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Inches to Metric Hat size conversion Chart

        Hat Size
  Size Code

Metric CM
6 1/2
          20 1/4                
6 5/8
       20 3/4             
6 3/4
21 1/8
6 7/8
21 1/2
21 7/8
7 1/8
22 1/4
S - M
7 1/4
22 5/8
7 3/8
M - L
7 1/2
23 1/2
7 5/8
23 7/8 - 24
L - XL
7 3/4
24 1/4 - 24 3/8
7 7/8
24 5/8

This chart may be accurate - NO Guarantees

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment in the Catalog/Site is for Static Display ONLY!

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

2956 - M1941 Early style Khaki Hoods for Jackets


2956A - Large, Dated November 4,1941, Contract W-669-qm-13952, Stock No. 73-H-66700,  UnUsed....inquire

2956B - Large, Dated March 22, 1943, Contract W-669-qm-27220, Stock No. 73-H-66700, UnUsed...inquire

2956C - Large, no label just a "size stamp", UnUsed....(sold)
( All 3 Hoods were found together )
( also on clothing page )
- - - -
2960C & L - M1943/50  Models of OG Field Jacket HOODs

This style of OG HOODs was still being manufactured into the 1960s for Field Jackets and the Olive Green enlisted man's Overcoat

2960C - M1943, size LARGE, dated January 1945, P.Q.D. No. 441 Pattern Dated 6/3/44, Stock Number 73-H-66815, has a round leather re-inforcement around the drawstring hole, NWSM, UnUsed....inquire

2960L - M1950, size Medium, dated October 19, 1961, MIL-H-11377, STK # 73-H-66822-55, NWSM, UnUsed.......inquire

These Hoods are also available but NOT listed on the Web Site:
2960M - M1943, Small
2960N - M1943, Medium
2960P - M1943, Large
2960Q - M1950, Medium
Inquire for details and price

M1943 and M1950 Wear Instruction Labels

( also on clothing page )
 3206A - M-1934 Water-Repellant Full Brim Hat

3206A - Khaki shade, size 6 ¾,  Stock Number 73-H-35353, Cont. W-669-QM-12937, made by Premium Cap CO., unusual high-quality leather sweatband,
sweathband has bled-through to the outside = light staining, New-with-storage-marks, UnUsed.....inquire

( see #3602 for a  M-1934 Water-Repellant Coat  )


click on picture for an M1934 Jacket

Official photo, National Archives III SC 120323, dated 20 June, 1941
M-1934 Jacket ( 3602A ) and Hat ( 3206A ) shown, 3rdGI from the right side
 3212A - M37 Blue "Daisy Mae" Full-Brim HAT


3212A -  M-1937 Blue Denim Fatigue Boonie, size 7 1/4, Mint.......(sold)
3213 - early-WWII Era Cotton Khaki Field HAT

"Boonie" Style Hat designed to replace the Campaign Hat and to be worn with the Class "A" Khaki Uniform
Spec. #PQD 21, Pattern Dated Jan. 27, 1941 - see Stanton's WWII Book, page 47


3213B - 7 1/4, No Spec. Tag, probably worn, never washed, Excellent Condition, Used......inquire

3213D - 7 1/8, Dated Feb. 25, 1941, New-With-Storage-Marks.....inquire

3214D - M41 OD HBT Fullbrim HAT

( replaced #3212 )

3214D - Size 6 3/4, last-4 inside, minor wear, Excellent Condition...........(sold)
 3226A - Vietnam era Sun Helmet

Issue Pith Helmet dated 1966 (DSA 100-4036) with grommeted-hole in front to attach a device( Officer's Eagle or etc. )

The inside is actually a dark green = bad photographer

3226A -  Vietnam Era Sun Helmet ("Pith Helmet"), dated 1966, stock number 8415-161-4773, fresh out of the the Government Case, some may have storage-rub marks on the brim, New-with-Very-Minor-Storage-Marks (NWSM), UnUsed.......inquire


( also on Army "Ground", RVN to 1975, patch page )
 3240 - Sage Green Herringbone Twill (HBT) CAP

Short Bill Utility Cap with 2-Vent Holes per side

3240E - 7 (actual size is 7 1/8), dated Jan 11., 1943, Spec No. PQD No.18B Dated 1941, worn but never washed, Excellent Color and Condition, Used....(sold)
3250 - OG HBT Utility CAP

Short Bill Fatigue Cap with 2-Vent Holes per side, Labeled "O.D. #7"

3250B - Small, no labels, Used....(sold)
3260H - OG HBT Utility CAP

Fatigue Cap with 2 Side-Vent Holes per side, Labeled "O.D.-7", Pattern Dated 31 August, 1945  

3260H - 7, dated 8 Dec 1950, minor wear, Used.......inquire
- - - -
3260J - Short-Billed Fatigue Cap O.D.-7


3260J - size 6 ¾, dated November 1951, Last-4 stencilled on sweatband, minor wear, Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire
3270B - OG-107 Utility CAP

Pattern Dated 1 July, 1952, No Side-Vents, Sweatband not sewn-down

3270B - size 7, dated 1966, Veteran's Full Name and Serial Number inside, UnUsed.....inquire  
- - - -
3270L - Medium size, commonly called a "KP Cap"

In 1959 two of these and one "Ranger/Patrol" Cap were issued


3270L - 7 ¼, dated May 26, 1953, stock number 73-C-45000-70, last-4, never worn, UnUsed........inquire
3280A - OG-107 Cotton CAP (Utility)

Similar to #3270 but Sweatband has been sewn-down

3280A - size 7, dated 1962, Veteran's Full Name and Serial Number inside, may be UnUsed,......inquire  
 3290 - Ridgeway Caps

Many collectors are confused as to how the GI obtained these caps - very simple, you had to buy them at the PX or downtown.
These were never an Issue item in the Army. However, in most units, if you did not wear one you were a target for Top's s..t details!
In 1959, at Fort Ord, you were issued 1 x "Ranger Patrol" cap and 2 x "KP Caps"(see #3270 caps above)

worn by the Army and Air Force personnel

Most of the Ridgeways listed on this site will need to be re-Blocked; they have been stored many years.
This was something the GI had to do after every PCS.
- - - -
3290F - "Ridgeway" Cap

click on picture for details
- - - -
3290H - White 82nd ABD General Ridgeway Cap

( see on Airborne page, 1950s to early-RVN Divisional section )
- - - -
3290K - Shortbilled Ridgeway


3290K - size small, no labels, well constructed--possibly Asian made, short-bill, lots of  wear-still a good static display item, small fray spot on leading-edge of bill, grommets are starting to pull-away from the lining, wire-stiffener missing (cap needs to be re-blocked), soiled, overall in Good Condition, Used......inquire  
- - - -
3290L- Rain O' Shine by Bancroft


3290L - size 7(no label), by Bancroft, "Rain O'Shine" Rubberize Model, named on tag and under the bill, this Rain Proof Style is uncommon, Used.....inquire
- - - -
3290M - by Louisville Cap Corporation


3290M - 7 ½, minor wear, sweatband is clean, been in a duffle bag for 45+ years( needs to be re-blocked--just like you had to do after every PCS ), Used...(sold)
- - - -
3290N - Ridgeway Cap, hard to find 7 3-8


3290N -  Rare 7 3/8 “Jump Up” Cap by FALCON, not much wear, factory did not sew the top panel on correctly (see closeup picture below), needs some re-blocking from being stored in a duffle-bag,  Used...(sold)


( Other #3290s are listed in the catalog, download it and see what is available )
 3292 - First Pattern Field Cap

Baseball style Caps issued by the Army and Air Force in the early-1960s - oldest date I have seen is 1963

3292AR - approximate size 7 1/2, (labels removed), belonged to a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel (embroidered, Japan made, Name Label sewn inside),
Named, shows NO wear, may be UnUsed.......(sold)

- - - -
Very Early Issue

3292AV -  size 7, dated 1963, UnUsed......inquire  
- - - -
early Issue Hot Weather Field Cap

3292CW - size 7 3/8, dated 1964, Major's Rank sewn-on, Used......inquire  
- - - -
Air Force or Army Colonel's BB Cap

3292DB - size 7 1/4, dated 1964, Local made scrambled-eggs, EC+...........inquire  
- - - -
3292DE - 7 5/8, dated 1964

