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pre-1949 Army Air Corps - Army Air Forces

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USAAC Active from July 2, 1926 to June 20, 1941

Lineage of the United States Air Force (USAF)
Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps August 1, 1907 – July 18, 1914
Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps July 18, 1914 – May 20, 1918
Division of Military Aeronautics May 20, 1918 – May 24, 1918
Air Service, U.S. Army May 24, 1918 – July 2, 1926
U.S. Army Air Corps(USAAC) July 2, 1926 – June 20, 1941
U.S. Army Air Forces(USAAF) June 20, 1941 – September 18, 1947
United States Air Force(USAF) September 18, 1947 –

Some pre-1948 Air Force items may be listed on other USAF pages

Also, some items listed may be over the 1947 time-line = many post-WWII items are hard to determine when they were made

 United States Army Air Corps
- - - -
USAAC Pin Wheel, partially-embroidered design


PE on felt, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
Pinwheel 2-layer felt patch


RFU, was hand-sewn on a shirt/coat, Used.......inquire
3509GL - ASHTRAY, Australia circa Christmas 1944

3509GL - Cast in the shape of Australia dated 1944, bringback from a USAAF Pilot’s Estate, 6 1/2" across with a 2 5/8” standing Kangaroo, 5 x City names and “States” outlines have been engraved on ashtray, also engraved  is: “Xmas Greetings to Frank From Australia 1944”, No cigarette stains, As-New, Used......inquire
4398E - Gurkha's 'KUKRI' 'KHUKURI' 'KHUKRI'

4398E (old catalog# 6103V)

4398E - (old catalog# 6103V), circa WWII(1942-44), Gurkha KUKRI. The Officer served in Karachi, Fort Agra, and other places. He appeared to be in the “INDIA-CHINA FERRY COMMAND”. Kukri has storage rust (see pictures), Overall in Good Condition+, Used.......inquire

 Photos given to their Flight Instructor upon Graduation, July 1944

Students from: USA, Panama, Columbia, Mexico, and Nicaragua


Instructor Pilot's name was Jim "Pop" Riney

3.25" x 4.5" format, Good Condition............Inquire for Individual Photo prices
 WWII Caterpillar Club Pins

"Caterpillar Club" pins were issued to aircrews who had bailed-out
Two companies who issued pins were: IRVIN and SWITLIK manufacturers of WWII parachutes

"Caterpillar Club" with screwback, UnUsed......inquire

"Red-eyed" silk worm issued by the Irvin Company, top-loader pinback, Unused......(sold)

( see this site for some info: http://www.earlyaviators.com/eirvin3.htm  )

( see "Eagles Recalled" book by Warren Carroll, page 165; Excellent reference book )  

( stored in Gray Cabinet )
( also on: USAAF/USAF Gear, Flight Gear pages )
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Caterpillar Club pin, Pioneer Parachute Company

This pin is shown in the "NAVAL WINGS OF WORLD WAR II" book, chapter 3, page 89


single clutch back is marked "STERLING", 15/16" (+/-), Used......inquire

( stored in gray cabinet )
 WWII Issue Decals for A-2s and other Leather Jacket

USAAF Leather Jacket Decals, dated 1944, '20496 11-233-2-44", UnUsed......(sold)

( also on USAF Gear page )
Pilot's Class 43B

click on picture for details
Fully-Embroidered Issue USAAF SSIs

scanned at 240dpi

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)......inquire

Embroidered on Felt USAAF SSI - #1

Number One

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)........inquire
Embroidered on Felt USAAF SSI - #2

Number Two

RFU, Used.............(++No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)........inquire

Lower-right bullion like thread...........(sold)
Embroidered on Twill USAAF SSI

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)........inquire

Air Fields & etc.

Grider Army Air Field 312 "AAFFTD", located in Arkansas, UnUsed.........inquire
(AAFFTD = Army Air Force(s) Flying Training Detachment)
(AAFFTDs were the Units that trained WASPs and other Army Pilots in WWII)

Hicks Army Air Field, Texas, early 1941 vintage patch, worn on khaki uniform during Primary Flight Training, Used......inquire
(additional info to the Buyer)  

Early Army Aviation Unit patches

"301", moth holes, UnUsed........inquire

"356", UnUsed.......inquire
Numbered Air Forces

1st USAAF, Unused........inquire

2nd USAAF, Unused.......inquire

2nd USAAF, Used..........inquire



2nd United States Army Air Force, embroidered on felt, UnUsed...........inquire

2nd USAAF, standard issue, UnUsed..........inquire

3rd USAAF, UnUsed.......inquire

4th USAAF, Unused......inquire

4th USAAF, fully-embroidered, Used.......inquire

4th USAAF, embroidered on felt with cheesecloth backing, Used.......inquire

4th USAAF, embroidered on felt with cheesecloth backing, Used.......inquire

5th USAAF, fully-embroidered, Unused..........inquire

5th USAAF, fully-embroidered, Unused.......(sold)

5th United States Army Air Force, FE, UnUsed......inquire
5th USAAF - Bullion Thread


felt worn near border at 0800, nick on border at 1000, white felt backing, RFU, Used....(sold)

5th USAAF, Australian made

two variations

3" Australian made on Felt, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

made in Australia on a coarse cotton material, UnUsed.....inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 5th USAAF - #1

Number One

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)........inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 5th USAAF - #2

Number Two

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One)......(each)........inquire
5th AAF on Twill


6th AAF

6th USAAF, UnUsed......(sold)

( 5 other 6th AAF in stock....ask for prices )
Fully-Embroidered Issue 8th USAAF - #1

Number One

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire

Fully-Embroidered Issue 8th USAAF - #2

Number Two

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire

English Made Stubby Wing
Looks like a Tailor Shop supplied the same materials to 2 different ladies to make patches.

Anyone know if the single stitch Thread(s) at the Top and/or Bottom of the disc distinguish between who made them?
It would be easy to pay the maker of the patch for their work(?)

(gold thread on bottom) English Hand-Embroidered 8th USAAF Stubby-Wing, UnUsed.........(sold)

(white thread on top and bottom) English Hand-Embroidered 8th USAAF Stubby-Wing, UnUsed.........inquire

- - - -

Stubby Wing 8th USAAF, UnUsed.....inquire
English Made


8th USAAF, machine embroidered, UnUsed.......inquire
English made

Hand Embroidered on Felt, Used....(sold)

Machine Embroidered on Felt, removed from a 1944 Jacket, Used......inquire

 9th USAAF, English made on Felt



RFU, 3 1/4", Used........(sold)
- - - -
machine embroidered in Great Britain

9th USAAF, machine-embroidered on felt, UnUsed.........inquire

9th USAAF, ME on Felt, Used..........inquire

9th United States Army Air Force, on felt, Used........inquire

- - - -
9th USAAF silkscreened patch made in England in WWII

9th Army Air Force, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 9th USAAF - #1

Number One

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 9th USAAF - #2

Number Two

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire
 463rd Service Squadron, 9th USAAF

( click on picture to see details below )
9th USAAF Sergeant'sGrouping (possible POW?)

