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Army to WWII Era

( WWII Patches from One Collector )

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Infantry Items

Combat Infantryman's Badge

CIBs embossed "STERLING"


probably early War as he later was in the 8th USAAF, sterling clutchbacks, Used........inquire
(His last Name to buyer - I believe he later joined the Army Security Agency (ASA))

found in the pocket of an Overcoat dated 1941, paint peeling, Used......inquire

sterling clutchbacks, Used........inquire

( stored in site done box )
- - - -
Combat Infantryman's Badge

both embossed "STERLING" and "SB", with Sterling marked clutches

( Badges were found together )

I am listing these "SB" CIBs on the WWII page as I don't know when this Company made items for the Army.
( only possible maker's name I can find would be the "SPIES Brothers" of Chicago, IL )  


probably never worn, Used........inquire

probably never worn, Used........inquire

( stored in site done box )
- - - -
High-Quality Wool CIB


Excellent-Workmanship, embroidered on thick WOOL, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Combat Infantryman's Badges on Khaki cloth

CIB, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

base material has a foreign look (maybe left-over German cloth?), UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
Combat Infantryman's Badge on Khaki Twill


- - - -

see  1950s CIBs

Ranger, Special Forces,
& Associated Units

5307th Composite Unit

Merrill's Marauders
- - - -


UnCommon patch, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -


residue on back from a green-board, UnUsed......(sold)

( from the  Green Collection  )

 Ranger Scrolls and Diamonds
- - - -


WWII Ranger Scrolls, UnUsed......(each)........inquire
- - - -
Ranger Diamonds

"RANGERS", UnUsed...........(sold)


bottom center - minor scrapbook residue on back, Unused....(sold)
( from the  Green Collection  )

- - - -
Company H, 75th Infantry Regiment(ABN), 1st Cavalry Division(AM)

( for LRRP/LRP/Ranger items after 1950, click on picture )
 First Special Service Force


U.S. and Canadian Special Operations Force in WWII

FSSF, scrapebook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
( came from the   Green Collection  )


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....(sold)

"Kiska Task Force"

"Allied Task Force 9" ( ATRF-9 )

 "Amphibious Training Force 9" at Fort Ord, CA
- - - -
First Style Insignia

Printed on Canvas (oilskin)


attributed to First Special Service Force ( FSSF ) personnel, RFU, Used....inquire
- - - -
embroidered insignia

Kiska TF, been in the Green Collection, stains on front, residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)

Kiska Task Force, Unused........inquire

Kiska Task Force, Unused........inquire

 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

Formed in 1942 with men of Norwegian Descent or Norwegian Nationals stranded in the U.S.

99th IB(Sep) Assigned to the the 474th IR in 1945

from "Green Collection", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

Olive Green Border, UnUsed......(sold)

ex-Green Collection, green wallboard residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)


- - - -
partial History
Formed at Camp Ripley, Minnesota o/a August 15, 1942
Relocated to Camp Hale, Colorado at the end of 1942 for Winter Training
In 1943 approximately 100 men were recruited from the 99th IB(SEP) to form OSS Teams
Departed for England in September 1943
Arrived in Normandy on June 21
Fought in the Ardennes
The 99th became the 3rd Battalion of the newly formed 474th Infantry Regiment; other 474th IR battalions formed from men of the disbanded FSSF and Ranger BNs
(see below for the 474th IR patch)
Moved to Norway to Disarm and DeMob NAZI Units
Battalion DeMobilized at Camp Miles Standish on November 2, 1945
Participated in 5 x Campaigns
Members awarded 15 Silver Stars
474th Infantry Regiment (Separate)

The Blue patch has been removed from something - had a knotted-thread(the start of handsewing for the uninitiated) that would have matched an Ike Jacket


This patch was handsewn on with a thread that would have matched an Ike Jacket, reversed-colors, manufacture's mistake or Artillery, Used......inquire

474th IR(S), formed late in WWII from FSSF, Rangers, and other units personnel, Unused......inquire

( anyone know the History on this "reversed-color" patch?  email   Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
- - - -
partial History
474th IR formed from the 99th INF BN, Rangers, USSF, and other Combat Arms personel in 1945

First Army
- - - -
Green back, Cream back, and a pre-WAR Khaki

OD back, UnUsed......inquire

OD patch with cream backing thread, UnUsed......inquire

Khaki, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

Color patch, UnUsed.....inquire

OD and Balck front, Olive Drab backing, UnUsed......inquire

Narrow "A", RFU, Used.....inquire

pre-WW2 Khaki, in UnUsed condition......inquire

- - - -

pre-WW2 Khaki patch, UnUsed.....inquire

Color, probably used, inquire

top-right, Green Back, UnUsed.....inquire

blue residue, UnUsed......inquire

OD/Black face, white backing thread, Unused......inquire

Olive Drab and Black, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
 First Army Artillery, Interwar-early-WW2

First Army Signal Corps, Interwar-early-WWII

1st Army Artillery, UnUsed......inquire

1st Army, Signal, UnUsed.....inquire

8812 - Third Army Tanker's Jacket

click on picture for details
- - - -
3rd Army Bullion made in Occupied Germany, circa 1945-1947


- - - -
Greenback with OD Border

was handsewn on a Dress Jacket (never washed), Used.....inquire

Olive Drab border, RFU, (never washed), Used.......inquire

RFU (never washed), Used......(sold)

- - - -
UnUsed Condition

OD Border, UnUsed.....inquire

Extra-Wide Red border, UnUsed.....(sold)

very-narrow "A" and red border, Unused....inquire



5th Army, Italian woven, minor unravelling on upper-left border, UnUsed......insuire
7th Army circa WWII - German and US made

Upper-Left, German made, from an Officer's Grouping who remained in Europe after the Italian Campaign, RFU, Used........inquire

Upper-Right, (same as above patch), RFU, Used........inquire

Center-Left, RFU, Used.......inquire

Center-Right, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

 Bottom-Left, RFU, Used.....inquire

Bottom-Right, white spot is lint, UnUsed......inquire

More Armies available - ASK!


V CORPS Artillery

Made in Germany immediately after WWII; unit rotated to CONUS in 1946

RFU, Used.......inquire

RFU, Used......inquire


XXIV Corps


RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -
partial History
XXIV Corps (24th Corps) was active circas: 1944-49 and 1968-72

XXIV Corps activated at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, April 8, 1944.Did the invasion of Leyte, PI on October 20, 1944, with the 7th & 96th IDs plus it's other Units.
Invasion of Okinawa April 1 to June 30, 1945; relocated to Korea in September 1945; deactivated in Korea January 25, 1949.

( see 24th Corps on RVN to 1975 page for RVN era history )
More Corps available - ASK!

