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Non-Cataloged Footgear

WWII Jump Boots


Sample pictures of Brown Leather Parachutist's (Jump) Boots, a few pair left...(see below for Cataloged pairs)

Catalogued Footwear

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

3580C - “Ho Chi Minh” style SANDALS

3580C - “Ho Chi Minh” style SANDALS, made from used-tires, Excellent Condition, Used.......inquire

( also on Army early RVN era to 1975 Patch and htm pages )
6146K - WWII Tropical Flying Boots

worn by a USAAF Pilot

click on picture for details
6354D & 6355A - OG & Black Cushion Sole Boot Socks

See catalog and Clothing page for more socks, WWII to 1990s available

( see on Clothing page )
 7352H - RARE WWII Mountain-Ski Boots

( UnUsual size - approximately a Modern 9 Wide )

( named to the Ski Trooper -  F. O'Brien )


7352H.  marked size “7E 53 5”( a Modern size 9W on my foot), dated 1943, stamped “7 E KM” on the uppers, “The ...KTA(?) Shoe CO. INC BOSTON DEC 22W19-074 DEPOT 1943 QM 902”, GOODYEAR Soles and Heels(very minor wear--if any), named to F. O'Brien, no laces, still have the gray-felt innersoles, lots of scuffs/storage marks - minor wear--if any, solid WWII Boots and hard to find in this width, Used......inquire


also on Army Gear pages

( See Mountain/Winter Parkas/etc. on the CLOTHING page, catalog #73xx )
7700 - Shoe and Boot Laces


Left - 7700B, pair of Modern Round Black, 71"(+/-), circa late-1980s Boot Laces, UnUsed..........inquire

Right - 7700F through M, several pairs of Boot and Low-quarter laces from same 1950s - '60s Veteran......inquire
( his "Notched" Dog Tags also available, see on Dog Tag page  )

( Brown WWII to Modern Round laces available, see  Catalog  )
7702A - WWII ERA U.S. Army Boot SOLES

Measurements are 4 1/2" (wide) x 6 3/8"(long); will probably fit a bigger boot, maybe up to a 9 - 9 1/2

7702A - embossed "8 - 8 1/2" "Sullivan's", "U.S. ARMY", and "HTS", UnUsed.....(priced per Pair)....inquire
7703 - Repro Paratrooper Soles and Heels

( excess items from the "Band-of-Brothers" Flick )

7703A  -  Pair of Soles, marked 12 - 12 ½, (can be cut-down), UnUsed........inquire

Approximate measurements:
Long = 7 5/16
Wide = 4 7/8

7703B  -  Pair of Soles, marked 10 - 10 ½, (can be cut-down), UnUsed.........inquire

Approximate measurements:
Long = 7
Wide = 4 3/4

7703D  -  Pair of Slanted Heels, no size markings, (can be cut-down -  see catalog for exact dimensions), UnUsed......inquire

Approximate measurements:
Long = 3 5/8
Wide = 3 1/8
(cavity ¾” from the outside 3 edges)
(The heel can be cut-down about 1/4” on each side and rear)
7704A - F, Boot Zippers ( non-issue )

( old stock from the late-1980s to 1993 )


7704A - 8-Eyelets, UnUsed......inquire

7704B - 8-Eyelets, Heavy Duty Scoville zipper, UnUsed......inquire

7704C - 9-Eyelets, UnUsed.......inquire                                                                         

7704D - 10-Eyelets, UnUsed.....(sold)

7704F - 10-Eyelets, Heavy Duty Scoville zipper, UnUsed......(sold)

Lace the Zippers into your boots for Fast Easy-on, Easy-Off

( Count the Number of Eyelets in your Boots to order the Correct Zipper )  

( one pair of ISSUE boot zippers available, see #7770DC in the  Catalog  )
7709B - Brown Leather Boot with 2-Buckles, 11.25" High

( probably MP Riding Boots )

7709B - no markings, approximate size 10R, leather is brittle, Static Display only, Used.....(sold)

            ( Very similar stitching and cap toes like the MP Riding Boots )
( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear in a closed shoe-shop )
7710C - Brown Leather Boot, 10.75" High