Click on picture for details

3 items from a WWII Sergeant...tag states the man was a POW ?
10th USAAF, made in India


 - - - -

10th USAAF, UnUsed......(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire

11th USAAF, FE, UnUsed......((No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each)......inquire
12th United States Army Air Force, Bullion thread

AAF component for Operation Torch in 1942, moved to England to prepare for invasion of North Africa, relocated to North Africa and continued to operate in the MED

NO patches listed - intentionally left blank

- - - -
partial History
Established/Activate as Twelfth Air Force August 20, 1942; Inactivated August 31, 1945
Activated on May 17, 1946; Discontinued  July 1, 1950; Organized/Activated January 21, 1951
Army Air Forces, August 20, 1942 – August 31, 1945
Tactical Air Command, May 17, 1946 – December 1, 1948
Continental Air Command, December 1, 1948 – July 1, 1950
United States Air Forces in Europe, January 21, 1951 – January 1, 1958
Tactical Air Command, January 1, 1958 – June 1, 1992
Air Combat Command, June 1, 1992 – present
Major components
42d AD January 1 – 8, 1958
44th AD January 12 – June 27, 1949
307th Air Division, January 12–June 27, 1949
309th Air Division, January 12–June 27, 1949
310th Air Division, January 12–June 27, 1949
USAF Southern AD JAN 1, 1976 – JAN 1, 1989; Redesignated: 830th AD JAN 1, 1989 – FEB 15, 1991; Redesignated: Air Forces Panama, FEB 15, 1991 – FEB 11, 1992
 831st Air Division, January 1, 1958 – April 20, 1971; December 1, 1980 – March 31, 1991
832d Air Division, January 1, 1958 – April 20, 1971; December 1, 1980 – March 31, 1991
833d Air Division, December 1, 1980 – November 15, 1991
834th Air Division, January 1, 1958 – April 1, 1959; January 31, 1972 – December 1, 1974
835th Air Division, July 23, 1964 – June 30, 1971
836th Air Division, January 1, 1981 – May 1, 1992
838th Air Division, July 1, 1963 – December 24, 1969
839th Air Division, July 1, 1963 – November 9, 1964
Bolling Field, Washington, D.C., August 20–28, 1942
England, September 12 – October 22, 1942
Algeria, November 9, 1942
Tunisia, August 10, 1943
Italy, December 5, 1943 – August 31, 1945
March Field, California, May 17, 1946
Brooks AFB, Texas, January 1, 1949 – July 1, 1950
Wiesbaden AB, West Germany, January 21, 1951
Ramstein AB, West Germany, April 27, 1953
Connally AFB, Texas, January 1, 1958
Bergstrom AFB, Texas August 1968
Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, October 1, 1992 –
Hand-Embroidered CBI made 14th USAAF


Excellent workmanship, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 14th USAAF - #1

Number One

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire
Fully-Embroidered Issue 14th USAAF - #2

Number Two

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire
15th Air Force

Incised Leather patch, made in Italy, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
15th AAF Bullion patch

( came with a pair of 449th BG DIs by V. Saracino of Taranto )


Fully-Embroidered Issue 20th USAAF

RFU, Used.............(No Choice - I will pick the Best-One remaining)......(each).......inquire


( More embroidered AAF patches in stock....will be listed later )

Named Air Forces

Far East Air Force
(Australian made)


FEAF Australian made Bullion patch still in the Cellophane package(package is not intact), Mint.....inquire

circa 1930s Army Air Corps Patches

Pair of multi-layered Felt patches - found together

Organized as Company A, 4th Balloon Squadron
9th Balloon Company
9th Airship Company
9th Airship Squadron
1st Observation Squadron
1st Reconnaissance Squadron
41st Photo RECON

Small patch, UnUsed...............inquire

Large patch, RFU, Used..........inquire

close-Ups of the small patch


( now known as the 41st Electronic Combat Squadron )

( see Web Page http://www.au.af dot mil/au/afhra/wwwroot/rso/squadrons_flights_pages/0041ecs.html  )

( also see Mauer & Mauer WWII Combat Squadrons Book for info )
San Francisco Air Defense Wing (SFADW)

San Francisco Fighter Wing

San Francisco Air Defense Region

Provided air defense for the San Francisco area & trained fighter groups and personnel
- - - -

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted as San Francisco Air Defense Wing  August 6, 1942; Activated  August 11, 1942
Redesignated San Francisco Fighter Wing in July 1943; Redesignated San Francisco Air Defense Region; Disbanded August 31, 1945
IV Fighter Command, 11 August 1942
Fourth Air Force, 7 June 1944- 31 August 1945
328th Fighter Group: 1943-1944
354th Fighter Group: 1943
357th Fighter Group: 1943
363d Fighter Group: 1943
367th Fighter Group: 1943-1944
369th Fighter Group: 1943-1944
372d Fighter Group: 1943
478th Fighter Group: 1943-1944
San Francisco Airport, California, 20 August 1942
San Francisco, California, 7 June 1944- 31 August 1945
American Theater
On a bezant a hurt charged with a stylized red drawn-bow and arrow of four conventionalized feathers, points upwards, the bowstring consisting of a blue flash and a blue search light beam, within the lower arc of the ends of the bow, gold. (Approved 5 Feb 1943.)
1st Air Ambulance Squadron


WWII American Field Service,I was told this unit was formed to fly wounded
British soldiers from North Africa but never performed this duty, UnUsed.........150.00

6th AntiSubmarine Squadron

Might have been used in 1944 by the 393rd BS(M) when they were activated; the 393rd is mentioned in the Official USAF "COMBAT SQUADRONS OF THE AIR FORCE WORLD WAR II" in the 6th Antisubmarine's section "Redesignated 393rd Bombardment Squadron(Medium) on April 22, 1942; see below for both Squadron's History from the USAF.
(In the USAF's the 393rd BS history does not mention the 6th AntiSubmarine Squadron = it was a mistake to list the 393rd BS(M) in the history of the 6th Sq)   

Old thumbtack holes on each side(must have been tacked to a board for display), minor stains near holes, ID paper residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 3d Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) November 20, 1940; Activated January 15, 1941
(???????Redesignated: 393d Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 22 April 1942?????)
Redesignated 6th Antisubmarine Squadron (Heavy) November 29, 1942; Disbanded November 11, 1943
2d Bombardment Wing January 15, 1941 (Attached to 13th Bombardment Group January 15, 1941)
III Bomber Command June 5, 1941 (Attached to 13th Bombardment Group June 5, 1941 to February 25, 1942)
13th Bombardment Group February 25, 1942
25th Antisubmarine Wing November 30, 1942
Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command June 8, 1943
479th Antisubmarine Group August 14 - November 11, 1943
Langley Field, Virginia January 15, 1941
Orlando AAB, Florida June 7, 1941
Mitchel Field, New York January 22, 1942
Westover Field, Massachusetts August 3, 1942 to April 1, 1943
RCAF Station Gander, Newfoundland circa April 12, 1943
RAF Dunkeswell, England August 21, 1943
Ground Echelon moved in September 1943 to Salt Lake City AAB, Utah and Inactivated October 30, 1943
RAF Podington, England November 11, 1943
B-18 Bolo 1941-1943
B-25 Mitchell 1941-1943
A-29 Hudson 1942
B-24 Liberator 1943

Operational History
Activated in January 1941 as the 3d Reconnaissance Squadron and equipped with B-25 Mitchells as part of First Air Force.  After the United States entered World War II the group was ordered to search for German U-Boats and fly aerial coverage of friendly convoys off the Southeast Coast; then moved to Mitchell Field, New York and Westover Field, Massachusetts to patrol the sea approaches to New York City and Boston.

Squadron Redesignated as 6th Antisubmarine Squadron and Reassigned to 25th Antisubmarine Wing of Army Air Force Antisubmarine Command (AAFAC).  Reassigned to Newfoundland to fly Antisubmarine patrols over North Atlantic convoy routes.

Reassigned to 479th Antisubmarine Group in Southwest England in August 1943 and targeted against German U-Boats off the West Coast of France. This was a major route taken by the Germans to/from the Unterseeboot Pens.

The Ground echelon was ordered back to the United States in September 1943 just prior to the Inactivation of AAFAC.  The Air echelon was Inactivated in late October 1943 and the aircraft were Reassigned to the United States Navy after Inactivation of USAAF Antisubmarine Command. Squadron personnel remaining in England were reassigned to Eighth Air Force units as replacement personnel.