Already “blocked” so the crown does not stick-up


3292DE - 7 5/8, dated 1964, Used.......inquire
3294 - 2nd Pattern OG-106 Issue Cap

Replaced the "crappy" looking 1st Pattern BB Cap

( Similar to the First Pattern but the Front Stiffener was shorten to present a better appearance )

3294. - sample, size range from 7 to 7 7/8 (all sizes are not always available), Used and UnUsed.......inquire  

 3296F - Post RVN Era Baseball Caps

same design as #3294

There is XXL and then there is XXXXXXXXXXXL

This is an Army Issue Baseball CAP, it was bought at a DRMO (Defense Re-utilization Material Office) Auction at Fort Ord in the late-1980s.
( I think that is what DRMO expands to )

The Smaller Cap (a mere 7 7/8s) on the right is depicted to show a comparison

3296F - 9 7/8, no date, Certificate NO. 8-1523-CF by ACE MFG. CO., INC. San Antonio, Texas, has the laundry instruction label, UnUsed......inquire

( also on RVN - 1975 page )

( see   Catalog  for sizes and prices )

 3298 - Post RVN Era Baseball Caps with Leatherette Sweatband
- - - -

3298A -  7 1/8, no date, Certificate NO. 9-2031-C, not sure of the exact vintage but has the sturdy white label of the 1970s, USAF Blue Colonel’s Eagle sewn on front, minor wear, Used......inquire
- - - -
3298F - VERY Large BB Cap

same design as #3294

There is XXL and then there is XXXXXXXXXL

This is an Army Issue Baseball CAP, it was bought at a DRMO (Defense Re-utilization Material Office) Auction at Fort Ord in the late-1980s.
( I think that is what DRMO expands to )

The Smaller Cap (a mere 7 7/8s) on the right is depicted to show a comparison

3298F - 9 7/8, no date, Certificate NO. 8-1523-CF by ACE MFG. CO., INC. San Antonio, Texas, has the laundry instruction label, New

( This cap is Issue, it was bought at a DRMO (Defense Re-utilization Material Office) Auction at Fort Ord in the late-1980s. I think that is what DRMO expands to )

( also on RVN - 1975 page )

( see   Catalog  for sizes and prices )

3300G - Vietnam made Baseball cap

see Army Gear page for details
- - - -
 3300 General's Viet made Baseball Cap

3300R - Medium, Vietnam made, the General's initials written on inside, (General's name to the buyer ONLY!), AS-NEW........(sold)

- - - -
 3300T - VNAF Advisor's BB Cap


3300T - XS, U.S. made Captain's Rank sewn-on, Used.....inquire

( came with a VNAF Advisor's Jungle shirt/trousers #7930EZ  )
- - - -
 3300V - RVN Era 7th Air Force Velvet BB Cap


3300V - 7th Air Force, front/bill made of Black Velvet, black mesh in back with adjustable strap, Used....inquire

3304 SEA made Baseball Cap

3304A - made in Thailand or Vietnam.......(sold)

3330/40/50 - Sample picture of differences in Ranger-Patrol Caps

This Design Developed as part of the NEW Gear that was referred to as "M-1943 EXPERIMENTAL FIELD GEAR"
(see Enjames' Book I, page 62)

In later years it was commonly called a RANGER/Patrol Cap

3330 with side-Vent, long wrap-around bill
3340 NO VENTS but still has the long wrap-around-bill
Short Bill, NO Vents, and bill has 6 rows of stitching
 3330 - OD Cotton Field CAP with Visor(bill), Earflap, & VENTS

Two x Vent holes per side
 NO stitching on the Bill - it is smooth
Long-Wrap-around style Bill
Fold-down Earflap is lined with Flannel or Wool
By February 7, 1945 the side-vents had started to disappear.

see Enjames's Book I page 62, showing label of a FEB 7, 1945 contract cap
see Doughboy to GI, page 30, Bottom-Center Picture
- - - -
3330P - OD Cotton Field CAP with Visor(bill), Earflap, and Vents

3330P - label reads 7 1/4 (Medium), 90% of contract label washed-out, how to wear label 100%, GI's name written on underside of bill, washed one-time?, Used......inquire

- - - -
3330S - Light-shade of OD, similar to Mountain Troops' clothing

3330S - size 7 1/4 (Medium), dated August 12, 1944, made of light-shade OD, GI's Full Name and Serial Number stamped on the underside of the Bill, Used.......inquire

- - - -
3330T - Field Cap with Visor & Earflap, dated October 1944

This is a "been there-done that" Patrol Cap; stencilled JFK which matches his Last-4 "K-7625" stamped inside


3330T - 7 1/4 (it is a very-tight 7 1/4), dated October 1944, Stock No. 73-C-16026, P.O. No. 5294, label is hard to read, Last-4 stamped inside (matches the “JFK” stenciled on top of the bill), something stenciled on underside of bill, 3/8” hole in the wool lining of the earflap, lots of “oil” type stains (I believe he worked on vehicles from the look of the stains) = needs to be cleaned, a real “SALTY” looking cap, Used...inquire

- - - -
3330U - OD Field Cap with Visor/Earflaps, Dated Nov. 1, 1944

3330U - 7 ¼, dated 1944, cheesecloth hang label reads: “P.O. No. 5978 Dated Nov. 1, 1944 Spec. P.Q.D. No. 381B Dated May 1, 1944 Stock No. 73-C-16025 Phila Q.M. Depot ROSE COAT & SUIT CO.”, missing 1 grommet (I don’t think it was ever installed at the factory, GI’s Name and SN neatly stamped on inside of earflap, very minor wear, at 2 feet it looks unused, Used...inquire
- - - -

more 3330s listed in the Catalog

3340 Olive Green Cotton Field CAP with Earflaps ( NO VENTs )     

similar to Item #3330, But does not have side Vent Holes

NO stitching on the Bill - it is smooth

#3340s will have the Long-Wrap-around style Bill

Listed in GI Collector's Guide as "late-war manufacture", page 62
- - - -

7 in Stock - ask!

Will try to get some individual pictures this year - see the sample 3340 above

3350 - M1951 OG Ranger Patrol Cap with earflaps (NO Vents)

Pattern Dated August 11, 1950

NO VENT holes -  SHORT Bill with 6-rows of stitching

6 rows of stitching on the Bill
Caps will have the Modern Short-wrap-around style Bill with stitching
Usually referred to as the “Ranger/Patrol” Cap
- - - -
3350R - M1951 OG Ranger Patrol Cap with earflaps (NO Vents)

Label reads: QM-(CTM)-9461 25 JAN. 1957, SPEC. MIL-C-19118, Stock NO. 6405-268-8012

3350R - 7 ¼ (Medium), dated 1957, QM-(CTM)-9461 25 JAN. 1957, SPEC. MIL-C-19118, Stock NO. 6405-268-8012, damage to wool lining on earflap(see picture), clean cap, Used......(sold)

damage to wool flap liner
3350S, M-1951 OG Cotton Field Cap

NO VENT holes

3350S - 7 ¼ (Medium) RANGER Patrol Cap dated 29 MAY 1953, SPEC. MIL-C-1911A, TAP-2027-OI-..085-C-53, MADE BY SHERR BROS. MFG. CO. INC., small white hang-label with Wool and Cotton content, Earflap stamped with his Name and SN inside and out, minor wear, Excellent Color, stored in his duffle bag for many years(wrinkled), very-minor white stains (possibly will clean?), Used.....inquire

(note: 1 pair of the Veteran's smooth toe boots were brown and had been overdyed black)

- - - -
more 3350s listed in the Catalog
3354 - Ranger/Patrol Cap (NO VENTS)


3354A - example picture of a Field Cap (known as a "Ranger/Patrol" Cap in the late-1950s into-the-1960s), has earflaps, this 1964 Field Cap is labeled a "Utility Cap" (?)

more Ranger/Patrol Caps listed in the Catalog
 3366 - Woodland Combat Cap

New-old-Stock (NOS) from the late-1980s

3366P - A few Caps in sizes 6 5/8 and Up are available (NO 7 1/2), ask for sizes available, UnUsed....inquire  

( these are "over-runs" from contracts in the late 1980s; caps have the Contract and/or the date “Blacked-out” on the label, some dates are still readable )

By DOD Contract Rules: if the Military did not need the item the "Contract" information had to be non-readable(a felt-tipped pen was the easiest way to do this).
3370 - Army, Republic of Vietnam Cap

