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Special Forces, Rangers, & Special Operations Units

( WWII Patches from One Collection )

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Training Relations and Instruction Mission

Hard to find insignia worn by a small group of U.S. and French personnel between February 1955 to April 1956

click on picture for details


MACV - Surveillance and Observation Group

For the serious MACV-SOG Collector!

I have known Jason many years; he is extremely knowledgeable in this Field of Collecting.....Jack

Contact Jason directly at  Jason@SpecialForcesHistory.com

UnTrimmed Airborne ARC for SOG Personnel

depicted with a MACV SSI to show how it was worn


Tab made in Vietnam, maker's pucker above the "OR", Unused........inquire
( MACV SSI  free to Tab buyer- you have to ask for the SSI )
- - - -
MACV-SOG SSI with Airborne TAB and 3 x AIRBORNE Arcs

1-piece SOG Airborne SSI, made in Japan, puckered at maker's shop, residue on back from scrapbook, UnUsed......inquire

Japan made "AIRBORNE" TAB, UnUsed......inquire

middle Arc - "AIRBORNE" TAB made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire

made in Vietnam, puckered from the tailor shop, Unused......inquire  

Project DELTA RECON Teams


ID'd from LTC Sutherland's SF Book, page 428

made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
RT Colorado


"AIRBORNE", made in Taipei, UnUsed......(sold)

( I checked with a collector and he says the patch was "made for the Team in Taipei, Taiwan" )
- - - -
RT Diamond Back

Forward Operating Base 4 (FOB4)


Reconnaissance Team Diamond Back, Command and Control North, MACV Studies and Observation Group, made on Taiwan, Unused.....(sold)
- - - -
RT Hawaii

MACV-SOG's Reconnaissance Team Hawaii, Taiwan made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
RT Hunter


Older Japanese made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
RT Louisiana


Reconnaissance Team Louisiana, Command and Control North "CCN RECON", Taiwan made, UnUsed..........(sold)
- - - -
RT Mamba


Older Japanese made, maker's pucker at center of top border(see right picture), UnUsed.........(sold)
- - - -
RT Vermont


"RECON" "CCC" (Command and Control Central), made in Taipei, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
Team Measure

Partial History from LTC Sutherland's SF Book, page 521
Assigned to CCS(Command & Control South) from 1968 to late-1970; then reverted to Control of CCC.

If anyone knows more information on this Unit please contact,  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

3 3/8" x 5 1/8", UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
MACV-SOG Liaison Department (older name)

Special Commando Unit (name used later)

UnCommon German made 1-piece Pocket patch with "AIRBORNE"


small pucker at bottom (from maker's shop), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Special Commando Unit (SCU)

Pocket patch worn by SOG personnel who operated with Local Mercenaries


Vietnamese Technical Directorate (RVN SOG unit), worn on left-Breast Pocket, Red Background was used by the Command and Control Program, UnUsed.......inquire

an example how the patch was worn
- - - -
3508DD, MAC(V) - SOG Veteran's Plaque


3508DD - Large (16" x 19") 5th Special Forces Group "MAC - SOG" Wooden Plaque, the DI and 5th Flash are real items attached to the Beret, statue is 4.5" tall, the Green Beret is made of "Flocking", Good Condition.......(sold)

( Domestic Shipping and Insurance around $29.00 = heavy-plaque )
came with a smaller Plaque for the this man; made by "The Trophy House" in Fayetteville


5th SF small plaque, Used.......(sold)
SOG Related Items
195th AHC controlled by MACV-SOG CCS


click on center-picture for details
Special Forces

SF Branch Insignia - partial History
From 1890 - 1926 Crossed Arrows were prescribed for wear by Indian Scouts.
 During World War II, the Crossed Arrows were worn as collar devices by Officers and Enlisted personnel assigned to the First Special Service Force.
Authorized in 1984 for wear by Enlisted Personnel in Career Management Field 18 (Special Operations).
Authorized in 1987 for wear by Personnel in the Special Forces branch.

Anyone that knows different, or more, information let me know and I will post it.
SF Cut-edge Variations

Teal Blue "AIRBORNE" arc is the pre-1958 design
2nd arc is the post-1957 color scheme as directed by the Quartermaster General
( this information was taken from LTC Sutherland's Book, page 413 )

( I assume the Teal Blue was used as it was the color for UnAssigned personnel who did not have a Branch )

Khaki Cut-edge Teal Blue Tab and SSI, UnUsed.......(sold)
(extra Teal Blue Arcs available)

Khaki Cut-edge SSI with Yellow/Black Tab, UnUsed........(sold)

very dark Teal Blue arrowhead SSI, Blue base material on Tab and SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

Blue base material on cut-edge Arc and SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

( used condition ME patches/tabs also available, ask )

- - - -
SF Tab and Sleeve Insignia, cut-edge, old Teal Blue Tabs

( Pick and choose the combination you need )


Yellow on Teal Blue Arc, top, khaki cut-edge, UnUsed......inquire

Yellow on Teal Blue Arc, 2nd down, khaki cut-edge, UnUsed.....(sold)

Yellow on Teal Blue Arc, 3rd down, khaki cut-edge, UnUsed......inquire

Yellow on Black Tab, 4th down, black cut-edge, Unused.....inquire

Yellow on Black Tab, 5th down, black cut-edge, Unused.....inquire

Yellow on Black Tab, last, black cut-edge, Unused.....inquire


Khaki cut-edge, left-SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

Khaki cut-edge, middle-SSI, UnUsed....(sold)

Khaki cut-edge, right-SSI, dark stain near the end of the blade, UnUsed.....inquire

Blue cut-edge, left-SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

Blue cut-edge, middle-SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

Blue cut-edge, right-SSI, UnUsed.....inquire

( sold individually so you can pick what you need )

- - - -
"Used" Issue Cut-edge - Khaki and Blue edges

Khaki base material, RFU, Used.......(sold)

Blue base material, RFU, Used......inquire

Blue edge, RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -


RFU, Used.....inquire

Subdued, UnUsed.....(sold)

RFU, Used......Inquire

( used condition CE patches/tabs also available, ask )

- - - -
Cut-edge Issue SSI and U. S. made CE Tab

NOT-Found together, SOLD seperately


1960s  U.S. made TAB, UnUsed.......(sold)

Issue Special Forces SSI, RFU, Used.........(sold)
- - - -
Vietnam & Japan made Special Forces Arcs

Made in Vietnam, Embroidered on Twill, paper backing, RFU, Used......inquire

 Vietnam made, removed from a 1968 dated Lime-Leaf Jungle Shirt, residue on back from being displayed, Used.......inquire

Japan made, scrapbook residue on back, Used.......inquire

- - - -
Japan made SSI with Arc

( matched sets of Japan made insignias )  


Color - RFU, Used..............inquire

Subdued - RFU, Used..........(sold)
- - - -
1960s Asian made SSI and cut-edge Tab


Cut-edge: Asian made SSI & U.S. issue "Airborne" Arc, removed from a jungle shirt's left-SSI, Used......(sold)
- - - -
Special Warfare Center and Institute for Military Assistance

left -Khaki edge, removed from long-sleeve TWs, Used.....inquire

Khaki edge, removed from Long Sleeve TW shirt(worn previous to Summer of 1966), Used.....inquire

( In the Spring of 1966 all long sleeve Khaki/TW shirts were reclassified as "Class B" wear and the sleeves were cut off.  The only insignia that was allowed was the RANGER Arc and Enlisted Rank; the neck was worn open (NO more neckties tucked-into the shirt)).  The AG-344 (Lightweight) CLASS "A" Dress Jacket was introduced at the same time.  

Found together in a very-Large Airborne collection
Embroidered on blue Twill base cloth
Blue cut-edge patches were made circa late-1950s into early-1960s for SF and 101st ABD SSIs
see SF ARCs and SSIs above for the blue cut-edges and also check-out the 101st page

Anyone know why these were made?

scrapbook residue on back, unused......inquire

scrap book paper residue on reverse, UnUsed......inquire

Rare Pocket Hanger for a WRAIR TEAM Member, Vietnam

WRAIR = Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

The WRAIR teams were very small (4-5 members) & sent to the RVN to document every aspect of Medical Service; only One TEAM was in-country at a time.  
They went into the field with Special Forces Teams to document: Epidemology Work, MEDCAP Teams, Film Labs, Hospitals, Clearing Stations, MEDEVAC Services, Supply Systems, Blood Handling, and Veterinary Food Processing Units.


"WRAIR Medical Photo Team", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, Used......inquire

( also on RVN-1975 page )

"FEST" an associated Unit
FEST was a small program run by WRAIR in Vietnam. It stands for Field Epidemiological Survey Teams. These were small teams of Special Forces personnel who were assumed to be able to get along out in the boonies both from a security point of view and a personal comfort point of view. They were trained to gather samples of feces and rodents, fleas and other animals and parasites that could carry infectious diseases. The operation was run out of a house in Saigon and the samples were tested and cataloged in Army labs. Some of these teams included Photographers from WRAIR(see above Pocket Hanger) that documented the team's work. The FEST program started in 1966 and the SF personnel on the teams had their own flashes and ovals. They were the smallest SF units with their own authorized ovals and flashes.