Additional Information from an Army Air Force Antisubmarine Command (AAFAC) document: "6th Antisubmarine Sq. (Hv)  APO 865 c/o Postmaster NY  
- - - -
pertinent Lineage for the 393rd BS:
Constituted 393d Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy) February 28, 1944; Activated March 11, 1944
Redesignated 393d BS(M) July 2, 1948
504th Bombardment Group, 11 Mar 1944
2nd Air Force November 25, 1944
509th Composite (later Bombardment) Group December 17, 1944
Dalhart Army Air Field, Texas, 11 Mar 1944
Fairmont Army Airfield, Nebraska, 12 Mar 1944
Wendover Field, Utah, 14 Sep 1944-26 Apr 1945
North Field, Tinian, 30 May-17 Oct 1945
Roswell AAFld (later, Walker AFB), New Mexico, 6 Nov 1945
B-17 Flying Fortress (1944)
B-29 Superfortress (1944-1952)
5014F - USAAC/USAAF Change-over Era, Canvas Flight Bag

Flyer was in the 35th Transportation Squadron

35th TNSP SQDN Activated February 14, 1942 - Redesignated 35th Troop Carrier Squadron July 4, 1942

Listed on the Flight Gear page
3509BF -  1st and 36th Fighter Wings Grouping

Very Early 36th FW Tour Jacket

circa August 13, 1948 - January 20, 1950

( see unit History below )


3509BF -  36th Fighter-Day Wing Tour Jacket made by “Sporthaus Schuster” of Munchen, Germany,
large 13” patch on the back made of Bullion metal and chain-stitched cotton threads,
mothing on both wrist knits, collar looks good(maybe a hole or 2 but I can't see any),
zipper has 3-4 teeth missing on one side(can be zipped within 5” of the top),
2  x zippered lower-sleeve pockets(never seen a jacket made like this), minor tan stains on lower-front,
made of very sturdy cotton material showing very little wear, overall in Good+ Condition, Used....inquire

Good Static display....could be worn as a re-enactor's Tour Jacket with special care

partial Unit History
Established 36th Fighter Wing June 17, 1948 and Activated on July 2, 1948
Moved to Furstendfeldbruck, West Germany August 13, 1948
Redesignated 36th Fighter-Bomber Wing January 20, 1950

neck label and lower-sleeve zippered pocket

Wings and DIs


36th Fighter Group, German made Pinback(PB) DI, "C. Poellath Schrobemausen", Used....inquire

1st Fighter Group, N. S. Meyer Pinback(PB) DI, Used....inquire

3" Observer's Wing, Pinback(PB), marked "STERLING", Used....inquire

3" Pilot's Wing, Pinback(PB), marked "AMCRAFT Attleboro MASS STERLING", Used....inquire

3" Pilot's Wing, Clutchback(CB), marked "AMCRAFT Attleboro MASS STERLING", Used....inquire

Grouping also has:
1929 two Kronur(Iceland) "hollowed-out coin" with loop  to hang on a chain, swivels to open, maybe for a compass or ?
LT, CPT, & Major's rank
a Collar "Wing/Prop" device
a pair of "Prepare for Combat" DIs

( also on USAAF/USAF Gear page )
6th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

"PARATI DEFENDERE"  = Ready to Defend

DIs from the estate of Colonel Howard F. Bronson

Worn 1940-43 era in the Panama Canal Zone - I believe he was CO of the 25th BS

screwback by Meyer, Used.......inquire

pinback by Meyer, Used.......inquire

pinback by Meyer, Used.......inquire

( see his   7th BG & 88th RS DIs on this page )
6th Tow Target Squadron

Flew B-26s out of Biggs Field El Paso, Texas during WWII

( see successor unit  4758th DSES )

painted on 5" leather disc, has minor storage: marks, chips, and stains, UnUsed....inquire

6th TTS, decal on standard USAAF leather disc, UnUsed.....inquire

( formerly UI#156 -- also on UI page )

- - - -
partial History
129th Observation Squadron Established at Biggs Army Airfield El Paso, Texas in 1939 flying a B-10
Redesignated 6th Tow Target Squadron; Redesignated 406th Base Unit and Relocated to Deming AAF, NM in December 1944
Returned to Biggs AAF in September 1945 and Redesignated 27th TTS
Redesignated 1st TTS in late-1947; Deactivated in October 1949; Reactivated in May 1950
Redesignated 1st Aerial Tracking Squadron in 1960; REDES 4758th Defense System Evaluation Squadron in 1962
The 4758th DSES Relocated to Holloman AFB, NM when Biggs closed in 1966
4758th Merged with the 4677th DSES in late-1970
some Aircraft Flown: B-10, A-20, B-29, F-80, A-26, B-26, B-45, L-13, C-45, C-47, F-100, &  B-57s

Some USAAF Tow Target Squadrons flying the B-26 Marauder during World War II
2nd TTSqdn Baltimore
6th Tow Target Squadron stationed at Biggs Field El Paso, Texas
7th TTSqdn Wheeler
12th TTSqdn Santa Rosa
13th TTSqdn Bradley Field
15th TTSqdn Elmendorf, Alaska
17th TTSqdn Wheeler Field, Oahu, Hawaii
19th TTSqdn Biggs Field
20th TTSqdn Casper,WY
21st TTSqdn Felts Field, Walla Walla
23rd TTSqdn Howard Field, Panama
27th TTSqdn Biggs Field, Deming
7th Bombardment Group

"Death from Above"

circa 1936 - 1940
stationed at Hamilton Field, CA

DIs from the estate of Colonel Howard F. Bronson

screwback by N. S. Meyer of New York, nut missing, Used.....inquire

Pinback by Meyer, Used......inquire

( see LT Bronson's 6th Bomb Group & 88th RS   DIs on this page )
7th Combat Cargo Squadron

7th Combat Cargo Squadron, Australian made, embroidered on felt, UnUsed.....inquire

partial History
Flew C-46 Curtiss Commandos for the 5th Air Force, 54th Troop Carrier Wing,
2nd Combat Cargo Group in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  
circa November 1944 to January 1946
 11th Fighter Squadron, 343rd Fighter Group



343rd FG, patch was in the "Burns" Collection, UnUsed.......(sold)
 - - - -
partial History
11th FS flew P-38s in WWII, in Alaska, for the 343rd FG until 1946
Reactivated in 1955; flew F-106As out of Duluth, MN in early -1960s until circa 1968
 13th Bombardment Squadron (Light)

Devils Own Grim Reapers

from the Y. Omiya & Co., Imperial Hotel Arcade, Tokyo, Japan


RFU jacket, 3 3/4", bullion on felt, Used.......(sold)