7710C - 10 1/2C, leather soles marked: "U.S.A. No 55 101/2C", rubber heels marked: "LIGHT TREAD", boots look like they were the buckle-top MP Riding Boots, tops (where the buckles were) have been cut-off (see pictures), stitch marks on the uppers where a buckle-strap was neatly removed, worn once, Near-New.......inquire

white area is where the buckle-crossover was cut-off                  stitch holes where strap was removed

  ( Very similar stitching and cap toes like the MP Riding Boots )
( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear )
7711D - Brown Leather Leggings(Leggins)

(High Quality - Private Purchase)

7711D - Original brown laces, leather hang-label reads: "TEITZEL-JONES & DEHNER  BOOTS BEST AT ANY PRICE WICHITA,KAN. U.S.A.", written inside each leggin is: "550" "14 3/8" "13" (they are 13" high so I assume this marking is for the size when they were made(?)), well worn but in Good Condition.......inquire

( not sure of 1st name "TEITZEL" may not be correct )

( Found with Brown Jump Boots and other very old Army/Marine foot gear )
 7712A - USMC M1936 pre-War Leggings

dated May 26, 1941

7712C - USMC M-1936 Khaki Canvas 7-eyelet Leggins, size 5, dated May 1941, Cheesecloth hang-label reads: “Q-62” “Depot of Supplies U. S. Marine Corps Philadelphia, Pa.” “MCPB 85594 5-26-41 100 M.”, stamped inside: “QUARTERMASTER DEPT U.S. MARINE CORPS 1941 - 1942”, minor corrosion on some of the eyelets, UnIssued...(sold)   

( see Grunt Gear book, page 88 )

( also on USMC Gear page )
- - - -
7712D - WWII Khaki Canvas Leggings

7712D - Army Khaki Canvas 8-hook Leggins, size 3R, dated 6-7-43, worn once/twice(?), minor corrosion, Used.....inquire
- - - -
7712G - USMC M-1936 Khaki Canvas 9-eyelet Leggins, dated 1943

7712G - USMC M-1936 Khaki Canvas 9-eyelet Leggins, size 5, dated 1943, made by the DIANA Legging CORP., Contract Number NXxx-26503 Dated March 30(20?), 1943, worn for inspection once or twice?, some of metal HOOK bases have corrosion and some have scrapes on top, white paint-looking stains on the inside of one legging(see pic), outside of leggings are in 90-95% condition, NEVER Washed, Excellent color, Used.....inquire   

( also linked from MARINE Gear page )

7713 - Brown Jump Boots

Herman Jump Boots


7713AB  made by Joseph Herman Company, size 9D, new-with-storage marks..(Sold)
- - - -
Regular and Tall Corcorans with a Wilson

7713AR                                                       7713AV                                                   7713BB (sold)

( see pictures and details below )
- - - -
overdyed Corcorans

7713AR  -  size 13AA, made by Corcoran, stamped red/white label in right boot, stamped labels inside of both boots in the top band, also yellow paint labels inside uppers, “U. S. Army” embossed on soles, No laces, boots have had Black Polish applied (has an “Ox Blood” color, possibly can be removed(?)), surface cracking along the “backstrap”,
Good Overall Condition........inquire
- - - -
Corcoran 18-eyelet Brown Jump Boots

( could these be very-early boots for the "Jump Platoon"(?) )


7713AV  -  18-eyelet Corcoran Jump-style Brown Leather Boots, inside stamp reads: "CORCORAN INC."  "STOUGHTON  MASS" "13 1/2 AA  8136" and a "W" in a square.  Excellent Condition.........Expensive.......Inquire for Price

Picture of First Special Service Force's LTC Paul D. Adams wearing tall "cap-toe" Jump Boots at Fort William Henry Harrison, circa mid-1942 to April 1943