3370D - Small size, ARVN Ranger Camo (Marine-Style) Cap, Data Stamp inside-crown is unreadable, snags and some rust from the grommets (picfiles available), minor wear, Excellent Color, Used....(sold)

( shown on Vietnamese page )
- - - -

3370F  ARVN Olive Green Cap, local made, approximate size 7 1/8 - 7 1/4, tiny snags, NWSM........inquire  
( ask for "snag" picfile )
 3374R - OG POPLIN "Tour" Boonie Hat

3374R - OG Boonie, Never Worn, As-New........inquire

( from same Veteran, see #3375AF )

3374 - Poplin Boonie Hat

Poplin Boonies are not as common as compared to Ripstop hats
( most were sent to Vietnam and worn-out )

3374V - 6 3/4, dated 1968, UnUsed......inquire  
- - - -
3374 - uncommon 7 1/4 size

3374AD - 7 1/8, dated 1968, chin strap cut-off, dark sweat/dirt stains from normal wear, never washed, Excellent Color, Used.....inquire

3374AC - 7 ¼ (Medium), dated 1968, minor wear, never washed, 2 small dark stains on crown(see pic), Used......(sold)
(Rare size and condition)

- - - -

3374AE - size 7, part of data label has been ripped-off, 1 grommet has not been installed correctly (see picture), New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed....inquire
3375S - 7 3/8, RIPSTOP in UnIssued Condition


3375S. 7 3/8, dated 1972, New Condition in-Opened-GI-Plastic-Bag, With brown leather storage stain, UnUsed......inquire                             
typical brown stain on the underside of left-brim - most of the stains I have seen are not visible if the brim is worn down
brim worn down was the most common style of wear in SEA

I had to open the bags to inspect for the chin strap leather-slide stain
- - - -
 3375AF - Aircrewman's "Tour Boonie for his Father

Very Rare "MY SON WAS THERE" Boonie

3375AF - OG RIPSTOP Boonie, Never Worn, AS-NEW!.......inquire

- - - -
3375AK -  Medium-Large Boonie

3375AK - 7 3/8, dated 1972, blue-color stain on crown-seam in rear, has the chin strap and leather slide, Used......inquire

stain on rear
3378 - Bush Hats

3378 - Bush Hats from the Vietnam Era

(have Stiff Brims and a Glove-Snap to attach the Brim to the Side of the Crown; Australian Style)    

3378A - Air Force Technical Sergeant, hand-embroidered stripes, from Bien Hoa VNAFB, minor wear.....(sold)

3378E - USMC(?), Extra-Small, Unusual Shiny-Rayon Material with a Marsh Camo Pattern, Hand-Embroidered Yellow/Gold-on-Red "VIET NAM" Arc......(sold)

3378H - Army, Small, leather lace interlooped through the grommets on the crown, minor fraying, sweat stains on crown and one-abrasion, needs cleaned, GC.....(sold)
(one of the few Bush Hats that shows wear; most were souvenir/tourista pieces)
(1ST Cavalry Division Veteran - came with item 4110E)

( all hats listed on respective Service's "Gear" page )
3378 - Older French Style Bush Hat

3378AC - size Medium, Older French style with a soft 3.5” brim, older style camo pattern, chin strap, right-side arc is a printed 4 3/8” “Viet-Nam”, left-side patch was removed (minor shadow, small nicks where patch removed), rust on the chin-strap slide-adjusters, Tall Crown, excellent quality of workmanship, Used..(sold)
- - - -

3378AP - French style Camo with high-crown and floppy brim, 2nd Lieutenant's Bar (been on the hat a very long time), the “Loop-half” (was attached to the crown) of the metal “hook and Loop” set  is missing, Very-Minor wear, Used...(sold)
- - - -
 3378AR, AS, & AT - Bush Hats

a little crushed from years of storage

all 3 have very-minor wear, if any

3378AR - Small, extremely well constructed Bush Hat, very-minor shadow on right brim where an Arc was neatly removed, minor-wear, if any, Used......(sold)

3378AS - Extra-Small, shadow where a Tab was neatly removed from right brim, hard to see that it was worn, Used....inquire

3378AT - Small, shadow where an Arc was neatly removed from right brim, been stored in a box several years and needs to be “re-blocked”, Used...inquire

(  For: Arcs, Tabs, and etc.........see USAF Novelty patch page  )

- - - -
3378AV - Vietnam Bush Hat

3378AV - Small, with “Vietnam” arc, chin strap, minor wear, Used......(sold)
- - - -
 3378AW - Korat, Thailand Bush Hat


3378AW - Small, with “THAILAND” & “KORAT” red/white/blue Arc and Tab, camo parachute lining, parachute line chin strap, minor wear, Used.....(sold)

( also on 388th TFW page )
- - - -
3378AX - Thai made Bush Hat


3378AX - Approximate size 7 ¼, printed “THAILAND” Arc, brim has snaps on both sides, the old French style with peaked top and stitching every 1/8”, store label stamped inside crown, not much wear, parachute cord chin strap, Used....inquire
- - - -
3378AY - Named inside, made in Japan


3378AY - Named inside sweatband, label still intact, size 6 7/8, made in Japan, old French style stitching and crown, a few “Peace” signs on hatband, not much wear, Used....inquire

Very unusual to have a Bush hat made in Japan – can’t read all the store name but it is something like “S…. Sales”
an old cheesecloth label is very rare in a Bush Hat - on the back of the label is 5.95 ( a lot of money in the 1960s for a hat )

- - - -
3378AZ - Camo Spot Pattern Bush Hat


3378AZ -  Small size, Spot Camo pattern, early-to-mid-1960s bringback from Vietna, glove snaps are stamped “*CINAONG*MED”, crown side stiffener is a green plastic mesh, I don’t think it was ever worn, as New!, Used.......inquire

 3380 - Lime-Camo Boonies

3380. - sample picture of a Lime Boonie, several in stock, most are small, in UnUsed condition......inquire

( 20 - 30 "New-in-the Bag" Vietnam Era Boonies available- most are size 7 1/8 )

more 3330s listed in the Catalog

- - - -
3380AAME - Modified Parachutist's Boonie

Uncommon Size and Modification


3380AAME - Senior Parachutist’s modified Lime Boonie, approximate size 7 ½ (all labels neatly removed), chin strap neatly removed, brim was narrowed to 2 1/4”, above average condition, Excellent Color, been washed 2-3 times(?), Used...inquire

brim tape joined at back of hat
3382 - Experimental Boonie

3382A -  Brown Dominant ERDL Camouflage Boonie, Experimental First-Batch ordered  by Nattick Laboratory in 1972. A transcribed PHONCON with a representative of the M & B Headwear Company goes with the hat.  Notice the "01" stamped inside the crown (upper-left picture) indicating a "First-Batch" run.  Inside crown material is a "duck hunter" type pattern.  Labels have soiling, from storage; Boonie is in New-with-Storage-Marks Condition.....(RARE)........(sold)
3390 - Vietnam era Mosquito (Insect) Head Netting


3390D - dated 1967, with Black Mesh Netting, with Instruction Card, UnUsed......inquire  

3390H - dated 1967, OG netting, with Instruction Card, UnUsed......inquire
 3394 - Ripstop Woodland Camo Boonie Cap

3394D - size 7 3/8, RIPSTOP cotton material, dated 1992, 2.25” inch brim, older “white” labels, UnUsed......inquire
3396 - Desert 6-Color ("chocolate chip") Boonie Hat

3396A - sample picture(quantity in stock), dated 1990, size 7.5", still in plastic bag with movement label, UnUsed.....(all sold)
- - - -
3396 - Desert Shield/Storm Era "Tour" Boonies

3396M - size 7 1/4, (date covered-Up with Embroidery), Direct Embroidery: On the Top is "DESERT STORM" and a Palm Tree with Crossed Scimitars;
On the Back is "WOJO" & Arabic Script (his name?). Metal Officer's Rank pinned on the Front, Veteran's Ribbons (3 Rows) are pinned on the side of the Crown, Used.......inquire

- - - -
Left 3396P - Desert 6-color (D-6) Camouflage Boonie Hat, Dated 1990, 7 3/4, direct embroidery: "JASPER", "DESERT SHIELD", "SAUDI ARABIA"  with crossed Scimitars and Palm Tree. minor wear, sweatband has minor soiling, EC+.......inquire

