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Some Vietnam Items will be found on the Souvenirs page

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment for sale in the Catalog and this Site

are for Static Display ONLY!

Cataloged Items

3370 - ARVN Cap "Ranger Camouflage"

click on picture for details
- - - -
3404H - Large OG 4-pocket Trousers

3404H - OG Cotton 4-pocket fatigue trousers, 37” x 28 ¾” (you could get another 1” on the legs), no markings, washed 2-3 times(Excellent color), YKK metal zipper, exceptionally well-made (double seamed inside the legs like the old U.S. Khaki trousers), Used....inquire
- - - -
 3404K to R - ARVN Issue Cotton Caps

stored since 1989 = need to be re-shaped

 all are heavyweight cotton except 3404N

all are size small - oldest date is 1969

3404K - OG Cotton Cap, size 3, dated 1974, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, Used......inquire

3404L - OG Cotton Cap, size 2, dated 197., ARVN Factory Stamped Label, minor-rust on grommets, Used......inquire

3404M - OG Cotton Cap, size 4, dated 1973, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, Used......inquire

3404N - OG ltWt Cotton Cap, size 3, dated 1969, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, no grommets, “HIEP QUE” (name?) written under bill, red stamp under bill-cannot read, Used......inquire

3404P. OG Cotton Cap, size 2, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, Used......inquire

3404Q - OG Cotton Cap, size ?, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, minor rust on grommets, Used......inquire

3404R - OG Cotton Cap, size 3, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, 2 x holes on rear of crown, Used......inquire

crowns close-up

inside close-up
- - - -
3440 - Women & Men's Dress Uniform Buttons


Left (Silver-tone) - 3440B Women's Uniform Button, Phoenix Bird, loop on back, Used..(each).....35.00

Right (Gold-tone) - 3440D - Men's Uniform Button, Dragon, Used:

Large size.........(each)..........26.00

Small size..........(each)..........21.00

- - - -
3520AS - from the Premier Beer Makers

"Brasseries et Glacieres de L'Indochine"

Sample Picture of ARVN Beer Bottles available
These Beer Bottles were used on all Service Bases of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam to provide low-cost beer for the Troops

3520AS -  examples of the Large Beer Bottle, Used.....(each).....45.00

( 11"+ high, made by "Brasseries et Glacieres de L'Indochine"; the same people who brought you that wonderful "33" stuff )

( These are not the Bottles you will get - this is a SAMPLE picture )
- - - -
Rare pre-1976 beer bottles from Saigon
"33" Export
Biere LaRue


3520BS - "Biere de Luxe", Used.......inquire

3520CS - Biere LaRue, 11" tall, Used.......(sold)

( both bottles made by "Brasseries et Glacieres de L'Indochine" )
- - - -
3520G - Biere LaRue Beer Bottle LABEL

3520G - Label made by Brassiers et Glacieres de L'Indochine, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
3520KS - Excellent Quality - must be older
( a leading Indochina collector believes this is from the 1940-50s )

3520KS - just dug-out of storage, damage to lower-right border area, Used.....inquire

"cont. 45 cl"  "ALC. 3.6% VOL."  "TG/236-94"

( I think "Tien Giang" is where the brewery is located....south of Saigon )

( stored in gray cabinet )
- - - -
 3520 - Armed Forces Soda Bottles

These Soda Bottles were used on all Service Bases of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam
to provide low-cost soft-drinks to the Troops


3520N - painted Military insignia, buried for several years after April of 1975-still has some dirt inside, Used.....inquire

3520P - used on the military bases so the soldiers would have cheaper liquids, painted Military insignia, bottle was buried for several years after April of 1975--still has some dirt inside, Used....inquire
- - - -
3508CF - double-sided Republic of Vietnam FLAG

3508CF - "silky' material, 30” x 47”, cloth loops to attach it, on reverse side are minor water spots and faint black stains on red bar (see picfiles below), the Best RVN Flag I have owned; I don’t remember seeing one as nice, Used...inquire

scanned at 300dpi
probably the Maker's name(?)

faint black stains on bar and minor water spots on the reverse side

( also on: RVN to 1975 and htm pages )
4560 - Issue Vietnamese Canteens

4560A, B, & C 1-quart plastic canteens - see on Equipment page
5710L - ARVN Camo Beret