( also on 1-43rd squadron page )
- - - -
partial History
Organized as 13th Aero Squadron on 14 Jun 1917. Demobilized on 29 Mar 1919. Reconstituted, and consolidated (16 Oct 1936) with 104 Aero Squadron, which was organized on 25 Aug 1917. Redesignated: 13 Squadron on 14 Mar 1921; 13 Attack Squadron on 25 Jan 1923. Inactivated on 27 Jun 1924. Activated on 1 Nov 1929. Redesignated: 13 Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 15 Sep 1939; 13 Bombardment Squadron (Dive) on 28 Sep 1942; 13 Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 25 May 1943; 13 Bombardment Squadron, Light, Night Intruder on 25 Jun 1951; 13 Bombardment Squadron, Tactical on 1 Oct 1955. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 15 Jan 1968. Activated on 8 Feb 1969. Redesignated 13 Fighter Squadron on 1 Jul 1973. Inactivated, and redesignated 13 Bombardment Squadron, Tactical, on 30 Sep 1973. Redesignated 13 Bomb Squadron on 1 May 2000. Activated on 14 Jun 2000.
Of 13 Aero Sq: Unkn, 14 Jun 1917-Jun 1918; 2 Pursuit Group, 28 Jun-Dec 1918; unkn, Dec 1918-29 Mar 1919. Of 104 Aero (later, 13 Attack) Sq: Unkn, 25 Aug 1917-Aug 1918; V Corps Observation Group, Aug-Dec 1918; unkn, Dec 1918-30 Jun 1919; Army Surveillance (later, 1 Surveillance; 3 Attack) Group, 1 Jul 1919-27 Jun 1924. 3 Attack Group, 1 Nov 1929-consolidation. Of Consolidated Sq: 3 Attack (later, 3 Bombardment) Group, from consolidation (attached to 3 Bombardment Wing, 13 Aug 1956-24 Oct 1957); 3 Bombardment Wing, 25 Oct 1957 (attached to 41 Air Division, 1 Sep 1963-7 Jan 1964); 41 Air Division, 8 Jan 1964; Thirteenth Air Force, c. 10 Apr 1964 (attached to 405 Fighter Wing, 10 Apr- 17 Nov 1964); 405 Fighter Wing, 18 Nov 1964-15 Jan 1968 (attached to: 2 Air Division, 5 Aug-3 Nov 1964 and 17 Feb-21 Jun 1965; 6252 Tactical Fighter Wing, 16 Aug-16 Oct 1965 and 16 Dec 1965-17 Feb 1966; 35 Tactical Fighter Wing, 17 Apr-17 Jun 1966, 14 Aug-13 Oct 1966, 12 Dec 1966-11 Feb 1967, 11 Apr-8 Jun 1967, 1 Aug-26 Sep 1967, and 21 Nov 1967-15 Jan 1968). 15 Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Feb 1969; Pacific Air Forces, 15 Sep 1970 (attached to 8 Tactical Fighter Wing, 15 Sep-30 Oct 1970); 8 Tactical Fighter Wing, 31 Oct 1970; 405 Fighter Wing, c. 24 Dec 1972-30 Sep 1973. 7 Operations Group, 14 Jun 2000-.
Of 13 Aero Sq: Camp Kelly, TX, 14 Jun 1917; Wilbur Wright Field, OH, 8 Jul 1917; Garden City, NY, 1 Nov-3 Dec 1917; St Maixent, France, 1 Jan 1918; Issoudun, France, 27 Jan 1918 (detachment at Meucon, France, 6 Apr-c. 11 May 1918, and Haussimont, France, c. 11 May-c. 24 Jun 1918); Colombey-les-Belles, France, 5 Jun 1918; Toul, France, 28 Jun 1918; Belrain, France, 23 Sep 1918; Souilly, France, 23 Sep 1918; Colombey-les-Belles, France, 16 Dec 1918; port of embarkation, 6 Feb-3 Mar 1919; Garden City, NY, 13-29 Mar 1919. Of 104 Aero (later, 13 Attack) Sq: Kelly Field, TX, 25 Aug 1917; Garden City, NY, 4-22 Nov 1917; Winchester, England, 8 Dec 1917; Upavon, England, 24 Dec 1917 (detachments at Salisbury and Andover, England, 24 Dec 1917-6 Jun 1918; Yatesbury, England, 24 Dec 1917-9 Jul 1918); Netheravon, England, 24 Mar 1918; Salisbury, England, 6 Jun 1918; Winchester, England, 10-18 Jul 1918; St Maixent, France, 22 Jul 1918; Epiez, France, 4 Aug 1918; Luxeuil-les-Bains, France, 8 Aug 1918; Souilly, France, 8 Sep 1918; Foucaucourt, France, 20 Sep 1918; Parois, France, 4 Nov 1918 (flight operated from Barricourt, France, 10 Nov 1918-unkn); Belrain, France, 30 Nov 1918; Colombey-les-Belles, France, 14 Jan 1919; St Denis de Pile, France, 29 Jan 1919; Libourne, France, 3 Feb 1919; Bordeaux, France, 10-18 Apr 1919; Roosevelt Field, NY, c. 28 Apr 1919; Mitchel Field, NY, c. 1 May 1919; Ft Bliss, TX, c. 15 May 1919; Kelly Field, TX, Jun 1919; Ft Bliss, TX, 6 Nov 1919 (flight operated from Marfa, TX, c. 6 Nov 1919-3 Sep 1920; Post Field, OK, 10 Sep-4 Nov 1920; Marfa, TX, 17 Nov 1920-Jun 1921); Kelly Field, TX, 2 Jul 1921-27 Jun 1924. Langley Field, VA, 1 Nov 1929; Ft Crockett, TX, 17 Nov 1929; Barksdale Field, LA, 27 Feb 1935-consolidation. Of Consolidated Sq: Barksdale Field, LA, from consolidation; Savannah, GA, 10 Oct 1940-19 Jan 1942; Oakland, CA, 23-31 Jan 1942; Brisbane, Australia, 25 Feb 1942; Charters Towers, Australia, 10 Mar 1942 (detachment operated from Del Monte, Mindanao, 12-14 Apr 1942); Port Moresby, New Guinea, 3 Nov 1942; Charters Towers, Australia, 25 Nov 1942; Port Moresby, New Guinea, 16 Dec 1942; Dobodura, New Guinea, 22 May 1943; Nadzab, New Guinea, 1 Feb 1944; Hollandia, New Guinea, c. 21 May 1944; Dulag, Leyte, 20 Nov 1944; San Jose, Mindoro, 30 Dec 1944; Okinawa, c. 7 Aug 1945; Atsugi, Japan, c. 10 Oct 1945; Johnson AB, Japan, 10 Mar 1950; Iwakuni, Japan, 2 Jul 1950; Kunsan AB, South Korea, c. 15 Aug 195 1; Johnson AB, Japan, 2 Oct 1954; Yokota AB, Japan, 17 Nov 1960; Clark AB, Philippines, 10 Apr 1964-15 Jan 1968 (deployed at Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 5 Aug-3 Nov 1964, 17 Feb-16 May 1965; Tan Son Nhut AB, South Vietnam, 16 May-21 Jun 1965; Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, 16 Aug- 16 Oct 1965, 16 Dec 1965-17 Feb 1966, 17 Apr- 17 Jun 1966 [operated from Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 15-22 May 1966], 14 Aug-9 Oct 1966; Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam, 10- 13 Oct 1966, 12 Dec 1966-11 Feb 1967, 11 Apr-8 Jun 1967, 1 Aug- 26 Sep 1967, 21 Nov 1967-15 Jan 1968). MacDill AFB, FL, 8 Feb 1969-15 Sep 1970; Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, 28 Sep 1970; Clark AB, Philippines, c. 24 Dec 1972-30 Sep 1973. Dyess AFB, TX, 14 Jun 2000-.
Of 13 Aero Sq: Spad XIII, 1918. Of 104 Aero (later, 13 Attack) Sq: Salmson 2, 1918; DH-4, 1919-1922, 1923-1924; XB-1A, 1921-1922; GAX (GA-1), 1922-1923. A-3, 1929-1934; A-12, 1934-1936; A-17, 1936. Of Consolidated Sq: A-17, 1936-1939; B-12, B-18, 1939-1941; A-20, 1941, 1944-1945; B-25, 1942-1944, A (later, B)-26, 1945-1956; B-57, 1956-1968. B-57, 1969-1972.
Of 13 Aero Sq: Combat as pursuit unit, c. 20 Jul-10 Nov 1918. Of 104 Aero (later, 13 Attack) Sq: Combat as corps observation unit, 12 Sep-10 Nov 1918. Mexican border patrol, Nov 1919-Jun 1921. Of Consolidated Sq: Combat operations in Southwest Pacific and Western Pacific, 6 Apr 1942-12 Aug 1945. Combat operations in Korea, 28 Jun 1950-27 Jul 1953. Rotating deployed crews flew combat operations in Southeast Asia, May 1964-15 Jan 1968. Combat in Southeast Asia, 17 Oct 1970-10 Apr 1972.
Campaign Streamers
World War I: St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Lorraine. World War II: Antisubmarine, American Theater; Philippine Islands; East Indies; Papua; Bismarck Archipelago; New Guinea; Leyte; Luzon; Southern Philippines; Western Pacific; Air Offensive, Japan. Korean War: UN Defensive; UN Offensive; CCF Intervention; 1st UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive; UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea, Summer-Fall 1952; Third Korean Winter; Korea, Summer 1953. Vietnam: Vietnam Advisory; Vietnam Defensive; Vietnam Air; Vietnam Air Offensive; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II; Southwest Monsoon; Commando Hunt V; Commando Hunt VI; Commando Hunt VII; Vietnam Ceasefire.
Distinguished Unit Citations: Philippine Islands, [12-14 Apr] 1942; Philippine Islands, 11-14 Apr 1942; Papua, 23 Jul 1942-23 Jan 1943; New Guinea, 17 Aug 1943; Korea, 27 Jun-31 Jul 1950; Korea, 22 Apr-8 Jul 1951; Korea, 1 May-27 Jun 1953. Presidential Unit Citations (Southeast Asia): 10 Oct 1966-10 Apr 1967; 6 Jun 1967-18 Jan 1968; 1 Jan-1 Apr 1971. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with the Combat "V" Device: 19 Feb 1965-19 Feb 1966; 15 Sep-31 Dec 1970; 1 Oct 1971-31 Mar 1972. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jun 1958-30 Jun 1960; 1 Jul 1960-31 Mar 1962; 5 Aug 1964-31 Mar 1965; 8 Feb-31 Dec 1969. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation (WWII). Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation: 27 Jun-31 Jul 1950. Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm: 1 Apr 1966-9 Feb 1967 and [28 Sep] 1970-24 Dec 1972.
Approved on 14 Feb 1924.
19th Fighter Squadron