Center 3396R - Desert-6 Color Camouflage, no data label, approximate size is 7 5/8 (Large), direct embroidery: "Roger" with Arabic name above, 8 crossed scimitars around crown (unusual), washed, EC............inquire

Right 3396T - D-6 Camo, no data label, approximate size is 7 1/4 (Medium), direct embroidery: "Desert Storm 90 91" "U. S. Army Retired" "Michael" with Arabic name above, washed, EC+............inquire

- - - -

3396AA - size 7, dated 1990, "Saudi Arabia 90 91", "Operation Desert Storm", & "Linda" on back, As-New.....inquire
- - - -
 3396AC - 4402nd Reconnaissance Squadron (Provisional)

Flew U-2 "Dragon Lady" aircraft

Policeman wore it in Saudi Arabia while TDY from Beale AFB, CA

3396AC - size 7 3/8, dated 1987 (the original style “white” label, not tan), Desert subdued patch for the “4402nd RS (P) “Dragon Lady” (sewn-on Velcro) has been sewn to the top of the crown, Used........inquire

( also on squadron page )
- - - -
3396AD - Desert-6 Boonie Hat from Desert Storm

One Combat patch of the 332nd Medical Brigade goes with the hat

3396AD - 7 ¼, date covered by embroidery (tan labels), Veteran’s last name and his combat patch (332nd Medical Brigade) goes to the buyer,  washed once, Used.....inquire

Veteran's D-6 BDU Shirt had unusual Tapes, Gold on tan. The left SSI was a 7th Medical Command.

3398 - Desert-3 Color Boonie
Desert Storm era


3398. - sample D-3 Boonie picfile, see    Catalog  for details and availability
 3446D - USMC style Utility CAP

REVERSIBLE Mitchell pattern


3446D - high-quality material, approximate size 7 3/8 - 7 1/2, a few stains, Used.....inquire

( also on USMC Gear and Marine main patch pages )
- - - -
3446F - Local made Marine style Utility CAP

3446F - USMC style Utility CAP, Reversible Mitchell pattern, approximate size 7 1/8, had a hang label in it but has frayed from wear, 1 fray spot on the edge of the bill ( see picture below ), good color, Used....(sold)

fray spot on edge of bill

( also in USMC section )
 3498C - Vietnamese Field Police Boonie Hat

3498C - small, Field Police Camo Boonie, UnUsed.....(sold)

( also on: Vietnamese and SF/Ranger pages )
 3506AP - River Assault Squadron 15 Beret


3506AP - River Assault Squadron 15 ( RAS-15 ) Vietnamese made Camo Beret, Used..(sold)

( also on  Brown Water Navy )
- - - -
3506AY - VA-22 “Fighting Redcocks”

click on picture for details
- - - -
3506BA - "Purple" Utility Cap

click on picture for details
 3507AB - Vietnamese Marine Corps Tiger Stripe Utility Cap

3507AB - Small, VNMC Lightweight Tiger Stripe Utility CAP, minor ( or NO ) wear, Used....(sold)
- - - -
 3507AD - OG Water-repellant Utility COVER

3507AD - Marine’s private purchase OG Water-repellant Utility COVER, size Medium, with a crème-color lining, made by the Kimpo Cap Company, Trade License 8156, USMC EGA embroidered on front, worn 1-2 times(?), 1-grommet loose(still functional), near-New, Used....inquire  
(I do not know if he had it made in Korea or this might have been a BX Franchise Store in Vietnam?)

Maker's label  and loose grommet

( also on Marine Division page )
3508 - Army Bringbacks
- - - -
3508AW - ARVN Airborne Windproof Boonie Hat

See on airborne page, RVN Era Airborne section
- - - -
 3508AX & AY - Boonie HATs

Thai Leaf Pattern Beach style
Spot pattern (Duck Hunter)

3508AX - size 61 (EURO style Arabic Number “1”), sweat stains near crown/brim seam ( see picture ), worn-once(?), near-New, Used....inquire

3508AY - probably a 7 1/8(?), NYLON tape used on the inside seams has been recycled ( this is the type of tape used to prevent unravelling on GI items ), minor wear ( if any ), Excellent Color, Used.....inquire

( also on htm and SF pages )

European style "1"                  NYLON recycled tape
- - - -
 3508BB - Thai Tiger Stripe Bush HAT


3508BB - size 57, with red crown lining, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on  SF page )
- - - -
3508CH - Air Cavalry Stetson Hat

had to shoot it outside to get the true-Dark Blue/Black color

3508CH - Air Cavalry Captain’s STETSON HAT with Rank and Gold Officer’s cord with “acorns”, no size label( small range ), previously had pin-on insignia above the Rank ( see picture below ), made by the John B. Stetson Company, with Chin Strap, normal sun-fade on outside band, great patina on the rank and the clutch backs have Verdigris, Used.....(sold)

Sample shipping/insurance costs overseas via Priority Air Mail.....to Australia or the UK is $40.00

Stetson label on the leather sweatband           impression where a badge was pinned above the rank

( also on Army:  Main, 1-8th, and 9 - 49th patch pages )
- - - -
3508CN - Viet made Boonie with local made Rank


3508CN - Small Vietnam made OG Boonie with a Viet made pin-ob SP4 rank, no markings, Good Color and decent workmanship, Used....inquire
 3509 - USAF Bringbacks
- - - -
 3509CR - U-Tapao Bush Hat


3509CR - made in Thailand, size 5(small), high-quality construction, “Thailand” & “U-Tapao” arcs, Royal Thailand Air Force billed-cap Badge on front(nice badge), glove-snaps have started to rust--minor stains to material, Used.....inquire


( also on Thai and AF Gear pages )
- - - -
3509EB - U-Tapao Bush Hat


3509EB - U-Tapao, Thailand Bush HAT, size small, small abrasion (probably done by the shop) on the edge-of-the-brim, minor wear (if any), Used....inquire

- - - -
3509EC - Vietnam made Pilot's BB Cap

3509EC - Small, Vietnam made Baseball CAP with Basic Pilot’s Wing and Captain’s rank sewn on the front(liner installed after the embroidery was done), size label reads “56”, with elastic back, minor wear if any, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
3509EZ - SEA made Lime Boonie Hat


3509EZ - Size Small, Aircrewman’s Local Made Lime Camo Boonie with direct embroidered Name and Aircrewman’s Badge, made from an Issue item, another badge had been embroidered above the Aircrewman's badge and then removed, not much wear(common for boonie hats), Used......inquire

( also on USAF Main patch page )
- - - -
3509FO - Bush Hat

3509FO - made in Thailand, size Small, with Thailand and Don Muang arcs, Used.....inquire

3619L - Best Condition WWII cap I have ever seen!

see on Army Gear page for details
3644 to 3660 - WWII Era Garrison Caps

Samples of numbers: 3644 to 3660 WWII Khaki Garrison Caps (sidecaps), 7 Military-Specifications are shown here.
11 caps with 1942 dates available, most are sizes: 7 1/8 - 7 3/8

( download catalog for availablity )
 4110F -Tiger Stripe Boonie

4110F - UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
4110L & K - 101st ABD LRRP Veteran's Boonies
4110L - Used.....(sold)
4110K - Used....(sold)
 47.. - USMC COVERs

Issue and Local Made
- - - -
4702 - Vintage Western-Pacific made Caps

4702A - Velvet panels, one-size-fits-all, "FIGHTER BY DAY   LOVER BY NIGHT   ALCOHOLIC BY CHOICE   MARINE BY MISTAKE", Used.....inquire

4702B - Velvet panels, one-size-fits-all, "FAR EAST TOUR OKINAWA" WITH U.S. & JAPANESE FLAGS, Used......inquire

4702D - Velvet panels, one-size-fits-all, "USMC ANOTHER FINE GAME BY MILTON BRADLEY AGES 17 & UP", Used.........inquire

- - - -
4708, 4710, and 4714 - Issue Marine Items

4708A -Cotton Cloth Veil designed to Repel Insects. Cloth Loops to hold Twigs & Leaves with 4 Tie-Straps to secure the Veil under the wearer's arms, commonly called a  "SNIPER's VEIL", .UnUsed.......inquire
( see USMC in WWII, Page 86 & DOUGHBOY To GI, Page 35 )

4710A - WWII era OG Rain HAT , size 7, dated November 30, 1945,Still Pliable, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.....inquire