If you know additional, or different, information on the FEST and WRAIR Teams, let me know and I will add it.
Son Tay Raider(Army), 21 November 1970

"Multi-color" back, made in Japan


- - - -
Son Tay Raider 21 NOVEMBER 1970

Japan made "multi-color" patch

scanned at 200dpi

scrapbook residue on back, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
1st Pattern LLDB Insignia


uncut woven insignia, Viet made, UnUsed..........inquire
- - - -

LLDB USSF "CO VAN MY" (American Advisor) Scroll, Vietnam made, RFU, Used...........(sold)

Vietnamese Special Forces pre-1963 woven Vietnam made, still on Tiger Stripe material, Used........inquire
( T/S material has been turned-under and neatly sewn )

LLDB post-1963 printed Vietnam made, un-cut, UnUsed..........inquire

- - - -
Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB)

Beercan DIs,  made in Vietnam

scanned at 300dpi = all the dings/etc. show

pin-back, Tiger on Lines with Lightning bolts, Used......inquire

2 x post-backs, Used....inquire

Eagle Flight

a mobile reaction force designed to relieve Special Forces A-Teams under siege

concept of the Eagle Flight Project initiated in Darlac Province, circa 1964

Mobile Strike Force, Vietnam Hand Embroidered, UnUsed.....(sold)

( shown in Cecil B. Smyth's SF in SEA book, page 35 )
partial History
A Special Operations Force, the Mobile Strike Force(MSF) had its beginnings in 1964
In October 1964 a MSF, "Eagle Flight", was formed in II Corps Tactical Zone
It was the forerunner of the Mobile Reaction Forces which consisted of highly trained CIDG units organized into separate companies at Special Forces company (corps or field force) and Special Forces operational base level for use as reserve and reinforcement elements to CIDG camps threatened or under attack by superior numbers of the enemy.
MSFs were also capable of conducting: raids, ambushes, combat patrols, and other small-scale conventional combat operations independently, or in conjunction with other CIDG units, or in support of conventional forces.
Organized in 1964, MSFs were placed under SF command; then in December 1966 they came under joint SF & LLDB command. A typical MSF Company would have an HQ element, 3 x rifle platoons, a weapons platoon, and a reconnaissance platoon.
As in the case of other special operations forces, the mobile strike forces were airborne qualified.
- - - -
UnTrimmed Mike Force Tab

lettering Hand-Embroidered


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Mike Force


woven by Tan Vinh, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
CIDG Training Center Graduation card from Phu Quoc Training Center

dated July 9, 1967
signed by First Lieutenant Ralph E. Brown, Executive Officer of A-442

"CIDG DO CHI DUNG has successfully completed the eight (8) week CIDG BASIC TRAINING COURSE at the PHU QUOC TRAINING CENTER"

scanned at 300dpi

card was wrinkled before being placed in plastic to preserve it, Used......inquire

( also on Vietnam page )
- - - -
Civilian Irregular Defense Group(CIDG)


Camp Strike Force, Vietnam printed insignia, maker's blemish on lines, UnUsed............inquire

I Corps Camp Strike Force, Vietnam printed insignia......(sold)
Buon Sar Pa Mobile Guerrilla Force

Darlac Province


Uncut woven BSP, with a clear plastic backing applied by a collector(?), UnUsed......inquire
( has wear marks on the National colors on the wrinkle that runs above the Tiger's head )
- - - -
B-MI-GA Mobile Guerilla Force


woven in Vietnam, UnCut/UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Excellent Quality Combat Medic's Badges

made in Vietnam
similar to items made in a shop by the CCN Compound, in Danang

from an SF Grouping, embroidered on course-twill, UnUsed.............inquire

  Unusual with the "RED CROSS", UnUsed...........(sold)

- - - -
Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC)


made in Thailand, UnUsed........inquire

I think this unit was staffed with Special Forces personnel when first set-up
Military Equipment Delivery Team - Cambodia
scanned at 300dpi
see on RVN to 1975 page, at bottom of the MACV section
- - - -
World Population Control, Southeast Asia Branch


novelty patch made in Thailand, "SEA Branch", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
1st Special Forces Group(Airborne) Penquin Lighter

scanned at 300dpi

made in Japan, lots of use=still ready for another tour, Used.....(sold)
- - - -
Company B, 1st Special Forces Group(Airborne)

 "Okinawa and All Points South"

"DUNN" scratched on the bottom


Company B, 1st SF GP Airborne, Vulcan made in Japan, Used......inquire
- - - -
Montagnard drinking Wine from a large Jar

metal loop still attached for hanging it on a chain around your neck


2 1/8" plastic disc, Souvenir from Vietnam, Used.....(sold)

( I believe the artist has his name above the "VIETNAM: painted on the reverse )

Info supplied by a viewer: alcoholic beverages in a jar are referred to as: "lao hai" in the hills of Laos

( also on RVN-1975 page )
46th Special Forces Company (Airborne)
- - - -

ID found in Cecil Smythe's "Insignia of Special Forces in Southeast Asia" BOOK, page 13:
"46th SF CO (Variation) Differs, there is a white skull wearing a white beret, both with black detail. Yellow outline with yellow Thai characters for RECON."

- - - -


46th SF CO (ABN), Thai made, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
46th SF PATHFINDER badge ,made in Thailand


Loose-cheesecloth backing material, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Thai Ranger Badges
also worn by 46th SF Company personnel in Thailand
(see on Foreign/Thai page)
- - - -
partial History of the 46th Special Forces Company
October 1966  -  April 1974
Company D, 1st Special Forces Group [Airborne], 1st Special Forces was organized April 15, 1966, at Fort Bragg; arrived Lopburi, Thailand October 1966
Company D was redesignated 46th Special Forces Company, 1st Special Forces April 15, 1967
Stationed at Camp Pawai (Lopburi) with 3 x B-Detachments: Sakon Nakhon, Camp Nong Takoo (Pak Chong), & Ban Kachon
March 31, 1972 Unit was redesignated HHD, 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group [Airborne],
1st Special Forces using the covername U.S. Army Special Forces, Thailand.
A-Detachments, during the RVN Era, had sites at:
Bangkok, Ban Nong Saeng, Ban Haui Khu, Ban Haui Sai Tai, Camp Carrow (Trang), Chiang Mai, Chieng Kham, Chonburi, Fort Narai (Lopburi), Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Kokethiem, Lamphun, Mai Rem, Muang Loi, Nakhon Phanom, Nam Phong. Nan, Phitsanulok, Pranburi, Ratburi, Samae San, Saraburi, Songkhia, Ubon(Ubol), & Udorn
Cataloged SF Items

3378BA - Camouflage BUSH Hat made of Parachute material

with 'VIET-NAM' ARC on snap brim

3378BA - Size 56 (XS), size label still present, camo parachute material, concentric stitch lines about 1/8" apart in the French style, short crown is American style, long cloth chin strap from the same material, woven "VIET-NAM" arc sewn on the left side, has a Kane made glove-snap on the left side, maybe worn once(?), high-quality construction and materials, probably an early-RVN Bush hat,  Excellent Condition+, Used.....(sold)

- - - -
3402H - Spot, Beo-Gam, Leopard Camouflage Pattern Trousers

cord blousers

3402H - Camo TROUSERS, label faded/frayed, waist = 29” x inseam = 29.5”, 5-pockets (4 x Bellows and left-leg cigarette), has cord-blousers(blousers hemmed after the trousers left the factory), 3-4 seams have been re-sewn, side-belt loops have frayed(see picfile), factory blemish in cloth on lower backside of leg(see picfile), Excellent color, Used....inquire

( also on Clothing page )

CloseUp of front                                                                                                                  CloseUp of rear

side belt-loops are frayed                                                                          factory blemish on back of leg       
- - - -
3508BP - Special Forces Military Free-Fall Parachuting

3508BP - FM 31-19 dated 1977, not much usage, Used......(sold)
- - - -
3508BS - 7th Special Forces Group Weapons Handbook


3508BS -  Weapons Handbook, prepared by the 3rd SF BN, 7th SF Gp(Airborne), Fort Gulick, Canal Zone, 3/8” thick(probably 150+ pages), no date, Used....inquire
- - - -
3508BW - 7th SF Gp (ABN) Recruiting Brochure

No date but Colonel Ronald Shackleton is the CO


3508BW - 12 pages, many pictures, Used.....inquire
- - - -
3508CK - 7th Special Forces Coffee CUP

made by "MUG Shanty, Compton, Cal.", I do not know the vintage


3508CK - 7th SF Coffee Mug, minor wear, Used......inquire
- - - -
3508CQ - VERITAS, Newsmagazine from Fort Bragg

scanned at 200dpi

3508CQ -  VERITAS, a 19 page Newsmagazine published by the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 7 3/4" x 10 1/8" format, featured this month (issue March-April 1971) is the Return of the 5th Special Forces Group to Ft. Bragg, staples have pulled through but all information is readable, overall in Good Condition, Used.......inquire
- - - -
3508DK - Special Forces Metal Belt Buckle with "SKULL" DI design

3508DK - SF Cast Belt Buckle, type sold at Fort Bragg with old style “SKULL” “DE OPPRESSO LIBER” Distinctive Insignia (DI), Used...inquire

- - - -
3508EB - 10th Special Forces Beret, Garrison Cap, & AG-44 Coat

Beret is a Fleur de Lis, dated 1964
AG-44 dated 1956

His Name and Serial Number Stamped inside C... Cap

10th SFGp(ABN) FLASH is the German style Green Felt

3508EB - 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Grouping:

3508EB-A, Beret, 7 1/8 (will fit a 7 1/4), has the old Green Felt Flash with a "D22" DI, adjuster cutoff(very common with SF berets), Flash and DI look original to the beret, the leather strip covering the side-gromments has been removed from the lining(some of the thread is still present), Used....inquire  

3508EB-B, AG-44 Class Dress Coat with badges, 39R, dated November 30, 1956, small hole on left chest(see the yellow pointer in picfiles), minor snags(looks like the factory may have screwed up the original bolts of material?), stitch lines where his previous: PFC & SP4 ranks, Flash, and SSI were removed, (I may get his P-cutter with the round Airborne badge sewn-on), Used.......inquire
AG-44 Coat Measurements:
Chest = 39
Shoulder seam to seam = 19 1/4
Sleeve = 33 3/4
Back = 31

- - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

5714 - Green Berets will be listed on the SF page in the future

5714AN - Fleur de Lis by Dorothea Knitting Mills Limited of Canada

I assume this would have been a PX or local Army/Navy Store beret  that sold Quality Berets to the SF personnel instead of the garbage made in Asia. I showed it to 3 dealer/collectors and they agreed (separately) that it looked like a 1960s era Green Beret.  
If you know when this "non-contract" Dorothea beret was manufactured let me know.