( picture is from the book, "The Black Devils" by Ray Routhier, dated 1982 )

scanned at 300dpi
- - - -
7713BB - Issue Jump Boots - Needs lots of TLC


7713BB - size 8 1/2B (aproximate modern size is 9R), "WILSON" "U.S.A." stamped on inside of  tongue, "CONT." stamped inside = government contract (these are Issue Boots), other stamps on inside of boots(hard to read), lots of wear, leather lace broken (needs new laces), both soles are broken, these boot have been worn a lot but still could be cleaned-up, will never be "inspection" boots but would be ok for a Static display, well-used........(sold)  

( I suggest these boots be used for a Static Display and are priced accordingly )
7714, 2-Buckle WWII Era Boots

           7714A(sold)                                                 7714J                                               7714P (sold)

see more pictures of these boots below

- - - -

7714A - size 14 1/2 A (sole is 4.5” wide = I would guess the width is a "C"(?)), dated 1945, right sole needs to be re-stitched/glued, Used.......(sold)

- - - -
found with USMC Gear
(Rare Width)


7714J - size 8 ½ EE (modern size is approximately 9.5 Wide), No Date, Used......inquire

( Name & Serial Number"35488663" inside; I don't know if this is a Marine SN, or not )

- - - -

7714P - size 81/2 E (modern size approximately 9-91/2 Wide), dated 1945, uppers coming loose from soles, stitching has started to rot, Good Static Display Boots.....(sold)
      Name and strange Serial Number ("6 822 535") stamped inside

7714P boots are for Static Display Only!
7716C - USMC Issue Boots
7716C USMC Rough-Out Lace Boots  (Korean War Era)


High-Top Boots used during the Korean War to RVN (1950s - 1960s)
Marine Corps Boots with 5-Eyelets and 6-Hooks

7716C - 10 ½ FF (modern size is approximately 11-12 wide), Dated June 1951, made by Endicott-Johnson, over-dyed-Black, (not original laces), Used.......(sold)

( Boot-laces have been replaced by shorter shoe-laces )

7718 - Brown Leather BOOTS ( Issue )
Comes with Original Brown Laces, unless Noted
Soles are marked "B. F. GOODRICH"
Heels are marked "PANCO"


7718 - sample picture, a few pair of UnUsed Boots left in stock, sizes: 8R to 10W

(  see Catalog  )


Smooth Cap Toe, 11 Eyelets,  Boots are Not Stamped or Labeled

( from Pictures of Troops enroute to Korea (circa 1950-1953) these appear to be pre-1950 manufacture )
( Cases of these boots were found in the New York State National Guard inventory, circa 1988-1990 )
( I have a few pair left from the cases I obtained )

Most Boots will have storage marks; mainly on the Toe-Caps & Heels as they were packed loose in the Case
7719A - USMC Rough-Out Boondocker BOOTS

7719A 14 ½ FF, dated 1960, 9-eyelets, soles are marked "PANCO", stamp Reads: "Safety First Shoe Co. MC&TSA-QM(CTM)-8816 OCT.11.60", UnUsed......inquire

( First Pair of "FF" Width Boots I have ever seen (Really Wide) )
 7720 - Black Leather Boots

8-Eyelets, Smooth-Toe Boot with Round Nylon Laces, Slanted Heel

( circa, early to mid-1960s Issue - similar to #7722 )

7720. - sample picture......see   Catalog    for details

      ( similar to the Boots shown in Lyles' Book, pages 14 - 29 )
- - - -
7722D - UnCommon Black Leather Boots

9-Eyelets, probably First Issued in 1963 - replaced the 8-eyelet boot (#7720)     
( a customer reports he has a pair of 9-eyelets dated 1963 - got an older pair, let me know )


  7722D - 9-Eyelet, Smooth-Toe Boot, with Round Nylon Laces, Slanted Heel, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
7722F - 10-eyelet Black Leather Issue Boot, 14XW

I believe these are the hardest to find RVN era Leather Boots

7922F - 10-eyelets, 14XW, dated February 1967, DSA-100-67-C-3..1, “DASC FEB 16 1967”, made by International Shoe CO., worn for a barracks inspection(?) very minor wear showing on heels (see above picfile), as-New except for heels and minor-storage marks, Used.......Inquire  