4714A - RVN Era OG Rain Hat, size small, dated 1967, stamped "USMC", UnUsed.....inquire

4714B - RVN Era OG Rain Hat, size small, dated 1967, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.....inquire

(also on htm page)
- - - -
4736 - 4768, Issue Marine & Navy Covers

4736 - USMC/USN OG Cotton, No EGA = can be used as a Navy or Marine  cover (apply EGA Decal/Stencil), see Catalog
    ( see Lyles' Book, pages 62-63 )

4760 - Brown Dominant Camo COVER (with EGA), Ripstop Covers worn from 1969 until Woodland Camo was introduced, see Catalog
( see #7950-52 for Matching Jungle Shirt and Trousers )

4766 - Woodland Camo COVERS(with EGA), Ripstop Woodland camo, see Catalog

4768 - Woodland Camo, NYCO (with EGA), Nylon/Cotton material, see Catalog


- - - -
 4736AS & AT - USMC Vietnam Era Covers

4736AS - Small, dated 1970, with EGA, very-minor brownish stains(could be dirty water splashed on the crown?), minor wear Excellent color, Used.....(sold)

4736AT - Medium, dated 1969, with EGA, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on: Marine Gear and USMC Divisional patch pages )
- - - -
4736AV - USMC Utility Cap dated 1970, with metal EGA

Excellent Condition for a Vietnam era Cap and a Medium

4736AV - Medium, dated 1970, clutch-back metal EGA looks like it has been there a long time, name on underside of bill, verdigris on 1 grommet, Excellent condition and color, a little starch and you are ready, Used....inquire

- - - -
see catalog for details and pricing

5496AC - Helmet Camo Cover
cut from a 1944 Parachute Canopy

5496AC - for details click on the picture
 Vietnamese Made Berets
- - - -
5710V - SEAL Lime-Leaf Camouflage Beret

5710V - Ripstop Lime-Leaf ERDL Camo BERET, sweatshield with the size label “57” still intact, minor wear ( or NO wear? ), adjuster has never been tied, lanyards(maker’s strings) have never been removed, I think it is new but will list it "As-New".........(sold)

- - - -
 5710AA - ARVN Ranger Beret with Bullion Badge

not a true shade of red in this picture - see bottom pics for near correct shade of red

5710AA - with Bullion Badge, size 56, label reads: “HONG-PHAT 26B-26C Le-Loi, (Bonard Cu) Saigon D.T. 22719”, 3-piece Wool with 2 x grommet side-vents, cream-color side-wall backing material with a pink-cloth under the sweatshield, I think this is an uncommon beret, near-New ( if not ).....(sold)

( aslo on: htm, Vietnam, and SF/Ranger pages )
 - - - -
5710AB - POPLIN Lime-Leaf ERDL Camo Beret

5710AB - Navy SEAL POPLIN Lime-Leaf  ERDL Camo BERET, sweatshield with the size label “56” (a tight 7 ¼), very-minor wear, decorative adjuster pigtail, would pass for new at 5 paces, Used.......(sold)

5714 - Special Forces Green Berets

See ARMY  Gear page for Vietnam Era ( #5714x ) Special Forces Green Berets
 5716G - USAF Officer's Issue Beret

5716G - size 7, probably AF/SP squadron usage, dated 1975 (DSA 100-75-C-1308), Shade 1561, made by “Canadian Commercial Corp., City Ottawa Canada” , Officer's Silver Eagle Hat Device has been on it a long time (deep impression & nice patina ), very minor wear, Near-New, Used.......inquire

( also on USAF AP-SP patch page )
5720 - Dark Orange Peacekeeper Berets from 7th Infantry Division

Rust (“Dark Orange”) Color Berets are from the 7th Infantry Division Peacekeepers who were Deployed in the Sinai Desert with the Multinational Force and Observers(MFO).  
The MFO units seperated the Israelis from the Egyptians to enfoce the Camp David Accords.
MFO operations began circa 1982 with one U.S. Infantry Battalion from active duty Units on a rotational roster.
Since 2002 the U.S. Battalion has been furnished by the National Guard.

( bad picfile - berets are close in color to the bottom photo )

5720E, F, G, H, I, & J(sold) - MFO Dark Orange Peacekeepeer berets from 7th Infantry Division, Used.......inquire

5720J - top beret with Peacekeepers "Dove" badge, looks like painted brass, Used......inquire

5720G - Bottom beret (lighter shade), Used......inquire
 5751 - M-1941 WWII era Wool Jeep Cap

5751M - no label, repaired, Used......inquire

5751R - no label, repaired, bill needs to be reformed, Used......inquire

5751T - label reads:  "L", minor repairs, dark spot under bill, Used......inquire
5753A - Cotton Duck/Wool Winter Cap

sometimes referred to as a "Transport Cap"

5753A - size 7 5/8, Dated 1939 (Contract W-669-QM CIV-320), Spec No 6-255, Stock No 73-C-NS, UnUsed......inquire

5755A - Khaki Cotton Twill Winter Combat Helmet

Used by Armored Troops and others, was to be replaced by the M43 Pile Cap but continued in service through-out the War
2-side straps for keeping goggle strap in place

5755A - No Markings, Cotton Twill Lining, 1-glove-snap has started to corrode, UnUsed....(sold)
5756 - M43 WWII Era Pile Caps

5756AB - approximate size 7 ¼ (data label removed), "care-label" intact, (pile blemish from factory-see pic below), Used........inquire

5756AC - 71/4, GI’s name neatly written behind bill, sweatband soiled from wear, minor wear, Used.......(sold)
5756AC - left-front view, label and sweatband

5756AB - blemish at edge of pile from sewing at factory                                                                                                  5756AC - rear view
- - - -
5758 - WWII era M-1943 Pile Caps

same model as #5756; "size" or "contract" label missing

5758A - Small, “Silver-Gray” Long-Pile Alpaca, Used.....inquire  

5758E - Small ( stamped 6 ¾ on sweatband ), “Grayish” Long-Pile Alpaca, Used.....inquire  

5758G - Medium, Last-4 written in sweatband, data label has been removed, Instruction Label intact, needs to be dry-cleaned, small stain on Pile, Used....(sold)

5758H - Small, minor stain on top, Used.........inquire  
5762 - M1951 Korean War Era Pile Caps

5762G through X - M51 Field Pile Cap, MIL-C-10869 and MIL-C-1913, pattern dated 11/6/1950
(  these are listed in the catalog  )
- - - -

5762AA through AE - see individual listings in  Catalog
- - - -

5762AF through AS - see individual listings in  Catalog
- - - -
right picture label is in 5762AW

5762AV - size 7 ¼  (Medium), dated 21 May, 1952, named, worn once(?), Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire

5762AW - 7 ¼ (size Medium), dated 2 March, 1953, Mint!, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

5762AX - 7 ½, MIL-C-1913B, dated 1953, had a DI on the front (no shadow), minor soiling on sweatband, very minor usage, Used.....(sold)

( see Catalog  for details of Inventory )
5790 - B-9B Winter Flyer's Cap

5790x - sample of a B-9B USAF Winter Flyer's Cap, New.....(see catalog for sizes)
5830 - Type D-1A Blue Army Air Forces Crew CAP

Army Air Forces logo on back, NOT  USAF

BLUE Wool MIL-C-6821A Cap with Earflaps & Chin Strap for Cold Weather Flying,
stamped logo on back reads: “ARMY AIR FORCES


5830A - size Small, with Cutter's Tag, partial Leather sweatband in the front, inside lined with blue flannel, Stock NO. 8310-125400221, Order NO. AF-23096, by Blue Anchor Overall CO., Inc., UnUsed..........(sold)

      Very strange this is an ARMY Air Forces logo stamped on the back!