5714AN - 7 1/8 or 7 1/4 (I can wear it so I vote for 7 1/4), Fleur de Lis stamp, made by Dorothea Knitting Mills Limited of Toronto, Canada of 100% Virgin Wool with Leather sweatband, has a square-hole cut in the stiffener so he could put the clutch-backs on the DI and the stiffener would act as a shield to protect his head (see picfile), as it is not a GI contract the price is low, Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire

Hole cut in lining and stiffener to protect his head from the clutches  -  impression left by the DI
- - - -
5714AO - 11th SF Group Flash with ‘DE OPPRESSO LIBER’ DI

5714AO - size 7, with 11th SF Group Flash, made by Canadian Commercial Corporation, Ottawa, Canada, 8405-082(or C85)-5645, DSA-100-70-C-1056, minor wear, Excellent Condition, Used.......inquire

Bad picfile - for correct shade of Rifle Green, see above picture
- - - -
5714AQ - 5th Special Forces LTC’s Beret,

5714AQ - 7 1/8 (will fit a 7 ¼ head), Dated 1967 (DSA-100-67-C-4130), 5th Special Forces LTC’s Beret, stock number 8415-082-5646, has had another DI or Rank on it (see picture for holes in lining), minor wear, Excellent Color and Condition, Used......inquire


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More Catalog# 5714 SF Green Berets on ARMY   page

See  ARMY  page for more Vietnam Era ( #5714x ) Special Forces Green Berets

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 7852V - SSG Knight's Badged SF Shirt

probably a Veteran of the 46th Special Forces Company in Thailand

7852V - 2nd Pattern OG-107 Shirt with clipped-corner flaps & even-spaced front buttons

7852V - Small (no size label), Contract Number 5743, short sleeves (he was in Thailand which would be normal), Color Cut-edge: SSG Stripes and SF SSI and Tab, subdued Tapes, Parachutist’s Badge removed, pocket flaps sewn-down, 2-3 minor snags on back, Used....(sold)

( 2 more of this Veteran's OG-107s listed below )
- - - -
7860EQ and EP - SSG Knight's Badged SF Shirt

7860EQ on the LEFT.......7860EP is on the RIGHT......disregard the shirt with the color SSG rank

7860EQ - S/L (neck label missing), dated 1967, tailored, Epaulets added, Pencil pocket added to left side near armpit, subdued: right SSI ME SF and Tab, left SSI is a ME Field Artillery School(previous patch was an Airborne unit), Thai Jump Badge, local made Name Tape, Army Tape with light-green border, Master Parachutist’s Badge,  pocket flaps sewn-down, 2 x 1” snags on back near eapulets, one inch “L-shaped" snag on underside of right sleeve, Used.....inquire

7860EP - S/L (no labels),  tailored,  Epaulets added, Pencil pocket added to left side near armpit, subdued: right SSI ME SF and Tab, Thai Jump Badge, local made Name Tape, Army Tape with light-green border, Master Parachutist’s Badge, thread has started to rot on most of the patches(some have loosened), pocket flaps sewn-down, 2” light-brown stain on back, both sleeves field-repaired by the “Vee” on the underside, cuffs starting to fray, No left SSI-several have been removed, Used.....inquire

( also on clothing page )
- - - -
7860ET - SF Captain's Badged Shirt
see on clothing page
- - - -
7922BQ - Special Forces LTC's 1st Pattern Shirt
see on clothing page
- - - -
9595 - Parachutist’s Rough Terrain SUIT

Woodland Camouflage Padded Suit to wear while jumping into Rough Terrain: trees, rocks, etc..
No Stock Numbers as these are "DAAK" first Run Prototypes or whatever you want to call them.


( see on Flight Gear page )
- - - -
10200 - National Geographic

Special Forces in Vietnam, circa 1964

10200 - Original January 1965 Issue, Used.....(sold)

10200 - Reprint of the Special Forces Section, 65 pages, Used......inquire
- - - -
10200 - National Geographic, February 1967 Issue


NatGeo, 40 plus pages on Vietnam in the mid-1960s, above average condition, Used......inquire
- - - -
10200  National Geographic, January 1965 Issue


Cover depicts a Special Forces Major leading a Rebellious Infantry unit away from the Radio Station near Ban Me Thuot during the Montagnard revolt against the hated lowland Vietnamese, circa September 1964.

25 plus pages on the Rebellion of the Mountain Tribesmen, above average condition, Used......inquire
- - - -
47220A - Foreign Weapons Handbook by USAJFKCENSPWAR(ABN)

A Presentation copy signed by the Author, Sergeant Major Frank A. Moyer


47220A - Foreign Weapons Handbook, 1967, published by the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, United States Army John F. Kennedy Center for Special Warfare (Airborne), Fort Bragg, NC 28307, 1" thick with an 8" x 10 3/8" format, Used.....inquire


End of SF Cataloged Items

SF Insignia:

Special Forces Enlisted & Officer's Insignia

( made by CREST-CRAFT CO., Providence R.I. )

U. S. Army Special Forces

"Authorized Enlisted and Officer's Insignia"

sample picture of SF EM Collar Insignia, still on Original PX Sales Card, UnUsed..(3 pair left in stock)...inquire

Officer's "24K Gold Plated Solid Brass" Insignia still on Original PX Sales Card, UnUsed......inquire
 Early "Skull" DIs by Denmark

( "6D" hallmark is listed by the ASMIC as made by the Denmark Company )


Left - Hallmarked "6D", Used.................inquire

Right - Hallmarked "6D", Used...(sold)
- - - -
Skull DIs - older Design


Left - Hallmarked "6D" (made by Denmark per the ASMIC Book), Used..........(sold)

Right - Hallmarked "N. S. MEYERS" with 2 Shields, Used.............(sold)
- - - -
Skull DI probably made by GEMSCO

the blue object is tape that I cover the nails with so as not to scratch my scanner's glass bed


1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), maker's mark is partially visible "GE....O", Used.............(sold)
older Beret DI

I believe the hallmark is "S 21" = Harry Sugerman INC. of San Antonio, Texas
Hard to discern the markings as they have been partially covered-over with solder
Hallmark is below the right "Nail" mainly covered by solder (see picture)
Has been on a Beret, nails were crooked--put through the Flash and bent-over (typical mounting)
I straightened the nails and they did not break = Good sign this is U.S. made, NOT Asian made


"DE OPPRESSO LIBER", Used......inquire
Gold color DIs - usage unknown
(no Hallmarks)


Gold color Special Forces "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" Distinctive Insignias, why these were made is not known,  I acquired them in the 1980s, Used....inquire

( one Veteran said he had seen similar DIs in Pleiku but that is not confirmed(?) )
Special Forces Parachutist's Oval

Older Oval that has been worn

RFU, Used.......inquire

3rd and 19th Special Forces UIBs

Candy Stripe Unit Identification Bar(UIB) worn circa 1963-1969

These Bars were worn by personnel who were not SF Qualified
Enlisted wore the DUI above the Bar and Officers wore their Rank above the Bar

3rd Special Forces Group(Airborne), UnUsed......inquire

19th Special Forces Group(Airborne), probably the 2nd pattern, UnUsed.......inquire

5th Special Forces FLASH, cut-edge

probably made in the very-late 1960s or into the 1970s


Glows, UnUsed.......inquire
7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Flash

 circa 1960s, Flash with DI (DI not hallmarked), removed from a 1960s dated Green Beret (had been handsewn to the Beret), Used...........inquire
11th Special Forces Group(Airborne) Sport Parachute Club Beret Flash

made in the Republic of Vietnam


11th SF Sport Parachute Club, made in the RVN, Unused.....inquire
12th Special Forces Group Flash with rank

removed from his dress beret (dated 1967), was handsewn, posts bent-over on the rank, last name provided with purchase, Used......inquire
46th Special Forces Company(Airborne) FLASH on PX Display Card

still mounted on point-of-sale card, made by Nudelman Brothers of Portland-Seattle, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
46th SF Beret FLASH - RFU, still has impression of the DI