 1st Cavalry Division
- - - -
1930s era two-layer Felt SSI


1st Cavalry Division, RFU, was hand-sewn to a Jacket/Coat, Used.......inquire
- - - -

603rd Light Tank Company, Japan made, Used.......inquire

( also listed as the 603rd Medium Tank CO - relieved March 18 1948 from Division duty )
- - - -
WWII era, from Ike Jacket


RFU Ike Jacket, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Japan made Pocket Hanger for GI's Name

Excellent quality Japanese workmanship, found on early-Occupation Ike Jacket, Used.....inquire

( stored in Patch box )
- - - -
partial History
1st CAVDIV Redesignated 1st Cavalry Division(Infantry) in March 1949 while on Occupation duty in Japan
1st Infantry Division

"The Big Red One"


1st ID Greenback Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, UnUsed........inquire
2nd Cavalry Division, WWII Era patch

"Buffalo Soldiers"


2nd CAVDIV active circa April 1941 to March 1944, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
2nd Cavalry Division, made in Germany

Hand-embroidered on yellow felt, looks like left-over NAZI parts - oustanding 2nd CavDiv patch


moth nips, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
2nd Cavalry Division entered the rolls of the Army in 1921; Activated April 1941; Inactivated July 15, 1942; Reactivated February 25, 1943; Inactivated March 10, 1944

The 2nd CAVDIV was a racially mixed Unit and it's development was blocked by trained personnel being removed from it's  units to provide Cadre for new units.
It did well in the pre-War Field Training Exercises; little credit was given to that fact as trained personnel continued to be sent to other non-Divisional units.
The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor triggered fears of assaults on the west coast and invasion threats from south of the border. A new emphasis was placed on the continent's western defenses and the division deployed its 3rd Brigade to Arizona. General Coulter, the brigade commander, was also given command of the Southern Land Frontier Sector of the Western Defense Command. Under him the 2nd Cavalry, stationed at Phoenix, and the 14th Cavalry at Tucson, patrolled the Mexican Border for the next seven months. Meanwhile the 4th Cavalry Brigade, still at Camp Funston, continuing an endless cycle of training. Constantly called on to provide cadre for new units, the 9th and 10th Cavalry routinely lost veteran personnel and received untrained recruits.

During the spring of 1942 a War Department decision to increase the number of armored divisions within the United States Army resulted in the planned conversion of the 2nd Cavalry Division. White troops in the 3rd Brigade were used in the formation of the 9th Armored Division(9th AD noted for it's stand at Bastogne and the capture of the Remagen Bridge). The 2nd and 14th Cavalry were inactivated and their personnel transferred into the newly formed 2nd and 14th Armored Regiments, both elements of the new armored division. On 15 July 1942 the 2nd Cavalry Division was inactivated. The 4th Cavalry Brigade with its black regiments, however, remained active.

The activation of the 9th Armored Division created logistical problems at Fort Riley and Camp Funston. The installations that had accommodated a single division were now home to a division and an additional cavalry brigade. Consequently, the 4th Cavalry Brigade Headquarters and the 10th Cavalry, relocated to Camp Lockett, California. The 9th Cavalry, although still assigned to the brigade, moved to Fort Clarke, Texas.

As the number of black personnel entering the Army rose, the need for negro units for these soldiers to join also increased. In November 1942 the War Department directed that the 2nd Cavalry Division would be reactivated, and that two new black regiments would be assigned. It was also announced that the 2nd, now the Army's third black division, would remain divided between Texas and California. Construction was started at both posts since neither had the facilities to support an entire division. The work completed, the 2nd Cavalry Division activated on 25 February 1943 with Headquarters at Fort Clarke. The 9th and 27th Cavalry, active at the Texas post, were the assigned troops of the 5th Cavalry Brigade. The 10th and 28th Cavalry, located at Camp Lockett, made up the 4th Cavalry Brigade.

Filled using recruits straight from the induction centers, the 2nd Division spent most of the spring and summer of 1943 training its soldiers. The division provided these men with their basic training as well as instruction in Cavalry operations. The divisional training as a whole, however, would not be tested. Stating that there was no intrinsic need for a second cavalry division, the War Department had devised a plan to use the 2nd Cavalry Division personnel to form needed service units. Black community leaders, reacting against the criticism of the performance of negroes in combat units, protested the possible conversion of the division. The debate over the capabilities of black units continued but the decision concerning the status of the 2nd Cavalry Division was already made. The War Department ordered the division to be shipped overseas where the conversion would take place. During January 1944 the 2nd Cavalry Division was dismounted and shipped back east for deployment abroad. Arriving at Oran, North Africa on 9 March 1944, the division was inactivated the next day.

The division was never engaged in combat and was instead assigned to construct airfields for the Tuskegee Airmen in North Africa and perform garrison and supply duties there. The division also provided replacement troops for the all-black 92nd Infantry Division which was heavily engaged in combat in Italy and southern France. During the division's existence its soldiers experienced substandard housing, equipment, and mess facilities.
2nd Infantry Division

circa 1930s hand embroidred cotton on felt/wool


very well done insignia, RFU was hand stitched to a jacket, Used......inquire
3rd Cavalry Division

2-layer Interwar felt/wool patch, mothing on the outside of the lower curve of the "3", UnUsed.....inquire

Machine Fully-Embroidered (ME), Unused.......inquire

upper-right border, small blem from the factory, UnUsed......inquire

3rd Infantry Division

1930s era 2-layer felt insignia


- - - -
3rd Infantry Division Distinctive Insignia

scanned at 300dpi

1 3/8", very minor wear-if any, Used.......inquire
4th Infantry Division


RFU, Used......inquire


RFU, was on a Brown uniform(see thread on back in upper-right), very-thick(coarse-maybe wool) base material, Used......inquire

German made, RFU, Used......inquire

RFU, Used.......inquire

- - - -
German made


4th ID, Hand-embroidered, used.......inquire
5th Infantry Division

"Red Devils" and/ or "Red Diamond"
- - - -
Inter-War 5th Division, felt on blanket-wool


Machine embroidered "5" on red felt/wool sewn onto Olive Drab blanket wool, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -

5th ID, UnUsed........inquire

scrapbook residue on back from blue collection, Unused.....inquire

cut from a M43 Field Jacket, Used......inquire

near-new, RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -

RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -
 partial History
Activated and fought in WWI for 103 days; received the motto "RED DEVILS" by Germans in the Saint Mihiel campaign; deactivated at end of WWI
The 5th Division was Reactivated October 16, 1939 at Fort McClellan, Alabama
Probably Relocated to Iceland (date unknown)
Moved to England in August 1943; later to Northern Ireland; Landed at Normandy July 9, 1944
5th ID served in: XII &  XX Corps and Third Army from August 3, 1944 to May 7, 1945; Inactivated September 20, 1946 at Camp Campbell Kentucky
Activated and DeActivated more than once in the 1950s and 1960s; date it was Redesignated a Mechanized Infantry Division is unknown
1st BDE, 5th ID(MECH) served in the RVN from early-1968 to July 1971
1st Brigade stood-down at Fort Carson after return from Vietnam
Reactivated again and stood down on November 24, 1992
9th Infantry Division
- - - -
Used and UnUsed

RFU, stitch threads still present, Used......inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

German made, RFU, stitch threads still present, Used......inquire

stain on white center, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire


- - - -
Bullion SSIs & Major's Rank

Metallic (Bullion) thread on Wool - made in Germany

When I found these they were underglass in Phoenix, Arizona - an excellent storage climate

Bullion thread on Wool, UnUsed...........(sold)

Metallic (Bullion) thread on Wool, UnUsed..........(sold)

Major's Rank, bullion on wool, UnUsed.......(sold)

( from same Veteran )
 10th Mountain Division

RFU, Used........inquire

was handsewn to a jacket, flat arc, fraying on arc, Used.........inquire

was handsewn to a jacket, Used.........inquire


nice cream backing thread, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
WW2 Mountain TABs


scrapbook residue on back, Used.....(sold)

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -  
6954H - 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division


( see on Headgear page )
11th GHOST  Division



11th Ghost Division, design approved July 5, 1944, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

( see other Ghost Divisions on the Airborne page )
- - - -
partial History for the "Ghost" Units
The 14th Army was a Ghost army assembled for Operation Quicksilver as a subordinate unit of the Phantom First Army Group Commaded by George S. Patton

