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Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

CB = Clutchback ( retainer for a "postback": DI, Badge, or Wing )
DI = Distingtive Insignia
 PB = Pinback: DI, Badge, or Wing

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

High-Ranking Officer's Items


General's L-2A Blue Cloth Jacket (no date or data labels), size 42-44, older Conmar zipper, Pencil Pocket has a Talon zipper, I think this is an older SAC patch(?), Wool Knits, name tape was removed (see bottom-center picture) and Silver-tone Bullion thread was directly embroidered for his name, dark stains above pencil pocket, Excellent Condition.....Inquire for Price

(  I burned a couple of threads = cotton )

- - - -

click on link  9902  for more Blue General's items
9904B - RVN Era Brigadier General's Issue Flag

(3' x 4' BG's Flag)


9904B - dated October 1962, contract dated 1963, (see data label), UnUsed........inquire

UnCataloged Items

WWII "Caterpillar Club" Pins

click on picture for details
Samples of Air Force Flying Jackets and Suits

Bag made from 12 x "UnCut" Military Airlift Command (MAC) patches, Serval zipper, minor stains, looks UnUsed....inquire


pre-June 1957 Flannel Clovis Air Force Base Baseball Shirt, made by Rawlings, size 40, moth nips on Green Lettering (no holes), 1 stain on sleeve, "L" shaped rip on front (aprx 1.5"), Used in GC......inquire

( Clovis AFB, New Mexico was renamed Cannon AFB in June of 1957 )

pre-1948 USAAF 30" x 30" Scarf, light-stains and one hole near the center.......inquire

Cataloged Items

2369D - WWII USAAF Corporal Stripes

2369D - removed from blouse, Used.....inquire
3378A - hand-embroidered stripe, from Bien Hoa

3378A - Air Force, hand-embroidered stripe,he was stationed at Bien Hoa VNAFB, Vietnam Used....inquire
USAF Air Commando style Bush Hats

3378AF - size 56, with Blue "Aircrew" band made by Luong Than (64 Hai Ba Trung Saigon) in the 1963-64 era; usual Pink lining that this shop did, High-Quality Workmanship, Used..(sold)

3378M - Small, Hand Embroidered Rank & “Viet-Nam” Arc, Used.......inquire
( also on Headgear page )
3378AA - Thai made "Thailand" & "U-Tapao" ARCs


3378AA - USAF, Small, Thailand made with "Thailand" & "U-Tapao" arcs, minor wear, EC+..(sold)
 3378AH - 34th Tactical Group - Bien Hoa, Vietnam

ran Air Commando Units in the early days


3378AH - Size 56, hand-embroidered 34th Tactical Group Patch, still has the plastic slide on the chin strap, minor wear and minor sun fade on the top, "Vigilantes" patch is in 100% condition, Used....(SOLD)
( hand-stitched to the hat )

( also on 34th TAC GP patch page ) 
Souvenirs, Bringbacks, & etc.

3509Q - Occupation of Austria Ashtray


3509Q - White ceramic ashtray from Occupied Austria, "SALZBURG OFFICERS CLUB", made by  H & CO SELB of Bavaria, Germany, EC+.......inquire
- - - -


3509R - “THE AMERICAN AIRMAN”, Pewter/Lead color (very heavy, about 9 pounds) STATUE on a wooden base, 10.75” Tall (to include base), dated “'86”, SN 921, artist is “M. Ricker” (might be “M. A. Ricker”), EC.....inquire

(Picture of backside available)
( NOTE: sample shipping cost via USPS Priority mail....to East Coast is $28.00 )
- - - -
3509AL - Command Pilot's Clothing bag

3509AL - fully lined, an exterior zippered pouch, 2 x snap-closure front pockets, very well constructed, minor wear, Used.....(sold)
- - - -
3509AM - GI Bringback

Excellent Condition, Used......(sold)
- - - -
3509AT - Operation Homecoming Jacket


3509AT -  Jacket comes with the PI made patch, MAC "Strap Check" tag with his name, named on the inside ( looks like a ZIPers hand-writing ), Excellent Condition, Used..........inquire

additional information
The Gray Jacket was made in Czechoslovakia per an ex-POW on the TV Military Channel show, “VIETNAM POWs: Stories/Survival, Life in the “Hanoi Hilton”
This is the first mention that the nice people of Czechoslovakia made the jackets - always before I had only heard they were made in France.

- - - -
3509BC - 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron Shirt

3509BC - 433rd TFS Shirt with directly embroidered: name and small squadron insignia, Used.....(sold)

( also on 400th and Up USAF patch page )
- - - -
3509BF -  1st and 36th Fighter Wings Grouping
Grouping also has:
 "hollowed-out coin", maybe for a compass or ?
LT, CPT, & Major's rank
a Collar "Wing/Prop" device
a pair of "Prepare for Combat" DIs

( see on USAAF Page )

Back embroidery and German neck label

( see on USAAF Page )


( see on USAAF Page )
- - - -
( for other Party Suits and etc. see  9592  )
- - - -
3509BH - WWII USAAF Pilot's ID