I think this must be an early-Merrowed-edge (ME patches started in 1966), RFU, Used.....(sold)
- - - -
46th Special Forces Company FLASH

scanned at 200dpi

Colonel's Rank by Myers (double shield hallmarked) on a very pliable Flash, UnUsed......(sold)

 SF SSI DI probably made in Asia, poor quality enamel, has a nick above the sword's point, Used......inquire

JUMP OVALS made in Vietnam

Some of these are not oriented correctly and most are not identified.
If you know the ID of an Oval let me know - refer to picture#, row, column, position, and describe the Oval

Most are Hand-embroidered

If you need an OVAL......refer to picture#, row, column, position, and describe the Oval

OVALS_RVN made_121005-1

OVALS_RVN made_121005-2

OVALS_RVN made_121005-3

OVALS_RVN made_121005-4

( also listed on the AIRBORNE/VIETNAM Era page)
Special Forces Groupings

removed from an OG-107 2-pocket cotton fatigue shirt dated 1967, Used..........inquire

( blue-cut-edge SSI and black-cut-edge Tab/Arc )
- - - -

Blue-edge SSI & Arc, CE set of Sergeant Major Stripes, other badges had been removed from Jungle Shirt, Used.........inquire

Blue-edge SSI & Tab, Basic Parachutist's Badge, RFU (OG-107 dated 1966), Used..........inquire
 - - - -
Jenkins Grouping

I bought this Grouping in the 1994-96 era at a Flea Market in the NC area along I-95

Seller said it had been in a "glass box" ( shadow box? )  

Major Jenkins SF Grouping, Used..........inquire

- - - -
Special Forces Officer's Cloth Ribbon Bar & SSI

removed from his AG-44 Blouse (dated 1955)


older Khaki-edge SSI & Tab, Ribbon bar looks Japan made ( high-quality workmanship ), Used.......inquire
Related SF Links



click on picture for details
- - - -
1st Special Forces Aviation
listed on Aviation 1-8th at top of page
- - - -
464th Troop Carrier Wing (Assault)

Project Mule Train

Supported SF Camps in the early-days

click on picture for details
- - - -
281st Assault Helicopter Company
The US Army's First Special Operations Helicopter Company
Attached to Project Delta and were Quartered with the 5th SFGA
Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1965 to 1970

Veteran's Grouping of 281st AHC Patches circa 1969
listed on the 281st's Aviation section
281st AHC flew missions for the 5th Special Forces Group(Airborne) and MACV-SOG - listed on the 281st's Aviation section
- - - -
 Thai SF and Ranger Badges

cloth badge is explained on page 481 in LTC Sutherland's Book

click on picture
- - - -
Pathfinder Badge

click on picture for details
- - - -
ARVN Jump Status Badges worn by Advisors

( click on picture for details )
- - - -
Hand-embroidered in Vietnam Pocket Insignia

( click on color picture for details )
Army Security Agency
Special Operations DETs

ASA (RR) Special Operations Detachment (SOD)

( Security Agency Unit providing Enemy-Communications INTEL to Special Forces Units )


80th USASA SOD Oval (Teal Blue & White), unit established in the early 1960s to support SF, UnUsed............inquire
- - - -
400th SOD Pocket Hanger

click on picture for details
- - - -
403rd SOD (ABN), 5th SFGA


3508CO - STATUE Presented to Colonel Mauderly from the Officers and Men of the 403rd Special Operations Detachment(Airborne), 5th SFGA, 9”+ tall overall (includes pedestal and figure), Excellent condition, Used......inquire

( Very Heavy = S/I will be around $20-25.00+/- to the East Coast )

( also on ASA page )
 Special Forces
post-1975 and/or Unknown era

I am using the book "U. S. SPECIAL FORCES GROUP INSIGNIA (Post 1975)" for a reference work

Special Forces Officer's Branch Insignia

period piece for a Desert Storm Re-enactor

from the late-1980s, UnCut, UnUsed.......inquire
1st Special Forces Group(Airborne)



"OKINAWA", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
ODA-115, Company A, 1st Battalion, 1st SF GP(ABN)

Special Offices, Special Warfare Center

Psychological Operations

"MAR. OPS", cannot read the verbage on the Torrii cross-bar, UnUsed.....inquire

4 1/4", "Chairborne Desk Riders", UnUsed....inquire

"Because Physical Wounds Heal", Unused.....(sold)
- - - -
ODA-125, Company B, 1st Battalion, 1st SF GP(ABN)


"Special Operations, We Love the Night Life", UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ODA 533, C/1/5th SF Gp(ABN), with bullion like thread

"333" should read "533" maker's error, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ODA-553, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Company B, 2nd Battation

1st Pattern (type I?)

circa 1979(?), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
7th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

ODA-3, UnUsed.....inquire

ODA-6, UnUsed.....inquire

ODA-17, UnUsed.....inquire

ODA-9, UnUsed.....inquire

ODA-15, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ODA-10, 3rd Battalion (Project), 7th SF GP (ABN)

ODA-722, Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne)  

Operation Big Brother V, 19th SF GP (ABN)

"Jumping Ambassadors" , shown on the right in the reference book, uncut, UnUsed......inquire

"Mountain Team", UnUsed......inquire

"Camp Williams Utah 77", UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ODA 17/18, 3rd BN, 7th SF GP


"RST" "SIEMPRE ALERTA PANAMA", UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
ODA-753, "ROUGH - TERRAIN", B/2/7th SFGp(ABN), circa 1984


1984 variant, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
SCUBA Personnel, 3rd Battalion 7th SF GP(ABN)

dated 1979


3rd BN, 7th SFGP(A) "PANAMA", Unused..............inquire
- - - -
ODA-5, 3rd Battalion, 7th SF Gp "Airborne Committee"


- - - -
ODA-7, 3rd Battalion (Project), 7th Special Forces Group(Airborne)



patch does NOT lay flat, bad craftsmanship, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
8th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 'CANAL ZONE'

Canal ZONE, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
10th SF Gp(ABN) Sport Parachute Club, Germany


large 5" patch made in Germany, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
10th Special Forces Group Trojan Sport Parachute Club


6 1/4", UnUsed....inquire

( for other Sky Diving Insignia check the  "Airborne"  page )
- - - -
10th Special Forces Group's 'Crash Hawk'

The reference book states this patch "Commemorates an attempt to assemble a helicopter from spare parts for training exercise. It crashed within Bad Tolz."

5 1/8" (horizontal), mis-identified on the back, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
10th Special Forces Group

ODA-8 "BERG HEIL", UnUsed.......(sold)

ODA-132, scrapbook residue on back, Unused.....inquire
- - - -
10th SF GP(ABN)

Mobile Training Team 8A, ODA-032 (in Lebanon until TWA Hijacking), Unused......(sold)

ODA-111, UnUsed.....inquire

10th SF Gp Jacket patch, UnUsed.....inquire

ODA-123 Mountain Team, Unused.....inquire

SFOB 3/0, Saudi Arabia, AMEMB, Kuwait, 3rd and 10th SF Gps, UnUsed.......inquire
(SF insignia books lists this for the Desert Storm era)

SF Association Chapter, Garden of Eden, Bad Tolz, Unused......inquire
- - - -
ODA-111 1st Battalion, 10th SF GP(ABN) - circa 1988

minor design variation from the one above - also a different maker

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ODA-11, 1st Battalion, 10th SF Gp(ABN)
"URT" Underwater Reconnaissance Team


pebble backing material, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
10th & 12th SF Groups

10th SF Group (Airborne) Jacket insignia, UnUsed.....inquire

12th SF GP(ABN) Blazer Crest, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
11th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

ODA-132 'SFOD 132', "ESSE VIRIDE NON EST FACILE", UnUsed.......inquire

11th SF Sport Parachute Club, made in Vietnam......moved above to SF section

11th SFG(A) Aviation "PIT BULLS", UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
 3508BI - SF Veteran's Tour Jacket

1st Design Beret Badge embroidered on back


3508I - Veteran's Jacket, Small size, no maker's label, very minor wear, minor stains from storage (may clean up(?)), Used.....inquire

( I believe this jacket was made circa late-1980s to mid-1990s )

( possibly an early-RVN SF Veteran )

MACV-SOG, CCS  Plaque Parts, era unknown

Parts removed from a wooden plaque - all the DIs have had the nails neatly clipped except for the Mike Force DI

Used......(missing - probably sold)

End of the Special Forces
post-1975 and/or Unknown era Section

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

Long Range Patrol

contradicting partial History:

"LRRP" (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) used by the Army from 1958(?) until 1964
"LRRP(P)" used in Vietnam circa May 1965 - December 1967
"LRP" (Long Range Patrol) used by the Army from 1964 to February 1969
"LRP" used in Vietnam circa late-1967 - February 1, 1969

acronym pronounced "LURP"

Most "LRP" Units in Vietnam were converted to Ranger Companies on February 1, 1969

Long Range Patrol Arc

LRP Tab made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Tabs

cut-edge LRRP Arcs


Japan made, been in 2 collections=scrapbook residues on back, UnUsed......inquire

gold on black, UnUsed......inquire

red on green, UnUsed.....inquire

black backing material, Unused......(moved below)

subdued, UnUsed........(moved below)

82nd & 101st ABD RECONDO School Badges with "LRRP" Arcs

These Tabs/Arcs are from the above pictures:

After reading the ASMIC Trading Post magazine, issue APRIL-JUNE 2011, page 40 I believe the small subdued arc is for the 82nd ABD's RECONDO badge and the Yellow on Black small arc is for a 101st ABD RECONDO badge.