XXXI Corps
6th Airborne Division
9th Airborne Division
9th Armored Division
11th Infantry Division
14th Infantry Division
15th Armored Division
17th Airborne Division
18th Airborne Division
21st Airborne Division
22nd Infantry Division
39th Armored Division
46th Infantry Division
48th Infantry Division
50th Infantry Division
55th Infantry Division
59th Infantry Division
108th Infantry Division
119th Infantry Division
130th Infantry Division
135th Airborne Division
141st Infantry Division
157th Infantry Division
Philippine Division

ReDesignated 12th Infantry Division in 1946


- - - -
patial History
The Philippine Division was Constituted in the Regular Army in 1921
In 1941 the division consisted of Philippine Scouts and the U. S. 31st Infantry Regiment
Redesignated April 6, 1946 as the U. S. 12th Infantry Division
Inactivated April 30, 1947 in the Philippine Islands
Disbanded March 23, 1953
21st Cavalry Division

24th Cavalry Division

21st CAVDIV, UnUsed......inquire

24th CavDiv in the3 shape of a stirrup, UnUsed......inquire

( later designated the 23rd ID )

This was a "put-together" Division using resources in New Caledonia - disbanded overseas
In 1954 the insignia was assigned to the 23rd Infantry Division
In 1967 it was again put-together from units in the MR2 AO of the RVN - again disbanded overseas, circa early 1970s

borders distorted from being tied in a bundle for 50 years, UnUsed......inquire




Bottom-row, left, UnUsed....inquire


RFU, brown thread, Used.....inquire

RFU, thread still present, Used......inquire

24th Infantry Division
- - - -
pre-WWII 24th ID, 4-layer Wool patch


never worn pre-War insignia, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Possibly used around the Task Force Smith era in 1950(?)


24th ID, Occupation of Japan Era(?), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
patial History
Constituted February 1, 1921 as Headquarters Hawaiian Division; Activated March 1, 1921 at Schofield Barracks
Part of the Hawaiian Division Reorganized and Redesignated October 1, 1941 as Headquarters, 24th Infantry Division(other sections became the 25th ID)
Fought in the Pacific in WWII; Japan Occupation Duty

Korean Service
First ground unit to move to Korea (TF Smith consisting of 400+/-  men) and ordered to fight a rearguard action against a well armed NK Army
With old equipment/ammo/rations/etc. TF Smith was no match for the waves of NK troops and T-34s that overran their position
The unit destroyed their remaining 105s/mortars/etc. and headed South to regroup with the Division to hold the Pusan Perimeter
 Reorganized and Redesignated April 1, 1960 as HHC/ 24th ID;  Inactivated April 15, 1970 at Fort Riley, Kansas;
Activated September 21, 1975 at Fort Stewart, Georgia; Inactivated February 15, 1996
Activated October 17, 1999 at Fort Riley, Kansas; Inactivated August 1, 2006 at Fort Riley, Kansas
Hawaiian Division

This Division inserted between the 24th and 25th IDs as there were formed from this unit on October 1, 1941


one-piece construction, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The Hawaiian Division was formed In February 1921 in the Territory of Hawaii from units of the 11th Infantry Division
Division consisted of: 4 x Infantry Regiments formed into 2 x Brigades and a Brigade of Artillery; this was known as a "square Division"
The 35th IR joined the Division in October 1922
In 1940 the "square division" concept was declared obsolete and the Division was designated to form 2 x new "triangular" divisions
These new divisions, the 24th and 25th, were formed in October 1941
The 19th &  21st IRs, 11th & 13th Field Artillery were assigned to the 24th Division
The 27th and 35th IRs with the 8th Field Artillery were assigned to the 25th Division

Additional Regiments, the 298th & 299th, from the Hawaii National Guard also joined the Divisions
Japanese-American soldiers of these IRs were seperated from their Regiments after Pearl Harbor and were formed into a Provisional Infantry Battalion which later became the 100th Infantry Battalion noted for it's outstanding service in the ETO
29th Infantry Division


InterWar - embroidered on Blanket wool

Variations - the design is upside-down and one is a purple vs. blue

29th ID Blue, UnUsed......inquire

Purple variation, Unused.......inquire

WWII patches available - will be listed in the future, need one, ASK!
31st Infantry Division

38th Infantry Division


31st Infantry Division Green Back (left), UnUsed......inquire

38th Infantry Division Green Back (right), UnUsed.....inquire
32nd Infantry Division

 with 'couched' border


32nd ID, unusual construction and material, UnUsed....(Sold)
- - - -
3508EA - WW1 Rifleman's GROUPING

Tunic was in poor condition - I removed sections of the jacket to leave the insignia mounted

Sold as a GROUP, NO parting-out!

Mothing on stripes, overall in Good+ condition, Used......inquire

( also listed below in the WWI section )

- - - -
32nd Division SSI and 119th Machine Gun Battalion ReUnion Medal

2-layer wool patch on a portion of upper sleeve cut from a WWI era Wool Jacket-I found the Jacket in a Rag-Mill many years ago-jacket was heavily damage so I cut the upper sleeve out and attached the ReUnion ribbon which had been on the front of the jacket.

ReUnion Ribbon reads: "119TH M.G.BN. REUNION JULY 3.4.5 PHILLIPS, WIS."
Medal reads "32 DIV. LES TERRIBLES"


Printing on ribbon faded but readable, I believe the patch was made and sewn-on post-WWI, Used.......inquire
- - - -
minor History
119th Machine Gun Battalion was formed from the 6th Wisconsin Regiment
First 32nd Division ReUnion was held in 1920(?)
36th Infantry Division

Nicknames: Arrowhead, The Fighting 36th, and Texas
- - - -

36th ID, 1930s, moth-nip at 1600 near the edge, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


OD border, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
WWII era cream-back


- - - -
partial History
In WWI the Division was Activated as the 15th Division (Army National Guard Division raised in Texas and Oklahoma); Redesignated 36th Division in 1917
Major units:  71st Infantry Brigade (141st and 142nd Infantry Regiments) and the 72nd Infantry Brigade (143rd and 144th Infantry Regiments)
Shipped to France circa July 1918; saw action in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive; Inactivated June 1919
ReActivated for WWII
40th Infantry Division

 Hand Embroidered on felt, faded on front, Used...inquire

older OD border, UnUsed.......inquire
41st Infantry Division


41st ID, Bullion on Red Felt, UnUsed..........110.00
45th Infantry Division

American Indian Swastika design on 2-layer Felt construction


45th ID, pre-War to early-War, scrapbook residue onback, UnUsed.....inquire

( from Green Collection - see other patches in the   Green Collection   )
61st Cavalry Division

WWII era with Black Border

Interwar/WWII era

fully-embroidered(FE), UnUsed.....(sold)

Machine Embroidered on felt/wool, 1930-early 1940s, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
61st Cavalry Division, WWII


With Black-Border, fully-embroidered(FE), from Green Collection with residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
62nd Cavalry Division

63rd Cavalry Division

62nd CAVDIV, UnUsed......inquire

63rd CavDiv with OD border, UnUsed.....inquire

64th Cavalry Division

65th Cavalry Division

64th CavDiv, UnUsed.....inquire

65th CAVDIV with Lance, Unused.....inquire

66th Cavalry Division

scrapbook residue from the Blue Collection, UnUsed.....inquire

cream-back, Unused.....Inquire

77th Infantry Division Combat patch, RFU Khaki shirt Right SSI


 81st Division

156th Field Artillery Brigade or Ammunition Train

( ID'd in Keller and Keller's US Army Shoulder Patches -41st to 106th Divisions- book, page 104 )


large (2 7/8") machine embroidery on wool, UnUsed.........inquire

( from the Green Collection - see other patches in the   Green Collection   )
84th Infantry Division

- - - -
3508CS - 84th ID wooden Napkin RING

3508CS - High-Quality craftsmanship, 1 3/8"+(inside-dimension), probably a bringback from Germany, as-new, Used.....inquire
- - - -

84th Infantry Division "RAILSPLITTERS" UnderArc (Tab), German made(?), Used......(sold)

( No value placed on the SSI )
9314D - D Company, 364th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division

Coat, Breeches, and Web Belt

( see on Army Gear page )
92nd Infantry Division

597th or 600th Field Artillery Battalion

see more items and details on Army Aviation Misc page
98th Infantry Division

294th Joint Assault Signal Company

After serving in the Normandy Landing as part of the 1st and 5th Engineer Special Brigades the 294th JASCO apparently was sent to the Pacific and assigned to the 98th ID for the planned Invasion of the Japanese Home Island. 98th ID was DeActivated in Japan circa 1946.