3509BH - USAAF ID Bracelet with Pilot's Wing, “U.S.A.A.F.”, and his name, chain catch is stamped (can't read it) I am guessing the chain is gold (no guarantee given),
made by L. G. Balfour Co. of Attleboro, Mass., nice looking bracelet, Used......inquire
- - - -
3509BM - WWII USAAF Officer's Bringback Badge

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BP - 71st Air Commando Squadron

Rare Patch

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BR - “secret” Bulgarian AF Pilot's Badge

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509BT - Commission for a Captain in the USAAC

for Captain Charles Goodwin Pearcy - dated 1935

3509BT - Presidential Commission for a Captain Pearcy in the United States Army Air Corps, dated 1935, 11 ½” x 14 3/8” minor water stains, cannot read the signatures,
embossed SEAL from the WAR OFFICE, Used......inquire

( 2 more picfiles available, ask )

( also on USAAF/USAAC patch page )
- - - -
3509BV - WWII B-17 Sweetheart Necklace


1 3/4" across, Used......inquire

( also on htm & USAAF patch pages )

- - - -
3509CR - U-Tapao Bush Hat

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509CT - 2553rd Army Air Forces Base Unit

3509CT - 2553rd Army Air Forces Base Unit Cuero, Texas, `FLYING B', Class 44-K, class book, Used......inquire

- - - -
3509DK - USAAC Criminal Investigator’s BADGE

United States Army Air CORPS Provost Marshal’s Office numbered Badge

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509EF - Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons' PIN

2.5" Air Rescue Boat Pin by L. G. Balfour, Attleboro of Massachusetts

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509EK - Thai made Air Force Tapes on Ripstop

3509EK - late-1960s, 2 1/8" x 5 3/4", removed from bagged-out Pilot's Jungle Shirt, Used......inquire
- - - -
3509EN - 7th Air Force Party Suits

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509EV - Missing-in-Action Bracelet

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509FD - Camo Bush Jacket, made in the Philippines


3509FD - Pilot’s Camouflage Bush Jacket made by McRonald Tailors in the Philippines, chest = 43-44, short-sleeve, belt missing, material made by Fioro Textile “Guaranteed Fast Color” “Sanforized”, subdued black on OG USAF Pilot’s Wing and Name Tag sewn to left Breast, washed once(?), Used....linquire

( also on Main USAf Patch page )
- - - -
3509FS - Japan made P-51D Mustang Patch

click on picture for details
- - - -
3509FT - United States Air Force Academy Pennant

28"+, probably from the 1st ten years, Used..........inquire
- - - -
3509HG - WWII Black Aerial Gunner's Jacket
USAAF Aerial Gunner's 4-pkt - early-model that the brass belt holders were removed.
Red Cross Flop House "Bed" Tickets dated November 1944 were found in pocket; also "used" Transportation tickets.
I believe he may have been stationed in South West England as one ticket has Chippenham written on it.
Armament Sleeve Badge and SSI are Bullion Thread; with extra black thread added to the USAAF Patch.
Two laundry/cleaning tags with his Name are stapled to the lining(one is visible in the top-two pictures).
The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration STATE ON THEIR SITE:
The last 4 digits of his SN stamped two places in the jacket match his Serial Number they have on record
He was a Residence of Wyandotte County, Kansas when entering the Army on  3/10/1940
He joined the Cavalry which explains the large 1st or 2nd Cavalry Divisions' shape and size stitch marks on the left SSI
He is listed as "NEGRO" in their records so I would assume he was in the 2nd Cavalry Division
The 2nd CavDiv was DeActivated twice: 1942 and 1944 so this NCO could have left the 2nd on either time of DeACT
Rank and Name on the two Laundry tags match his Rank and Name in the National archives
Jacket has had Corporal Stripes and a 8th or 9th AAF size SSI removed.
 This has to be a very RARE Jacket
( See on the USAAF Patches page, CMDs section )

3617 USAAF Officer's early WWII Billed-Cap

( has the rear Leather Strap )

3617M - no size label (approximately 7 1/8 - 7 ¼), "DOBBS" Fifth Avenue, New York label inside crown, minor wear, 99% condition, one-of-the-best, Used...(sold)
3619 - WWII USAAF Officer's "soft-visor" Cap


3619L - label reads 7 3/8 ( actual size is at least a 7 ½ ),
made of “doeskin”, “beaver felt” or whatever the very-soft material is called,
“Eagle Brand” sold by B. Pasquale Co. 654 Mission Street, San Francisco, California,
has the early style “back-strap”, Eagle device has been heavily buffed and the “radiator shield” is worn smooth,
no hallmark on eagle ( eagle has been on the hat forever ), Near-New Condition......(sold)


   ( This hat must have cost a month's wages )


This is the Best Condition WWII era visored hat I have ever SEEN!