The Author's 82nd Badges were obtained from a fellow GI at Fort Campbell circa 1968-69 in a cumshaw deal.
The arc was handsewn to the RECONDO badge like many "AIRBORNE" tabs are attached to the SSIs before being sewn to a uniform.

Both have the relative size to their respective Division's RECONDO Badges.
The 82nd ABD RECONDO and LRRP badges are similar sizes to the pictures in the Trading Post article.

These 2 arcs came from a large Airborne Collection
(I married the arcs with the badges to depict how worn)

As of now these Arcs are NOT for Sale as I want to obtain some feedback from Viewers who have knowledge of the RECONDO schools in the late 1960s and the use of "LRRP" arcs being worn above the RECONDO badge.

If you have knowledge (to include pictures) of these items, email
- - - -
small Vietnam made "LRRP" Arc


1 3/4" (at widest point), UnUsed.......inquire
Long Range Patrol (LRP) arc, made in Vietnam

LRP Tab that it's arc is similar to a 9th ID SSI arc, UnUsed......inquire

The above LRP tab shown below, depicting how worn above a SSI

( I do not know what unit wore this tab )

- - - -
E Company, 20th Infantry Regiment Long Range Patrol Scroll

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on the IFFV/RVN to 1975 page )
- - - -

1-piece made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

( also on the IFFV/RVN to 1975 page )
- - - -

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
1st Cavalry Division Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

1st CAVDIV (LRRP), patch made in Vietnam, puckered by horse's head(from Tailor shop), UnUsed.......inquire

(also linked from 1st CAVDIV page)

D Company, 151st Long Range Patrol

Unit wore the 38th Infantry Division SSI (their Parent Unit, Indiana ANG)
D/151st did not convert to a 75th Ranger Infantry Company
Returned to CONUS November 20, 1969

Supported IIFFV out of Long Binh, RVN

D/151 Airborne Ranger, removed from Jungle Shirt, Used.......(sold)

- - - -

2nd Field Force, Vietnam LURP Company, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

scrapbook residue on back, Viet made, UnUsed......inquire

( also on RVN-75 page )

- - - -
IIFFV Airborne Element (LRP)

Found hand-sewn together:
SSI is in UnUsed condition, from the 1960s (long pigtail and very supple as the older subdued patches were)
Airborne Tab is in Used condition


2nd Field Force, Vietnam Issue SSI, with Issue Airborne Arc, UnUsed/Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Indiana ANG unit Federalized May 13, 1968, shipped to Vietnam on December 29, 1968
Assigned to II Field Force in Long Binh
Departed RVN on November 20, 1969 to return to it's Parent Unit the 38th Infantry Division
D Company, 75th Rangers raised and replaced D/151 on November 20, 1969 using assets of F/51st Infantry/199th LIB
VII Corps LRRP Company (Airborne) (circa 1961 - 1965)

Company C, LRP, 58th INF (Airborne) (circa 1965 - ?)

Company B (Rangers) 75th INF (Airborne)

part of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (1974 - present)

Known as the Jay Hawk LRRPs with the motto "EYES BEHIND THE LINES"
- - - -
VII Corps LRRP Company (Airborne) DI

scanned at 300dpi

made in Japan in the 1960s, Used.......inquire
- - - -
B Company, Ranger Infantry Regiment (Airborne)


 U.S. made, "AIRBORNE RANGER" scroll and shield, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -

I think this is a later patch due to the construction - 1980s or newer(?)


Large 4 1/2" patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The VII Corps Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Company(Airborne) was Activated and Formed at Nellingen, Germany in 1961.  
Known as the Jay Hawk LRRPs with the motto "Eyes Behind the Lines."
ReDesignated Company C, Long Range Patrol, 58th Infantry Regiment(Airborne) in May 1965.
Relocated to Fort Riley, Kansas in July 1968 and later ReDesignated Company B (Rangers) 75th Infantry Regiment(Airborne).
Relocated to Fort Carson, Colorado and later Relocated to Fort Lewis, Washington in June 1974 and used to form the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.
4th Infantry "IVY" Division LRRP patch (pre-1968)

LRRP = Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol


E/58th INF LURP patch with burlap backing, partially hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Company E/ 58th Infantry LRRP Beret FLASH (pre-1968)


Hand Embroidered E/58th Infantry LRRP FLASH, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
5th Infantry Division Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol


5th ID LURP, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
24th Infantry Division Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol


Active circa 1960 - 1964(+/-) located at FLAK Kaserne, Augsburg
I believe the unit was active more years than I could find on the Web

(  anyone with more knowledge, send some info )


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
173rd ABN BDE Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) DET
(The LRRP DET was a Permanent part of Troop E, 17th Cavalry in June 1966)

74th Infantry Detachment (LRP)

Company N (Ranger), 75th Infantry

"Eyes and Ears of the Commander"
- - - -
173rd Airborne Brigade Long Range Patrol Beret Flash and Jump Oval

Design used later by Company 'N' 75th Infantry (Rangers)

173rd ABN BDE LRP Flash made in Vietnam, RFU Beret, you can see the DI impression, Used......(sold)

LURP" Oval (may have been made in Japan) RFU (he wore the oval upside-down as you can see from the impression), Used.....inquire

( linked from AIRBORNE page, 173rd Section and below in RANGER section )

- - - -
Hand-Embroidered 74th INF DET (LRP) Jump Oval

RFU, Used.......inquire

(linked from the 173rd ABN BDE page)
- - - -
partial History of the 173rd Airborne Brigade LRRP DET
The 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate) deployed to the Republic of Vietnam May 5, 1965
General Williamson tasked the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 503rd Infantry to ask for "Volunteers" to form the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Detachment to supplement E/17th Cavalry(a Mounted RECON Troop),
Team makeup: an LT (team leader=not a smashing idea), one Staff Sergeant (Assistant Team Leader), & 2 EM(Scouts)
The LRRP DET was made a Permanent part of Troop E, 17th Cavalry in June 1966
DOA Authorized the formation of the 74th Infantry Detachment (LRP) December 20, 1967 absorbing Assets of the LRRP DET of E/17th CAV
74th Infantry Detachment (LRP) became Company N (Ranger), 75th Infantry February 1, 1969
In April 1971 the Brigade Commander presented the UnOfficial Black Beret to the men of Company "N"
Company N (Ranger), 75th Infantry was Deactivated August 25, 1971
- - - -
E Troop(LRRP PLT), 17th Cavalry(Ground Reconnaissance)

A Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon supporting the 173rd Airborne Brigade


LURP Beret FLASH hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)
 199th Light Infantry Brigade

F Company, 51st Infantry Long Range  Patrol (AIRBORNE) SCROLL

LRP unit for the 199th Light Infantry Brigade from September 25, 1967 to December 26, 1968 per the LRRP Book by Rottman and Volstad, published by Osprey

anyone know more of the history?

F/51st Infantry/199th LIB LURPs, partially hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
5th Battalion, 12th IR Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

LRRP ARC and ISSUE cut-edge 199th LIB SSI

1-piece 5th BN, 12th Infantry, 199th LIB LURP, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

Found together, RFU, Used.........inquire

9th ID RECON men wearing Purple Berets, circa 1967

anyone with information on the wearing of the Purple Berets with White Flashes please contact Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( for more pics and a Purple(VNN) Beret click on picture )
- - - -
4110L & K - 101st ABD LRRP Veteran's Boonies
l( both have sold - other T/S boonies listed on Headgear page )

Ranger Tab was authorized for wear in 1951

Scrolls and SSIs displayed were NOT found together, unless Notated
(  SSIs and Scrolls are depicted together to show relationship )

LRRP & Ranger Units may be listed under the parent Division/Brigade or on the Airborne pages

- - - -
partial History for post-1968
On January 1, 1969, as part of the U.S. Army Combat Arms Regimental System (CARS), the U.S. Army Rangers were re-organized in Vietnam as the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger). 15 Ranger Companies were recruited from Long Range Reconnaissance units in Europe and  Long Range Patrol companies in Vietnam. The genealogy of the new Rangers descended directly from Merrill's Marauders, the 5307th Composite Unit, effective on February 1, 1969.

partial History for post-RVN service
1st and 2nd Ranger Battalions ReActivated in 1974
 3rd BN Reactivated and Regimental HQs created in 1984
ReDesignated 75th Ranger Regiment in 1986
Battalions 4, 5, and 6 Reactivated in 1986 as Training units not assigned to 75th HQS (I think this is an outcome of something the Army calls  "TRADOC" or etc.)

anyone with additional, or correctional, info....put it in a short paragraph and send it.
Merrill's Marauders

( for WWII Ranger items, click on picture )
75th Ranger Infantry Regiment (Airborne)

75th Ranger Regiment

cut-edge SSI and Arc found together


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed..........inquire

( I cannot find any history on this insignia except I own several subdued ME like items.  Anyone know the details on this SSI and Arc? )
( 2 or 3 sites have DIs with the vertical Lightning Bolt )
Large 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger) FLASH, made in Vietnam

75th IR(RNGR) oversized FLASH, UnUsed.......inquire
Ranger "no-name" Lighter

"Republic of Vietnam"

I think the DI was applied after the lighter left the factory, minor wear, no markings, well constructed, I think this is a post-1975 rig, Used......inquire