294th JASCO, small insignia, possibly made in Hawaii or Japan(?), UnUsed.......inquire

100th Infantry Division

"CENTURY Division"


Residue on back, from the Green Collection, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Active 1918 - 1919; Reactivated 1921 in the "Reserve"; Ordered to Federal Service 1942; DeActivated 1946; Activated in Reserves 1946 - now
102nd Infantry Division

"OZARK Division"

Green edge, UnUsed.......inquire

Khaki edge, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

maybe RFU(?), Used.....inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Activated 1942 - Inactivated 1946
103rd Infantry Division


Green Back and 4 other variations

Green back, RFU, Used......inquire

smaller oval-shaped, RFU, Used.....inquire

removed from uniform(RFU), Used......inquire

ID'd on back "103", UnUsed........inquire


- - - -
partial History
Activated 1942 - Deactivated 1945
Reactivated in the Reserves 1945 - Deactivated 1959
104th Infantry Division



- - - -
partial History
Activated 1942 - Deactivated 1945
Reactivated in the Reserves 1946 - now(?)
106th Infantry Division

"Golden Lions"

4 x Variations

Green edge with scrapebook residue on back, RFU, Used.....inquire

Khaki edge, must be the "good" Lion with the happy face (as compared to the other three), UnUsed......inquire

light-golden faced Lion, UnUsed......inquire

RFU, brown paper residue on back, Used......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Activated 1943 - Deactivated 1945
Reactivated in 1948 in Puerto Rico - Deactivated 1950
108th Ghost Division

WW2 "Paper Unit"

(There was another 108th Division; patch depicted a Griffin(?))

blemish below the red center(maybe tacked to a board(?)), blue scrapbook residue on back, Unused.......inquire

was in the Green Collection, UnUsed......inquire


- - - -
partial History
A unit on paper only
141st GHOST Division


stain in center, residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
Brigade, Regiment, RCT, Battalions, and etc.

Hawaii Seperate Coast Artillery Brigade

Interwar 4-layered wool with the 'NO-SO' metal loop for pining to a uniform


patent date is February 19, 1924, Used......inquire
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion



2nd CHEM MTR BN, UnUsed.........inquire

( aka "RED DRAGONS" )
2nd Constabulary Regiment & Constabulary Headquarters

"TOUJOURS PRET" = Always Ready

Formerly designated 2nd Cavalry Regiment

made in Germany, RFU, staining, Used........inquire

German made, I see no evidence of paint or enamel (I would guess it never had either(?)), post-plate(1 post loose) from an EM's brass soldered on reverse, Used......inquire

3508CT - 3rd Cavalry Regiment Family Grouping

Family's military service spans WWI and WWII


WWII Veteran’s: named Good Conduct Medal, Carbine Expert Badge, and Brave Rifles pinback DI
His Father’s WWI German Iron Cross with Document(issued in 1935)


also on German page
15th Cavalry Regiment

"All for One - One for All"


Left - German made, Verdigris on the scroll, Used....42.00

Right - Made in Germany, verdigris on scroll, Used....43.00
18th Field Artillery Battalion


18th FA BN embroidered on felt/wool, scrapbook residue on back (Green Collection), stains on lower part of yellow stripe, UnUsed......inquire
 21st Infantry Regiment


21st IR, 7 3/16" embroidered on felt, pre-WWII, UnUsed..(sold)

21st Infantry Regiment, Post-WWII, embroidered on felt, glue residue on back, Unused....inquire
33rd Field Artillery, Officer's Grouping

SERVABO FIDEM = "I will Keep the Faith"

I will sell items seperately


33rd FA Officer's Grouping...........inquire

DIs, Leadership Tab(only a single), Pocket Patches are German made

Anyone know the use of the Sword with Army Eagle, is it a Fraternal Order or etc., has a pinback with rolling lock?
33rd Infantry Regiment

pre-1948 insignia


older 33rd IR, RFU, Used.....inquire

( I think the over-arc was added circa 1951 )
36th Engineer Regiment


36th ENG REGT, minor staining on the white, scrapebook residue on the back, UnUsed.....(sold)
(  came from the  Green Collection  )
- - - -


- - - -
There are some variations on the Unit's History - you can pick-out what you think is correct.

partial History (taken from Official Army site)
The 36th Engineer Brigade was originally constituted on 1 October 1933 as the 36th Engineer Regiment and activated on 1 June 1941 at Plattsburg Barracks, New York. Since then, the unit has served with great distinction during almost every major conflict, including World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, and most recently, Operation Iraqi Freedom.
     During World War II the 36th Engineer Regiment consisted of nine combat engineer companies trained for amphibious assault and support operations. The regiments' proud history as one of the first engineer units to fight using amphibious tactics is mirrored in the unit's distinctive insignia, a seahorse on a red and white shield, proclaiming the prowess demonstrated during its five amphibious assault landings at Algeria-French Morocco, Sicily, Naples Foggia, Anzio, and Southern France.
    On 15 February 1945, the unit was redesignated as the 36th Engineer Combat Group, and following World War II it reorganized at Fort Lewis, Washington.
    During the Korean War, the 36th Engineer Combat Group consisted of four engineer battalions and four additional engineer companies, earning two Meritorious Unit Citations and the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation.
  The unit inactivated on 30 May 1972, and reactivated on 1 July 1973 as the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) at Fort Benning, Georgia.
     During the 1991 Gulf War, the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) fought in support of the 24th Infantry Divisions' rapid attack to the Euphrates. The unit also deployed in support of peace enforcement missions during Operation Continue Hope in Somalia and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.
 Most recently, the 36th Engineer Group (Construction) has twice deployed to Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, executing a wide variety of construction missions in support of combat operations, including the construction of enemy prisoner of war camps, theater convoy support centers, and soldier life support areas.
     On 16 June 2006, the unit was redesignated the 36th Engineer Brigade and reassigned to Fort Hood, Texas as the United States Armys' first modular engineer brigade headquarters.
     The 36th Engineer Brigade colors carry 23 battle streamers, many earned in combat while reorganized as infantry, including service at Anzio where, for fifty days, soldiers wearing the seahorse shoulder patch held 7 miles of the front line and earned the distinction by the Germans as "The Little Seahorse Division".
 The unit earned 9 battle streamers during the Korean War and 2 battle streamers during the 1991 Gulf War. Recently the unit earned a battle streamer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

partial History (taken from a Veteran's site)
36th Engineer Combat Regiment
D-Day Landings, Algiers & Fedela North Africa, Licata Sicily, Salerno, Anzio Italy, and Cavaliere Southern France.  
Campaigns: Algiers-Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, & Central Europe.
Activation: The unit was activated at Plattsburgh Barracks New York, 1 June 1941, with two battalions. In September 1942, a battalion from the 540th Engineer Combat Regiment was disbanded and became the 36th's 3rd battalion. The 36th continued to work as a three battalion unit throughout the war.
Redesignation: In February 1945, the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment was re-organized as the 36th Engineer Combat Group.  Thus the following occured:
1st Bn became the 2826th Bn
2nd Bn became the 2827th Bn
3rd Bn became the 2828th Bn