( also on the: Headgear & Army Gear pages )


3708C  -  Officer's Dress Wool Ike BLOUSE (Dark OD Shade 51), Private Purchase, size Small (chest-38”, waist-32”, sleeve-24.5”, shoulders-17-18”), English 8th AF Embroidered on Felt, Bullion: 3 x Overseas Bars and 2LT Rank, 3 x ribbons, Sterling Pin-back Pilot Wing (early AMICO, Bird-on-Shield, “STERLING”), 2-button cuffs, 90-95% condition, EC+.....(Sold)

3710AF - WWII 9th Army Air Force Pilot's Dark Shade 51 Elastic 4-pocket Dress Jacket, made by Kahn Tailoring of Indianapolis, chest = 39" and sleeves = 33", SSI is handsewn, AMCRAFT (Attleboro, Mass) Snowflake-back  Pilot's Badge with PinBack, USAAF Branch insignia marked with  "ACID TEST" and are Snowflake-backs,  small snags on right sleeve, Overall a nice jacket........(sold)

you can see inside on the lining where a Pilot's Badge, or a shorter bar was pinned previously;
stitch marks inside on the left SSI show where a round patch was machine sewn-on previously = AF patch(?);
 this is logical progression in his career in the USAAF and Europe
3712 - Belts for the OD Shade-51 Officer's Jacket
 - - - -

( No picture )

3712F - Maximum Waist Size is 37", Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire
- - - -

3712H  - USAAF Officer's WWII Dark Shade 51 Elastic Belt, maximum size is 38", you will have to move the Loop and snap to the location to fit your waist-size, from a Private-Purchase 4-pocket Jacket, Used.....inquire
- - - -

3712K  - Dark Shade-51 Belt, maximum size is 38", Used......inquire

( belts fit a 4-pocket OD-51 Jacket similar to the #3710AF 9th USAAF Major's listed above )
Grouping from a 9th USAAF Sergeant
Note: sizes on the items do not match,
the Ike and the Shirt are close but the 4-Pocket is smaller!


3721C - 3 x items from a 9th Army Air Force Veteran, Used.......(sold)

( see details in the catalog )


The Paper Tag (in the right picture) was on the items when I purchased them

( I make NO Claim that this Grouping is from a former "POW" .... I am selling it as 3 x USAAF items! )

( I have searched the Web for his name but cannot find it )
2nd Pattern "ETO" Field Jacket

12th USAAF Sergeant's "Battle Dress" style Jacket

Made in the USA, replaced by the M-1944 "IKE" Jacket


3732A - American made British style "Battle Dress" Jacket issued to a 12th USAAF Sergeant, never seen an American wearing the British 8th Army Patch, Very Unusual and Rare, see  Catalog  for details of Labels if you can't read these pictures, Excellent Condition, Used............inquire

4840 - Flyer's Bags

click on picture for Flight Bags

1960s era Helmet and Oxygen Mask Bag

see on Flight Gear page
 5422L - 3rd Pattern WWII C-1 Survival Vest


5422L  - 3rd Pattern (with Insect Repellant Pocket), made by Sears, I don't think the flaps have ever been closed on the pockets, minor storage marks, UnUsed...inquire

1st and 2nd Pattern C-1 Vests available, see  Catalog  
Rare USAAF/USAF Aircrew Experimental Survival VEST

WWII to Korean War Era

                                                                                                                                  Air Materiel Command Experimental Label

5430A - OG Cotton Pull-Over Survival Vest with 4 Zippered Pockets (Crown "spring-loaded" Zippers), 5 x Snap-Closure Pockets along the Hem (3 in Front and 2 in Back), "EXPERIMENTAL TEST SAMPLE", Air Force Insignia, "AERO MEDICAL LABORATORY", & "AIR MATERIEL COMMAND" woven Experimental Label.....(sold))
5432AD - SRU-21/P Aircrew Survival Vest

Vietnam Era - came from a 56th Special Operations Wing Pilot

5432AD - Medium, dated 1967, Excellent Color, never had a holster sewn-on, neck-label dirty but readable, named on back and has a USAF White-on-Blue embroidered Name Tape, upper-small pockets and neck area are soiled (normal wear), Used.....(sold)
( more SRU-21/Ps available, see  Catalog  )
5442A - 2nd Model (MIL-V-5876A) E-1 Radio Carrier Vest


5442A - Large, USAF Stencil on left chest and inside below the Woven Label, Used....inquire

( See Survival Equipment Book, page 16 (2nd Model shown) )

( see Japanese Book, Wold Photo Press 03968-11, page 56, "MA-1" )

other Radio Vests available, see  Catalog
Used when flying close to Russian controlled areas in WWII
see listing on FLIGHT GEAR page
Flying Jackets, Caps, etc.

5806 - WWII Era B-13 & B-14 Flight Jackets

5806A - Moth holes (aproximately 20 - 30), patch destroyed by moths, good for static display, Used......inquire

5806B - Moth holes and mothing (aproximately 15-20), left-SSI and Sergeant Stripes removed (almost NO shadows), "BRADY 0736 17-C" printed on lining, Could be used as re-enactors Jacket....(sold)

5806D - Many moth holes on back, 6-10 on front, good for a static display..(sold)

  5806F - Major's B-13 in Near-Perfect Condition, 4 x Bullion Overseas Bars, Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf cluster, English made "Short-Wing" embroidery-on-Felt 8th Air Force, cloth Pilot's Wing and Ribbons. One-of-the-Best around, Extremely RARE.......(sold)
5808D - Early Style Type A-3