5710L - ARVN Camo Beret, no label, 7 3/8 - 7 ½, lined with Spot-pattern Parachute Camo material, Black-trace parachute cord for adjuster, has metal Dai-uy (Captain) Rank and a Brass badge with “VIET-NAM CONG-HOA QUAN-THUE” in red letters (I re-soldered one-post on the badge), red dirt stains inside from the dust and sweat, I have been told the badge translates to something like “RVN Customs/Revenue”, overall in Excellent Condition.........inquire
 49803A - Flag Pole FINIAL

11 ½" from Top of Wing to base of Wreath


49803A  -  Metal 2-piece Eagle Finial, Used......(sold)

used by all the Republic of Vietnam Services ( Army(ARVN), Air Force(VNAF), Marine Corps(VNMC), & Navy )   

Not Cataloged
"Advisor's Association Medal"


( see description on the  Army  RVN to 1975  page )
- - - -
 "Chanpioship Rally" Medal - 1954


4th Place finish at a "Chanpioship Rally" for the 125cc Scooter Class on October 10, 1954. Sign on the front of the cycle reads "25", Inscription reads: "GIAI LIEN-HIEP-QUOC  HANG TU SCOOTERS 125CM3 24-10-54", very small letters on the front (see behind the exhaust pipe) and on  the edge which may read "France" and looks like a Hallmark(?). Most of the silver-tone has worn off the brass metal, has Verdigris below the motorcycle, Used....inquire
- - - -
DRAGO made "sideplate" for a Lighter"

approximate size 1 3/16" x 1 5/8"

looks like silver, made by an excellent Company in France, Used.......(sold)

( "sideplate" ID was given by a Viewer - I have not corroborated this ID )
Air Force

Vietnam made F-5

Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam - high-quality workmanship

shown in Robert C. Mikesh's Flying Dragons Book, page 160



( also on USAF Aircraft page, F-5 section )
Vietnamese Air Force National Insignia


VNAF, made by An-Thanh, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Bringback from a 14th SOW Pilot

click on picture for details
- - - -
VNAF Pocket Hanger

see on USAF Ground SQDNs page, Advisors section
- - - -
Advisor's VNAF Pocket Patch

see on USAF Ground SQDNs page, Advisors section
23rd Tactical Wing


Vietnam made woven by BUU-ANH, UnCut, UnUsed.......(sold)

stationed at Bien Hoa, RVN
 114th Observation Squadron


114th Observation Squadron, Vietnam Hand-embroidered (white trace line was put on by the tailor),
larger than normal patch, UnUsed......inquire

( stationed at Danang, Pleiku, & Nha Trang )

( also on htm page )
215th Helicopter Squadron


215th Helicopter SQ, woven by BUU-ANH, UnUsed.......inquire
 524th Fighter Squadron

"THIEN-LOI" = Lightning


524th FS "A-37", looks U.S. made ( could be European made? ), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on USAF Aircraft page )
- - - -
partial History
was flying A-37s by March 1969; first located at Nha Trang - then moved to Phan Rang


3416A  Vietnamese Air Force Officer's Tropical Worsted (TW) SummerJacket with patches.
Woven: "VIET-NAM" arc over a VNAF "TO.QUOC KHONG GIAN" shoulder patch (SSI).
Many moth holes and a few stains, this would make a good static display jacket as the front is in decent condition with only a few holes that would show on a display, value in patches and buttons...........(sold)

(I will remove the patches and buttons if you don't want to pay for the extra shipping costs of the jacket)
- - - -
Vietnam Air Force Shoulder Loops

Bullion on Black Velvet Epaulet Loops

VNAF Thieu Uy (2nd Lieutenant) epaulet loops, Used....(sold)

Trung Tuong (General) shoulder loops, Used......(sold)
( looks like the right one has harness wear abrasion between the wings )
  Hand-embroidered Pilot's Badge

Untrimmed, Velvet Panel, Made in Vietnam

Excellent Quality HE VNAF Pilot's Wings, Unused......inquire

( also on Home page )
Air Vietnam Items

AVN & USAF Advisory Beercan

probably a Joint Repair Facility in Saigon

see on USAF Ground SQDNs page, Advisors section
Air Vietnam Warrants to Japanese Travel  Companies

( all will have storage-damage to the edges )

Sample Picture

Warrants to Japanese Travel Companies granting the right to represent Air Vietnam in Japan, Large (15" x 11.5"), the Travel Company's Name and City may be different, Used...........inquire
Air Vietnam drink COASTER

made in Vietnam, New with Storage Marks, Inquire on Availablity and Pricing

( I also have some Japan made Coasters which are similar to the Vietnamese made )
 Air Vietnam Stewardess Wing

( RARE )


Vietnam made Wing with Original Screwbacks, one post is bent but still functional, Used......(sold)  
1967 Air Vietnam Agenda Book

( a Day Planner )

approximately 1" thick, no back cover but I think the last page is intact, Good Overall Condition for the troubles it has been through, Used.......inquire

Badges, DIs, ID Cards, Medals, Patches, & etc.