Condensed from a RVN era Veteran's site
Unit was ReActivated from 1966 to 1972 and served in Vietnam as a Battalion at Vung Tau.
49th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade

has a "full-tree", UnUsed......inquire

embroidered on felt/wool, UnUsed......inquire

49th AAA BDE, has "black-gold" in his pan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

52nd Cavalry Brigade

Interwar era insignia


came from the Green Collection, apparently too much glue was applied to the reverse when it was attached to the green-boards, UnUsed......inquire
56th Cavalry Brigade, Interwar era


machine embroidered on blanket wool, UnUsed.....inquire
81st Field Artillery Battalion

155mm Howitzer Battalion (Tractor Drawn)

Held a position North and East of Luxembourg City near the Sauer River in the Battle of the Bulge

Lists: Assignments, Attachments, and Supported Divisions:
83rd ID, 4th ID, 5th ID, 9th AD, 10th AD, 11th AD, 17th Airborne, 28th ID, 87th ID, & 89th ID

cover done by Pusey

81st FA BN, 54 pages, printed at "Ohlenroth'sche Buchdruckerei, Erfurt",
Covers WWII from 8 June 1940 to 7 May 1941,
Shows history of the Unit from 21 June 1917 to 7 May 1945,
Lists Command Posts in the ETO,
Lists men of the unit by: Rank, Full Name, & Hometowns,
artist is "Pusey",
minor damage to spine & cover (less than average wear and tear),

Battle of the Bulge

Inside Covers Pen & Ink drawing by Pusey

Commendation by Patton & portion of Unit Roster
84th Chemical Mortar Battalion (84th CML Motar BN) Tab

anyone with the New Issue of Trading Post (OCT-DEC 2010) match this one with page 11

84th CML. MORTAR BN., UnUsed........(sold)

93rd Reconnaissance Battalion

The only pictures I have seen of this insignia appears to be a little-large than a metal DI, just like this one.

I don't know if this was intended as a Pocket, Cap, or Neck-Bib


93rd RECON BN, very small patch, UnUsed......inquire
 158th Regimental Combat Team


158th RCT on felt, RFU, Used.....(sold)
 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division


Bullion thread Hand embroidered for Epaulet Loops on GI wool cloth
(done in Europe at end of WWII or in Japan during the Korean War, you decide)


179th IR, Used.....inquire

reverse of one loop
310th Infantry Regiment

"Heads UP"

( made in Germany - has the Remagen Bridge on DI )


Left - 310th IR "Unit Crest", Used.....65.00

Right - 310th IR, red paint chipped, pin bent, Used.....45.00
- - - -
310th Infantry Regiment

"Forward my Children"


Plastic Distinctive Insignia (DI), made by Whitehead & Hoag, Used...(sold)

Assigned to the 78th Infantry Division in WWII
333rd Engineer Special Service Regiment

                                                                                                                DI reverses are switched

Left - made in Germany, (the Reverse side is on the "right"), Used.......65.00

Right - made in Germany, enamel chipped on the bottom-right, (back side picture is on the "Left"), Used...(sold)

partial History
333rd Engineer Special Service Regiment, 1942 - January 20 1947
Served in Europe
384th Engineer Battalion (Seperate)

Independent Black Engineer Battalion
application for an "Official War Ballot"


384th ENG BN, California Voter's Ballot request card from Fort Bragg, Used......inquire

( I would assume this is a fairly rare card(?) )

partial History
384th Engineer Battalion (Seperate) (Colored) formed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina April 18, 1942
Arrived North Africa April 13, 1943
Relocated to Italy March 3, 1944 for the Rome-Arno Campaign
Relocated to France September 25, 1944; Rhineland & Central Europe Campaigns
Disbanded on November 24, 1945 somewhere in CONUS
411th Infantry Regiment

possibly made in Austria


painted, Used.......(sold)

( stored in WWII patch box )
442nd Regimental Combat Team

Nice selection, to include a Variation, of a Famous Regiment

Variation, NO blue outlines, UnUsed......(sold)


442nd RCT, UnUsed.......inquire

Bottom-Left, UnUsed.....inquire

scrapbook residue on back with collector's number, UnUsed.....inquire

1778th Engineer Battalion

Formed at Fort Lewis in WWII, later shipped to the Pacific and ReDesignated, It may still be active(?)

1778th ENG BN, embroidered on wool-felt, bottom-right border damaged when I pulled it off the green-board, I don't think it was ever used, UnUsed(?)....inquire

UI, Possibly Regimental size unit

UI#316 - Infantry-Light-Blue felt with3 x Fleur-de-Lis on  black bend, Golden Bell & quarter-moon, pre-WWII?


( see details on UI/Mystery page )
Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) Thule, Greenland
Polar Bear is apparently an auxiliary Observer for enemy aircraft
The gun looks like an M2 90mm AAA gun using a Searchlight to spot aircraft
Listed on the USAF BASE Page, Greenland Section
3508CU - "The Range Finder", newspapers from Camp Callin, CA

11th AAA Group and it's Battalions trained at Camp Callin


3508CU - "The Range Finder", bound BOOK of newspapers from Camp Callin, California,  large format (16" x 21"). This is Volume 2 1942-1943, first paper dated April 3, 1942 and the last is March 26, 1943. Camp Callin was located near La Jolla, California and trained AAA personnel and maybe others, the 11th Group and it's Battalions (51st through 58th) were the primary Units at the Camp. Loaded with pictures and Ads, excellent reference material for WWII. GC+
( at least $20.00 for shipping/insurance, it is heavy )


( also on Books page )

Armored Units

"armor" symbol on older patch

UI#328 - "S.M.R.U." plus old Armor symbol with an Ordnance flame/ball on orange twill, could be 1930-40s, any ideas on who used this one?
                Small patch that could have been used as a lower-sleeve insignia.
listed on UI/Mystery patch page

anyone know the ID for this patch?

Tank Destroyer

Tank Destroyer, Variation

Ribbed Construction, NO Red Lightning Bolts in Panther's mouth


8 solid wheels, UnUsed......inquire
Green Back TD Black Panther patch


Tank Destroyer, Variation

Black Panther with ONE-Lower Tooth


TD SSI variation missing 3 x teeth, UnUsed......inquire
Tank Destroyer, Variation

NO Red Lightning Bolts in Black Panther's mouth

8 x Solid Wheels


rear fender on tank is Gold-color vice Black, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU, Used.....inquire

RFU, Used.......inquire

border damage at bottom, RFU, Used.....inquire

removed from uniform, Used.....inquire

With Red Lightning Bolts in Black Panther's mouth

4 x Open Wheels

RFU, Used.....inquire

cream back, RFU, Used....inquire

Far-right, RFU, Used.....inquire

With Red Lightning Bolts in Black Panther's mouth

4 x Open Wheels

RFU, Used......inquire

Border damage at top, RFU, Inquire

RFU, from same Veteran as the following, Used......inquire

RFU, from same Vet as the above, Used....inquire

With Red Lightning Bolts in Black Panther's mouth

4 x Open Wheels

scanned at 350dpi

slightly oval shaped, UnUsed......inquire

Oval shaped (2 3/4" x 2 7/8"), almost 3D (thickess Black Panther I have ever seen), UnUsed.....inquire


Bottom-Left, UnUsed.....inquire

RFU, Used......inquire

Below Listed Armored insignia:

I have not stated on most of the more common Insignia "Used" or "UnUsed" nor have I added "scrapbook residue on back".