( stored in "site done" box )
- - - -
older Ranger Arcs, circa 1950s


cut-edge RFU old Khaki Shirt which had a WW2 style Armor SSI, Used.......inquire

RFU OG Sateen Overcoat dated 1946 which was worn by an 82nd ABD LTC, Used.....Inquire

- - - -
Issue Ranger Tabs


Green Border cut edge, UnUsed.....inquire

Black Border cut-edge, Unused.....(sold)

- - - -
Issue cut-edge RANGER Arcs



subdued cut-edge with Green Border, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
Tabs are from the same Collection


Issue khaki cut-edge "RANGER" Tab, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

"SKYDIVER" Tab, constructed like an Issue item(?), scrapbook residue on reverse, UnUsed....inquire

( If anyone knows the history on the Skydiver Arc let me know )

- - - -
RANGER ARC, hand embroidered in Vietnam

RANGER Tab, UnUsed.........inquire

- - - -
Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -
RANGER Arc, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


minor glue residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
RANGER Tab - made in Thailand


from a 46th SF Company man who later went to MACV-SOG, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
RANGER tab on OG twill, made in Asia


SCROLLs and associated SSIs

Reorganized as the Ranger Infantry Regiment(Airborne) January 1, 1969 with 15 Companies
- - - -
Airborne Ranger Infantry Company Scroll

Korean era style scroll


1960s scroll, U.S. made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

wide-mesh cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -


- - - -
B Company, Ranger Infantry Regiment(Airborne)
( see above with the VII Corps LRRP DI )
- - - -
"Charlie Rangers"


Company C, 75th Ranger Infantry Regiment "AIRBORNE RANGER" Scroll, Vietnam made, Unused......inquire

1st Field Force Vietnam (IFFV), Velvet Panel SSI made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

 ( Scroll and Patch can be sold seperate, ask )
- - - -
 C, K, & L Ranger Companies
75th Ranger Infantry Regiment (Airborne)

C Company supported the IFFV, RFU, Used....inquire

K Company OPCON to 4th ID, UnUsed......inquire

L Company supported the 101st ABD, UnUsed....(sold)

- - - -
G Company, 75th Infantry Regiment (RANGER), Grouping

CIB, Jump Wing, Nha Trang RECONDO School, Army and Name tapes

Sold as a GROUP only - do NOT ask to part-out!

23rd Infantry (AMERICAL) Division Grouping, RFU(Ripstop Shirt), Used.......inquire

Company H, 75th Ranger Infantry Regiment(ABN), 1st CAV DIV(AM)


CO H, 75th Rangers Scroll, made in Vietnam, UnUsed..........(sold)

Issue SSI, RFU AG-44 jacket, Used......(sold)
- - - -
Company O, 75th Infantry Regiment


Company "O" was active August 4, 1970 to September 29, 1972 at Fort Richardson, Alaska

Unit wore the Alaska Defense Command SSI - this WWII ADC patch is listed on the WWII page, Commands section

Ranger Scroll worn above the "Teddy Bear" shoulder patch, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

The Ranger Company that supported the Alaska Defense Command, scroll worn above the ADC's "Teddy Bear" SSI, UnUsed......(SOLD)

- - - -
75th Ranger Infantry Regiment Scroll

"75th RANGER INF", cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

Mobile Advisory Team 21, IICTZ

I think this is the Team assigned to MR-2 HQs near Camp Schmidt, Pleiku and advised ARVN Rangers

The blade depicted on the patch is similar to the Ranger Qualified Badge knife

Anyone know if MAT-21 advised the Rangers in the MR2 AO?

listed on the RVN - 1975 page, MACV SECTION
More ARVN Ranger items on the Vietnam page
ARVN Ranger Qualification Badge


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, RFU, top-left corner damaged, Used.......inquire
- - - -

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

subdued badge with the old collector's ID tape on the back, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on Army Ranger/SF page )
- - - -

probably made by a PX Concessionaire, on heavier cloth than normal, UnUsed......(sold)

looks PX purchase, on normal thin Badge material, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
ARVN Ranger Qualification Badge


Found in an OG-107 shirt pocket, was folded and ironed but never sewn-on, UnUsed..........(sold)
- - - -
Army, Republic of South Vietnam - Ranger Qualification Badge

probably a PX purchase, embroidered on thin material, UnUsed....inquire

probably purchased on Post or an A/N Store on the strip outside the gate, thin material, UnUsed....inquire

More ARVN Ranger items on the Vietnam page
RANGER Related Items
7940LM - 199th LIB & RANGER Tab with ARVN RANGER


( see on RVN to 1975 Army patch page, 199th LIB section )
- - - -
ARVN Ranger Beret Badge

( see on Vietnamese page, Ranger section )
- - - -
ARVN Ranger Camo LRRP Tab

( see on Vietnamese page, Ranger section )
- - - -
ARVN Ranger Qualification Badge

( see on Vietnamese page, Ranger section )
- - - -
4354A - Ranger's Bring-back from Operation Just Cause in 1989

"Noriega Bayonet" with T65 Sheath

see on Weapons page
- - - -
138th Military Intelligence Company(AE) Pilot's Group

started out as a Private in the 75th Rangers

Grouping on ASA/MI page

click on picture and scroll down to the 138th MI CO


RECONnaissance CommanDO = RECONDO

School started at Fort Campbell by the 101st Airborne Division under Major General Westmoreland
circa December 1958 - January 1959.  Course complettion cloth Badges issued by July of 1959 and worn on the left pocket.
Initially the cloth Badges had the word "RECONDO" on them but the Acronym was dropped after
General Westmoreland took the RECONDO concept with him to the 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Benning.

( The primary mission of the School was to teach Reconnaissance, not Commando skills,
hence the term Reconnaissance/Commando was used )

( If you know more, or different, information let me know: Jack@LJMilitaria.com )

XVIII Airborne Corps RECONDO School Graduation Badge

300dpi scan

18th ABN Corps RECONDO School badge made by DENMARK's N. Y. 10012, Used.......(sold)

I found another one - will be listed later, if you need one, ASK!

2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division

larger "HARDCORE RECONDO" Scroll made in Vietnam

2/39/9th ID Scroll, UnUsed......inquire

(linked from the 9th ID page)

25th Infantry Division RECONDO pocket patch
- - - -
 25th Infantry Division "RECON" badge, made in Vietnam

Shown in Smythe's "COMBAT UNIT INSIGNIA" Book, page 3 on top-right


"Tropic Lightning" Reconnaissance patch for the 25th ID, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

cut-edge North Asian made, thin PELLON backing material over gauze, UnUsed.......(sold)
82nd Airborne Division RECONDO Insignia

3 x Cut-edge variations



Subdued, Green Border, UnUsed.....inquire

( also have 2 x, "Used" condition, Subdued Green borders in stock, ask )

101st Airborne Division RECONDO Insignia

3 x Cut-edge variations



Looks older than the other two patches, UnUsed...(sold)

- - - -
101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) RECONDO Badge

Made in Vietnam


well made in Vietnam, normal larger-sized RECONDO for the 101st, Unused......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Info from a 101st ABD yearbook circa 1965  "....In June 1960(?) the RECONDO School was Organized".
General Westmoreland was the driving force to establish the school.
School was apparently closed.....then re-opened circa 1975.

However, check-out this site for another date when the school was started and run by Major Millet:
http://www.lcompanyranger dot com/101recondo/1959History.htm
"The big race was on to get things ready for the first class which was to start on 5 January 1959.  The 187th Battle Group was the initial Recondo School Class 1a....."
199th Light Infantry Brigade RECONDO


199th LIB, Hand-embroidered except for border, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
Thailand made RECONDO Arc


Large Thai made Tab, same colors as the 101st Airborne Division wears(?), UnUsed.....inquire
West Point, III Corps, & MACV RECONDO

3 x Cut-edge variations

"USMA" United States Military Academy, UnUsed.....inquire

III Corps RECONDO, UnUsed.....inquire

MACV RECONDO, School patch from Nha Trang, RVN, Used...(sold)

( Nha Trang School ran by the 5th Special Forces established in 1966 )

- - - -

possibly an Airman graduated from the SF RECONDO School in Nha Trang, RVN


probably made in Thailand, unusual blue-thread, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -


2 1/4", black mesh backing, UnUsed.......(sold)

2 1/4" Green Twill with wide-mesh cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
RECONDO Pocket patch


Velvet panel with hand-embroidered "RECONDO", made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
5th Special Forces MACV RECONDO Qualification Badges

Both from the same collection

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....(sold)

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Reconnaissance Commando (RECONDO) Badge

made in Vietnam


Pocket patch awarded to graduates of the Special Forces School, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Hand-embroidered "RECONDO" with Velvet panel


partially HE, made in Vietnam, pin-holes where it was attached to a cork-board for display, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

subdued with Velvet Panel 'Vee', Hand-embroidered "RECONDO", gauze backing, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

Machine Embroidered, had a staple through it under the "OND", Vietnam made, UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -
3 x Color RECONDOs made in the RVN

MACV RECONDO with green backing material, made in Vietnam, Unused......inquire

"RECONDO" school at Nha Trang, Vietnam made, UnUsed....inquire

UnCut "RECON COMMANDO" Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

5/6th Cavalry "TRINH-SAT"
Anyone know the ID for this patch - It is listed on the Vietnam page


ARVN Airborne Windproof items

- - - -
Spot Pattern Camo wanted

- - - -
Tiger Stripes: Coveralls, Shirts, Trousers, Caps and Hats wanted

 UI/Mystery Items

If you have IDs, or information on these, contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com

UI#182 - Patch on right side:   "VIET NAM  LAOS-BURMA"
left 2 patches have been ID'd

UI#217 - Unidentified Thai patch

UI#218 - "Counter Guerrilla" Arc

UI#219 -  "VIETNAM" arcs (2" wide) are crudely cast in brass, parachute is stamped(well made), possibly made in Vietnam, European style loops on reverse.  No markings, any ideas?