6746 - WWII Navy Watch Cap

6746D  WWII era U. S. Navy Black Wool Watch Cap, named, EC......(sold)
 6754 - U.S. Navy WWII Olive Green 6-Panel CAP

similar to the USAAF Type A-3 Mechanic's Cap
( AAF A-3s are shown below )


6754 - sample Front View and Printed Label
- - - -
6754CS, ES, & FS - USN WWII OG 6-Panel CAP


6754CS - 7 3/8 (Large), Stamped "USN  NXSX 36916", UnUsed.....inquire

6754ES - 7 1/4 (Medium), Stamped "USN   NXsx - 74662", UnUsed.....(sold)

6754FS - 7 1/4 (Medium), Stamped "USN  NXsx - 74662", UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -
6754J, L, & N - OG Cotton Naval 6-Panel Baseball style CAP

6754J - 7 1/8 (Medium), Stamped "NXSX - 70219", UnUsed.....inquire

6754L - 7 (Medium), Stamped "USN, CONT. NXSX 93449", UnUsed.....inquire

6754N - 7 1/8 (Medium), Stamped "U.S.N.  NXsx - 74662", UnUsed.....inquire

6766 - Baseball Caps
- - - -
6766M - VP-4, Crew 10

click on picture for details
- - - -
VP-48 - Crew 3 cap
cap is a dark-black, some of the pics are screwed-up

6766R - medium (no size label) VP-48, probably Crew 3, dated 1978, flying out of Misawa, Japan probably made in Japan due to the high quality workmanship, E-4 Crow chevrons & Aircrew wing embroidered on front, UnUsed........inquire

also on VP-48 patch page

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment for sale in the Catalog and this Site is for Static Display ONLY!

 6904 - Early War Fixed Bale Helmet


6904C - Fixed-Bale, original Paint and chin-strap with Brass Buckle (chin strap has started to come-apart...still an excellent static display), Used........(sold)
- - - -
 6904AD to AI - 1960s Vietnam Era UnUsed M-1 Helmets, NWSM
The Government stored these without the “waffle paper” between each helmet causing scrapes/etc.

All 6904AD to AI, have the "Anchor" stamp on the chin strap metal ends.
- - - -
6904AD, AE, & AF, Steel Pots, NWSM

MWSM = New with Storage Marks

If you need one, send the catalog# and letter suffix....  i.e., 6904AE (that would be the center pot) and ask for quote


- - - -
6904AG, AH, & AI, Steel Pots, NWSM

MWSM = New with Storage Marks

All helmets have the "Anchor" factory stamped on the chin strap metal ends

If you need one, send the catalog# and letter suffix....  i.e., 6904AI (that would be the right steel pot) and ask for quote

samples of approximate mailing costs for these items with Insurance are:
  Germany.....via Air Mail $35.00
New York.....via Priority Mail $20.00

6906 M-1 Helmets

( NO "put-together" rigs )

( most are complete - check: Pictures below & Details in Catalog  )

6906E - Vietnam Era Airborne.......(sold)

6906G - early 1960s dates.......(sold)

6906I - mid-1960s......(sold)
- - - -

6906J - Airborne..........inquire

6906K - Military Policeman (MP), mid-1960s....(sold)

6906L - Airborne, late 1960s........inquire

- - - -

6906P with cover on left

6906P - Captain Bars on Front of Camo Cover, Name and SN inside, ( NOTE: NO longer has a CAMO BAND ), Used.......inquire

6906Q - Airborne, Cover dated 1974, sweatband 1983, other parts are RVN Era......inquire

6906P with cover on left

- - - -
1980s Woodland Rig


6906V - 1980s Airborne Officer's M-1, 95% condition.....(sold)

( see Catalog    for details)

- - - -
6906AA - WWII Steel Pot and Painted Liner

6906AA - SFC's M-1 with Liner: Steel Pot with Original paint and strap, rim is bent ( see picfile below), overall in 85% Condition, Used
Liner with Painted "SFC" Rank and Name on front, horizontal bar on rear, all parts present and wearable, paint in 85% condition, Used
Set in Used Condition.........(sold)
- - - -

( Any parts missing on these Rigs may be available in the Catalog  )

samples of approximate mailing costs for these items with Insurance are:
  Germany via Air Mail $29.00
New York via Priority Mail $15.00

1st Pattern Marine M-1 Cover
( no camo slits or EGA )

6929F - USMC WWII Camo 1st Pattern M-1 Helmet Cover, Excellent Color and Condition....(sold)
WWII Camo 2nd Pattern

chin strap tear show              L-shaped tears: near the crown and one for chin strap near bottom of picture

6930K - USMC (with camo slits) Cover with EGA on both sides, 2 x "L" shaped tears for chin straps to go through (common), L-Shaped tear near the crown (easy repair if you have the material), faint Steel-Pot rim marks, Excellent Color, Used....(sold)

 6933 - 6940, M-1 Helmet Covers & Camo Bands
- - - -

see verbage below for the above picture

6933A - Olive Green M-1 Helmet Cover


6933A - OG Cover, era unknown, has a WWII style Cutter's Tag, UnUsed.....inquire
( some covers do not have Cutter's Tags)

( bad pics - color is closer to the left picture )
 - - - -

6934 - RVN Era Camouflage Bands

no "Cat's Eyes"

6934. -  sample Picfile of RVN Era Elastic Camouflage Bands, Used......inquire

( see Catalog  for details & availablity )
- - - -
6936A - Found near Fort Bragg

Made of 4 x equal panels with an Elastic Band around the edge; loops for the Chin Strap to pass-through.

6936A -  Camo Nylon Parachute material cover for M-1 Helmet, sealed in package,  UnUsed......inquire

I found these in the mid-1990s near Fort Bragg...I have found only one reference to these and that was from an old Sergeant who said they looked similar to the ones he had worn in the 1950-1970 era in different Airborne Units
- - - -
6940 - Vietnam Era Reversible Camo Cover

6940. - sample picfile of Brown-to-Green Reversible M-1 Cover, dated from 1963 to 1970s, UnUsed & Used....inquire
- - - -
6940X - Reversible M-1 Helmet Camouflage Cover, dated 1968

6940X - dated 1968, minor wear marks, Excellent Condition+, Used.......inquire

- - - -
6940Y - Reversible M-1 Helmet Camouflage Cover, dated 1969

6040Y - dated 1969, minor wear marks, Excellent Condition+, Used.......inquire

- - - -
6940QA & RA - ERDL Mitchell pattern Reversible M1 Helmet Covers

6940QA - DPSC contract NO. 9005, no date, Tight-Weave, New-with-Storage-folds, NWSM, UnUsed......(sold)

6940RA - DPSC contract NO. , no date, Loose Weave, New-with-Storage-folds, NWSM, UnUsed......(sold)

( see   Catalog    for Dates, Condition, & Availablity )

- - - -
6944M - M1 Helmet Camo Cover dated 1969

6944M - ERLD Pattern Cotton Duck Helmet Cover, DSA100-69-C-17.., UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
6944 & 6946 - Brown Dominant ERDL Covers

6944. & 6946.  Brown Dominant M-1 Helmet Covers, RVN Era and post-Vietnam Era, Used & UnUsed....inquire

(  see Catalog   )

( also on htm and RVN - 1975 pages )
uir  6947 & 6948 - Woodland Cover for M-1 Steel Pot
- - - -

6947B to E - dated 1976, made of a stiff material similar to a Brown Dominant Cover ( #6946 ), Used.......inquire
( Possibly a transitional Cover between the Brown Dominant and the Woodland patterns(?) )
( This lot came from the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord, CA, circa 1980s )
stamped label reads:
Cover, Helmet Camouflage
( = made by the Minneapolis Society for the Blind, INC. )

6948. - Woodland camo, made of a soft cotton-like material early-1980s - 1990s, UnUsed and Used....inquire
 Last, Jungle/Forest, Camouflage M-1 Covers Issued ( replaced #6946/47 )

6947 ( dated 1976 ) and 6948 ( dates from early-1980s )

6947  and  6948  sample labels

( for M-1 Helmet Covers, see   Catalog    )

6954 - Painted/etc. Liners

6954A - Air Police, WWII era liner


6954A - USAF with "A P" (Air Police) on the Front, WWII style Liner with Khaki Suspension and Sweatband, Leather Chin Strap, Overall in Excellent Condition, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
6954F - 1960s, 124th Army Command Dress Helmet Liner

6954F - 124th ARCOM, decals on both sides, named and SN to a California Volunteer RA19808xxx on the 1965 dated Sweatband, very minor wear; paint, decals, suspension, and etc. in at least 90% condition, Used.......inquire  