If a Strip/Tab (Nickname) is placed below the SSI then it came with it.

Scanned at 150dpi so you can see more detail

( For Ordering and Additional information contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )

Armored Forces

Inquire for price, refer to position in the picture

Top Left - was mounted on a board(?)...thumbtack impression still visible, other 2 impressions unexplainable, could have been one that was put on Bus Terminal Bulletin Boards or etc. during the War(?), UnUsed......inquire

Bottom Right - pre-War, probably a cap badge, UnCut, UnUsed......inquire

Armored Force School & Strip

Items did not come together - seperate finds.

"S" = School, thick patch, No Border, unusual design(?), UnUsed......inquire

"THE ARMOR SCHOOL" Strip/Tab, UnUsed......inquire

School established September 19 1940 at Fort Knox

Armored Corps

II Armored Corps

Inquire for price, refer to position in the picture

- - - -
IV Armored Corps



Armored Battalions

73rd Heavy Tank Battalion

Both insignia are from the same Veteran - cotton threads shown were used to stitch the patches to his shirt

Unit served in Korea circa August 1950 to July 1957

Japan made, RFU, Used.......(sold)

USA made with Japanese embroidery for the Battalion number (notice the Japanese curl on the "7"), RFU, Used.....(sold)

- - - -
Amphibian Tractor & Tank Battalions

Inquire for price, refer to Battalion Number


I think the 536th and 539th are Amphibian Tractor Battalions
The others are Tank or AMPHIB BNs(?)

Armor Divisions

1st Armored Division


Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

2nd Armored Division

- - - -
"HELL ON WHEELS" Tab (bottom strip)

from the Green Collection, top-left border damage when I removed it from the green-board, possibly made in Germany(?), I don't see any stitch holes, may be in UnUsed Condition.....inquire

- - - -

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

Top-Left patch was marked "2" with an ink pen or etc.

Bottom-Left and Center SSIs were found with these "nickname" Tabs/Strips

Bottom-Right insignia is a   Sticker  NOT a cloth Patch

3rd Armored Division

- - - -

3rd AD, Interwar -  WWII, Machine Embroidered (ME) on Wool, was loosely hand-sewn by the GI (very minor stitch marks visible), Used........inquire
- - - -

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

- - - -
3rd Armored Divsion in WWII


4th Armored Division


Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

- - - -
partial History
Activated on 15 April 1941; moved to England and arrived on the Continent July 11, 1944; fought at Bastogne; ended the War in Czechoslovakia
 Pulled some Occupation Duty; Returned to CONUS leaving many of it's units to work for the Constabulary Command and qas DeActivated
Reactivated multiple times during the Cold War; ReFlagged as the 1st AD in 1971 and Deactivated
5th Armored Division


Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

6th Armored Division

"Super Sixth"

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

- - - -
6th Armored Division Christmas Card from France
(found inside the 3rd AD Book listed above)

                                                                             Front                                                                                                            Inside

Simple folded-paper Christmas card probably printed in France (notice the teeth on the Tank); shows their line-of-march since landing in France; done for Christmas of 1944, Used...........(sold)

( also, there is an October 1945 letter from the Ripple Publishing Company of Fayetteville, NC stating they are
printing a History of the 6th AD and the cost will be $2.00 postpaid; no value placed on this letter )
7th Armored Division

"The Lucky 7th"

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

8th Armored Division

"Thundering Herd"

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

9th Armored Division

"Remagen" ("Phantom"?)

scrapbook residue on back frrom blue collection, UnUsed......inquire

Greenback, UnUsed......inquire

10th Armored Division


10th AD, UnUsed......inquire

scrapbook residue on back from Blue Collection, UnUsed......inquire

11th Armored Division


Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

12th Armored Division



Greenback, UnUsed.......inquire

Scrapbook residue on back from Blue Collection, RFU, Used.....inquire

Scrapbook residue on back, RFU, Used......inquire

13th Armored Division

"Black Cat"

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

14th Armored Division


15th Armored Division

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

16th Armored Division

17th Armored Division

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

18th Armored Division

19th Armored Division

Top-Left 18th AD, partial-Greenback, UnUsed......inquire

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

20th Armored Division

21st Armored Division

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

22nd Armored Division

27th Armored Division

30th Armored Division

Bottom-Left 30th AD Decal

Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture

40th Armored Division with "GRIZZLY" Strip/Tab

Top Center - (sold)

Lower left - (sold)

Lower Rignt - RFU, Used.....inquire

48th Armored Division


48th AD, UnUsed.....inquire
Related Armor items


raised in Liverpool November 1, 1940 as the 23rd Army Tank Brigade; later redesignated

click on picture

( For Ordering and Additional information contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )

Above Listed Armored insignia:

I have not stated on most of the Insignia as to:   "Used" or "UnUsed"
nor have I added  the "scrapbook residue on back" comment

If a Tab (Nickname) is shown with the SSI then it came with it

Scanned at 150dpi so you can see more detail

Commands, Schools,
West Point, & etc.
,47250M - The West Point Atlas of American Wars, Volume 1, 1689 - 1900

Compiled by the Staff at West Point

47250M - The West Point Atlas of American Wars, Volume 1 1689 - 1900, compiled by the Staff at West Point circa 1950s, printed by Frederick A. Praeger, Inc. of New York in 1960.  150+ maps of Battles with pages of verbage, no dust cover, very minor usage, Used......inquire

Very High Quality Workmanship on the Battle Maps
West Point, United States Military Academy
- - - -
3508CW - USMA Class of 1929

3508CX - Class of 1929 “The Thirty-Year Book” BOOK


3508CW - West Point Class of 1929 “The Howitzer” BOOK, Good Condition, Used.....inquire

3508CX - West Point Class of 1929 “The Thirty-Year Book” BOOK, (USMA book on experiences of the Cadet Corps of 1929), letter dated June 1961 explaining who is running the Alumni show included, Good Condition, Used.....inquire

( NOTE: 3508CW is heavy, shipping/insurance for the 1929 Howitzer to the East Coast is an estimated $20.00 )

see RVN to 1975 patch page  for more USMA Books
- - - -
Officer's Candidate School

- - - -
Field Artillery School


stains where the glue on the back has bled-through, Green wallboard residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

pre-WWII Embroidered on felt/wool


3-4 spots where the glue on the back bled-through, green wallboard on back, Unused......inquire
Ordnance Automotive School, Ft. Crook (Offut AB), Nebraska

CIVILIAN INSTRUCTOR', (formerly UI#53), possibly used............inquire
Panama Canal Department

pre-WW2 insignia


2 5/16" 2-layer felt construction with black mesh/gauze backing, very small moth-nip in upper-left corner, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
partial History
The Panama Canal Department was activated as a Geographic Command of the US Army on July 1, 1917 and it remained the senior Army headquarters in the region until activation of the Caribbean Defense Command on February 10, 1941
(The Panama Canal Department was similar to the Antilles Department, Hawaiian Department, Philippine Department, and Alaskan Department that existed prior to World War II)
The first commander of the Caribbean Defense Command continued to command the Panama Canal Department
Date unknown when the Departments and their Patches were no longer used
 ancilliary information
Department was a term mainly used by the U.S. Army prior to WWI
In 1920 most of the Departments were Redesignated as Corps Areas.
However, the Hawaiian, Panama Canal, and Philippine Departments retained their old Designations
( In 1939, the Puerto Rican Department was created and in May(?) of 1941 the Panama Canal Department and Puerto Rican Department were combined as the Caribbean Defense Command, although each was still referred to as a Department )
China - Burma - India
- - - -

click on picture for details
- - - -
China-Burma-India SSI, Staff Sergeant Stripes, & Overseas Bars

Grouping removed from a WWII Olive Drab Wool Field Shirt.  Some WWII Veterans did not have a Dress Jacket at the end of the war and put their badges on Field Shirts and M-43 Field Jackets

RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -

CBI, theater-made, RFU, missing 3-4 stitches on top-border, Used.........inquire
- - - -
3509BM - WWII USAAF Officer's Bringback Badge

click on picture for details

Displaced Person's "D. P. INDEX CARD" "G 09727674", Card printed by the U. S. Government Printing Office(GPO)
Very early DP form as it is number One

 Items came together in an old clear-sleeve for displaying for Identification

High-Quality Printed patch on heavyweight white twill cloth, knife might be a Mauser Bayonet, uncommon maker's trait is the broken blue trim line.
Anyone know a maker that printed a "trim-line" on their patches?
Patch could be a WWII unit the DP had served in?  