5808D - A-3, 6-Panel Army Air Forces BaseBall style with a Drawstring adjustment, Label reads: TYPE A-3 Size 7 ¼  Spec. No. 3100  Order No. 40-3740-P, by Premium Cap Co....(sold)
5822D - N-2A Blue Split-Snorkel Flyer's Parka

Waist-length Blue Nylon Jacket with a Black & Silver Fur-Ruff on Hood,
Hood has a Zipper down the center ("Split-Snorkel"), Button closure Wind-Flap over the Zippered Front,

Replaced by the Sage Green N-2B

(see "SUIT UP! THE FLIGHT JACKET" by World Photo Press, pgs 351 - 353)

5822D - size Large, MIL-J-6278, stock number USAF 8310-485800-451, Order No. AF 30041, by The Drybak Corporation, left SSI USAF Logo has about 10% left, very minor wear, 95% Condition, Used...(sold)
Exceptional Condition - Best I have ever owned!                                                                                                                                                                    
5826A - First Model N-3

   First Model N-
5826A  First Model N-3 Parka, Spec. Number 3110, Olive Green NYLON (NOT Sage Green), size Large, Contract Number AF 33 (038)-12107, faint trace of stencil on Left SSI, upper-left corner of Label is missing (this was done at the factory as the lining has NO Stitch marks),  lining repaired, Below Average: Wear, scuffs, abrasions, stains, & etc., GC+...(sold)
Early-Model N-3B

see N-3Bs on Flight Gear page
5867R - B-15D

see B-15s on Flight Gear page
5872, B-15D(MOD) Flying Jacket


see on Flight Gear page
5880A  - WWII Type D-1 Fleece lined Leather jacket  

see on Flight Gear page
5936 - OG-106 Flyer's Jackets

see on Flight Gear page
5962 AW - 2nd Pattern CWU-45/P Winter Weight Flyer's Jacket


5962AW - 525th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-15 Desert Storm and F-15 McDonnell Douglas Eagle swirl patches, probably never washed, minor wear, Used....inquire

see  Catalog  for details
5964 - 3rd Pattern CWU-45/P Jackets

see on Flight Gear page
6018(L-2B) & 6022(MA-1) Flight Jackets

see on Flight Gear page

( see  Catalog  for details; e-mail for pricing )
6020AD -317th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

( 6020AD is a "B" Model with B-15D Style Front Tab and Snap-Loops in the armpits )


see on Flight Gear page

( see  Catalog  for details )
6146K - WWII Tropical Flying Boots

worn by a USAAF Pilot

click on picture for details
7232 - Vietnam Era Swivel Holsters

see on Weapons page
7918Z - USAF Command Pilot

see on clothing page
7930ET - Air Force Navigator


7930ET - Poplin OG Jungle Shirt for an Air Force Navigator, Asian made insignia, Used.......inquire

( see Catalog  for details; 200 - 300 Jungle Fatigues available in the Catalog )

Badged Items

9561L -  early style CWU-27/P
CWU-27/P Darker Sage Green 1565, MIL-C-83141 (USAF), Marked "High Temperature Resistant",
has the soft material in the neck to cut-down rubbing on the Pilot's neck, used circa 1970 - 1972


9561L - 42R, dated 1970, Tactical Air Command, 348th TAS “THE INTREPIDS”, 516th Tactical Airlift Wing, Black Leather Name Tag with: Pilot's Wing, Name, and "USAF", Very Minor Wear, EC+.........225.00

(348th TAS was active 1968 - 1972 flying C-130Es; 773rd TAS absorbed personnel and equipment)
Military Airlift Command Pilot's Coveralls

9561P - older CWU-27/P (dated 1970), see  Catalog  for details
 9592 - Badged, Party Suits, & etc.
- - - -

 9592A -  3576th PTS              9592N - 345th TAS

9592P -  194th FIS F-4 Pilot                   9592Y -  527th Aggressor Squadron

9592AD  606th ACS, Major's K-2B in Southeast Asia.....(Sold)                        
- - - -

9592AH - 708th Military Airlift Squadron (MAS) Pilot's CWU-27/P Flyer's Suit (Coveralls) with Patches, size 44R, Dated 1978, this is the older Darker-Shade, Sage Green,
Excellent Color, minor wear, EC+ (Excellent Condition Plus)..........inquire
- - - -

9592AM - S/R, Air Force Blue/Gray Party Suit, Captain's Rank sewn-on epaulets, Cloth Name Tag with: Basic Pilot's Badge, Name, Rank, and “USAF”, Color patches: U.S. FLAG, and "U. S. M. T. M. SAUDI ARABIA", Short Sleeves, 6 x Pockets, tailor's label in neck, EC+............inquire
- - - -

9592BF - female's 25th TFS Party Suit, 36" chest, invoice from tailor shop, near-New.........inquire

- - - -
 9592CK - Yankee Air Pirate


Actual color is closer to the right picfile

9592CK - Yankee Air Pirate Party Suit, ARCs read: "L.P.A. and "V.R.A.", Asian made of heavyweight material, YAP over 13” high, Rockets on legs are 14.5” high,
Elvis Presley style white gussets on legs, bi-swing white bi-swing pleats on back(see below)  button on epaulet missing, needs zipper re-sewn at the bottom,
minor fraying  from zipper-wear near the bottom, been washed once or twice, Used.....inquire