- - - -
 6954H - 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division

I would guess it was for a Captain due to the orientation of the device holes


6954H - 10th Mountain Division, 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment, Named,white Westinghouse made LINER  with mold marks “35 D” along with the “W” and oval in a circle, 10th MTN DIV Decal on right-side with “86” hand-painted on left, sweatband clips have started to rust and caused damage to the suspension (see pictures – I removed the sweatband to prevent further damage – I do not have another band to replace the original), leather chin strap buckle unmarked and the leather has broken (I have supplied another chin strap w/o buckle markings), heavy Verdigris on most of the “A” nuts, Nape strap had heavy Verdigris on snaps (I have supplied another Medium Nape Strap), 2 holes for a Rank Device(?) are in the front above the regular grommet hole(see picture), overall it is in Good Condition, Used.....(SOLD)



( also on WWII and 1950-RVN patch pages )
6956 - WWII Era M-1 Helmet LINERs

6956A - 1942-1943 era, by Westinghouse, OD NO. 3 Single Herringbone Suspension (stamped "J & J"), Unpainted Steel "A" Washers, Darker Shade of OD Paint (85% Remaining), Chin strap has the Early "Straight Edge" OD Painted Buckle, minor corrosion/rust on Neck Strap Snaps, suspension has light-rust-stains where the sweatband clips are (I removed the sweatband and put it in a plastic bag), leather chin strap needs a "leather treatment" applied, Used.......(sold)

6956B - WWII Era with Insignia Hole in front, Light Shade suspension Material, Used.........inquire

6956C - WWII Era with Insignia Hole in front, Light Shade suspension Material, Used.....(sold)

- - - -
6956D - M1 Helmet LINER, made by International Molded Plastics, INC.

stamped with the “little man” and a “3” inside the crown


6956D - made by International Molded Plastics, INC., inside the crown, looks like original paint, Suspension is in Excellent Condition, below average wear, Used...inquire

( IMP started making M-1 Liners in 1942 and finished in mid-1945 )

6964A, E, and H - Parachutist's M-1 Helmet LINER

6964A - dated 1983, still has the Government waffle paper protector(see pics below), UnUsed.......inquire
( I removed the liners from the Government box )
6964E - dated July 21, 1967 (DSA-100-68-C-0128), minor fraying on suspension, white paint spots inside & out, shell is "lopsided"(not symetric - see picfile) but works fine in a steel pot, overall in Good Condition, Used.....inquire

( 6964E & H from same Veteran )

6964H - dated July 21, 1967 (DSA-100-68-C-0128), Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire

6964A - New Airborne M-1 Helmet Liners with bundled  Chin Straps on government brown waffle packing paper

6964A - label pic from Carton
- - - -
6964J - Airborne SOLDIER’S STEEL HELMET LINER with Chin Strap

see below for outside picfile for 6964J

6964J - dated December 1965, (DSA100-1916), "TYPE II (COMBAT) SOLDIER’S STEEL HELMET LINER" and cup-style Chin Strap, corrosion on some of the "A" nuts, Used.....inquire

Parts needed to assemble a complete Paratrooper's M-1 Helmet Liner

This Airborne Liner (6964J) comes with the chin strap - other parts shown are available but NOT included in the price of 6964J

6968G - RVN Era Liner set


6968G - dated 31 May, 1967, liner has been repainted, cover dated 1969, Named sweatband dated 1968, Neck Band dated 1969, rig in Overall Good Condition, Used....inquire
(no value in cover - been on the gravel too many times)

( put this rig in a Vietnam era Steel Pot and you would have a Great RVN era M-1 Helmet Complete )

69.., M-1 Liner PARTS

6974B - SWEATBAND for the M-1 Helmet Liner

WWII Era adjustable Head Band with Olive Drab painted  Spring Retainer Clips       
( see Doughboy to GI Book, page 21 and Steel Pot Book, page 122 )

nothing to write home about, but useable

6974B - dated 1945, "SPEC. CQD-63-D, W-11-009-AM-18807, UnUsed....(sold out)
Heavy Storage Marks on the Leather and some spring clips will have corrosion, due to Moisture.
Still functional but no beauties left!
- - - -
6974F - SWEATBAND with OD HBT material

The HBT is similar to Marine Corps cloth pattern???

6974F - HBT material, no markings on the band, has storage marks, probably never used, will list it as, Used......inquire
6978D - M-1 Helmet Liner Sweatband, RVN era

6978D - dated 1967 (DSA-100-67-C-1936), New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed......inquire                     
- - - -
6978F - dated 1980s

6978F - dated 1980s, still tied with white cotton string, Quantity in Stock, UnUsed.......(case has sold)
- - - -
6978AK - SWEATBAND for the M-1 Helmet Liner

 ( Rare RVN Era date and condition )

6978AK - dated July 1960, named, New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed...inquire                   

( see Catalog    for several other dates and condition )

- - - -

6978AM - dated 1969 (DSA-100-69-C-2000), UnUsed..........inquire      
 - - - -
6978AN - M-1 Sweatbands, dated 1966

6978AN - Dated 1966 (DSA-100-4750), stock #8415-153-6671, New-With-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.......(all have sold)
 - - - -
6978AO & 6986H - Sweat & Neck Bands, dated 1966 & 1967

6978AO - dated 1968 (DSA-100-68-0697), stock #8415-153-6671, minor usage by a re-enactor, Used.....inquire   

6986H - dated 1967 (DSA 100-67-C-1094), stock number 8415-153-6670, UnUsed.....inquire
 - - - -

( Many other dates of #6978, see sweatbands available in the   Catalog    )

 - - - -
6982 - Khaki Shade non-adjustable Nape Strap
  - - - -
6982M - Small Nape Straps

( Order by Column Number = "L 1", "R 2", etc. )

    (some may have corrosion on snap-posts = clean with very-fine steel wool )

6982M - Small, approximate length from center of snap-posts is 3 3/16”, UnUsed...(each)....inquire

6982M R-1..........(sold)
6982M L-1..........(sold)
6982M L-3..........(sold)

another picfile of the remaining 6982M
- - - -
6982P Medium Nape Straps

    (some may have corrosion on snap-posts = clean with very-fine steel wool )
( Order by Column Number = "L 1", "R 5", etc. )

6982P - Medium, approximate length from center of snap-posts is 3 5/16”, UnUsed...(each)....inquire
 - - - -
6982R - Long Nape Straps

   ( some may have corrosion on snap-posts = clean with very-fine steel wool )

6982R - Long, approximate length from center of snap-posts is 3 7/16”, UnUsed....(each).....inquire

( Order by Column Number = "L 1", "R 5", etc. )

6082R (R3)..............(sold)
- - - -
6986 - OG adjustable Neckband (Nape Strap)

6986x - Neckband for the M-1 Liner, many 1960s dates, UnUsed

 ( see   Catalog    or Inquire )
- - - -
6987A, M-1 Combat Helmet LINER NECKBAND, dated 1965

Still-in-Government-clear- Plastic-Package

6987A - dated 1965 (DSA 100 1448), stock number 8415-758-6166, UnUsed.......inquire

Other dates available see   Catalog    or Inquire

scanned at 300dpi
6989A and D - Leather Chin Strap for the M-1 Liner

I don't know how to ID the era for chin straps - be your own expert!

6989A and D - Leather Chin Straps for the M-1 Liner, UnUsed and Used..........see below for better pictures

6989A, M-1 Helmet LINER Leather Chin Straps

scanned at 300dpi

6989A  -  LINER Chin Strap, UnUsed.......inquire

6989D, M-1 Helmet LINER Leather Chin Straps

scanned at 300dpi

6989D  -  LINER Chin Strap, Used.......inquire
6990. - Airborne Chin Strap for the M-1 Liner

6990. - Airborne Chin Strap for the M-1 Liner, Used and UnUsed.....inquire
6991A - Removeable Suspension Assembly for the M-1 Liner

6991A - Removeable Suspension Assembly for the M-1 Liner, New-in-Bag, UnUsed.....(each).....inquire
6992 - M-1 Helmet Liner Shock(Impact) PADs

6987A is the Liner "T" Neckband that threads through the holes on this Shock Pad (see the bands above)


6992B - Airborne Impact Pad for the M-1 Liner, New-with-Storage-Marks(MWSM), UnUsed.......inquire

( Used Airborne Impact Pads sometimes available, Ask! )

( other items available for the M-1 Helmet Liner from WWII to post-Vietnam )
7460 - Local Made Garrison style CAP
Similar to Sergeant Stryker's Cap in the movie, Sands of Iwo Jima
see on USMC GEAR page
 888x - Combat Vehicle Crewman's Gear
- - - -
8880 - "Special Purpose" CVC Insulating Helmet Liner, circa 1963
    ( see Stanton's Vietnam War Book, pages 34-35 )