UI#222 - "Bullet RECON" Tab

UI#226 - Anyone know where/who made this Double Tab?

UI#245 -  "M.F." has been chain-stitched into the patch after it left the maker's shop, any idea when or why this patch was made?

UI#247 -  "CIXV", I was told several years ago this was the North Carolina Army National Guard 30th Infantry Brigade RECONDO School insignia?
Removed from an overdyed Black Jungle Shirt.  Shirt had other patches which were of the Vietnam era.

UI#248 -  Large 6 5/8" patch, "L.R.R.P. U.S. PARATROOPERS", from the fine-gauze backing I would guess it was made in Germany(?).  

UI#296 - "SAT CONG BAO VE QUE HUONG" with Leopard superposed on a canopy and lines, anyone ever see this patch wor, a picture, or have knowlege of it?

UI#354 - "D" with a skull inside on black felt with a black cloth backing, white embroidery does not glow, a thread from the backing material does not have black smoke or a ball on the end of the thread when I burned it, the yellowish stain on the back is glue; Special Forces style Oval but the blue is a light-shade vice the normal Teal Blue?

UI#360 - "F I Gung-Ho", a larger version of this patch exists, "F I" is also on a 10th TFS "B" FLT patch, anyone know what "F I" means in Air Force speak?  (Listed in ASMIC Trading Post Oct-Dec 1991 issue, page 50)
( Possbily a 18th Airborne Corps related patch? )
(also on pages: USAF SQs, Ground Forces Airborne)

UI#359 - Possible USAF Advisors in Vietnam(?), made in Japan. ID'd as the 6222nd Air Base Group, Danang AB circa 1962

UI#363 - probably a 46th Special Forces Company FLASH with Skull, Beret, Thai National Colors Band & Writing; Small FLASH from an unknown manufacturer - anyone know the history on this Flash?

If you have IDs, or information on these, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com


Special Forces, Rangers, & Special Operations Units

( WWII Patches from One Collection )

