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ALL SURVIVAL Equipment for sale in the Catalog and this Site is for a Static Display ONLY!

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

3508 - Items from Veterans
- - - -
3508BZ, CA, & CB - Pistol, Shotgun, and Camo manuals

3508BZ - FM 23-35 dated July 1960, PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS, 157 pages, Used......inquire

3508CA - TM 9-1005-303-14 dated July 1968, 12-GAGE SHOTGUN, 57 pages, Excellent Condition minor usage, Used....inquire

3508CB - FM 5-20 dated May 1968, CAMOUFLAGE, 104 pages, UsedCD. FM 23-35 dated September 1971, PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS, 90 pages, includes 2” Barrel Colt and 4” Barrel Smith & Wesson, Used....inquire
- - - -
3508CC & CD - .45 Pistol and .38 Revolvers

3508CC - TM 9-1005-211-12 dated September 1968, .45 Caliber M1911A1 Pistol with changes A, B, & C incorporated, Used....inquire

3508CD - FM 23-35 dated September 1971, PISTOLS AND REVOLVERS, 90 pages, includes 2” Barrel Colt and 4” Barrel Smith & Wesson, Used....inquire
M-1910 Hand-Axe (Hatchet) Cotton CARRIER


4234D - dated 1944, stamped "AMER. FAB. CO. 1944", Minor Corrosion/Rust on Hardware, UnUsed.......(sold)  

4235A - dated 1945, Verdigris/Corrosion on some hardware, UnUsed......inquire

4235B - dated 1951, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.....inquire                                                            
4240A - USMC Medical Machete Sheath


4240A - named on back, dated 1944, stamped "USMC", by Boyt, lots of wear, still functional, Used.......(sold)

4250 WWII era U. S. Navy Collins Machete
M. H. Cole does not list this Machete in his Books: III or IV, RARE?

4250A - Machete is in UnUsed Condition, Scabbard has a lot of Storage wear and tear, scabbard is in 50% Condition, UnUsed Condition......(sold)




  Machete has a 20" Rough-Finish Blacken Blade
Wooden Handle, overall length is 25"
blade stamped: "USN LEGITIMUS COLLINS & CO. 1944"
with the Collins' Arm and Hammer with Crown

Leather Scabbard is Dark Brown  with: "COLLINS & CO. LEGITIMUS 13"
and the Collins' Arm and Hammer with Crown logo embossed on the Front
 4260B - Leather Sheath for 18" Machete

see this sheath in "D-DAY PARATROOPERS" Book

4260B - dated 1942, stamped "U. S.", by Hotze, heavy storage marks on back (see bottom-left picfile), UnUsed...inquire

see in:
 “D-Day Paratroopers” book by Christophe Deschodt, page 87
Doughboy to GI Book by Kenneth Lewis, page 190, top-left picture
Cole's Book Volume III, page 151 for similar scabbard by Boyt

                              worst storage marks on reverse side                                                                        data label

( also on WWII Airborne Section and SF/RNGR pages )
4270 - Vietnam Era Machete Sheath

4270C - dated 1967, "US OKAW 1967", Dark Olive Green, New-with-Storage-Marks(NWSM).....inquire
( Sheath is rigid, difficult to insert the Machete - see Cole's Book for reference on Rigidity )

4270F - dated 1968, "U. S. 1968 MARMAC", NWSM.....inquire                            

4270H - dated 1968, "U.S. 1968 MARMAC", NWSM.......inquire
- - - -
4270L - Vietnam Era Olive Drab 18" Plastic Machete Sheath


4270L  Vietnam Era Olive Drab 18" Plastic Machete Sheath, Dated 1967, Marked: "US OKAW 1967", New-with-Minor-Storage-Marks (NWSM)............inquire
( copy of Instruction Sheet for Sharpening Machete included )

( several other New Condition sheaths available, see Catalog )
4310. - M-7 Olive Green Bayonet Scabbard

Sheath for the 10" M-1 Garand Bayonet
- - - -

4310. - sample pictures of New Condition M-7 Scabbards with minor storage marks,  throats still wrapped


( several New & Used Condition M-7 Scabbards available, see catalog )
- - - -
4310V - M-7 Scabbards in Government Package

Scabbards have been Inspected and Repacked in the 1950s
Outside of package is dated


4310V - Sealed in Brown Package, some packages have tears in them but the Sheath has never been out of the wrapper, UnUsed.....inquire

Scabbards have been Inspected and Repacked in the 1950s - Outside of package is dated.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4340 - M-1 10" Bayonet for the Garand Rifle

Original M-1s (not cut-downs) -  in Government wrapping


4340x - Original 10" Blades (not cut-off), Black Plastic Handle, "U. C." & "A.F.H." marked

( the #4310x Scabbard (shown above) fits this bayonet )

  ( several New Condition M-1 Bayonets available, see Catalog  )
- - - -
M-1 (#4340x) 10" Bayonet, drawing

4314A - M8 Scabbard (Modified)

4314A - Stamped "USM8", mold mark ":VP 22" on back of sheath, probably never Issued, Used....(sold)

4316 - Type 2, M8A1 Scabbards

4316J, M(sold), N(sold), and P, wax paper still on throats, New Condition with Storage Marks

4316N and P are stamped “B.M. CO.”