8880A - size 7 1/4, dated 1963, label reads: DSA-1-1596-63-C, 8415-473-6024, Outershell 100% Cotton, Hood Lining 100% NYLON, Crown Lining 100% Wool, both labels need to be re-sewn, a Red "X" was stenciled on the side to prevent a GI from buying and displaying the item, Excellent color, Used....inquire

( Red or Black “X”s were stenciled on items that had been turned-in to the Re-Utilization Organization so a GI (who had lost an item) could not go to Clothing Sales and purchase an item for $1.00 instead of signing a “Statement of Charges” and having $50.00 deducted from his monthly pay. Prior to the “X”s a cloth item was maliciously destroyed by slashing/ripping/etc. so no one could use it. )

8880B - size 7 1/2, dated 1963, label reads: DSA-1-1595-63-C, 8415-473-6025, Outershell 100% Cotton, Hood Lining 100% NYLON, Crown Lining 100% Wool, “care” label need to be re-sewn, Used....inquire

sample of labels
- - - -
8882H, J, K, L, M, & AA - CVC HELMET and Parts
Combat Vehicle Crewman’s Helmet with: Earphones, Mike and Boom, Audio Lead with plug, Liner & Sweatband

( similar to helmet shown in Lyles' Book, pages: 28/29 )

( Helmets Manufactured in 1970, contract was post-dated for a 1971 contract; pre and post dating was a very common practice to balance the Military Budget )

8882H and J - size Regular, dated 1970, label reads: Helmet, Combat Vehicle Crewman, Regular Size, Gentex Corporation, 14 July 1970 DSA100-71-C-0078, black stencil on back “C 1/315” (C/1/315th Infantry Regiment?), Good Condition plus, Used........inquire

8882K, L, and M - size Regular, dated 1970, label reads: Helmet, Combat Vehicle Crewman, Regular Size, Gentex Corporation, 14 July 1970 DSA100-71-C-0078, ( 8882L does not have a clip to hold the cord to your shirt ), Good Condition plus, Used.....inquire

8882AA (PART) – Mike, Boom, and Switch BOX with Audio Cord with Plug, made by “ISC” Telephonics part # SA-1552/G, Used........inquire
( Similar Switch BOX as on the above Helmets, came in the same Government Re-Utilization Auction LOT so I assume it is dated circa 1969 – 1971 )

8882H, J, and AA                                                                         8882K and L

8882H, J, K, L, M, & AA - sample picfiles of Data Label and Inside
 9314F -  WWI wool Overseas Cap


9314F -  7 ¼, WWI wool Overseas (garrison) Cap, screwback “US” on left side and an Infantry Collar insignia on right, label reads: “DONIGER BROTHERS DEPOT CONTRACT NEW YORK 7296 N”, part of the top has been hand-stitched together ( thread can be removed with no damage - see bottom right picture ), verdigris on both discs, sweatband soiled, minor wear, Used...inquire


( also on Army to WWII era patch page )
 9340 - Public Health Service Cap

( PHS Officers working at Ellis Island wore the Army vice Navy Uniforms )

9340B - WWI era PHS Cap with device and side-buttons, NO VALUE in the cap, metal devices are in Excellent Condition, No Hallmark on screwback Cap Badge,
chin-strap buttons have a maker's mark on the reverse but I cannot read it without removing the buttons ( looks like a U. S. maker and it might be "Philadelphia" )
VALUE is in the Metal devices ( do not ask questions about the cap!!! ).......(sold)

( badge has been on cap many years; wear and fade marks match the bottom-outline of the cap badge - see below )
9350B - WWI era Canvas-Wool Winter Cap


9350B - size small, label present but faded, brownish canvas outer material with wool lining, cotton sweatband needs to be cleaned, some mothing on wool facing, Used.......(sold)
 9946C - WWII USAAF 6-panel Cap

Type A-3, Spec. No. 60287-A, Order No. (535) 42-19356-P, ASHLEY HATS, Inc., Property Air Force, U. S. Army


9946C - A-3 Summer Cap for the Army Air Forces, size large, washed once, minor wear, Used........inquire

( mate to 9946D & F = same Veteran's estate )
 - - - -
9946D - Army Air Forces Type A-3 Baseball Cap


9946D - 7 ¼ (modern size Large), also worn by pilots, UnUsed.....(sold)

( mate to 9946C & F = same Veteran's estate )
- - - -
9946F - unusual to find a, New Condition, Large size


9946F - 7 ¼ (modern size, Large), "Type A-3, Spec. No. 6-287-A, Order No. (535) 42-19356-P, ASHLEY HATS, Inc., Property Air Force, U. S. Army", also worn by pilots, UnUsed...........(sold)

( mate to 9946C & D = same Veteran's estate )

- - - -
9946H - WWII 6-panel A-3 Cap

9946H - approximate size is 7 1/4 - 7 3/8, no markings or labels (never had any), UnUsed......inquire

9950A - Vietnam Era USAF Baseball Cap


9950A - 1963 USAF Field Cap, styled like the WWII model, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
9950B - early-Vietnam era USAF cap


9950B - 7 1/4, dated 1963, very-minor wear, Used in Near-New Condition......inquire
- - - -
9950F - early-Vietnam era USAF cap

9950F - 7 ¼, date faded, small paint stain on bill, Used....inquire

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices


Wanted - Fatigues similar to these


If you have: 2-pocket shirts, 4-pocket Jungle Jackets, trousers, caps, and etc. with a similar camouflage pattern,  contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com

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Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

Viewer's disregard this entry:
CIDG "Striker" Caps
( damage to the right-side of rim (same damage = 2 x views )
Great size
3374AA - data label missing aproximate size (7 ¼) Medium, laundry instruction label remains, chin strap cut-off, normal wear, Used.......(sold)
3375 - OG Ripstop Boonie Hat
Great: size, date, & condition
3375L - 7 1/4, dated 1969, UnUsed.....(sold)
3375AA - size 7 ¼, dated 1968, washed twice(?), not much wear, Used....(sold)
( many NEW Condition R/S Boonies in stock, check  catalog  )
5758 - M-43 Pile Cap sample pictures
5758x  samples of M-1943 "Long-Pile" Caps
( only a few M43 Caps have the "Long-Pile" )
( see catalog for availablity )
8881B - dated 1963, size Large, has been repainted(normal), harded to find Model/Size, Used.....(sold)
8882. - dated 1971, size Regular, Used......inquire
( a few 8882s in stock, some are unit marked “C/1/315” on the back )
A & AB - 1960s Vietnam Era UnUsed M-1 Helmets
sample picture of a 6904AA
6904AA - New-with-Storage-Marks, UnUsed.....(each).....inquire  
6904AB - Same lot as 6904AA but with more/heavier Storage marks, UnUsed........(each)........inquire
I found a few UnUsed M-1 Helmets with storage scrapes.  
The Government stored these without the “waffle paper” between each helmet causing scrapes/etc.
3336 - WWII Era OG Cotton Field Caps
3336 - sampling of pattern dated  4/20/1944 of the "RANGER Patrol Cap"
3336A - size 7 1/2 (large), UnUsed....(sold)
3336B - size 7 1/4 (medium), UnUsed......(sold)
3363 - Local Made "Ranger-Patrol" Cap
 Local Made, M51 style OG Cotton Field CAP (with Earflaps)
Made in Asia of the Olive Green Cotton material similar to the texture that most of the
Rank/Badges, made in SEA in the 1960s, were embroidered on
3363D - crudely made, estimated size 7 1/4, 2-layer crown, soft-bill, liner material looks like it is from an OG M-1 Helmet Cover with camouflage slits(see right-picture),
Local made "SCOUTS" Arc, Rank, Last Name, and Last-4 written inside the crown, Used....(sold)
( also on: Army Gear page )
3350 - M-1951 Olive Green Field Cap
3350x  -  Sample of Field Cap with earflaps
3330x - sampling of Field Caps with Earflap
3372L - short-brim Boonie, made in Vietnam
3372L - short-brim Boonie, size “57” (approximate size 7 ¼), vent screens, camo-loops, long chin strap, higher-quality construction, I don’t see any signs of wear, Unused...(sold)
3372 & 3374 - Boonies
3372K  Made in Vietnam...(Sold)
3374U  POPLIN Boonie, dated 1968...(Sold)