CIDG Training Center Graduation card from Phu Quoc Training Center

scanned at 300dpi

( see on Special Forces page for details )
Identification Cards

Refer to the GROUP Number and give the card number in the Upper-Right corner when inquiring
- - - -
Group One

example inquiry: if you want the top-left card....request a price on "Group One, upper-left #505325"

- - - -
Group Two

- - - -
Group Three

- - - -
Group Four

- - - -
Group Five

Refer to the GROUP Number, card position, & give the card number( in the Upper-Right corner) when inquiring

example: "Group Five, upper-right, 301868"

Infantry School Service(visor) Cap Insignia


screwback (good condition), some of the motto has rubbed-off, I removed the badge from a worn-out Khaki saucer cap, Used.....inquire

( stored with patches )
- - - -
FLEUVE ROUGE = Red River = Song Hong

made by Drago

( from the info I have this is circa 1947 - 1952 )

scanned at 300dpi

"DRAGO-PARIS-NICE" "43. R. OLMER METRA" "DEPOSE", Unknown usage, Excellent Condition, Used......inquire

( "Depose" = official or ? )

TO-QUOC-TRI-AN (Military Merit Medal), 2nd Republic


excellent quality and condition, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
Armed Forces Honor Medal

1st Class for Officers with the French-style long pins



One of the highest-quality Vietnamese made medals I have seen, was stored in a U. S. GI jewel case = exceptional clean, as-New.......75.00

( stored in gray cabinet )
( also on RVN to 1975 )
- - - -
Airborne Advisor's Ribbons

from the An-Thanh Shop

circa 1968, New or near-New condition, Used......inquire
- - - -
Technical Service Medal, 2nd Class

made by KY-Thua Vietnam Boi-Tinh


ribbon needs to be pressed, Used......inquire
- - - -
Civil (Civic) Action Medal - 1st Class




 "Mosquito" ARVN Insignia


'NGUYEN-HUE' arc, 'CHIEN DICH' 'THOAI NGOC HAU', Bullion-Wool with snaps on back for Dress Uniform, made in Vietnam, from an Officer's Grouping, Used......(sold)
( also on: army RVN & htm pages )

"Sword/Star" ARVN Insignia


'TRUONG DAI-HOC QUAN-SU', bullion and wool with snaps on back for Dress Uniform, made in Vietnam, from an Officer's Grouping, Used.......inquire

"130" ARVN Insignia


'TRUNG DUAN DAI PHUONG 130', hand-embroidered on Wool with snaps on back for Dress Uniform, made in Vietnam, from an Officer's Grouping, Used......(sold)

"134" ARVN Insignia


'TRUNG DUAN DAI PHUONG 134', hand-embroidered on Wool with snaps on back for Dress Uniform, made in Vietnam, from an Officer's Grouping, Used.......inquire

Woven Insignia

Vietnam Marine Corps, Brigade level, woven by Buu-Anh, hemmed but UnUsed........inquire

Old design of the "Saigon Guard Battalion" (not sure of ID), hemmed but UnUsed.....inquire

NCO School (academy), hemmed but UnUsed.......inquire

Finance School, by Buu-Anh, hemmed but UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Regional Forces


cut and ready to fold-edges-over-and-sew, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Artillery patch

I understand this is an above average insignia


UI Artillery patch, Unused......inquire
- - - -
ARVN 7th Infantry Division, Signal Section

I understand this is not a common 7th ID patch


Made in Vietnam, collector's label and writing on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
ARVN School


collector's label and scrapbook residue on back, Unused......inquire
- - - -
Thu-Duc Officer's School

Woven patch by Buu Anh, UnUsed...........inquire

printed patch, UnCut..............inquire

Beercan in Latin, Used......inquire

Beercan in Vietnamese on Red Velvet, Used......inquire

- - - -
Vietnamese Medic's Insignia

uncut, Vietnamese made, UnUsed.....inquire

lots of glue from scrapbook on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
Republic of Vietnam, Military Tab and Patch