( see UI/Mystery for any updates )
U. S. Army, Europe


All German made, circa 1945 -








- - - -
Occupation Military Government for Hesse

"OMG HESSE", German made, UnCut, storage creases, UnUsed.........(sold)

"OMG GREATER HESSE" Arc (Tab), German made, RFU, Used........(sold)

Alaska Communication System


click on picture for details

items from the same collection


( I do not know the use of the 2 x Blue items or the 1LT Rank )
Alaskan Defense Command
- - - -
Alaskan Defense Command (ADC Happy SEAL) on white felt


larger ADC, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
older - ADC's "HAPPY SEAL" Insignia

almost a 3-D patch, brilliant colors embroidered on white twill, cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......(sold)

Olive Drab Border, 2nd version of the First Design drawn by Walt Disney Studios, puckered from the maker's factory, Unused........(sold)
- - - -
Alaskan Defense Command, with Olive Drab border


ADC SSI, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
ADC with "ALASKA" ARC (tab)

Found with a USAAF man's Grouping


WW2 ADC SSI with arc, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
ADC Bullion Patch

made from an Issue patch by GEMSCO during WWII


later design Alaskan Defense Command, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
2 x Variations of the fully embroidered ADC SSIs

plain face bear, UnUsed.....inquire

white eys and several accent lines, UnUsed.....inquire

Aleutian Islands Command


Black Seals on an Ice Flow, UnUsed......Inquire
- - - -

Army Ground Forces on wool, minor soiling on white, UnUsed....inquire

Aleutian Islands CMD.......(sold)
Army Ground Forces, Replacement Depots


RFU Officer's OD-51 Coast, Used......inquire
Atlantic Base Command

WW2 variant with a 'PINK FISH' or Pink something


I have not seen another "pink fish", sea mammal, or whatever it is supposed to be, UnUsed......inquire
Caribbean Defense Command with 'PANAMA' Under Arc

( not sure of the correct designator for this unit )

SSI and Under Tab did not come together - depicted to show how worn





Ribbed-construction, embroidered on blue felt, UnUsed......inquire
U. S. Army Mariannas, Bonin Islands, Guam Command


2212E - “TPN. CORPS. U.S.A” Armband

Stenciled on a double layered Red/Maroon Cotton-Twill  material - concensus of opinion is, this is an Army Transportation Corps band

2212E - Gold color “TPN. CORPS. U.S.A” stenciled on a Red/Maroon Cotton-Twill Armband, has been folded for many years, one-end of the black elastic band has been removed, large safety-pin came with the band (heavy impressions on the back-side of the band showing were the pin was stored many years), Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire

( also on Army Gear page )

Safety-pin impressions on reverse - I have the pin, I forgot to shoot it.  


WWII Combat Medic's Badge


- - - -
WWII Combat Medic's Sterling Badge



( stored in WWII patch box )

 Military Police

Military Police School



MP School (Provost Marshal School), pinback, Used......inquire  
Philippine Army 2nd Infantry MP Headquarters

"WAR Crimes Trial"
- - - -
Partially Hand-embroidered in the PI


Made in the Philippines, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
Machine embroidered


- - - -
The dispute on the correct name for this patch among the "experts" may have been settled(?).
I have had one other machine embroidered "War Crimes Trial"; it was on the Right SSI of an Army long-sleeve Khaki Shirt.
757th Military Police Battalion


front scanned at 300dpi - reverse at 200dpi

757th MP BN, Germany made, Used.......inquire

WWII Miscellaneous Items
3508CM - President Reagan Memorabilia

Ronald Reagan’s Long-sleeve Khaki Shirt he wore in the movie “The Voice of the Turtle” shot in 1947, he played the part of Sergeant Bill Page


3508CM - size medium, 2 x field-repairs on the lower front (see picture below-right), Used.......(sold)

Chest = 46+
Sleeves = 31.5
Shoulder seam to seam = 17.75
Shoulder seam to end of cuff = 22.5
Back = 32


Warner Brothers Studio woven label sewn inside the button-line reads: “WARNER BROS. DATE 10-16-47 PROD. 678 NAME R REAGAN SIZE 15 – 33 Voice of the Turtle”,

- - - -
3508DI - First Lieutenant's Rank Sterling Bars with pinback

mounted on sales Card - made in USA

scanned at 300dpi

marked "STERLING" on reverse (hard to see in the picfile, UnUsed......inquire
California State Guard (with Greenback)

circa 1942 - 1945


Colorado Defense Force
circa 1941-1943

Colorado State Guard

Colorado Defense Force, 1941-1943, UnUsed........inquire

Colorado State Guard, 1940s - 1950s(?), Unused.......inquire

Hawaii State Guard


University of Idaho WW2 ROTC patch

ROTC = Reserve Officers' Training Corps


RFU, Used......inquire
3508AM - 14th AAA Group Ashtray

see on Army Gear page
21st Transportation Car Compnay

Japan made with bullion thread around the shield


Embroidered on felt, Unit was in Japan in the 1940s (1947-1954), UnUsed.....inquire
U. S. Army 3-star General - "The Globetrotters 10"

( made in Trier, Germany by Lonquich )   


Well made, probably 1945 - 1948 era(?), I cannot find any info on this badge, Used......inquire

( stored with German Items )

( also on the UI page )
WWII WAC ID Bracelet

Hard to read engraving, marked "1/8 GF 10K LGB", made by L. G. Balfour Company, Used........85.00

Engaving reads:
Front - "Lillian C Sands  A-525699"
Back - "CO 9  3rd REGT  8-14-44"

Serial Number:
"A" indicates enlisted
first number "5" indicates 5th Corps Area with HQs in Columbus, Ohio
( enlisted from: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, or West Virginia )

( see similar items on  Souvenir  &  Homefront pages )
United Service Organization Camp Shows

USO felt insignia, UnUsed.....Inquire

U. S. Army Official Photographer TAB

"Official U. S. Army Photographer", 1 1/2" x 3 15/16", UnUsed.....inquire


TAB Embroidered on wool - backing material is unusual, may be left-over from WW2 German stock(?)

made in Germany, looks unused.........inquire

WWI Items
Port of Embarkation


3 3/8" across, UnUsed......inquire

( the only thing I know about this patch is the price )
 Siberian Expeditionary Force

I know of one other similar patch in existence, Rare!