From same Veteran as #7770FD Jungle Boots

- - - -
 7724 - M-1967 Direct Molded Sole(DMS) Boots

Black Leather BOOTS with DMS Chevron Sole - Vietnam Era Boots


7724 - 9-Eyelets or 10-eyelets, Smooth-Toe Boot, Chevron ( Wavy ) sole, late-1960s - 1970s, 4 pair in stock, inquire

( number of eyelets are 'noted' in the  Catalog  listings )
#7725 - 1940s UDT "Swim Shoes"

Dated 1945 or has the same Style of 1945 made examples

( Different from #7726; Direct-Molded-Sole extends up about 1.5" and the toe area has a rubber cap )

( some laces may have Sun-fade )

( #7725 & 7726 -  purchased from a late-1950s - 1960s era UDT/SEAL Veteran's Estate )

7725B - size 5 (modern size 7R), dated 1945, by Hood Rubber Company, stamped label reads:  "W19-074-QM 4462 OCT. 25, 1945", Inspector No. 256 tag still in shoe, laces appear to be synthetic material, sides of the DMS show aging(cracking), Vietnam & California storage dust on them, Excellent Display item, NWSM.......(sold)

7725D - size 7 ½ (modern size 8 1/2R), dated 1945, by Hood Rubber Company, stamped label reads:  "W19-074-QM 4514 DEC. 28, 1945", Vietnam & California storage dust on them, NWSM......(sold)

7725F - size faded, approximate modern size is 9 - 9 1/2R, similar to the Hood Rubber Co style, worn in Vietnam,
wear holes above the DMS (ask for picfile), Used........(sold)

7725H - size 5 (modern size 7R), dated 1945, by Hood Rubber Company, stamped label reads:  
"W19-074-QM 4462 OCT. 25, 1945", Inspector No. 256 tag still in shoe, laces appear to be synthetic material,
sides of the DMS show aging(cracking), Vietnam & California storage dust on them, Excellent Display item, NWSM....(sold)
      (from the same plant as #7725B)

7725K - size 7 ½ (modern size 8 1/2R), dated 1945 or 46, by Endicott Johnson Corporation, stamped labels are hard to read, minor differences with the Hood Rubber shoes: innersoles are handsewn in(ask for pic) and 9 x eyelets, missing one shoe lace,  NWSM......(sold)

All the shoes were covered with Dust from being in Vietnam & later storage in the States  
I cleaned #7726A with a  soft brush & damp cloth.  I am not cleaning the other pairs - that is for the buyers
#7726 - 1940s UDT "Swim Shoes"
( this style shoe is referenced in "Grunt Gear" book, page 86 as sometimes used in jungle combat )

5 x pairs of 1940s era Olive Green Swim Shoes, Canvas uppers with Black Direct-Molded-Soles(DMS),
 by Bata Shoe Company, Incorporated, Used and UnUsed Condition

1 x pair (#7726J) of 1940s style shoes with NO Mfg stamp and different style soles(sewn-on vs. DMS)

Sample Pictures of Bata Company made shoes
All the shoes were covered with Dust from being in Vietnam & later storage in the States.  
I cleaned the pair pictured above with a  soft brush & damp cloth.  I am not cleaning the other pairs-that is for the buyers.

( BATA Company Contract Number reads: "CONT. NO. W19-074-QM-4617"
   this may vary some but it is basically accurate on most of the pairs )

( NWSM = New-with-Storage-Marks )

7726A - size 7 1/2 (modern size 8R), dated 1947, by Bata Shoe CO. INC., NWSM.....(sold)

7726C - size 9 (modern size 10R), dated 7-1-46, by Bata Shoe CO. INC., shows wear from Vietnam(ask for pic), one 3/8" hole below the lower-outside eyelet(for picture, ask), 1 lace missing, lots of red-dust on the soles, good example of Vietnam gear, Used.....(sold)

7726E - size 7 1/2 (modern size 8 1/2R), dated 1-1-47, by Bata Shoe CO. INC., NWSM....(sold)

7726G - size 7 1/2 (modern size 8R), dated 7-1-46, by Bata Shoe CO. INC., 1 lace missing, NWSM......(sold)