Air Pirate embroidery is over 13" from top of "YANKEE" to the bottom of the bones -  left white pleat showing

Rockets on legs are 14.5” high - White gusset on left leg pulled-out for shooting pics
- - - -
9592CL -  Blue Aircrewman's Party Suit


9592CL -  Blue Aircrewman's Party Suit, made by Boston Tailors of Utapmao, Satahib.(sic) (probably should read: U-Tapao, Satahip, Thailand), Blue Happy Face patch on right SSI and “U.S.A. Drinking Team” patch on left SSI, embroidered name was crudely removed (has 4-5 small tear holes where the butcher removed the name), minor wear, Used......inquire
- - - -
 9592CR - 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron

9592CR - Pilot's COVEY FAC Party Suit, made by Maharajah Clothiers, Used....inquire

( also on 20th TASS page )

9902 - Special Issue Flight Suits
9902B - General's Coveralls


9902B - USAF General's Coveralls, DPSC Label inside with his name on it, probably from the 1970s.small size, belted waist with a Black Elastic-knit in the back covered by the belt (see right picture), Near-New......inquire
- - - -
9902F - General's Coveralls

9902F - General's Coveralls, Used.......inquire
- - - -
9902M - BG's Issue Flying Suit

worn by a SAC “Looking Glass” Flyer


9902M - DPSC control number 9543, General's name and rank on label, Waist has a black knit in the back (covered by a cloth belt with buckle in front), back-knit is to make it more comfortable to wear the suit on the long SAC Flights, estimated size is Small/Long, Name Tag with Command Wing and his Name, Used....inquire
9902P - Experimental Flight Uniform (Suit)


9902P - Issued to a junior Officer, (Similar to the General Officer's Flight Suits),  woven label reads: “Experimental Test Sample” “Clothing Branch”, hang label has the: date, his rank and name, etc., black leather name tag has the “silver leaf” missing (dry cleaning took off the leaf), worn by Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory personnel, Used.....inquire

- - - -
9902T - General's Blue Flight Uniform Issued by the USAF Clothing Branch


9902T - 4-Star General's ISSUE Flight SUIT, Used......inquire

( Also linked from FLIGHT GEAR and USAF SQUADRON Patch pages )

9904G - Brigadier General’s Flag


9904G - BG's small ( 5 ¾” x 8 3/8” ) local made wool Flag, , sun fading, moth nips and holes, Used....inquire

( he had a German surname and I think he came from Iowa(?) )
9910C - Air Force Academy Cadet's Jacket


9910C - Small, wool knits, chenille “USAFA 1961” patch, Jacket reverses from Dark Blue to a Browish-Gray, double-pull brass zipper, small knit repairs and liner shows some moth nipping, overall in Excellent Condition, Used........inquire

(NOTE: liner is a Gray-Brown fuzzy material; more bad pictures)
- - - -
9910 - United States Air Force Academy Cadet Jackets

9910G - Large (label torn-out), (never had a Class Patch), 3rd Squadron (CERBERUS), Used......inquire

9910F - 40S, “92” on left SSI (Class of 1992), Name Tape, named on label, 35th Squadron (Flying Weasel),Used........inquire
(the 35th's patch was modified by the 3552nd Wild Weasel Unit in Desert Storm)

9910K - 40S, “92” on left SSI (Class of 1992), Name Tape, named on label, 36th Squadron (Pink Panther), Used.........(sold)
Chest = 41-42”
Sleeve (to end of knit) = 34.5”
Back (to bottom of knit) = 22”

9920 - USAF Shirt w/173rd Airborne Brigade Insignia


9920C - 5th Direct Air Support Flight, 405th Fighter Wing, close-air support unit attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade, 5th DSAF was under the 13th AF at Clark AFB, PI from 1959-74, shirt is circa mid-1960s, no labels in shirt, Used.......inquire

UnCommon Pocket Patch

( also on: Wings, Army RVN to 1975 pages )
302nd Special Operations Squadron


9920F - Large, BX purchase made by "TROOPER", USAF Color: Major's Rank, Both Tapes, Senior Pilot's Wing, TAC Patch, & 302nd Special Operations Squadron, Used......inquire

( see more  SOS patches  on this page )
48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
"Tazlanglian Devils"


9920G - Small, Label faded, (same style as #7864), Color: 48th Fighter Squadron on Right Pocket, Stripes, Both Tapes, several snags on back, Used......inquire

( also on 48th FIS patch section )
9946D - Army Air Forces Type A-3 Baseball Cap

( see on Headgear page )
- - - -
9950 - Vietnam Era USAF Baseball Cap


( see on Headgear page )
USAF SEA made Enlisted Rank

49280 - Vietnam & Thailand made Rank

some pairs will have Name & USAF Tapes

49280 - Pairs of Stripes, most are RFU, Used........prices start at 45.00

some are "velvet panels"

( For rank pairs available and pricing contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
USAAF/USAF Flight Crew Badges(Wings)