19th Fighter Squadron, UnUsed.......(sold)
36th Fighter Squadron


( see the 36th TFS section for the Squadron's partial History )


Painted leather disc, RFU (A-2 brown leather jacket), Used.........inquire

(linked on the SQUADRONS Page/36th TFS section)
51st Fighter Squadron

made of thin brown-cardboard type material for display, not to be worn on a uniform
I think these were made in WWII for give-aways or something to that effect

large size (disc is 5"), good condition......inquire
54th Fighter Squadron (USAAF)

Decal sheet, circa WWII

see on 54th TFS page
54th Troop Carrier Squadron
(Flew in WWII and the Berlin Airlift)

"Eager Beavers"


54th TCS, 5.5" chain-stitched, a Beaver with Troops on his back, UnUsed..(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 54th Transport Squadron on 30 May 1942; Activated on 1 June 1942;
Redesignated: 54th Troop Carrier Squadron on 4 July 1942; 54th Troop Carrier Squadron, Heavy, on 20 July 1948;
Inactivated on 5 March 1949; Activated on 20 September 1949; Discontinued & Inactivated, on 25 June 1965
64th Transport Group 1 June 1942; 315th Transport (later 315th Troop Carrier) Group 11 June 1942;
Fourth Air Force 23 October 1942; XI Air Force Service Command 15 November 1942 (attached to Troop Carrier Group [Prov] 1 July 1943–18 February 1944); Eleventh Air Force (later Alaskan Air Command) 10 October 1944–5 March 1949 (attached to United States Air Forces in Europe 2–29 July 1948; Airlift Task Force [Prov] 29 July–30 November 1948);
Alaskan Air Command (attached to 57th Fighter Wing) 20 September 1949; 5039th Air Transport Group 1 January 1951; Eighteenth Air Force, 23 July 1956 (attached to 63d Troop Carrier Group 23 July 1956–);
63d Troop Carrier Wing, 1 July 1957 (remained attached to 63d Troop Carrier Group through 7 October 1959);
63d Troop Carrier Group, 8 October1959 (attached to 322d Air Division, February–c. 19 August 1959);
63d Troop Carrier Wing, 18 Jan 1963–25 Jun 1965
Hamilton Field, CA, 1 Jun 1942; Bowman Field, KY, c. 19 Jun 1942; Florence, SC, 3 Aug–17 Oct 1942; Elmendorf Field, AK, 15 Nov 1942–5 Mar 1949 (detachment operated from Rhein-Main AB, Germany, 2 Jul–26 Sep 1948, and Fassberg RAF Station, Germany, 26 Sep–30 Nov 1948). Elmendorf AFB, AK, 20 Sep 1949; Donaldson AFB, SC, 23 Jul 1956 (deployed at Rhein-Main AB, Germany, Feb–c. 19 Aug 1959); Hunter AFB, GA, 1 Apr 1963–25 Jun 1965
C–60, 1942–1944; C–47, 1942–1949; C–54, 1946–1949; C–82, 1949. C–54, 1949–1952; C–82, 1951–1952; C–124, 1952–1965.
Aerial transportation in Alaska during World War II; Berlin airlift July–November 1948; Theater and global airlift 1949–1965

( see a post-WWII 54th TCS(H) patch )
64th Fighter Wing



hand-embroidered (probably in Italy), 4 3/4" (vertical), black and yellow material has a "silk look", UnUsed......inquire

( also on Wings USAF page )
- - - -
partial History
Constituted as 3d Air Defense Wing on 12 Dec 1942 and activated the same day. Moved to Algeria in Feb 1943. Redesignated 64th Fighter Wing in Jul 1943. Served with Twelfth AF in the Mediterranean theater until Nov 1944. Moved to the European theater and continued operations until the war ended. Remained in Germany after the war as part of United States Air Forces in Europe. Inactivated on 5 Jun 1947.
Redesignated 64th Air Division (Defense). Activated in Newfoundland on Apr 1952. Assigned to Northeast Air Command.
Groups: 27th Fighter: 1943, 1946-1947. 31st Fighter: 1943. 33d Fighter: 1943. 36th Fighter: 1945-1946. 52d Fighter: 1946-1947. 86th Fighter: 1943, 1945-1946, 1946-1947. 324th Fighter: 1943, 1945. 354th Fighter: 1945-1946. 355th Fighter: 1946. 363d Reconnaissance: 1945. 366th Fighter: 1945-1946. 370th Fighter: 1945. 404th Fighter: 1945. 406th Fighter: 1945-1946.
Squadrons: 59th Fighter: 1952-. 61st Fighter: 1953-. 79th Fighter: 1954-. 318th Fighter: 1953-1954.
Mitchel Field, NY, 12 Dec 1942-c. 7 Feb 1943; Oran, Algeria, 23 Feb 1943; Tunisia, Mar 1943;
 Licata, Sicily, c. 10 Jul 1943; Gela, Sicily, c. Aug 1943; Milazzo, Sicily, 1 Sep 1943;
Frattamaggiore, Italy, 7 Oct 1943; Orbetello, Italy, Jun 1944; Santa Maria di Capua, Italy, 19 Jul 1944;
St Tropez, France, 15 Aug 1944; Dole, France, 19 Sep 1944; Ludres, France, 3 Nov 1944; Nancy, France, 15 Jan 1945;
Edenkoben, Germany, 1 Apr 1945; Schwabisch-Hall, Germany, 29 Apr 1945;
Darmstadt, Germany, 7 Jul 1945; Bad Kissingen, Germany, 1 Dec 1945-5 Jun 1947. Pepperrell AFB, Newfoundland, 8 Apr 1952-.
Col Robert S Israel Jr, 17 Dec 1942; Brig Gen John R Hawkins, 24 Jul 1943; Brig Gen Glenn O Barcus, 30 Apr 1944; Col Nelson P Jackson, 29 Jan 1945; Brig Gen Ned Schramm, Sep 1945; Col Henry W Dorr, c. 2 Jun 1946-c. Jun 1947. Col William S Magalhaes, 8 Apr 1952; Col Charles R Bond Jr, 12 Sep 1952; Col Charles B Downer, 20 May 1954; Col Joseph Myers, Feb 1955; Col Carroll W McColpin, 23 Jul 1955-.
Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Anzio; Rome-Arno; Northern France; Southern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe
 67th Fighter Squadron


67th FS, WWII era, embroidered on felt, UnUsed.......(sold)

( see modern  67th FS  for squadron history )

( also on: htm & 44th - 299th pages )
72nd Fighter Squadron

large 6 3/4"(vertical) x 5 7/8"


72nd FS, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
saw action in the Pacific to include ground combat on Iwo Jima with the 21st FG
( score from that March 1945 engagement 21st FG = 15 KIA....Japanese infantry = 250 KIA )
launched from USS Nassau via catapault and landed on Makin Island
Received the DUC for escorting B-29s on the Nakijima Aircraft plant raid in April 1945
78th Fighter Squadron

WWII multi-layered Felt insignia with chain-stitching

78th FS, exceptionally nice patch...(sold)

( see  modern 78th Squadron for History  )
80th Fighter Squadron

"HEADHUNTERS" flew P-39s 1942-1943; P-400s 1942-1943; P-38s 1943-1945

scanned at 300dpi

large 6" 80th FS made in Australia, moth holes, brown stains from 3:00 to 6:00 around the border area, RFU Flight Jacket, Used......(sold)

( also on 80th TFS page )

 82nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

"Strafin Saints"