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Viewer's disregard this Section:
CIDG "Striker" Caps
Small Collection
Give a complete description of the Item you need !!!!!
4 x Tiger Stripe Shirts
A-001(sold), A-002(sold), A-003(sold), & A-004(sold)
A-001, RECON Tham Sat Shirt
"Tham Sat" = Trinh Sat
( verb = to spy on someone...........noun = a spy )
A-001, heavyweight material, THAM SAT Tiger Stripe Shirt, stamped US-Large and named, MACV SSI is an Issue,
Jump Wings look U.S. made, "Tham Sat" embroidered on U.S. made tape,
not sure of usage but all the components look good(?), Excellent condition, Used.....(sold)
( has added Gussets of matching Tiger Stripe material along both sides )
chest = 42"
A-002, Marine Corps
with Epaulets and Reinforcements
A-002, VNMC lightweight material, made like an ARVN Airborne Shirt with eapulets & reinforced shoulders and elbows,
data stamp reads: size "A5" & dated June 1970......Excellent condition, Used.....(sold)
chest = 41"  Sleeve = 30.5"
A-003, probably a U.S. Extra Large
chest is a 50", sleeves are 34"
A-003, lightweight material, except for the paint stains it is in Excellent condition, Used....(sold)
chest = 50"  sleeves = 34"
A-004, older style with very small pocket(?)
A-004, heavyweight material, might be an Asian Large (has a small "L" under the hang-loop in the neck),
uncommonly small pockets, I think the patch was put on later for a soldier or reenactor(?),
Excellent condition, Used......(sold)
chest = 40"
more picfiles available on some of the above TS shirts
A-005 & A-006 Tiger Stripes
A-005, VNMC Tiger Stripe Trousers, 32" x 31", lightweight material, Excellent condition, Used....(sold)
A-006, Tiger Stripe Swim Shorts, 34" waist, heavyweight material, waist tabs and one rear pocket, Used.....inquire
A-007 through A-009 Hats & Caps
2 x "Patches" Caps from her stay in Vietnam, circa 1965 - 1971
A-007, Tiger Stripe Boonie, no chin strap, grommets rusty with minor staining around them, Used....(sold)
A-008, "Patches" TS Boonie, named for the Jacksonville, Florida Journal Newspaper Reporter......(sold)
A-009, Red 50th TAS cap by "FAR EAST Tailor", made for "Patches", Used.......inquire
( also on Tactical Airlift page and htm )
A-010 to A-012
1st Pattern (exposed buttons) Olive Green Jungle Fatigues
A-010, Officer's shirt, chest = 44"+, had SEA made patches, very minor stains, Used.......inquire
( very small hole where Amy Tape was removed )
A-011, Bao-Chi "Correspondent" Shirt, label faded may read M/R (chest is a 41"),
worn by 1 or 2 GIs before it was converted to a Correspondent's shirt,
Unknown when Patches' Vietnam made Bao-Chi tape was applied to this shirt, Used......(sold)  
A-012, M/R, dated 1963, minor stains, nice early trousers with round pocket flaps, Used......inquire
A-020 to A-028
"RECONDO" is inverted
A-020, RT California, Used.....(sold)
A-021, RECONDO is up-side-down, , Nha Trang SF School, torn along top border, Used......inquire
(patch is inverted)
A-022, MAAG-VIET-NAM, issue SSI with Vietnam made Arc, Used........inquire
A-023, 2LT Leather Rank, UnUsed....4.00
A-024, Woven ARVN Master Jump Wing, UnUsed......inquire
A-025, 18th MP BDE. Vietnam made, Used........inquire
A-026, Support Command Arc, Korean made, Used.......inquire
A-027, Vietnam made "Dustoff" arc Air Ambulance Platoon of the 326th Medical Battalion, 101st ABD, Used......inquire
A-028, "Dustoff" arc Air Ambulance PLT, 326th Medical BN, 101st Airborne Division, made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
A-030 to A-034
Special Forces Lighter and etc.
A-030, SF Beret/Dagger pendant, silver looking(?), Used......(sold)
A-031, 3rd Field Hospital with "The Dog" on a white tent, use to be on an Army Butt pack, Used.....inquire
( one post missing )
A-032, "Okinawa and All Points South", Company B, 1st SF GP Airborne, Vulcan made in Japan, Used......inquire
A-033, "Patches", this Lady was a "Bao Chi" in Vietnam circa 1965 - 1971, 3rd/11th ACR "BLACKHORSE BANDITS", ZIPPO dated 1969, Used........inquire
(she was a correspondent for the Jacksonville, Florida Journal newspaper )
A-034, watch dated 1970, MIL-W-46374A -- compass made by "W.C. CO.", Used.......inquire
( runs about 5 minutes slow per day -- probably normal for a Military watch;
you can have it adjusted and it might improve the accuracy )
A-040, "B" Model Naval Aviator's GWEP Jacket
MIL-S-18342B (WEP), dated 1963
A-040, size 44R, outershell in Good condition with stains (picfile available for worst stains), lining has started to rub-through (normal for this style Naval Flyer's Jacket), older jacket with the regular style knit cuffs(cuffs are missing), a large jacket for the Big Re-Enactor, Used........inquire
( 2 or 3 other picfiles available for someone who is serious )
( also on Flight Gear page )
A-041, NMSP Leather Jacket with Badges
A-041, New Mexico State Police Leather Jacket, badge obsolete, right pocket zipper works but is stiff, overall in Excellent Condition, Used...(sold)
A-042, Japan Tour Jacket
Older jacket with "T. T. S. TOKYO" Zipper
A-042, Japan made Tour Jacket, Korean War era with cord along sleeve & old zipper, noticed one hole in the Green side waist knit, above average condition for this era, Used.....(sold)
A-043 & A-044 12th Special Forces Group(Airborne)
A-043, Brown 12th SFG(A) T-Shirt, washed once(?), Used......inquire
A-044, "MOJAVE MADNESS TANDEM THRUST '92 3RD BAT. 12TH SFG(A)", washed once(/), Used.....(sold)
If you see something you need, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com    
Give a complete description of the Item you need!!!!!
UI#121 - "COMMANDO Arc from Vietnam
UnUsual Parachutist's Badge
Uncommon Hand-embroidered RipStop Tapes
"Darnell" Grouping, Hand-Embroidered Tapes, RFU Jungle Shirt, Used....(sold)
Local made "SCOUTS" Ranger/Patrol Cap
Beo-Gam (Leopard) Set, circa 1964-65.....( all items have sold )
Shirt dated June 1964, size A-3, worn 1-2 times(?),rank was pinned to collar, 1-cuff button broken(still functions),  very-small grayish stains in the neck area (see above pic)
Trousers, no markings, worn 1-2 times(?), bottom fly button is missing, cargo pocket tie-down straps intact
Set is in near-New Condition, Used.......inquire
SF Major's Brown-Dom Shirt
possibly a 1st ID Kit Carson Scout's Uniform
his laundry mark is: "U-LEN"
his OG Jungle Shirts are badged with a "Big Red One" left SSI
Thai Master Parachutist's Badge - 1960s
Thailand Master Airborne Wing, UnUsed....(sold)
Thai Jump Badges - 1960s
I Bringbacks, UnUsed Condition.........(all sold)
(detailed pic of Master Jump Badge shown above)
Thai Police Jump Badges
All have sold
Click on picture for details
Green Beret with embroidered Lining......(sold)
WWII Parachute Infantry Garrison Cap Badges
oversized insignia(2 11/16") worn by early-1940s Paratroopers
3410N and P - Set of HVYWT ARVN Ranger Fatigues
click on picture for details
5710AA - Ranger Beret
click on picture for details
Ranger Grouping from a Khaki Shirt
Ranger was from Buffalo, New York area ----- I have his last-4
( last four to the buyer only )
U, S. made cut-edge vintage arc, UnUsed.....(sold)
U. S. Army Southern Command Parachute Team
possibly know as the "Traveling Ambassadors"; later know as the "Jumping Ambassadors"
made in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)
partial History
United States Army Southern Command Parachute Demonstration Team
Team's mission was to travel SOCOM's AO and be goodwill Ambassadors
The only team members I can find a reference to are SF  
Large 3 1/8" long Tab, Japan made, UnUsed....(sold)
3410M - IKE Jacket style "field-shirt/jacket" with concealed buttons
3412AA - ARVN Ranger Camo, size XL
click on picture for details
O Company, 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd BDE, 82nd ABD,
Long Range Patrol
Insignia removed from a M-1965 Field jacket, dated 1966 (DSA-100-3255), prefer to sell as a Group but can be parted-out.......(sold)
"O" Company served in the RVN from February 1 1969 - November 20 1969
( prior to that it was designated the 78th Infantry Detachment?  )
IFFV Reconnaissance Company
("Charlie Rangers")
C Company, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Field Force Vietnam (IFFV), scroll is uncommon in that it does not have "CO" or "th". Scroll design was used from 1 February, 1969 - 25 October, 1971, Vietman made Scroll & SSI in Used Condition....(sold)
75th Ranger Company - First Field Force, Vietnam
C Company, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Field Force Vietnam (IFFV), scroll is uncommon in that it does not have "CO" or "th". Scroll design was used from 1 February, 1969 - 25 October, 1971, Vietman made Scroll & SSI in New Condition..(sold)
Special Forces Zippo
  3rd Special Forces Group for service from 8 October 1964 - 2 March 1965
Early SF Grouping
HBT short-sleeve - 2nd Award CIB
 Group with a Fleur de Lis dated 1961......(sold)
3038G - M51 FJ
click on picture for details
3040P - M1951 Field Jacket
click on picture for details
5714AM - 7th Special Forces
click on picture for details
7930CV & CW - Special Forces Sergeant’s Shirts
click on picture for details
OG-107 Shirt
Just thought you might like to see one of her shirts
( anyone remember where the laundry mark "8Q" was from, possibly a SF Camp(?) )
"De Oppresso Liber"
Early design "Skull DI"
Biggest and Heaviest DI....I have ever seen!
Made of Brass in Thailand, probably pre-1966 due to the old "Skull" design(?), 3-layered Special Forces DI made as a souvenir during Vietnam Era, Feathering on Arrows and the background for the Motto is hand-etched, lines on the knife handle must have been machine made, Excellent Condition, Used.....(sold)
Long Range Patrol
circa 1967 - February 1, 1969
Company E (LRP), 20th Infantry (Airborne)
4th ID had Operational Control
E Company, 20th Infantry Regiment 'LONG RANGE PATROL', 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam made, UnUsed......(sold)
partial History
Activated on September 25, 1967; Assigned to IFFV and placed under the 4th ID, at Camp Enari, for OPCON
( also on RVN era to 1975 in 4th ID section )
Hatchet Force insignia
Unidentified Hatchet Force, I left it attached to the PX Purchase Jungle Shirt pocket, 3.5" Vietnamese made patch.......(Sold)
Command and Control Central
Hatchet Force, "A" Company from Kontum
Military Assistance Command, Vietnam; Surveillance and Observation Group, Vietnam made, UnUsed.......(sold)
RT California
Reconnaissance Team California, Command and Control Central, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed....(sold)
Command and Control North
RT Louisiana "CCN RECON", Vietnam made, UnUsed.......(sold)
1st Special Forces Group HALO Insignia
worn by a member of the 345th TAS
see on USAF 345th TAC Airlift SQ page
7936LH - Captain's SOG Shirt
printed Vietnamese Technical Directorate pocket patch
    7936LH - S/R, not dated “CONTRACT NO. 9142 DSA-DPSC DIR, of  MFG”, Vietnamese Technical Directorate (ARVN SOG unit) left Pocket Patch
(also known as the Special Commando Unit (SCU)), cut-edge: Special Forces left SSI with blue-edge and AIRBORNE Arc, Captain's Rank and Infantry Branch Insignia, CIB, Master Parachutist's Badge, both Tapes, Odd subdued Master ARVN Jump Wing with a “GREEN” Palm Frond, Good Color, no laundry markings, Used......(sold)
  Probably was an enlisted Parachutist before he got commissioned....
  a Master-Blaster Captain during the RVN era would be odd....
all stitching-threads match except the SCU patch, which is logical
  ( also on htm and clothing page )
9595 - Parachutist’s Rough Terrain SUITs
Woodland Camouflage Padded Suit to wear while jumping into Rough Terrain: trees, rocks, etc..
Two Full-Length Zippers (neck to ankle)
Extremly nice Grouping from a Special Forces Officer
Captain Andrews Grouping RFU, all items in Near-New Condition, Senior LLDB Jump Wing, Used..(sold)
The Green Beret Magazine
volume IV (1969)...................(Sold)
III Corps Mike Force
Woven, Vietnam made, UnUsed....(sold)
removed from an OG-107 2-pocket cotton fatigue shirt dated 1970, Used...(sold)
 ( Mobile Launch Site, North? )
RFU, never washed, Used.....inquire
37xx - Special Forces Officer's AG-344
private label reads "44 TW" = ?Army Green-44 Twill and Worsted?
37xx - 40R, no date (private purchase from Sol Frank of San Antonio, Texas), Color Merrowed-edge: combat 1st Brigade 1st Cavalry Division with Airborne Tab, Ranger and Airborne arcs over the Special Forces on left SSI, cut-edge Pathfinder badge, 2 x Combat stripes, cut-edge UI Jump Oval sewn on, room left for at least 2 x rows of Ribbons below the Jump oval, has silver-color buttons, Used.....inquire
( also on Clothing page )
3402H - Spot, Beo-Gam, Leopard Camouflage Pattern Trousers
cord blousers
3402H - Camo TROUSERS, label faded/frayed, waist = 29” x inseam = 29.5”, 5-pockets (4 x Bellows and left-leg cigarette), has cord-blousers(blousers hemmed after the trousers left the factory), 3-4 seams have been re-sewn, side-belt loops have frayed(see picfile), factory blemish in cloth on lower backside of leg(see picfile), Excellent color, Used CloseUp of front CloseUp of rearside belt-loops are frayed  factory blemish on back of leg      
( "flocking" was available in September of 1965....th
 7852 & 7860 - SSG Knight's Badged SF Shirts
probably a Veteran of the 46th Special Forces Company in Thailand
7852V - 2nd Pattern OG-107 Shirt with clipped-corner flaps & even-spaced front buttons
7852V - Small (no size label), Contract Number 5743, short sleeves (he was in Thailand which would be normal), Color Cut-edge: SSG Stripes and SF SSI and Tab, subdued Tapes, Parachutist’s Badge removed, pocket flaps sewn-down, 2-3 minor snags on back, Used....(sold)
7860EP - S/L (no labels),  tailored,  Epaulets added, Pencil pocket added to left side near armpit, subdued: right SSI ME SF and Tab, Thai Jump Badge, local made Name Tape, Army Tape with light-green border, Master Parachutist’s Badge, thread has started to rot on most of the patches(some have loosened), pocket flaps sewn-down, 2” light-brown stain on back, both sleeves field-repaired by the “Vee” on the underside, cuffs starting to fray, No left SSI-several have been removed, Used.....inquire
7860EQ - S/L (neck label missing), dated 1967, tailored, Epaulets added, Pencil pocket added to left side near armpit, subdued: right SSI ME SF and Tab, left SSI is a ME Field Artillery School(previous patch was an Airborne unit), Thai Jump Badge, local made Name Tape, Army Tape with light-green border, Master Parachutist’s Badge,  pocket flaps sewn-down, 2 x 1” snags on back near eapulets, one inch “L-shaped" snag on underside of right sleeve, Used.....inquire
7860EQ and 7860EP - last Pattern OG-107 Shirts with "Vee" flaps
( also on clothing page )
UI#130 - Japan/Okinawan made, Usage unknown------sold
UI #130.....any ideas why or when this was made.............(sold)
A note from a Viewer:
"It looks to me like a beret flash attachment for the Fifth Special Forces Group.
I understand that when the Special Forces Provisional Units went to Vietnam they added the 1st Special Forces insignia to their flash.
This change is shown in U.S. Special Forces Shoulder and Pocket Insignia by Harry Pough, Elite insignia guide 3."
anyone have further thoughts on this premise?