Terminology Used:

Full size Badge = 3”(+/-)       Shirt or small size Badge = 2”(+/-)

cb = Clutch Back (2 x posts(nails) and held-on with 2 x clutches)

pb = Pin Back (long pin - associated with an older style)

49300 - Parachutist's Sage Green cloth Badges for Flight Gear

( click on picture for details, listed on Army Airborne page )

see white on Blue Jump badges below, #49360P, Q, and R
 49340 - Cap Devices

Army, USAC, USAAF,USAF, Civilian Instructors, and etc.
- - - -

49340B - Civilian Instructor Pilot's Hat Badge

scanned at 300dpi

49340B - Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Cap Device marked Sterling, roll-lock pinback, Used....(sold)

( same Grouping as 49358B Cap Device )

( also on htm, USAAF patch,  and,  NA pages )
- - - -
49340C, D, and E - USAAF Officer's Cap Eagles

49340C - WWII Officer’s Eagle, “A.E. CO UTICA N.Y.”, on back of shield is: “1/20 10K-R G”, below that are more letters but the screw-post was placed-on-top-of-them, still has the nut, Used....inquire
Wing tip-to-tip = 2 1/8”
Vertical =  2 5/16”

49340D - WWII Officer’s Eagle,”Luxenberg Made in England”, with nut, as-New or New, UnUsed......inquire  
Wing tip-to-tip = 2 5/16”
Vertical =  2 1/2”

49340E - WWII Officer’s Eagle, “J. P. GAUNT LONDON” (might be “J. R.”?), on the reverse of the Eagle’s tail is a hallmark(looks like a Fox’s Head(?) and the letters “..RAD” inside a circle, with nut, Used.......inquire
Wing tip-to-tip = 2 3/16”+
Vertical =  2 1/4”

( also on USAAF/USAF patch page )
- - - -
49340F & G - USAAF Officer's Cap Eagles

49340F - unmarked, has a “square radiator”, great patina, still has the nut, Used......inquire
Wing tip-to-tip = 2 3/16”
Vertical =  2 3/8”

49340G - unmarked, has a “square radiator”, with nut, Used..........inquire
Wing tip-to-tip = 2 1/8”
Vertical =  2 3/8”

( also on USAAF/USAF patch page )
- - - -
49340H - Civilian Instructor Pilot's Hat Badge

scanned at 300dpi

49340H - Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Cap Device marked Sterling, roll-lock pinback, Used......(sold)

( also on USAAF patch page )
 49350 - 3"(+/-) USAAF/USAF Flyer's Badges

PB = pin back

CB = clutch back
- - - -
WWII Navigator's Wing

49350C - Navigator's Badge by Meyer, circa 1944-45, Used.....inquire

( also on USAAF & USAF patches page(1st - 43rd) )
- - - -
WWII USAAF Larger Pilot's Badge

American Emblem Company of Utica, New York

49350D - 3 1/16” pin back(pb) Pilot's Wing by A. E. CO. UTICA N. Y., STAMPED “STERLING”, very thick (1/8"), Used.....inquire

( also on htm & USAAF patch pages )
- - - -
Pilot's Badge

49350K - Pilot's Badge, no markings, Used.........inquire

- - - -
USAF Senior Navigator Badge


49350L - pin back(pb) Senior Navigator's Wing by N. S. MEYER INC. NEW YORK, embossed “9M”, Used........(sold)

49350M - pin back(pb) Senior Navigator's Badge by N. S. MEYER INC. NEW YORK, embossed “9M”, Used.......inquire

( also on USAF 1st - 43rd patch page )
- - - -
USAF Senior Pilot's Badge

USAAF Larger Aerial Gunner's Wing


49350P - USAF pin back(pb) Senior Pilot's Badge by Vanguard, embossed with “V1”, Used.......inquire

49350Q - 3 1/8” pin back(pb) Aerial Gunner's Wing, with a “J” style locking-post for the pinback, Used.......inquire
- - - -
USAAF Aerial Gunner's Wing

WWII Navigator's Wing


49350R - clutch back(cb) Aerial Gunner's Badge, raised(embossed) “STERLING” mark, Used....inquire

49350S - cb Aerial Gunner's Badge, raised(embossed) “STERLING” mark, Used....inquire

49350T - pin back(pb) Navigator's Wing , raised(embossed) “STERLING” mark, rolling-lock missing, Used....inquire
- - - -
USAF Navigator Badges


49350V - pin back(pb) Senior Navigator's Wing, double-shield Meyers, Used....inquire

49350W - pin back(pb) Navigator's Wing, raised “STERLING” mark, Used....inquire

49350X - pin back(pb) Navigator's Wing, single-shield Meyers, Used....inquire
- - - -
 49350AA, AB, and AC - 3" Aviator's Badges

PB = pin back

CB = clutch back

scanned at 300dpi

49350AA - cb Glider Pilot’s Badge, embossed (raised) “STERLING” mark, Used.....inquire