Disney design featuring Pegleg Pete
( done by the Walt Disney Studios for the U. S. Military - how things have changed! )


4  9/16" leather disc, storage marks but never worn, UnUsed....(sold)

( also on 44th - 299th SQDNS and htm )
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 71st Tactical Reconnaissance Group along with the 17th, 25th, and 110th Squadrons
Arrrived in New Guinea in late-1943
Flew L-5s, P-39s, P-51s, B25s, and more
85th Fighter Squadron


3" patch embroidered on wool/felt, UnUsed......(sold)
88th Reconaissance Squadron


DIs from the estate of Colonel Howard F. Bronson

Meyer of New York, Used.....inquire

Meyer of New York, Used.....inquire

( see the Colonel's 6th BG and 7th BG DIs on this page )

Colonel Howard F. Bronson ( then LT, shown on the right below ) when he was in the 88th Reconnaisance Squadron at Hamilton Field, California from 1936 - 1940.
Fellow pilots to his right are: Gene Tibbits and R. R. Walker (center with the flight jacket with exposed button pocket). LT Bronson is wearing a very-salty looking A-2

88th RS insignia on the side of an O-35 at Hamilton Field, California 1936 - 1940 era

316th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy)

This designator used from May 1946 - June 1948


316th BW(VH), embroidered on blue felt, UnUsed.........inquire
334th Bombardment Group



334th BG, embroidered on blue felt, UnUsed........inquire
340th Bombardment Group
(flew B-25s for the 9th & 12th USAAFs in the Mediterranean Theater in WWII)

(Squadrons: 486th, 487th, 488th, & 489th)


340th BG, 4.5", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Activated on August 20 1942; trained with B-25s; arrived in Mediterranean theater in March 1943;
Assigned to Ninth Air Force; then reassigned to the 12th USAAF in August 1943; served in combat from April 1943 to April 1945; Assigned Targets were: Airfields, Railroads, Bridges, Road Junctions, Supply Depots, Gun Emplacements, Troop Concentrations, Propaganda Leaflets Distribution, & Factories in: Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia, & Greece; Group DeActivated in November 1945
 346th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Incised Leather patch, Italian made


346th BS(H), 5 1/4"+ handcut disc, RFU, flaking on the white spots,Used......inquire

( also on htm and USAF 300 - 399 pages )

( stored in Gray cabinet )
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 346th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 28 Jan 1942; Activated 1 Jun 1942; Inactivated 8 Nov 1945
Redesignated 346th BS(Very Heavy) 13 May 1947; Activated in the reserve 29 May 1947; Inactivated 27 Jun 1949
Redesignated 346th SRS(H) & A ctivated 1 Jan 1953
Redesignated 346th BS(H) 1 Oct 1955
99th Bombardment Group, 1 Jun 1942-8 Nov 1945. 99th Bombardment Group, 29 May 1947-27 Jun 1949.
99th Strategic Reconnaissance (later Bombardment) Wing, 1 Jan 1953 -
Orlando AB, Fla, 1 Jun 1942; MacDill Field, Fla, 1 Jun 1942; Pendleton Field, Ore, 29 Jun 1942;
Gowen Field, Idaho, 28 Aug 1942; Walla, Walla, Wash, 25 Sep 1942; Sioux City AAB, Iowa, 18 Nov 1942-3 Jan 1943;
Navarin, Algeria, 16 Mar 1943;  Oudna, Tunisia, 5 Aug 1943;
Tortorella Airfield, Italy circa 13 Dec 1943;  Marcianise, Italy circa 27 Oct - 8 Nov 1945
Birmingham Municipal Aprt, AL 29 May 1947-27 Jun 1949; Fairchild AFB, WA 1 Jan 1953; Westover AFB, MA 4 Sep 1956 -
B-17 1942-1945;  B/RB-36 1953 - 1956;  B-52 1956 -
379th Bombardment Group, made in England



large English made, UnUsed.......(sold)
401st Fighter Squadron, 370th Fighter Group, 9th USAAF

WWII 401st FS depicting a Skeleton's arm protruding from a cloud holding a flaming champagne glass, UnUsed.....(sold)

 463rd Service Squadron, IX Air Force Service Command

Probably was assigned to the 309th Service Group stationed at Rayden, England, circa 1944

Id from a WWII National Geographic "Blue Cover" Issue that had many USAAFitems on page 176 titled "Army Aircraft Insignias"

Enameled Insignia are variations of a single design

RFU, Used...........inquire


 455th Bombardment Squadron

"Sine Alis Volamus"
( possible translation = Without Wings We Fly ? )

Flew B-26 Marauders

455th BS, UnUsed.......inquire

( possibly known as "The Ugly Duckling" )

partial History
Assigned to 323rd Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, Europe, circa 1942-45
other squadrons in the Group: 453rd, 454th, 456th

( also on USAF 400th & Up patch page )

( reference to this squadron on this link: http://www.publicenquiry dot co.uk/squads/bs455th.html )
3509GE - 584th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) Grouping

584th assigned to 394th Bombarment Group 1943 - 1946, per Combat Squadrons book
( flew out of England; then moved to the Continent in 1945 to finish the War )

large patch "silk-screened" on heavyweight canvas
6" at the widest point ( uncut canvas is 9" vertical )

3509GE - 584th Bombardment Group WWII GROUPING to include Squadron patch, uncommon Propaganda Leaflets and etc., grouping in excellent condition.....inquire

20 items in this Grouping

patch background items were acquired by the Veteran in WWII

Leaflets are from the same Veteran's Estate as above patch

a( I have never found anyone who has seen these propaganda items, must be rare )


3 x  WWII Propaganda Leaflets for April 1945, the larger 2 x leaflets have the same contents except one is in English and the other is in German

( the small Black Bordered Leaflet in the lower-left picture is the reverse of the Yellow Leaflet in the Top two Pictures ) (I h
782nd Bombardment Squadron, 465th BG,15th AAF


Incised Leather patch, probably from a 15th USAAF B-24 Squadron in the North Africa-Italian Theater.

formerly labeled UI#231
( also on UI page )
Bases, Commands, & etc.


WW2 era insignia


Large felt patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
USAAF Northeast Air Command (NEAC)  Narsarssuak, Greenland



"silkscreen" style on a thin shiny material, UnUsed......inquire
3509HG - WWII Black Aerial Gunner's Jacket

USAAF Aerial Gunner's 4-pkt - early-model that the brass belt holders were removed.
Red Cross Flop House "Bed" Tickets dated November 1944 were found in pocket; also "used" Transportation tickets.
I believe he may have been stationed in South West England as one ticket has Chippenham written on it.
Armament Sleeve Badge and SSI are Bullion Thread; with extra black thread added to the USAAF Patch.
Two laundry/cleaning tags with his Name are stapled to the lining(one is visible in the top-two pictures).

The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration STATE ON THEIR SITE:
The last 4 digits of his SN stamped two places in the jacket match his Serial Number they have on record
He was a Residence of Wyandotte County, Kansas when entering the Army on  3/10/1940
He joined the Cavalry which explains the large 1st or 2nd Cavalry Divisions' shape and size stitch marks on the left SSI
He is listed as "NEGRO" in their records so I would assume he was in the 2nd Cavalry Division
The 2nd CavDiv was DeActivated twice: 1942 and 1944 so this NCO could have left the 2nd on either time of DeACT
Rank and Name on the two Laundry tags match his Rank and Name in the National archives

Jacket has had Corporal Stripes and a 8th or 9th AAF size SSI removed.

 This has to be a very RARE Jacket


3509HG - pictures explain the Jacket and Badges, see email below explaining his Aerial Gunner Badge, Used......inquire

scanned at 400dpi
Comments from a WW2 Badge Collector on this Gunner's Wing
( I have gisted his comments )
"............The gunner’s wing is perfectly legit. I’ve never seen that style of gunner’s wing with a hallmark before. Very cool even if it is filed off. One guess is that this could have been their graduation presentation badge. Those badges were not allowed to have a hallmark on them so perhaps someone bought the wings and filed them off. Doubtful though as by that time there were tons of wings available. The unique thing about this style wings is it’s the only style where the bullet is not applied over a circular target background. What a history you have in that uniform. My guess, and it’s just that, a total guess, is that it could be a Levelle hallmark.............."