( see  Catalog  for details and pricing )
4317 - M8A1 Type 2 Style Sheath
possbily Foreign Military

4317B and C, no markings, New Condition....(each).....35.00

( I think these were found in the 1980s )
4320 - M8A1 Type 4 Sheath

4320B - Used in Good Plus Condition.......(each).....inquire
- - - -

4320C - Used in Excellent Condition.......(each).....inquire
- - - -
2 Scabbards per Sealed-Box

( dated 1965 - 1966 - 1967 )

Excellent for the Vietnam Re-enactor

4320E to I, packed Two M8A1 Scabbards per Sealed Box, New Condition

( see  Catalog  for details and pricing  )

sample data label from 4320E-I box
4322A - M-10 Black Plastic Sheath

( designed to Replace the M8A1 item #4320 - see Mr. Cole's Book IV, page 102 )

Dated 1987

4322A - Stamped "M10", Control Number (DAAA09-87-C-0130), New-in-the-Sealed-Bag....(each)....inquire
4328A - Experimental "Sniper Rifle" Bayonet Sheath

4328A - Experimental "Sniper-Rifle" bayonet SHEATH, re-worked at RIA, cracked along the sides near the bottom, has been glued along part of the crack, has a missing piece on one-side from the cracking (see picture below), Used.......inquire

throat markings read: “U.S.N. MK 2” on front & “NORD - 4723 B.M. Co. 2 VP”

crack and missing chip near bottom of sheath

( I have a COPY of a book page showing this rig and 2 other experimental rigs; page will be sent with the sheath )

( Sheath made from a USN MK-2 WWII Knife sheath; re-worked at Rock Island Arsenal, Rodman Laboratory in 1975 )  
(The bayonet was a USN Mk II knife with the standard M-7 Bayonet Guard and Pommel Latch )

Picture is from some book that I copied many years ago - Many Thanks to the unknown author!!!!
( I bought the Bayonet and Sheath 6-7  years ago in "Gold Country";  Bayonet was sold 4-5 years ago )
4336D - M1917 Bayonet & Sheath - Vietnam Era Shotgun

COLE'S Book III, Page 34, Made for use in VIETNAM in the 1960s

4336D - I doubt if this set was ever issued, minor storage marks, Used........inquire

Guard stamped "U.S. M1917" with the white Eagle stamp by the stud-ring           throat stamped: "U.S. M1917" "V.P. CO."
M-1 10" Bayonet

4340x - last of the dozens I use to own, New-in-Government wrap

( check the  catalog for pricing and details )
 4342 - M3 Fighting Knives

with UnModified, Original, M8 Sheats


4342C - stamped on guard “U.S. M3 A.C.C.”, not much wear, handle tight, Veteran did a “rough polish” on it before he gave it away (see pictures), has Original, unmodified, “US M8 B.M. CO.” SHEATH with leather thong, was painted Black(?) but the front of the sheath was cleaned by the Veteran, Veteran also did a “rough polish” on the sheath throat (see pictures), Used..........inquire

4342D - early model stamped “U.S. M3 CAMILLUS” on the blade, Ordnance Ball stamped on the butt, minor  play in the handle, not used much, Vet did some cleaning before he got rid of it, needs surface rust cleaned from the butt and around the guard, has Original, unmodified, “US M8 B.M. CO.” SHEATH, Veteran's last Name and Last-4 scratched on Handle and Sheath, Used..........inquire


4344D - Camillus M-4 Carbine Bayonet

with Brown Leather Handle

      I believe only 8,000 were made – getting rare in New Condition


4344D - Made by Camillus in early 1950s, stamped with the “lazy X”(an “X” on it’s side) on the butt, New-in-the-“opened”-Government-Wrapper....inquire      

( Wrappers have been opened to check for the Maker's Name )

 - - - -
4346 - M4 Bayonet/Knife

with Black Plastic Handle

4346A, B, & E - Vietnam era, M-4 Carbine Bayonet-Knife

( check the  catalog  for pricing and details )
4348B - M6 Bayonet/Knife for the M14 Rifle

4348B - M-6 Bayonet-Knife for the M-14 Rifle (stock number 1005-722-3097), dated 1968 (plastic bag is stamped "12/68"), contract dated 1967 (DAAF 03-67-C-0069), Boxed and Sealed-in-a-Government-Plastic-Bag, MINT!, UnUsed.......(sold)

None in stock as of 120118 - if you need one, ask....they are expensive.
4350B & P - M7 Bayonet/Knife

for the M-16 Rifle

4350B and P - New and Used

( check the  catalog  for pricing and details )
4350M - M7 BAYONET/KNIFE for the M-16 Rifle


4350M - dated 1989, New-in-Sealed-Package.....inquire       
 4354 - “NORIEGA” BAYONET with “T65” SHEATH

similar to the M-16 Rifle's M-7 Bayonet and M8-A1 Type 4 sheath
except it is longer and the barrel ring is larger.
Blade Length = 8 1/8”+
Overall Length = 13 1/8”+

Captured by a Ranger during Operation Just Cause;
the Invasion of Panama occurred in December of 1989


4354A - New, still with Original Grease on the Blade, UnIssued......inquire

comparison of 4354A with an M7 Bayonet and a M-8A1 Sheath

( also on Ranger patch page )
 4362(RVN Era) & 4364(post-RVN), Aircrew Survival Knife

Vietnam(4362) and post-RVN(4364) eras
- - - -
pre and post-1975 Pilot's Survival Knives

4364B and 4362B

 4364B - dated 1999(stamped "Ontario 5-99" on butt), perfect for a Desert Storm Re-enactor, New-in-Sealed-Government-Package, UnUsed.......inquire

4362C Aircrew Survival Knife, by Ontario dated 1973, stone broken, Used....(sold)