49350AB - cb Pilot’s Badge, no markings, Used.....inquire

49350AC - cb Pilot’s Badge by “LGB” “STERLING”, Used.....inquire

scanned at 300dpi
- - - -
49350AD, AE, and AF - 3" Aviator's Badges

scanned at 300dpi

49350AD - cb USAF Master Navigator or Aircraft Observer Badge, still on card in an “opened” clear plastic bag, card reads: “8455-144-4967, DSA100-69-C-2011 E. & H. SIMON INC. A-9/69”, New-in-opened GI Bag...inquire

49350AE - cb USAF Flight Surgeon’s Badge, “1 V  Vanguard”, Used.....inquire

49350AF - cb Senior Pilot’s Badge, “N.S. MEYER, INC. NEW YORK STERLING” with 2 x Shields, Used.....inquire

scanned at 300dpi
- - - -
49350AG - pin back USAF Navigator’s Badge

scanned at 300dpi

49350AG -USAF Navigator's Badge embossed “STERLING”, Used.....inquire
- - - -
49350AH - Aerial Gunner's Wing

scanned at 300dpi

49350AH - embossed “STERLING”, Used.....inquire

- - - -
49350AK - Observer’s Badge

circa WWII - Korean War, by N.S. Meyer

scanned at 300dpi

49350AK - Observer’s Badge, almost 3 1/8”, made by N.S. Meyer INC. of New York with a single-shield, clutch backs are marked “Sterling” with 1943 patent numbers 2308412/24, WWII and Korean era Flyer, Used.....inquire

- - - -
49350AL - USAAF Pilot's Pinback Badge by L. G. BALFOUR

scanned at 300dpi

49350AL - pb USAAF Pilot's Badge, stamped "LGB" and "STERLING", Used....inquire

- - - -
49350AM - USAAF Navigator's Pinback Badge, circa WWII

scanned at 300dpi

49350AM - pb USAAF Navigator's Badge, embossed "STERLING", Used

- - - -
pb = pin back

cb = clutch back
 49352 - USAAF/USAF 2"(+/-) Flyer's Badges

2" badges are used on shirts to prevent a disheveled appearance
- - - -
2" Senior Pilot's Wing

49352C - 2" Senior Pilot's Badge, embossed “STERLING”, Used.........inquire

( also on USAF 1st - 43rd Patches page )
- - - -
49352F, G, & H - 2" Miniature Aviator's Badge

scanned at 300dpi

49352F - cb Flight Surgeon’s Badge (miniature size), still in sealed plastic package mounted on card which reads in part: “DSA-100-68-C-1984 Antaya Brothers Inc.”, Mint.....inquire

49352G - pin back(pb) Navigator’s Badge embossed “STERLING”, Used.....inquire

49352H - pin back (pb) Aerial Gunner’s Badge embossed “STERLING” by AMICO, Used.....inquire

scanned at 300dpi
 49354 - USAAF/USAF Flyer's Badges

"Bullion" or Cloth Thread
- - - -
USAAF Bullion Navigator's Wing

USAAF Bullion Pilot's Badge

USAAF Embroidered Cloth Bombardier Wing

49354B - 3 1/8” sew-on Bullion Navigator's Wing, made in the China-Burma-India Theater, no stitch holes = probably never used.........(sold)

49354C - 3 1/8” sew-on Bullion Pilot's Wing, made overseas, was hand-sewn on a uniform, Used..........(sold)

49354D - 3” sew-on Cloth Bombardier Wing, scrapbook residue on back, minor soiling, probably never worn, Used.....inquire

( also on: htm, USAAF, & 1st - 43rd patch pages )
- - - -
49354F - USAAF Bullion Pilot's Badge

49354F - 3 3/16", high-quality workmanship, UnUsed....(sold)

- - - -
 49354H - USAAF Khaki Cloth Badges

from one Collection

Picfile One

Basting thread can be removed and the badges ironed flat

Picfile Two

Basting thread can be removed and the badges ironed flat

Picfile Three

Use the "Picfile" number when referring to this collection;  then the position of the badge in the picture (Top-Left and etc.)


( also on USAAC/USAAF patch page )
- - - -
49354I - Flight Surgeon, Japan made Bullion

49354I - 3” sew-on Bullion Flight Surgeon’s Wing, circa 1950s, made in Japan on Blue-Gray Dress Jacket material, Excellent Japanese craftsmanship, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
49354K - Aircrewman's hand-Embroidered Badge

Japan made on Air Force Dress Blue lightweight material

2 7/8", UnCut, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

 49358 - Miscellaneous Wings
- - - -
49358B - 3 11/16”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing

scanned at 300dpi

49358B - 3 11/16”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing with roll-lock pinback closure, marked “TERLIN” so I assume it is sterling, Used......(sold)

( same Grouping as 49340B Cap Device )

( also on: NA, and USAAF patch pages )
- - - -
49358C - 1 ¼”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing

scanned at 300dpi

 with roll-lock pinback closure, no hallmark, Used...(sold)

( also on USAAF patch page )
( stored in gray cabinet )
 49360, White-on-Blue Cloth Badges

most badges are available in Used and UnUsed Conditions

49360A to H - White-on-Blue Badges, New and Used available.......(minimum price)....inquire

( for availability and pricing, contact:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com )

( also on  htm and AF main patch pages )
- - - -

49360K to R - White-on-Blue Badges, New and Used available.......(minimum price)....inquire

( for availability and pricing, contact:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
- - - -

49360U - White-on-Blue Flight Surgeon's Badge, UnUsed......inquire

( for availability, contact:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
- - - -

49360AA to AJ - White-on-Blue Ranks, New and Used available.......(minimum price)....inquire

( for availability and pricing, contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
49362, White-on-Blue Cloth Badges (Local Made)

49362A - Captain’s Rank, made in Japan, circa 1960s, RFU Party Suit, never washed, Used......inquire

( also on USAF Squadrons Main Patch page )

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices


 Wanted USAAF/USAF Flyer's:
Jackets, Party Suits, Patches, Boots, Caps, Gloves, Survival Maps & Kits, and etc.


