped on the hanger ring, 99% condition, UnUsed....(sold)

2nd Iron Cross with Oak Leaves in center, 1950s West German re-issued(?), "C" on ring, looks UnUsed.......(sold)
( see stamp on ring below )

Iron Cross 2nd Class with Ribbon, "128" stamped on hanger ring, 97% condition, Unused....175.00

Iron Cross 2nd Class, "C" stamped on hanger ring, UnUsed.......(sold)

stamp on ring for the $80.00 IC2 above, scanned at 600dpi

Close-Up of Iron Crosses

Reverse Close-Up of Iron Crosses

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ryker Number Six - 070926

following scans done at 300dpi

Top Row

Left - Eastern medal, hanging ring is marked (can't read), narrow-ribbon with snag near top-left, dent on edge at 1400, Used.....55.00

2nd - Eastern medal "WINTERSCHLACHT ......", stain on upper part of ribbon (ribbon could be reversed?), UnUsed.....51.00

3rd - Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 (Ostmedaille), UnUsed.....101.00

Top Row (continued)

4th - swords with cross, looks UnUsed....31.00

5th - Blue ribbon, "FUR FREUE DIENST", UnUsed.....51.00

6th - red-white-black ribbon, Unused......32.00

7th - 1914-1918 w/o swords, Unused......36.00

Bottom Row

Left - "FUR ARBEIT ........" Medal with white-orange ribbon, Unused......36.00

2nd - white-orange pinback ribbon, Used....24.00

3rd - Metal pinback, "GDAO", Used.....30.00

4th - War Merit w/o ribbon, looks Unused.....32.00

5th - cross w/o ribbon, Used.....31.00

6th - Hat Cockade and Wreath with felt center, Kreigsmarine(KM) I think, EC+........95.00

7th - General Assault Badge, GC........155.00

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ryker Number Seven - 080819

300dpi scan

Black and White Ribbon shown removed so you can see the handsewn-fold in the center(someone said it might be sewn-so the person could wear the ribbon in the button-line on the jacket?), No markings on ring, overall in Good Condition, Used......(stored in #3 box)........inquire

Ribbon has a pin-hole, No markings on ring, overall in Good Condition, Used......(stored in #4-5 box)........inquire

Ribbon has 2 x pin-holes, No markings on ring, overall in Good Condition, Used......(stored in #4-5 box)........inquire

Enlisted Luftwaffe Breast Eagles

RFU, soiled, Used.......(stored in #2 box).......inquire

RFU, Used.......(stored in #2 box).......inquire

end Ryker Number Seven - 080819 items

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

( I know nothing about German items - I have them vetted & priced by a seasoned Dealer/Collector )
STALAGs: IIIA and 344(formerly 8B)

Prisoner-of-War Dog Tags issued by the Germans in WWII, Used..........(missing)

Stalag IIIA - Berlin District, located at Luckenwald, Germany
Stalag 344 (old Stalag VIIIB) - Breslau(Wroclaw) District, Lamsdorf, Poland

( Check the Web, several Sites have info on these POW Camps )
- - - -
29+" x 58.5" 2-sided NAZI Flag


Cotton flag with flag pole sleeve, small stains, Used.......200.00

was held to the pole by tacks or etc....see right picfile
- - - -
NAZI Political Banner from Dillingen, Germany

signed by GIs December 6, 1944

I did a quick search with Copernic and got hits on Four Names of deceased Veterans; burial cemetery State matched the State listed on the flag.  Should be a successful research project.


50"+ x 74", double-sided cotton banner, has the end sleeve for a pole/etc., no markings on opposite side (see above-right), 2 x corners have small tears(probably from being ripped-down), overall in good condition, Used.....(stored in #10).......(sold)

damage to corners shown in right picture


3.25" Customs Police Sleeve-Badge, serial number 3035, Used.......175.00

Left - Tropical Helmet side emblem, probably UnUsed.....43.00

Right - Tropical Helmet side emblem, probably UnUsed......45.00

Belt Buckles
- - - -
Imperial era Buckle

No markings, at least 65% original Gray paint remaining, minor surface rust on reverse (ask for picfile), Used......68.00
NAZI era Billed Cap "Silver-color" CHIN-STRAP

right picfile shows the strap extended

Silver-color billed-cap CHIN-STRAP, UnUsed.........65.00

Large (Eagle is 8.5" tip-to-tip) Athletic/Sports Shirt Emblem, uncut woven Eagle with Swastika........85.00
Cold-Weather Reversible Hood

Manion's Auction 234 (2002) shows this as a Wehrmacht Hood


Gray Color is corrrect on the right picfile, damage shown in right picture, Used.....135.00

Post-WWII Items
JG-74 (Fighter Wing)

3 7/8" "MOLDERS" Luffwaffe patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
512th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 51st Reconnaissance Wing

This is the Luftwaffe 512th TRS, 51st RW flying RF-4Es in the 1970s, German made patch
GAF squadron designators are usually based on the Wing designator, thus the 51st Wing would have the 511th, 512th, & 513th Squadrons
( If this information is incorrect - let me know! )

Is the Spook an Alligator or ?
What are the symbols on the shield and his chest?