- - - -
4362F - dated 1-1967

4362F  Aircrew Survival Knife, dated 1-1967, made by Camillus of New York, has been sharpened, 1-nick on the edge, handle is in Great shape, guard is loose(common), blade looks scruffy (probably clean-up some(?)), Used.....(sold)
 - - - -

4362H - not dated, stamped “Camillus N. Y.” on blade, with Stone, has been lightly-sharpened once(?), probably never used, leather handle and guard tight, overall in 90% condition, Used........(sold)
( Carried in SEA circa 1967-68….I have never noticed one w/o a date on the butt(? ))

4362K - Dated 1967, “Camillus N.Y. 5-1967”, no stamp on blade, with Stone, lightly-sharpened once(?), minor wear, handle tight, guard loose as usual, sheath marked on back “KNIFE, HUNTING, SHEATHED, SURVIVAL, PILOT’S” “MIL-K-86221.” “CAMILLUS CUTLERY CO.” “DSA-400-67-C-49037T8601” “AUGUST 1967”, overall in 90% condition, Used.....inquire
( not sure of the numbers on the back of the 4362K sheath – a stamp on rough-out leather is hard to read )
( carried in Asia circa 1967-68 during the USS Pueblo "Incident"while flying out of K-13 )

( also on: all Services Main patch, & Flight Gear pages )
 - - - -
4362L - Aircrew Survival Knife, dated 1967


4362L - dated 3-1967, marked “Camillus N.Y.”, at least 80% of the finish is on the blade, sheath has been in the rain several times, stone still present and in 1-piece, male-half of the stone pouch flap is missing, rough looking but still a nice authentic rig carried out of Thailand on many NVN Missions, Used......(sold)
- - - -
4362M - Pilot's Survival Sheathed Hunting Knife
listed on 555th TFS Patch section

( see on Squadrons patch page, 555th TFS section )
4380C - Naval Combat Utility Knife (CUK)

( excellent for the Desert Storm Era Collector or Re-enactor )

4380C - Fighting KNIFE with Sheath, DLA700-91-D-0024, Dated 9/92, New-in-Government-Box......inquire


( known as a: MK-III, SEAL, Diver, Combat Knife, see Cole's Book IV, page 34 )
 Special Service Force/10th Mtn DIV Pocket Knife

2nd Pattern knife with the Philipps Head screwdriver blade
( 1st Pattern had the Philipps Head on the bail )


4386B - Bail stamped “U.S.”, made by the "ULSTER KNIFE CO.  U.S.A.", Never sharpened, minor usage-if any, stored since 1945, Used.....(sold)

( also on: htm, WWII Army patch(2 sections), & SF pages )
4-Blade Stainless Steel Pocket Knife

                                           Standard "U. S." Issue                                                              stamped "U.S.M.C."

4390x & 4392x - sample picture, some RVN Era knives, most are post-War

( see  Catalog for details and pricing )
4396 - U. S. Military Knife

4396B - folding knife used by Military Personnel (see usage below), plastic handle,
stamped with "US  ...16"(?), above average condition, Used.......inquire  

information from 2 x Air Force Veterans:
"This is a cable/wire splicer's knife. The coping-type blade is designed for cutting thick insultation and the recessed round and flat areas to the rear are for stripping/scraping the insultation from wire. Telecom Insulation in those days was primarily paper tape or soft rubber/plastic.
Knife was commonly used from 1961 to early-1970's by USAF Inside/Outside Plant (Telco)/Cable/GEEIA
(now known as E&I-- Engineering and Installation).
Replaced by a straight knife and specialized stripping tools (primarily due to safety reasons both human and equipment).
These were great for stripping field wire for TA-312 field phones as well... "
another source reports seeing these in the 1960s while working for the Air Force in an Avionics Department
( I have added/changed some of the above )

4398 - Fixed Bladed Knives
4398C - Handmade Knife


4398C - WWII era handmade knife, supposedly a GI Bringback, GC........inquire
- - - -
4398D - Gurhka Kukri with scabbard

stamped “INDIA” with Broad Arrow

4398D - circa WWII, Gurka KUKRI with brass-tipped scabbard and 2 small knives, scabbard coming apart on the seam side, Kukri is in Good to Excellent condition, Used.......inquire

( see another Kukri #6103V listed on the British page )

- - - -
4398F - Cast Aluminum Handle

4398F - older cast aluminum handle on a cut-down bayonet with a sheath that has been with the knife for decades, belt loop, tooling, tip of sheath starting to deteriorate,  overall length = 12”, blade is 6 5/8”, Used.....inquire

- - - -
4398G - WWII Defense Dagger by William Rogers of Sheffield, England

WW2 Private Purchase fighting knife

4309G - WWII Knife made by William Rodgers, Sheffield, England, 6" blade - 10.5" overall length, blade has some rust, handle tight, sheath is original with a broken retainer-strap, overall in Good Condition.........inquire

5220AA - WWII M-1 Carbine Magazine Pouch

click on picture for details
5448B - WWII "Raft Knife"


5448B - Raft Knife, 6 5/16" overall, sheath attaches to the raft, New-with-Storage-Marks....(sold)
6103T - First Pattern Browning HI-Power Holster

click on picture for details

- - - -
6103V - Gurkha Khukri

click on picture for details
7004 - Miscellaneous
- - - -

7004A - older shade of Khaki Cotton COVER, marked “Cover, Spare Barrel M8", leather re-inforcements in bottom and underside of flap, Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire
- - - -

7004J -  Khaki/OD Canvas CASE (10" x 4 3/4"), Glove Snap closure on Flap, marked "CASE, COVER ASSEMBLEY C93550", UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -

7004P - Thompson Sub-Machine (M-1A1?) STOCK, UnUsed.....inquire      

7006A - OG Cotton Sling for: M1, M14, M16 Rifles, Used.......inquire    
- - - -

7004T - Leather Scabbard (believed to be for a pre-WWI M-1903 Springfield Rifle), (dimensions: 33 3/8” long & throat is: 1 3/8” x 6 ½”), marked: “J. C. S. CO.” with Inspector's initials “C. E. B.” in two places, drain hole grommetted, Brass “O” ring, 4 x leather loops for straps (no straps), has staining but the leather is in good condition, Good Overall Condition...(sold)
- - - -
7004R - "SINGLE POINT" Scope

Adjustment covers labeled “Single Point”

( I saw a display board of "items used on the Son Tay Raid" and a very-similar scope was displayed )

7004R. “Pointing Scope”, semi-clear plastic cone on front-end, when looking through the rear-lens you see a red dot, Used.....(sold)

( Found in a Vietnam Veteran’s Estate – this may not be an Issue item but it was found with a COLT Arms 3 x 20 scope( see #7004S below ) )

( also on UI/Mystery and RVN to 1975 pages )
- - - -
7004S - Colt 3 x 20 Rifle SCOPE

This looks like the Scope shown in Kevin Lyles' "US INFANTRY VIETNAM" book, page 37 showing a C/2/35th IR/25th ID Rifleman with a scope mounted on his M-16.

7004S - Colt 3 x 20 Rifle SCOPE, clear lens, rust on the clamp assembly (see last picfile), Used.....(sold)

( Found in a Vietnam Veteran’s Estate – this is probably an Issue item; found with #7004R Pointing Scope )


rust on the clamping assembly

( also on UI/Mystery and RVN to 1975 pages )
7044 - M1 Garand Rifle Miscellaneous ITEMs
- - - -
7044C - RVN Era Carrying Case


7044C - dated December, 1967, OG Cotton Canvas Pouch Stamped "Carrying Case 7631596" & “MRT” under the flap, tapered Case is 15 ½" x 5" with a Wire Hanger and a Glove Snap closure on the Flap, Box label reads: “1240-763-1596” “CASE, CARRYING” “DAAG31-68-M-2147” “A 12 67 1EA”, New-in-the-Box........inquire        
                        (2 boxes are sealed and 1 box was opened to shoot pictures )

These were Identified as a cloth Case for the M-1 Garand  M-84 Sniper Scope
I am Not Positive of the Identification, I saw a New Garand Sniper Rifle in the Delta in the Spring/Summer of 1968
so the date on these boxes would jive with my sighting of the Rifle a few months later

- - - -
7044F - M1938 M-1 Rifle SCABBARD

Never been treated with saddle soap/conditioner so it is still in Above Average condition

7044F - dated 1942, Brown Leather carrier made by Hickok, both straps soft, case is hard, all hardware present, not much wear, Used....(sold)

made by Hickok in 1942
7046 - Issue M-1 Carbine Slings - New Condition

Fresh out-of-the-Government- Boxes
( bought a slug of these many years ago - a few boxes left )

7046A - Olive Green Cotton Carbine Sling, Verdigris on hardware(common), UnUsed........inquire

7046B - Olive Green NYLON Carbine Sling, UnUsed............inquire

( if you are interested in 30 or more I will talk....otherwise NO! )
 7048B - M-1 Carbine Leather Scabbard

Leather is pliable to include the straps
From what I have seen for sale - this is one of the better examples

7048B - dated 1943, Leather, Straps, and Hardware in Excellent Condition! Stamped "U.S.", made by “FROEHLICH CO.” (the “FR” may be wrong-hard to read the imprint),
Way-above-Average-Condition, approximate size 23 ½” x 6”, has 3 x adjustable leather straps, one strap has a heavy-duty spring-snap, been in a house with smokers (needs to be hung-up to air-out), Used.......(sold)
7050A - WWII Carbine Carrying Case

7050A - dated 1944, Stamped "U. S.", Average: wear and stains, Unit marked "11", Used.....inquire

Half-Zipper closure, Adjustable shoulder strap, Heavy Canvas Case to carry the Full-size Carbine
see Doughboy to GI Book, page 203
 7052 - Experimental Carbine HOLSTER

Original Canvas and Leather Scabbard for the M-1 Carbine

( see War Baby Book, Volume II, by Larry Ruth, page 649 )

7052A - still in their Original Packing Fold, dated 1943, manufactured by Lub. Prod. Co., New-with-Minor-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.....(sold)

      7052B - Original Packing Fold, dated 1943, made by Lub. Prod. Co., NWSM, UnUsed....(sold)
7054 - WWII OG Cotton ENVELOPE

7054 - Small Pouch (for spare parts or cleaning patches?), dated 1945, stamped "FUNGUS PROOFED TYPE I", Bundle cardboard Tag reads: "ENVELOPE DRWG. NO. C59696 SNL A39-5559696 Fungus Proofed Type 1  by Jaclin Mfg. Co.", UnUsed......inquire
7086 - M14 PARTs
- - - -
7086A, M-14E2 Long SLING

 with Extra Clamp for use with the Bipod on a Squad Automatic M-14E2

7089A - Olive Green Cotton M-14E2 SLING, the longer Sling with Extra Clamp for use with the Bipod on the Squad Automatic M-14, metal tip on the cotton sling has Verdigris on it (Mother Nature at work), NEW, UnUsed..........inquire
- - - -

(catalog number is 7086.....not the 7089 shown in the pic)

7086C - OG NYLON POUCH, 8465-926-6768, dated 1968(DSA 100-68-C-1852), 4" x 6 1/4", comes with original ALICE CLIP, NEW, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
7086J, M-14 CLEANING KIT, Government Sealed Bag

Items are in "used" condition, they were probably re-packed when the M-14s were turned-in, circa late-1960s into the 1970s(?).