If you have an extra Jacket or Cap from the past, contact:    Jack@LJMilitaria.com


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viewers disregard this section:
9592CV - 4258th Strategic Wing
9592CV - Pilot's party Suit, 4258th SW, U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand,
no label, “HALO” brand reversible brass zipper, Used....(sold)
( also on 4258th SW page )
9902K - General's Jacket
9902K -  LTG's Blue Issue Waist Jacket, 44L, Control Number 9060, no liner,
direct embroidered: Name, Rank, and Badge, comes with his Neck Scarf, Used.....(sold)
9592CN - 362nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
9592CN - 362nd TEWS Party Suit, made by Charming Tailors of Nakornpanom (NKP), Thailand,
3 x sewn-on patches and 2 x direct embroidery patches,
Venus zippers, minor wear, Used......(sold)
3509EH -12th Air Command Squadron Party SHIRT
direct embroidery on a “silk-like” material (probably a high-quality Japanese made cloth(?)), with: name, 12th ACS insignia, and a large Chinese character on the back meaning “purple”, ¼” factory blemish on the lower back, overall in Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire
( also on 12th ACS page )
9904D - General Officer's Pistol Belt, made by Bianchi, only issued for 2-3 years so I am told(?),
nicks in the edges of the belt, Named on reverse of Buckle, Used.......(sold)
Original WWII (1944 contract) Decals for A-2s and other Leather Jackets
5908B - size Small, Olive Green (darker-shade), Dated 1944 (Order NO. 44-3239-AF), Spec. No. 3171, by Aero Leather Clothing Co., wool wristlets repaired, minor stains, 1/4" slit on back near the hem, small field-repair on lower-left sleeve, Used......(sold)
(picture of field-repair available on request)
( The D-2 Parka is a RARE USAAF item )
3710AA - Felt USAAF left SSI, Small (chest = 40”), dated 1944, named, CB Pilot's Wing, 3 Ribbons, Captain's Rank, US and AAF Lapel Insignia, with Tan Necktie, Belt is off-shade”, EC......inquire  (closeUp pictures available)
3710AB - 8th USAAF left SSI, 38R (chest = 41.5”), dated 1944, Pin Back Pilot's Wing, 4 Ribbons, 1LT Rank, US and AAF Lapel Insignia, GC....(Sold)
5908 - D-2 WWII USAAF Parka
5908A  size Large, Olive Drab (light-shade), Dated 1944 (Order NO. 44-3239-AF), Spec. No. 3171, by Aero Leather Clothing Co., 4-6 small repairs to wristlets, 2 x Inside Glove-Snaps are Damaged, NWSM.........(sold)
( Very Rare Size and Condition )
( a similar Parka, the D-1, is shown in Doughboy to GI Book, page 145 )
( a Major difference between the D-1 & D-2 is the Zipper:  D-1 (3/4 length)  &  a D-2 (1/4 length) )
5867 - B-15D Intermediate Flying Jacket
5867K - size 36, made by Rolen Sportswear, minor soiling, small repairs to knits, GC+....(sold)   
3509BA - 12th ACS Party Shirt and Scarf
A shirt from the 12th ACS is Rare!
( I have see one other Ranch Hand shirt for sale )
3509BA - 12th Air Commando Squadron “RANCH HAND” White AFEX Shirt with Vietnam made Scarf dated 1968, named, minor: stains & wear, AFEX purchased shirt, Used......(sold)
( also on: htm and Air Commando pages )
9592CC - 28th BW(H) Sawaddee Suit
9592CC - 28th Bombardment Wing(Heavy) Japan made patch, Used....inquire
49358 - Miscellaneous Wings
49358B - 3 11/16”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing
scanned at 300dpi
49358B - 3 11/16”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing with roll-lock pinback closure, marked “TERLIN” so I assume it is sterling, Used......(sold)
( same Grouping as 49340B Cap Device )
( also on: NA, and USAAF patch pages )
49358C - 1 ¼”, Civilian Instructor Pilot’s Wing
scanned at 300dpi
 with roll-lock pinback closure, no hallmark, Used...(sold)
( also on USAAF patch page )
( stored in gray cabinet )
3080x  Sample of USAF 1950 - 1960s "Fat-Collar" Field Jacket, made in Sage Green and OG, issued until they were made to use the Standard IssueArmy M-1965 Field Jacket
(see Catalog  for Liners and Field Jackets)