SEF hand-embroidered patch with 2 x color yellow-brown thread, right side was stored folded, never been on a uniform, UnUsed......inquire
9th U.S. Cavalry WWI era Collar Device

Active July 28, 1866 to October 20, 1950; December 1, 1957 to Present
Nickname Buffalo Soldiers

Fought in: Indian Wars, War with Spain, Philippine Insurrection, World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq War

scanned at 300dpi  -  white specks, on the disc in the pics, were on the scanner's bed, NOT on the disc

Pinback with 'C' closure (I understand a collar device with a pin back is not common??), Used.........inquire
- - - -
partial History

The regiment was constituted July 28, 1866 in the Regular Army as Company F, 9th Cavalry. On August 3, 1866 Major General Philip H. Sheridan commanding the Military Division of the Gulf, was "authorized to raise, among others, one regiment of colored cavalry to be designated the 9th Regiment of U. S. Cavalry".
Organized September 21, 1866 in New Orleans, Louisiana and mustered between September 1866 and March 31, 1867.
The Ranks was filled with Recruits from Kentucky and Louisiana.
Regiment trained trained in Louisiana and moved to Texas in April 1967.

Served in: Indian Wars, Battle of San Juan Hill alongside Roosevelt's Rough Riders, and the Punitive Expedition against Pancho Villa in Mexico in 1916.

On March 23, 1907 the United States Military Academy Detachment of Cavalry was changed to a "colored" unit and a 100 man Detachment from the 9th was sent to West Point to train the Cadets had to ride.  The NCOs of the 9th were considered the best riders in the Service. This Detachment served until 1947 at the Academy.

The 9th Cavalry was assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Division in October 1940 for deployment Overseas. The regiment did not serve in WW2 as a unit but sent to the Mediterranean AO and the men used as fillers for other units. Regiment Inactivated March 7, 1944 in North Africa.

The regiment was Reconstituted December 1, 1957 in the Regular Army as Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 6th Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Cavalry.

The 9th Cavalry Regiment served in the Vietnam War as Aerial and Ground Forces.
1/9 CAV were awarded 3 x Presidential Unit Citations and five Valorous Unit Citations. 1/9 Cav earned the nickname of "Headhunters" in the War.
3508EA - WW1 32nd Division GROUPING
Listed above in the 32nd Division's section
 317th Sanitary Train - 92nd Division

"317" written on the reverse

( patch was found in Central-Texas )

French made Bullion-on-felt, bullion is almost 1/8" thick on the Breast, was handsewn to a uniform, Used.....inquire

( some info on this page:  http://www.thedigitalbookshelf dot com/division_92.htm  )
667th Aero Supply Squadron
France - 1918

2 x "Our Boys in France Tobacco Fund" cards, dated 1918
1 letter from Sergeant Haugen on American YMCA stationary from Paris, France
2 "draft" letters from Miss Everette of Oakland, California

WWI Group, Used........66.00
 UI#161 circa WWI Signal Flags with Eagle

is this a Signal insignia or a Sweethheart pin?


1" x 1 1/16", stamped "STERLING", with "J" post closure, Used....inquire

( stored in gray cabinet )

Civil War Era
 12th Infantry Regiment

Property "turn-in" Document

Dated October, 1866 in Washington D. C.

Quartermaster General's Office, Property Division's Form for turning-in "Quartermaster Stores",
scotch tape was put on the back, well-Used.....inquire

( in site done box )

For more WWII patches see  Green Collection

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Flyer's Jackets and Caps (with/without Insignia), Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, & etc.

1900 - 1949 era: Sweatshirts, Undershirts, Patches, Boots, Mountain Jackets, Knives, & etc.

1950 - 1975 era: Patches, Uniforms, Jackets, Knives, Boots, & etc.

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UI/Mystery Items

UI#225 - BUSHMASTER Arc, anyone know the correct ID and era?

UI#229 - brass "44" found with items from a 33rd FA Officer?

UI#362 - "CTC" Transportation Guidon (came with WWII items), only reference I could find was a Chinese Training Command in Kunming, Yunan Province....however from the information on the site they only trained Artillery students, measurements = 21"(vertical) by 31"....??

see on UI/Mystery page

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Army to WWII Era

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OSS Grouping
Over 300 pics in his Grouping
Will be on sale at the LA Show November 11-12, 2005
( check "Show Page" for details )
Kachins looking at their OSS Discharge Certificate
U.S. 3-Star with CHINAT Officers
1st Special Service Force
FSSF, UnUsed....(sold)
from Green Collection, poster-board residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
( left patch also on htm and SF page )
1 7/8" cap badge, UnUsed...(sold)
large 2 11/16" insignia, UnUsed......(sold)
( I have 2 x picfiles showing early-1940s paratroopers wearing the oversized insignia )
( also on: htm, RVN-1975, and SF/Rangers pages )
Office of Strategic Services
Large amount of Photos with: Discharge, Passport issued in Shanghai, worked for the UN RRA in China, and etc.
OSS JUMP School Certificate signed by Captain R. M. Cordell (cetificate drawn by "Kerillo"). OSS Grouping
Rare 65th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
65th Field Artillery (Armoured) activated October 1 1941 at Fort Knox, Kentucky, part of the 5th Armored Division
 Redesignated Armored Field Artillery January 1 1942 and transferred to Camp Cooke (Vandenburg AFB Lompoc, CA)
Action in: North Aftrica, Sicily, and Normandy; landed on D-Day+1 on Utah, supported the 101st Airborne Division;
continued to support many different units, crossed the Elbe River on April 14th 1945 with the 83rd ID;
the 65th saw 406 days of combat, Rare patch, RFU, Used...(sold)
(for an Excellent History of the unit see the October-December 2004 Issue of the ASMIC Trading Post;
this 7-page article was written by Dave Kaufman...one of the premier Collectors of Armor Insignia)  
Aleutian Islands Command
5109B & 5110C - early WWII Parkas
1st and 2nd Pattern Parka Style Overcoats
click on picture for details
5111B - WWII Parka Style Overcoat
style like the M-47 coat but dated February 1945
4386B - Special Service Force pocket Knife
click on picture for details
U. S. Army & U. S. Air Force Recruiting Service  
Uncommon Patch, the shield-shape is the older Army style insignia so I assume this is the 1947-era Insignia used before the Air Force got their own Recruiters(?), Used.........(sold)
"I Serve"
51st Constabulary Squadron - German Occupation
51st Armoured Infantry Battalion redesignated 51st Constabulary Squadron on May 1, 1946 and assigned to the 11th Constabulary Regiment. Redesignated 51st Armored Infantry Battalion and reverted back to the control of the 4th Armored Division on December 20, 1948.  German made, 9.25" chain-stitched on Felt, UnUsed...(sold)
WWII Variation
WWII 5th Service Command Reverse Colors Insignia, correct pattern is on the right, UnUsed.........(sold)
(right patch depicted for contrast only - it is free to buyer)
"The Fighting 36th"
Good Condition, Veteran made notations/markings, he was probably in the 143rd Infantry Regiment's Anti-Tank Company(?), Used....(sold)
36th ID on wool, UnUsed....(sold)
Greenback Armor Patches
9th Armor Division Green Back, UnUsed......inquire
 12th Armor Division Green Back, UnUsed.......inquire
Inquire for price, refer to Division and position in the picture
474th Regimental Combat Team
lots of white bobbin thread, Unused.....inquire
United States Army Highway Patrol in Germany
Large 2 5/8" x  2 3/4"
Excellent German workmanship in Bullion thread, UnCut Condition......(moved to 1950> page, MP section)
Bullion Patches
"Bullion" and "Metallic" terms are the same to me; no precious metals used to my knowledge!
2nd Logistics
Japan made, RFU, Used..........inquire
474th Infantry Regiment (Separate)

from Green Collection, top portion, above scroll, is darker(?), UnUsed.......(sold)
reversed-colors, mfg mistake or ARTY?, Unused.......(sold)
474th IR(S), formed late in WWII from FSSF, Rangers, and other units personnel, Unused......(still listed above_111030)
9314F - WWI Infantry Overseas Cap
( see on HEADGEAR page )