Blue Wool/Felt Combat Patch    and    Bullion Thread Armament Badge

Rank and Name on Cleaner's tags   

shoulder seam opened on lining - the idiot that sewed the USAAF SSI/Stripes on did not bother to smooth-out the lining.

2 - 3 more pictures - worst defects shown above
USAAF Air Service Command, Leather Patch


5", UnUsed........inquire

( stored in Gray Cabinet )
Older style Air Training Command insignia, Embroidered on Felt/Wool

Established as Air Training Command July 1, 1946 by ReDesignating the Army Air Forces Training Command
Inactivated on 1 July 1993, assets immediately redesignated as Air Education and Training Command


Large 5"ATC patch, UnUsed.......inquire

Army Airways Communication System, United States Army Air Forces

scanned at 300dpi

U. S. Army Airways Communication System, United States Army Air Forces 4-layer, 5 1/4"(V), leather patch circa WWII, RFU Jacket, Used....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Army Airways Communications System organized 15 Nov 1938 (Directorate of Communications of the U.S. Army Air Corps)
On April 13, the Army Airways Communications System as a separate organization began with the constitution of the Army Airways Communications System Wing
Wing Activated as part of the Flight Control Command on April 26, 1943; Reassigned to the Army Air Forces July 14, 1943
Redesignated  Army Airways Communications Service April 26, 1944; . Redesignated Air Communications Service & Reassigned to Air Transport Command March 13, 1946
Redesignated Airways and Air Communications Service September 11, 1946; Reassigned to Military Air Transport Service June 1, 1948
Became the Air Force's 16th major air command July 1, 1961 and Redesignated Air Force Communications Service
Redesignated Air Force Communications Command  November 15, 1979; Became a field operating agency July 1, 1991
Redesignated Air Force Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Agency, May 28, 1993
Redesignated Air Force Communications Agency June 13, 1996; Reassigned as a subordinate unit of the Air Force Communications and Information Center April 1, 1997
Redesignated a field operating agency, reporting directly to the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Information, Washington, D.C. October 1, 2000

AFCA Designations and Dates
15 November 1938 — Army Airways Communications System
13 April 1943 — Army Airways Communications System Wing
26 April 1944 — Army Airways Communications System
13 March 1946 — Air Communications Service
11 September 1946 — Airways and Air Communications Service
1 July 1961 — Air Force Communications Service
15 November 1979 — Air Force Communications Command
28 May 1993 — Air Force Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Agency
13 June 1996 — Air Force Communications Agency
15 July 2009 - Air Force Network Integration Center

good web site = http://www.cbi-history  dot  com/part_v.html
 China-Burma-India Theater
- - - -
CBI Multi-layer leather patch

( Came with other CBI items )


backing leather is very thin/supple, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Metal Chinese Sun and Burmese Star insignia


snaps for removing patch from a shirt/jacket while it is being cleaned, Used......inquire

( also on Army Ground Forces, WWII era page, Command section )
- - - -
3506BH - China-Burma-India Pilot's Neck Scarf, "CHINA - 1943"

3506BH - CBI scarf, hand-embroidered: CBI Patch, Dragon, and the date of 1943, fringe on both ends, stains, minor soiling from wear, Used....inquire
- - - -
CBI Grouping from an WWII OD Wool Field Shirt

( listed on Ground Forces, WWII page, Command section )
- - - -
China-Burma-India Theater of Operations

Leather patch removed from a USAAF A-2 Flyer's Jacket - very-supple leather


Well-made insignia, RFU A-2 Brown Leather Jacket, Used......inquire
Ledo Road, CBI Theater, 2-layer Leather patch

aka Stillwell and China Roads

(scanned at 300dpi so you can see what a Vintage patch looks like)

from the Green Collection, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
The Ledo Road and and part of the Burma Road were later named the Stilwell Road ( for U. S. Army General Joseph W. Stilwell, CG China-Burma-India Theater. He also held the title of Chief of Staff to Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. The Stilwell Road stretched from Ledo, India to Kunming, China totaling 1,079(+/-) miles.
Aviation Engineers

made in Japan

click on picture for details
USAAC pre-War Flight Cadet patch, Army Air Corps

Aviation Cadet insignia, probably worn on the sleeve(?), UnUsed.........inquire

 Civilian Pilot's Training Program

CPTP was established in 1938
supplanted in 1942 by the War Training Service (WTS) Program
this training was discontinued in 1944 after training hundreds of thousands of pilots
The most famous recipient of this program was Tuskeegee College


- - - -
Rankin Aeronautical Academy

Pilot Instructor, Rankin Contract Flying School

The"Ace of Aces"started in Tulare, CA at the Rankin Academy; Major Richard Ira Bong, MOH went on to score 40 kills in the Pacific Theater.

Rankin Aeronautical Academy, UnUsed.......inquire

Rankin Aero Academy U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE C.F.S., embroidered on black felt, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
Rankin Aeronautical Academy 1-of-62 civilian flying schools in the United States Cadets program
Rankin established the Rankin Aeronautical Academy in Tulare, California, to instruct civilians in aerobatics for the Army Air Corps
During 4 1/2 years Rankin graduated 10,450 cadets, twelve of which became WWII aces
School construction starteded in the Spring of 1941 after Tex Rankin, then president of the Hollywood Motion Picture Pilots Association, signed a War Department contract in December 1940 to open a school to train U.S. Army pilots. Nine week courses started at nearby Mefford Field, then moved to Rankin Field flying 200 Stearman biplanes.
Rankin Field had five auxillary fields associated with it during WWII: A-1 Exeter (now Exeter Airport), A-2 Tipton (abandoned), A-3 Strathmore (abandoned), A-4 Tulare Aiport, and A-5 Trauger (now Eckert Field).
The Rankin Aeronautical Academy closed in 1945
3509HE - Civilian Flight Instructor's Cap Device and Pilot's Badge

309th Army Air Field Flight Training (Detachment)

3509HE - Civilian Flight Instructor's Cap Device, Wings, and a Class Book along with his ID Bracelet with Name and SN and 3-4 other metal devices. The 43-B and 43-C Class Book(he is depicted) is for the USAAF 309th Army Air Field Flight Training (Detachment) (309th AAFTD) Gulf Coast Army Air Forces, Training Center at Sikeston, Missouri, printed in 1942 by the Army and Navy Publishing CO., INC., Motto "UT VIRI VOLENT", book "well-used", all verbage and pictures intact, Used...inquire

Pilot badge's "STERLING" stamp is covered by the pin
Bracelet stamped: "..-10K-STLG SHIELD BMH Co"

4506th Army Air Force Base Unit (Service Group Special) at Fresno


 AAF Distinctive Insignia (DI) marked "GEMSCO N. Y.", Used.......inquire
49340H - Civilian Instructor Pilot's Hat Badge


( for details, see on USAF/USAAF/USAAC Gear page )
 Women Airforce Service Pilots


Flew from Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas ferrying aircraft from the factory to airfields,
test-flew repaired aircraft, and towed gunnery targets.
- - - -

a Walt Disney design from WWII


- - - -
"creamy-back" variation


2 15/16", UnUsed..........inquire

( also on htm )
- - - -
Women Air Force Service Pilot


W.A.S.P., 2.5", from the Burn's Collection, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquiire
- - - -
partial History
Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) Established September 1942; by Oct 16,1942 the unit had 28 members
 WAFS merged with the  Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) August 5, 1943
 WASPs deactivated December  20,1944
 WWII Combat Lead Crew Backing for Aircrew Badges

An Ultramarine Blue Wool backing with the Yellow Border indicated the Wearer was a member of a Lead Crew in his Unit

Very UnCommon Blue Wool backing made in England, this backing under the Wearer's Wings signified he was a member of a Lead Crew in a Combat Zone, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
partial History
The ASMIC Trading Post, July - September 2008 issue, has a long article on this and the plain blue "combat flying duty identification patch"
Both of these Ultramarine backing patches were to be immediately removed upon departure from the Combat Zone
English made Combat Aerial Gunner Bullion  Wings