7089J - CLEANING KIT, contains: Handle, ROD Sections in Cloth Pouch, 2x Brushes(Bore and Chamber), Oiler Bottle, Re-Packaged by the Government in Plastic, dated February 1970, Used.......inquire                                                              
- - - -
7086N and O, M-14 NYLON SLING (Brownish and OG shades)

All from the same LOT out of Fort Ord in the late 1980s - the 7086O Slings are in "opened" packages.

7089N - OG NYLON SLING in Sealed-Government-Package, some are the Brownish shade of OG and 1 is the Green shade, NEW, UnUsed.......inquire

7089O - NYLON SLING in Opened-Government-Package, Green shade of OG,  NEW, UnUsed.....inquire
7087A - Stoner 63A LMG Cleaning Case

shown in the Stoner 63A LMG Operator’s Maintenance Manual, page 32

7087A - Carrying CASE, for Cleaning Kit and Spare Barrel, no markings, minor usage, Used....(sold)

( See Stoner 63A Manual BELOW )

Catalog #3506BZ, page 32

( also Brown Water patch page )
7093A & AA, M-16 Bandoleer Charger KIT & Black Safety Pins

Available Bandoleer Dates:
7093A = 1969
7093B = 1970
7093C = 1971
7093D = 1973
7093E = 1974

7093. - One dated 7-Pocket Olive Green Cotton Bandoleer, 14 (10-Round) Stripper Clips, 7 Cardboard "Silencers", 1 Stripper Clip Guide, Good to Excellent “Used” Condition.....inquire

7093AA - Black Safety Pin for the Bandoleer Strap or the OG Triangle Bandage(catalog #7616), As-New....inquire
 7095 - M-16 BiPods & Cases

Bipod with OG Cotton Canvas Pouch(case)--some cases will have an ALICE Clip


7095B - Bipod and Pouch, Used.....inquire

7095C - Bipod and Pouch (rear seam needs resewn), Used.....inquire

7095D - Bipod and Pouch, Used.....(sold)

7095E - Bipod stamped "COLT'S-62122" and Pouch, (see Colt's stamp below), Used.....inquire

7095F - Bipod and Pouch, case dated 1970, Used.....inquire

7095E - Bipod stamped "COLT'S-62122"
- - - -
7096B and C, M-16 Bi-Pods (NO Case)

NO Picture

7096B - Bipod in Government "re-pack" wrapper, Stamped “COLT’S-62122 HARTFORD, CONN.  U.S.A.”,  (2 in stock), Used......inquire
7096C - Bipod, stamped “19204-8448457  MFR 26767”, (9 in stock), Used......inquire

7096F - Bipod, stamped “COLT’S-62122 HARTFORD, CONN.  U.S.A.”,  (1 in stock), Used.....inquire
- - - -
7096D - "Colt's" stamped BiPods

I think these are "repacks", I got them prior to 1990

packed in heavy "wax-grease", all have rust near the pivot point
( Rust could have been caused by the welding or ? at the Colt Factory(?) )

7096D - Bipod in Opened Government Wrap, Stamped "COLT'S-62122", some rusting, (5 in stock), New-with-Rust-Spots, UnUsed....inquire


3508DX - Vietnam made Black Leather Cowboy style Tokarev HOLSTER

Tokarev magazine NOT included in this offering

3508DX - Vietnam made Black Leather "Cowboy" style Tokarev HOLSTER for left-handers, exceptionally high-quality leather for a Viet made holster, large glove snap made by "KANE-M LM" ( same maker as snaps found on Bush Hats from the SEA area/era ), the Tokarev Magazine (NOT included with this listing) has been in the Pouch for a very-long-time, Holster shows wear but I would grade it as in 85%+ condition, stitching still 100%, in Excellent overall condition, Used....inquire

( Came from the same collection as 3508DW NVN Flag )

Anyone know what organization would use a "serial number" CA 5286 as etched on the magazine?

( also listed on Ground Forces-RVN Era page )
6126G - pre-WWII Japanese Holster

Made by Uchiyama of Tokyo

I understand this is a rare holster that was used for imported side-arms used by Japanese Officers.

( see details on Foreign page, Japan section )

 Military Police Gear

 7206C and E - Black Leather Military Police Gear

7206C - Strap & Hanger, Sample picture

7206E - Belt, Sample picture

7206Q - MP Belt Buckle (moved below)

( see the  Catalog  for details )
- - - -
 7206U and T - RVN era Pouch & Stick Holder dated 1965

7206U - Black Leather First Aid Dressing Pouch, dated 1965, made by Rockwelt, stamped “U. S.” on reverse, scrapes on reverse, minor wear, Used......inquire
(see 7208 below for New Pouches)

7206T - Black Leather, swiveled, Night Stick HOLDER, dated 1965, made by “Bijou L. C.”,  stamped “U. S.”, minor wear, Used....(sold)

( both items fround together )
- - - -
7206BA - Military Policeman's Rig


7206BA - MP Rig dated 1950 - 1955 ( oldest Black Leather Rig I have owned ), leather still supple, less than average cracking in the leather stress points, worn in the mid-1960s by the Sergeant who brought it home, see catalog for dates and details on the individual items, minor verdigris, belt is a 38" by Boyt, dated 1955, holster made by Bloomberg in 1951, most items are stamped "US", Used....(sold)