7726J - size 8 ½ (modern size 9R), no date or maker, stamped inside: "9655", uppers are very similar to the Bata made shoes except for OG eyelets, NWSM....(sold)                    
( soles/heels are sewn-on, NOT directly molded to the uppers - see pics below )

7726L - size 7 ½ (modern size 8 1/2R), dated 7-1-46, by Bata Shoe CO. INC., NWSM.......(sold)

               Bata style sole(top) and 7726J "sewn-on" sole                                                                                             7726J side view

 ( some laces may have Sun-fade, purchased from a late-1950s - 1960s era UDT/SEAL Veteran's Estate )
7728 - Gray "Coral Creepers"
U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL Swim Shoes with Gray Direct-Molded-Soles (DMS)

7728x Sample picture

2 pair of size 6 1/2 left in stock, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
7728R - from a SF Veteran

 I bought these from the Special Forces Vet; he said he had them during the RVN Era
I have shown them to several dealer/collectors and they agree they are Vietnam era(?)

7728R - approximate size 9R, never stamped inside, on the gray molded sole is “Made in USA”, white edging material has started to fray from wear (see picture), soles have 40% remaining(see pic), Used.....inquire
( the padding on the rear(inside the gray canvas) has started to stiffen = these are for Static Display ONLY! )
- - - -
( check  Catalog  for availability )
Vietnam Issue Canvas-Rubber Boots

7730B - size 5W, dated 2/8/74, Vietnamese Quartermaster(QM) stamp, OG Canvas Uppers (7" Tall) with Black molded rubber soles, 7 Eyelets, still have the New Laces, dusty and dirty after 25 years of storage in the ex-Republic, UnUsed....(sold)

( one lace defective, has been tied together...  looks like the RVN got screwed by a dishonest contractor )

Vietnam Era OG-106 TYPE II "Comfort" SHOE
dated 1970

7734A -  size 9R, dated 11/70 (contract DSA-100-71-C-0185), New-in-Plastic-Bag.....inquire

"Bivouac-Slipper" ("Man's Low Blucher Type")  worn by the 9th Infantry Division and other Forces operating in the Mekong Delta and The Plain of Reeds. Made for the "Delta Footwear Program" to reduce Foot Fungus.
Stock No. 8430-459-0453, VELCRO Fastener, Black Rubber Direct Molded Soles (DMS),
can be folded-up to put in your pocket while you are wearing your regular Footgear.

( see Stanton's RVN Book, page 139 & Kevin Lyles' US Infantry Vietnam Book, page 21 )
7740 - Brown Leather Flyer's Boots
Early Vietnam era Flying Boots


7740D - 10 1/2R, Dated 1962 (DSA 1-68-E-62), UnUsed......(sold)                            
- - - -


7740F - Brown Leather Flyer's Boots, size 9W, dated 27 August, 1965, New.......inquire

( Other sizes in stock, see  Catalog )
776x - Issue Innersoles from the Vietnam Era to the 1990s

shown in chronological order from Jungle Boots to the Speedlace era

7760x, 7761x, 7762, & 7764 Innersoles

( Samples of Innersoles, see  Catalog  for sizes & types available )

Some Boots may be missing the Innersoles as the GIs removed innersoles from new boots as there was usually no extra innersoles in supply so the new boots were robbed of their innersoles.

7768 - 1st PatternJungle Boots
First Pattern that was Mass-Produced in the early-1960s

( NO-Ankle straps )

7768D - 8R, dated 7/65, "BATA" soles, Hang-Label missing from right-boot - other label reads: "BOOT, COMBAT, TROPICAL DIRECT MOLDED SOLE DPSC DSA100-192", less than average wear, Overall in Excellent Condition.....inquire

7768J - 6N, dated 1965 (DSA-100-1543), "CIC" soles, not much wear, toes scuffed, 85% of soles remaining, Overall in Excellent Condition.....inquire

7768L -10R, dated 1965 (DSA-100-1333), "CIC" soles, hang-label missing from one boot, 85% of soles remaining, Overall in Excellent Condition......inquire

7768M - 8R, dated 1965 (DSA-1-9282), "CIC" soles, 85% of soles remaining, Overall in Excellent Condition.....inquire