One of the highest quality Bullion Badge available, 3 1/8" made in England, was handsewn to the jacket, Used...(sold)

Airborne Troop Carrier Command, Embroidered on Felt/Wool

made in England


RFU, was hand-sewn on a jacket, Used......inquire


Troop Carrier Command



3", UnUsed........inquire
Air Transport Command Contract Carrier

( several people call this by many names; I am going with "Contract Carrier" )


ATC, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
WWII Air Material Command

Standard AAF 5" Issue Leather disc, needs to be trimmed if you wear it on a Jacket, UnUsed........inquire
USAAF Weather Service DIs

United States Army Air Forces Weather Service, pair made by N. S. Meyer New York with the single-shield

1 DI.........36.00

both for 65.00
3509GF - WWII USAAF 63’ Rescue Boat Manual

Shows Army NCOs in Sailor Dixie Cups


3509GF - WWII USAAF Crash Boat T. O. NO. 19-85AC-1 MANUAL, dated 15 April 1945, 134 pages, many pictures and drawings, 2-3 fold-outs, verbage pages in good condition, covers are ragged (see front cover picfile), Used.....(sold)


An Army Air Force Master Sergeant in a sailor's cap - now that is a new one!

3509GM - USAAF WWII Nose Art drawing for the aircraft named “WAZZAVIRGIN” drawn by B. F. Fulman in Alaska, dated August 1, 1945, rough storage: water stains, has been folded for 60 years, and etc., overall size 11 ¾” x 17 ¾”, a copy of a note from the Veteran who found the nose art in a shed circa 1947-50 while on duty at a junk yard sorting USAAF equipment/etc.(see below), Used......inquire

3509GN - USAAF Nose Art drawing for "BETH’S BOMB!"

overall size 21” x 26”

3509GN - USAAF WWII Nose Art drawing for the aircraft named “BETH’S BOMB!” drawn by B. F. Fulman in Alaska, rough storage: water stains, has been folded for 60 years, ½ hole in center from being re-folded too many times(the boys gotta see her), and etc., drawn on the reverse of a map dated 1943 and published by the Fortune (magazine?), a copy of a note from the Veteran who found the nose art in a shed circa 1947-50 while on duty at a junk yard sorting USAAF equipment/etc., Used....inquire

copy of note from the Veteran who found the Nose Art in Alaska
3509HD - USAAF Bullion Pilot's Badge on Women's Purse

( Bad picfiles = the black purse is dark, not fuzzy like my picture )

3509HD - USAAF bringback, Bullion Pilot's Badge on Woman's Purse, made by Ganeshi Lall & Son Jewellers of Agra, India & Cairo, Egypt, Made in India, has 2 compartments, flap has a snap closure, 4 1/4"(V) x 7 1/2"(H), looks unused, Used...inquire

revervse has an applied bullion band

 UI/Mystery Patches

 UI#56 - Probably a B-25 Unit stationed in Italy


UI#321 - Duck in Red Jockey Clothing with whip riding a Cloud on white Felt, maybe a weather squadron?


UI#395 - Texas Longhorn made in WW2 England, WWII era, maybe a ground unit?

Anyone know what the symbol at 4:00 is?


( any info, send e-mail to:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )

Related Items

2369D - WWII USAAF Corporal Stripes

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BH - WWII USAAF Pilot's ID

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BM - WWII USAAF Officer's Bringback Badge

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BT - Presidential Commission for the USAAC

for Captain Charles Goodwin Pearcy

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BV - early WWII B-17 Necklace

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509CT - 2553rd Army Air Forces Base Unit

click on picture for details
- - - -
 3509DK - Criminal Investigator’s BADGE

Provost Marshal’s Office numbered Badge

( picfiles scanned at 300dpi )

3509DK - Early or pre-WWII United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) Provost Marshal’s Criminal Investigator’s Gold-color BADGE, numbered, pin-back with “J” post closure, verdegris on reverse, Excellent Condition, Used...inquire

( pin unclasped )

( also on: AF Gear, and main AF patch pages )
- - - -
3509FS - Japan made P-51D Mustang Patch

back of a "bagged-out" Tour Jacket

3509FS - Large 19" (wing tip-to-wing tip), been through a lot but still in decent condition, Used.......inquire

- - - -
Used when flying close to Russian controlled areas in WWII
see Chit on the FLIGHT GEAR page
- - - -
5869, B-15 (MOD) Flyer's Jacket
Rare Rayon B-15(Modified) Flying Jacket


click on picture for details
- - - -
6146K - WWII Tropical Flying Boots

worn by a USAAF Pilot

see on British (UK) page for details
- - - -
9946D - USAAF A-3 Cap

click on picture for details
- - - -
12210 - WWII Era Watch Bands

click on picture for details
- - - -
49340C, D, and E - USAAF Officer's Cap Eagles

( see USAF Gear page for details and more Devices )
- - - -
49350 - WWII Wings/Badges

click on picture for details
- - - -
49350 - WWII USAAF Pilot's Wing

click on picture for details
- - - -

USAAF Bullion Navigator's Wing

USAAF Bullion Pilot's Badge

USAAF Embroidered Cloth Bombardier Wing

click on picture for details

click on picture for details
- - - -
WWII - Knit for Defense

WWII booklet on making Wool items for Sevicemen


copyright 1941, 5th Edition, 22 pages, published by Chadwick for making Navy and Army wool items for servicemen, Used......inquire

( stored in Gray cabinet )

Wanted USAAF/USAF Flyer's:

Jackets, Party Suits, Patches, Boots, Caps, Gloves,

Survival Maps & Kits, and etc.


click on pictures for details

Several WW2 era  COMMON  USAAF patches

 are in stock that have NOT been listed.

Don't see what you need, ASK!


pre-1949 Army Air Corps - Army Air Forces

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Viewers disregard this section:
49358B - Civilian Instructor Pilot's Wing
click on picture
49358C - 1 ¼”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing
 WWII Issue Decals for A-2s and other Leather Jacket
USAAF Leather Jacket Decals, dated 1944, '20496 11-233-2-44", UnUsed......(sold)
( also on HTM and USAF Gear pages )
318th Fighter Squadron
318th FS Incised Leather patch, made in Italy, UnUsed.....(sold)
( also on: 300th - 399th and htm pages )
319th Bombardment Squadron
(Flew B-24s for the 90th Bombarment Group, 5th United States Army Air Force)
319th BS, 1942 - 1946 era, known as the "Jolly Rodgers", UnUsed...(sold)
( see this site for info on the 90th BG units: http://home.st dot net.au/%7Edunn/90thbg.htm )
5974B - "A-1 1/2" Older Leather Flying Jacket with Name Tag
a combination of the A-1 and A-2 USAAC Era  Flying Jackets
click on picture for details
UI#24 - Glider Grouping
("FIRST TO LAND" motto)
Incised leather patches made in Italy
I think I have the OB this far: 12th USAAF (12th Tactical Army Air Force), IX TC CMD, 62nd TC Group
(notice the Maltese Crosses: Sicily (Operation Husky in July 1943), Southern France (Operation Dragoon in August 1944),
and the Balkan(Yugoslavia or Greece); possibly an OSS "BATS" Team landing(?))
(The 62nd Troop Carrier Group did all 3 operations with: 4th TCS, 7th TCS, 8th TCS, and 51st TCS)
( also on ID and Troop Carrier Pages )
49340B - Civilian Instructor Pilot's Hat Badge
scanned at 300dpi
click on picture for details
51st Fighter Group
motto = Deftly and Swiftly
China Burma India, dated 1944
3509AF - Hand embroidered Chinese made "silk" Pilot's Neck Scarf, 7.25" x 51.5" plus the fringe, I think this is silk but I am not a material guru, worn by the Pilot but very minor stains, Used....(sold)
( also on the 51st FG section of Modern AF Patches )       
         USAAC pre-WWII "Pin Wheel" design
2-layer Felt, speck in the center was on the scanner, not the patch, UnUsed......(sold)
Airborne Troop Carrier Command
made in England