(see 7208 below for New 1st Aid Pouches)

- - - -
7206BB - "Billy Club" HOLDER

7206BB - Black Leather, swiveled, Night Stick HOLDER, dated 1972, made by “BOLEN LEA. PROD.”,  stamped “U. S.”, does not look used, NWSM.....(sold)

( 7206 BB and BC found together )
- - - -
7206BC - Black Leather First Aid Dressing Pouch

7206BC - Black Leather First Aid Dressing Pouch, dated 1950, stamped on reverse “J.Q.M.D. 1950 E.N.S. FHB US”, tape residue on reverse, minor wear, Used....inquire

(see 7208 below for New 1st Aid Pouches)
- - - -
7206D - BE, MP Black Leather Belts and Solid Brass Buckles

7206D - Belt and Buckle, 29", Dated 1967, belt stamped “U.S. SF CO 28 1967”, buckle stamped “SOLID”, Used....inquire

7206E - Belt and Buckle, 29 1/2", Dated 1967, belt stamped “U.S. ALPCO 28 1967”, buckle stamped “SOLID BRASS USA” with the maker’s anchor mark, Used....inquire
(The Anchor maker’s mark is very common on Army buckles/etc. for the RVN Era)

7206H - Belt and Buckle, 31", Dated 1973, belt stamped “U.S. BOLEN LEA PROD 1973 SPRINGFIELD , TENN. 30”, buckle stamped “SOLID BRASS”, Used....inquire

7206M - Belt and Buckle, 33 ½”, Dated 1974, belt stamped  “U.S. CATHEY ENTERPRISES 32 1974”, buckle stamped “SOLID BRASS USA” with the maker’s anchor mark, Used....inquire

7206N - Belt and Buckle, 35", Dated 1977, belt stamped “U.S. BOLEN LEA PROD 1977 SPRINGFIELD , TENN. 34”, buckle stamped "US(A)", written in ink on the inside is: “.1888 REAL GI” (+ etc.), Used....inquire

7206Q - Brass Buckle, stamped "US(A)", Used....inquire

7206BD - Belt only, 36”, cannot read the date, belt stamped  “U.S. CATHEY ENTERPRISES 36 ….”, Buckle retainer strap has 1-broken snap (the other 2 are still functional so the belt is usable), shows lots of wear (needs redyed or painted), many years of wear left, good+ condition, Used....inquire

7206BE - Belt only, 40”, only factory stamp is “40”, lots of wear, 3 extra holes crudely punched in it (probably for a small child?), can be redyed or painted, good condition, Used....inquire

( also on Army Ground Forces, MP section )
- - - -
7206BF - BJ, Military Police Black Leather Belts only

7206BF - Belt only, 38”, dated 1974, belt stamped “U.S. CATHEY ENTERPRISES 38 1974”, Buckle retainer strap has 1-broken snap (the other 2 are still functional so the belt is usable), Used....inquire

7206BG - Belt only, 36”, dated 1974, belt stamped “U.S. CATHEY ENTERPRISES 36 1974”, Buckle retainer strap has 1-broken snap (the other 2 are still functional so the belt is usable), 1 extra hole crudely punched, good+ condition, Used....inquire

7206BH - Belt only, 36”, dated 1974, belt stamped “U.S. CATHEY ENTERPRISES 36 1974”, Buckle retainer strap has 1-broken snap (the other 2 are still functional so the belt is usable), sliding belt loop retainer strap is missing, belt is still function, Used....inquire

7206BJ - Belt only, 35”, dated 1974, belt stamped “U.S. ALPCO 35 1974”, Buckle retainer strap has 1-broken snap (the other 2 are still functional so the belt is usable), sliding belt loop retainer strap is missing, belt is still function, probably never worn, Used....inquire

Sample of a complete belt with: buckle, belt loop, loop retainer, and three working snaps
Loop retainer is the horizontal piece of leather encircling belt loop and extending under the snap

Incomplete belt: missing the buckle, missing loop retainer and one snap is busted = but the belt will still function

Incomplete Belt: missing the buckle, loop retainer and one snap is busted = but the belt will still function
- - - -
7206BK - Military Police Gear from Vietnam Veteran

7206BK-A,  Black Leather Baton (nightstick) HOLDER, dated 1969, stamped “Bolen Leather Product 1969”, minor usage, Verdigris, Used.....inquire

7206BK-B, Black Leather 2-Pocket .45 Magazine POUCH, dated 1955, stamped “U S MILSCO 1955”stitching at top has rotted(still functional), (magazine pockets need to be stuffed with plastic bags to re-form them), Verdigris, Used.....inquire

7206BK- C, Olive Green Plastic WHISTLE, dated 1969, with Lanyard, EMBOSSED: “U S G.P.I. 1969”, minor wear=cork ball still light-tan, Used.....inquire

7206BK- D, White Gloves, stained (might clean up?), Used......inquire

7206CA - .45 Caliber MAG Case, dated '65

7206CA - Black Leather 2-Pocket .45 Magazine POUCH, dated 1965 (DSA 100 1283), stamped “U S”, Used......inquire
7208B - MP Black Leather First Aid Field Dressing CASE(Pouch)

Pouch slides over the #7206. Leather Belts shown above

see Stanton's RVN Book, page 215, Pouch is shown on the Wearer's Right-Side


7208B - MP Black Leather First Aid Field Dressing CASE(Pouch), Stock number 8465-00-273-1860, DLA100-84-C-4308, New-in-Government-Brown-Tissue-Paper-Wrapping, UnUsed......inquire