7768N - 11W, dated 1964 (DSA-1-4959-64--E), "CIC" soles, still have the "Instruction" tag, New-with-Storage-Marks (NWSM).......(sold)

7768P - 6R, dated 1965 (DSA-100-1543), "CIC" soles, very little wear, Overall in Excellent Condition.......inquire

7768T - 6N, dated 1964 (DSA-1-4959-64-E), "DC & TSC", "CIC" soles, less than average wear, Overall in Excellent Condition...(sold)

( some boots may have replacement laces )

Hang-Label on First Pattern Jungle Boots

                 "BATA" Vibram-style soles                                                                        "CIC" Vibram-style soles

                                      Outside View                                                                                                 Inside View
7770 - 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots

200 pair (+/-) of Vietnam Era - Issue Jungle Boots in Stock

a few pair of Vibram sole 2nd Pattern Boots left

RVN Era Jungle Boots only come in Full Sizes


7770x  Sample of VIetnam Era Panama Sole Jungle Boots, New Condition

( see Catalog for other Patterns: Early-Style with no ankle supports and Vibram Soles )
- - - -
 7770EV & EW(sold) - uncommon 9-wides

7770EV - 9W, date stamp faded, Panama soles are in 40% condition, Used......inquire
         ( Good for knock-around re-enactor events--uncommon Size/WIDTH)

7770EW - 9W, dated 12/66, VIBRAM soles, made by International Shoe CO., worn a few times, soles are 90% condition, no sock fibers in innersoles ( = minor wear ), original laces have an abrasion(new pair of replacement laces included), toes and heels scuffed(looks like an infiltration course was run), Used.....(sold)
                  ( RARE Size/WIDTH and Vibram Soles )

7770EW scuffs

( also on RVN - 1975 patch page )
- - - -
 7770FB - Vibram Soles

7770FB - 9R, dated June 1967 (“667”), VIBRAM Soles, by Bata, New-with-storage-Marks.......(sold)
- - - -
7770FC - 9 Regular dated 1968

7770FC - 9R, dated June 1968 (“6-68”), made by Addison, worn 2-3 times, very minor wear on bottom, Used.....inquire

- - - -
7770FD - 13R, 1967, VIBRAM Soles by GENESCO


7770FD - 13R, dated March 1967, VIBRAM Soles, by GENESCO, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed......inquire

( From same Veteran as the Uncommon 10-eyelet Black Leather Boot,  #7722F )

- - - -
7772 - post-RVN Era 2nd Pattern Jungle Boots

40 - 50 pair in stock, only difference from a #7770 is...it comes in 1/2 sizes...see Catalog
- - - -
 7774 - Black Jungle Boots

Tropical (Hot Weather) BOOTS “Spike Protective”

7774J - 12W, no date, factory blemishes on leather uppers near the sole, UnUsed...inquire

( 16 pair in stock )
 7777 & 7778 - Desert Boots

7777 - Original Issue for Desert Shield - Desert Storm
( Similar to the Jungle Boot but no steel plate or drain holes )

7778 similar to #7777 but have Padded Tops with COOL-MAX Lining
( Known as the "Schwarzkopf" boots )

7777H - 9R, dated 11-90, New-with-Storage-Marks, Unused.......inquire
( made during Desert Shield; perfect for the early arrivals, 82nd ABD and etc., re-enactors )
( 10 pair in stock )

7778N - 12 1/2R, dated 1991, UnUsed........
( 14 pair in stock )

1st Pattern on the left     -    2nd pattern with padded top & Cool-MAX lining on the right
 7788 - Leather SPEEDLACE Boot

First Issued in the early-1980s

7788x - Sample, about 40 pair in stock from the 1980s, UnUsed.....inquire or download catalog

( download Catalog  for sizes and widths in stock )
 7770 and 7788 Issue Boots

samples of 2nd pattern Jungle Boots and Modern Speedlace all-Leather boots

Some Boots may be missing the Innersoles as the GIs removed innersoles from new boots as there was usually no extra innersoles in supply so the new boots were robbed of their innersoles.

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!


Foot Gear

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