Luftwaffe 512th TRS RF-4E era in the 1970(+/-), German patch with PELLON backing, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

( also on USAF 512th squadron section )
- - - -
Luftwaffe 521 TAC RECCE SQN

25 Missions Baltic

50 Missions Baltic

100 Missions Baltic

West German Air Force RF-4 Reconnaissance squadron, probably a Tiger Squadron due to the German Picklehauber(?) on a Tiger's Head(?), UnUsed.......inquire

( stored in ALLO patch section )
- - - -
742nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (742nd FIS)

"Viva Zapata"

part of JG-74 (Molders' Fighter Wing) along with the 741st Squadron both flying F-104s


742nd Luftwaffe Interceptor Squadron of the German Air Force, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

I understand this design was used in WWII and still worn - I would guess these are modern


Petty Officer (without a Trade), 3 1/2", UnUsed.......inquire

Petty Officer (Engineer), UnUsed.....inquire

( formerly part of UI#263 )
- - - -
6180F - West German Camo Field Jacket


6180F  - Large - XL ( chest = 50”, 35”+, back = 28.5” ),  dated 1957, Camouflage  FIELD JACKET, with "RI-RI" OG Plastic Zipper, pebble-pattern snaps, Data Label reads: “OBERRH  KLE DERWERKE APPENW../BADEN 8400/12/120 2275 177 100 45 63 JAN. 1957”, missing 4 x Buttons, all Glove-Snaps function, minor light-green paint stains, no hood, not sure of pattern but has “falling rain lines” in it, Excellent Color, Used....(sold)

Viewers disregard this Section:
National Sozialistische DAP (German National Socialist Party) pinback, Hallmarked:  "RZM" and "M 1/72", GC........(sold)
Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 Medal with Ribbon (Eastern Winter Campaign) EC+....(Sold)
Iron Cross, 1939, 2nd Class, Looks New, EC+.....(sold)
Iron Cross, 1939, 1st Class, Screwback, GC...(sold)
Hitler Youth (HJ) Armband, taken-up to fit the kid, can be let-out about 3" to fit a larger sleeve, GC..(sold)
German Mountain Troop's Edelweiss Cap Insignia (right-three are sew-ons), EC+..........(All sold)
Infantry Assault Badge, Hallmarked "W" (with 4-5 hash marks above the W), EC..(Sold)
Wound Badge, GC.....(Sold)
2-Mark Coin dated 1909 from Saxony, Germany.  Front reads: "Friedrich der Streibare   Friedrich August 1409 Universitat Leipzig 1909", reverse reads: "Deutsches Reich 1909 Zwei Mark" WWII bring-back from a 17th Airborne Trooper...(sold)
1st Machinegun Battalion (1st MG BN).......(sold)
Stickpin - Black Swastika, marked: "H. Aurich Dresden  Ges. Gesch", Used...(sold)
Stickpin - I think I was told this is a "Condor Legion" item, marked "L/1" or ? (hard to read), Used.....(sold)
Cross with: "FF  1914  Fur Auszeichnung Im Kreige", Used...(sold)
Luftwaffe Aluminum Fork........(sold)
SA "F. DICK" Dagger and Sheath...(sold)
Kuban sleeve-badge, "1943 KUBAN Lagunen Krymska.a Noworossijk"......(sold)
22.5" x 31" double-sided NAZI Flag, Excellent Condition..(sold)
 Large cotton banner, made by Kammgarnwerke S. A., small stains, Used..(sold)
Gold-color Bullion Eagle with Swastika on Black Wool, marked "24" on back, UnUsed..(sold)
hand-embroidered, very-small flag pennant, Used.....(sold)
epaulet, field gray with yelow/orange piping, mothing, fold-over style, Used....(sold)
un-cut Eagle, UnUsed.....(sold)
Rubber stamp "field post number 56509", handle neatly removed, Used.....45.00
Eagle, Used......(sold)
Iron Cross - 2nd Class
front with "128" maker's mark on ring   reverse side        
both picfiles scanned at 300dpi
Iron Cross, 2nd Class with "128" stamped on the hanger ring, 97% condition, Unused.....inquire
6th - Wound Badge, stamped with round-pinback, Used....(moved)
7th - Wound Badge, blacken, stamped with round-pinback, "116", UnUsed..(sold)
8th - Wound Badge, solid-back, "L/14", flat-pinback, UnUsed.....(sold)
Ryker Number One - 050623
Top Left - Ostvolker, 2. Klasse in Gold (looks like it is missing the "gold"?), UnUsed..(sold)
Top Right - Ostvolker, 2. Klasse in Silber, UnUsed..(sold)
Bottom Left - Ostvolker, 2. Klasse in Bronze, UnUsed..(sold)
Bottom Center - Ostvolker, 1. Klasse in Silber, pin back, UnUsed..(sold)
( Paper envelopes have been down the long hard road )
( I would classify these as being in average condition if I was using American medal grading )
WWI Fatherland Relief Ring
on top: "1914" "DHG N. Y."
side: "GAB ICH IN SCH...... ZEIT  IHMCOLD ........ EISEN"
made in U.S. and sold to provide money to help the VATERLAND, been resized (approximate size 8-9 now), not much wear, Patent date November 24, 1914, Used......(sold)
Luftwaffe Cup and Plate
Cup marked: "FI. U.V.  Koenigszolt Germany  1939", Used..(sold)
Plate marked: "FI. U. V. CM HR 1814 1939 Hutschenreuther Hohenburg Germany 1939", Used.....(sold)
former boxer Max Schmeling when he was a Fallschirmjaeger in WWII, 4 3/4" x 6 1/8", excellent condition....(sold)
( picture signed at a show in 1986? )
Ostvolk Decoration for Bravery
Ostvolk Gold-color Badge with Swords, in the box, 98% condition, UnUsed....(sold)
Looks UnIssued, bring-back from Veteran's Estate.....(sold)
( brown discoloration on left side by Eagle's Wing is a wax/grease - it was stored in a tool box )   
Hallmark "H. A. 47" ( not sure of the last-digit )
Belt Buckle stamped "L. G. & S.  39" and leather tab label reads: "CONLIEB & SON 1939 OBERSTEIN", leather hard around the roller, below average condition, Used...(sold)
(leather label hard to read...I may have misread some letters(?))
Minor wear, Used...(sold)