( this one could be used for RVN Era Re-enactors until you find a New one with the older date )

stamped "US VIC DeMAYO's 1984"
72xx - WWI to Vietnam Era Pistol/Revolver Lanyards

7209A - WWI.......(sold)

7210A - end of Vietnam Era (dated 1975)

7211A - USMC, WWII (or before) Era
(see “Grunt Gear” (USMC Combat Infantry Equipment of WWII) by Alec S. Tulkoff, page 288)

7212A  - Marine Corps, WWII to mid-1950s, probably used by USMC MPs, Red and Yellow Braid with Brass Hardware  
( I was told by the “older” retired Marines at the San Diego Shows these were used from the WWII Era to the 1950s(?),
I found a picture of a similar Lanyard in a 3rd MARDIV Unit book dated 1953-54 )

7216A - end of Vietnam Era (marked with an Anchor)...(sold)

( see descriptions in the  Catalog  )  
 7224 & 7226 - WWI - WWII Era

7224A - Brown Leather .45 Magazine Pouch

7226W - M-1916 .45 Hip-Holster, dated 1945

7226AA - M-1916 WWI Era .45 Hip-Holster, dated 1918 by Hoyt (see pictures below)........(sold)

7226AC - M1916 WWII Era .45 Hip-Holster, dated 1942
( one of the better 1942s for Sale )
( for a better one, see 7226AF below )

( see  Catalog  for details )
- - - -
          7226AF - Rare Condition

7226AF - dated 1942, by Boyt, very-minor wear, Used.....(sold)

( also on htm )
- - - -
7226AP - Not much Wear

7226AP - no date, by SEARS, not used much, 85% condition, with the leather thong braided, Used.....inquire
- - - -
7226AR - "Warren Leather Goods"


7226AR - no date, stamped “US” front and back, made by Warren Leather Goods Co., with leather thong, named on reverse, lots of use, leather stiff, still functional, Used......inquire
7228 - M-3 Shoulder Holster

( for large-frame Autoloaders such as the Model 1911 .45 )
- - - -
7228F - Korean War Era M-3 Shoulder Holster

Top two picfiles are not close to the actual color (see pics below for near-correct color)

7228F - dated May 8, 1953, by Boyt, Leather supple, hardware has 80% of finish left, used very little, has 2 small rough edges(top-front of holster(see above-right and bottom-left pics)=may have been a mouse wanting some vintage leather, Used....(sold)

Below picfiles are close to the color of the holster

- - - -

7228H - no date, by Enger-Kress, stamped “U.S.” on back, last-4 four stamped inside at the top, shoulder strap is starting to get brittle, Good for a Static display, Used.....inquire
7229 - Vietnam Era Aircrew .38 Revolver Holster
( both came from one Pilot )

                      7229B(sold)                                         7229C(sold)                                      

7229C - .38 Caliber M-3 Black Leather Shoulder Holster, minor wear......(sold)
7230 - .45 Autoloader Leather Holster

7230B - M-1916 .45 Black Leather Hip-Holster, by the Hunter Corporation

7230F - used M-1916 holster

7230M - Contract Number 7791466 by Cathey Enterprises

( see the  Catalog  for details )
7231 - for .38 "snub-nose" Revolver

No Markings

Vietnam Era Issue Black Leather Shoulder Holster used by: OSI, Couriers, some aircrews, and etc. personnel
 who needed to conceal their weapon, possibly made by the Hunter Corp ( see Meadows Book, page 206 )

( probably issued to other Services )

  7231A - “clam-shell” style with spring-steel tension to retain the weapon, side of holster(see below) modified to allow a "quick-draw", Used......inquire

7231B - still in the "factory-fold", UnIssued Condition..........(sold)

7231B (right picfile) still folded as it came from the factory

modified to allow a "Quick Draw"
 7232 - .38 Caliber Revolver Swivel-Holster

Carried by: APs, SPs, Aircrews, USAF INTEL personnel in the field (i.e., CMIC Teams), & etc.


7232B - dated 1967, contract dated 1968 "F,09603-68-D-0232", (contract date not matching the manufacture date is common for RVN era items) data stamps reads: GUU-1/P, stock number 1095-819-8591, made by J. M. Buchheimer CO, U.S., minor usage, Used......inquire

( also on USAF Gear page )
- - - -
early Vietnam era - dated 1963 by Boyt


7232D - dated 1963, made by Boyt Harness Company, stamped: “HOLSTER REVOLVER GUU.1/P” “1095 - 3198591” “AF 09 (603)-41535”, below average: wear, abrasions, & etc., Used.....inquire

( As this is a “Boyt” made holster with the older style contract number I would think it might be hard to find? )

- - - -
 7232F & G - Air Commando Pilot's Bringbacks


7232F - dated 1964, by J. M. Bucheimer CO., stock number 1095-819-8591, contract AF-09(603)-48707, worn by an ACS pilot, Used.....inquire

7232G - dated 1967, by J. M.Bucheimer CO., stock number 1095-819-8591, contract .F. 09603-68-D-0232, brought home by an ACS pilot, storage marks, still has the new-sticker on the swivel, UnUsed....inquire

( also on Air Commando page )
7233B & C - USAF Issue .38 Revolver Holsters

These Holsters are from Flight Crews, mainly Pilots
They do not have contract numbers but were purchased “off-the-shelf” for the immediate needs of the Air Force.

no "U.S." stamps

7233B - Issue .38 Revolver Holster for a belt or harness, for the Smith & Wesson "snub-nose" MP-10 Air Force Issue .38 revolver, stamped on the back with the SW circle and “NE”(see below), Used...(sold)

7233C - Issue hip-holster for the regular MP-10 Air Force .38 revolver, Bucheimer stamp on back(see below), minor wear (if any), Used.....inquire

Belt/Harness loops unsnapped - can be attached without sliding over the belt/harness

Smith & Wesson and Bucheimer stamps
7234 - M-7 Shoulder HOLSTER

7234D - Vietnam era from an Army Helicopter Pilot, stamped “U. S.” on the front, no other markings(typical for the RVN era), these holsters were not made with high-quality: materials or craftmanship (almost like they were designed to be a “throw-away” item), well used but not “put-away-wet”, Used........(sold)
7236B - .38 Brown Leather M3 style Shoulder Holster for Aircrews

worn by USAF and some Army Aircrews in the early-1960s


7236B - stamped "BOYT" and dated May 1962, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed......inquire

stamped “MRT”
( Mildew Resistance Treated )
7238 - WWII Naval Aviation “Victory” Brown hip Holster for .38 cal Revolver

Most of these had No Markings, worn by Marine and Navy Aircrews in WWII
Wire belt hanger for Issue Pistol Belt

7238A - less than average wear (see inside), leather clean and supple, Used.....inside

7240 - M-12 9mm and etc. Holsters

7240I - Issue M-12 9mm Holster by Bianchi with M-92 Lanyard & Cleaning Rod, stamped "U.S." under flap, Used.....inquire

7242A - similar to (#7226, above) but appears wider stamped "CATHEY ENTERPRISES 7791466", minor wear, Used.....inquire
  (I was told this was called the "Transitional Holster" so it could be used with the .45 Autoloader or Beretta )

7280G - WWII Era Local Made Shoulder Holster (made in North Africa(?)), Crudely-made, GI penned his Duty Stations and Dates on the Leather: "AFRICA ...... 1942"(at least 10 dates and locales), possibly the Unit number is written on it but you will need to spend a few-hours trying to decipher the faint-writings, stained & Hardware rusty, Used......inquire
- - - -
 7240K - Bianchi M-12 Holster


7240K - stamped on back: “M – 12, Part #9388057, NSN 1095-01-194-3343, Bianchi International, 19200”, minor storage marks, UnUsed......inquire


7280A - Issued to Navy and Marine Corps in WWII, "Victory" Holster with private-purchase Belt forS & W 4" Barrel revolver, Name stencilled inside flap, Belt has adjustable loops for 20 rounds of .38 ammo, crack in leather near the bottom of the holster Brass hardware has Verdigris, GC.....(sold)
(see in Alec Tulkoff's Book, “Grunt Gear”, page 284)

7290A - "Tex Shoemake & Sons" Police Rig

7292C - German "BUND" "9mm(W)"

( see  Catalog   for details )

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment is for a Static Display ONLY!

You must be 18 years old to purchase any Weapon

Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment for sale in the Catalog and this Site are for Static Display ONLY!


Weapons, Sheaths, Holsters, & etc.

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Viewers disregard this section:
WWII Brown Leather M-3 Shoulder Holster, dated 1944, strap has been shaved to fit more comfortable, leather in fair-to-good condition, needs leather-treatment, made by Enger-Kress, stamped "U.S.", Used...(Sold)
( this is NOT a Boyt )
7226AA - M1916 WWI Era .45 Hip-Holster, dated 1918 Made by Hoyt .............(sold)
4230 M-1910 Hand-Axe (Hatchet)
4230K - dated 1944, Stamped: "U. S." "PLUMB" "1944", repainted, Used.......(sold)
4230P - dated 1945, Stamped: "U.S. AMERICAN FORK & HOE CO. 1945",
Handle is stamped: "GEM 448 15" SCOUT-HUNTERS", repainted, Used.......(sold)
( see Hatchet Carriers(covers) below )
M-1917 Shotgun Bayonet Scabbard, RVN Era
for the 17" Bayonet used in Vietnam
4305B - throat is Stamped "U.S. M-1917  B. A., INC.", nick near the bottom on reverse side(see pic below), Very minor wear, Used.......(sold)                          
Reverse side - nick on edge near bottom
front side of throat
see #4336D below for the Bayonet and Sheath Set
5220AA - 15-round Magazine Pouch, Used.....inquire
( see the Catalog for details and more pouches  Catalog  )
( also listed on equipment page )
Pre-WWII U. S. Navy Officer's "Presentation" Sword with portapee (knots), circa 1931, presented by the Repair Division of the U.S.S. Idaho (BB-42), Officer was a Chief Carpenter (Chief Warrant Officer) who was later promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Excellent Condtion except for the leather on the scabbard (see below picture for the worst leather damage).........(sold)
Special Forces Shotgun for use in Vietnam
Anyone have pictures or printed references to this type of Shotgun in the 1960s?
(change bankruptcy era to read: "circa 1986-1987")
"Special Forces Weapon   Military Specifications"
"Harrington & Richardson Inc." "12 GAUGE - P" Shotgun made in Worcester, MASS...UnUsed....(sold)
7228C - M3 Boyt dated 1943
7228C - dated 1943, made by Boyt, supple leather minor wear, top-half of Glove-Snap replaced, Used(?), Excellent Plus Condition....(sold)
(Glove Snap replacement very common; the Original Snap-Posts were too-short)
7096 - UnLogged Bipods
Inquire if interested in the lot
( this Lot came with the above listed BiPods, prior to 1990 )
NO Nylon Carrying Cases in stock - only
sheath has been molded to the knife for many years