"Q. L. V. N. C. H." = Quan Luc Viet Nam Cong Hoa = Republic of Vietnam, Military

Joint General Staff (JGS)


Viet printed Tab, UnUsed....45.00
( I don't know who wore the arc - I have never found anyone who has seen one )

JGS Woven patch, scrapbook residue, UnUsed......80.00
( Pocket Patch worn by Americans who did not want to get held-up at the Main Gate to the JGS Compound )
- - - -
Ruff-Puff, VNMC, and ARVN Ranger

Regional Forces, UnUsed.............inquire

Local Forces, UnUsed..........inquire

Marine Corps, UnUsed......inquire

ARVN Ranger, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
Veteran's Bringbacks

Manh-Ho by Chieu Anh, RFU, Used.....inquire

from same Veteran as above, unfinished but was worn, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
Quan-su Cahn-sat (QC)

 Vietnam Armed Forces Military Police (MP)

rust spots at top-border are from a Vietnamese straight-pin, UnCut, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU, Used.........inquire

 Special "Bulk" Section of Vietnam WOVEN Insignia

these have been in storage for 15 years - time to sell

Refer to the PIC Number and Position of the Patch when inquiring
- - - -


price per patch..........21.00

refer to PIC-1 and state which position the patch is in = "PIC-1, Top Center, 101 SP Artillery patch"
- - - -


price per patch..........21.00

refer to PIC-2 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -


center patch.........(sold)

VNMC patch............(sold)
- - - -

price per patch.........50.00

Upper-Left "Canh Sat Tu Phap" has sold
Upper-Right  "Giang Canh"  has sold
Bottom-right "Manh-Ho" has sold

refer to PIC4 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -

RF (old design)....................66.00

RF (old design)....................65.00

2/2 SOI THAN "Fox"............45.00

2/2 SOI THAN "Fox"............47.00

2/2 SOI THAN "Fox"............48.00

white sword on blue shield........40.00

RVN Flag with sword/bow/arrow................35.00

refer to PIC-5 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -

price per patch.........25.00

Orange Drange......(sold)
7th ID...............(sold)

refer to PIC-6 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -

price per patch.........25.00

refer to PIC-7 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -


price per patch.........25.00

refer to PIC-8 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -
Special "Bulk" Section of WOVEN Insignia

these have been in storage for 15 years - time to sell

Refer to the PIC Number and Position of the Patch when inquiring

Printed Insignia

Special "Bulk" Section of Vietnam PRINTED Insignia

Refer to the PIC Number and Position of the Patch when inquiring
- - - -


price per patch...........25.00

bottom-right Tiger...........(sold)

refer to PIC-1 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -


price per patch...........25.00

right Elephant...........(sold)

refer to PIC-2 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -


Medical Corps..........inquire


1st Engineers..........inquire

refer to PIC-3 and state which position the patch is located
- - - -

"National Police - To Serve the People"
I don't think I have ever met a Vietnamese that believed this motto.

TO-QUOC NHAN-DAN, Rural Developement Cadre, stain at 1800, UnUsed......iqnuire

National Police 'CANH SAT QUOC GIA PHUC VU-DONG BAO', UnUsed......inquire

8th Armor........inquire

67th Artillery.....inquire

refer to PIC-4, then state which position the patch is located
- - - -
Special "Bulk" Section of PRINTED Insignia

Refer to the PIC Number and Position of the Patch when inquiring

 Quang Da Special Zone Pocket Hanger

I believe it was up North close to the 17th parallel


small Pocket Hanger with a printed patch, looks new, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
5th Infantry Division Pocket Hanger


5th ID, Used.....(sold)
- - - -

25th ARVN Infantry Division, stationed at Cu Chi.......(sold)
- - - -
212th Trinh Sat RECON


made in Vietnam, glue residue on back, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
ARVN Martial Arts School


UnTrimmed, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Rural Developement post-1967-68



printed, I think this was the Black Pajama crowd, UnUsed...inquire

Chieu-Hoi, Hoi-Chanh,
& Kit Carson Scouts

Chieu-Hoi Program

10 page Booklet, dated 1974, Used.....inquire

"Chieu-Hoi" printed patch, minor storage dirt stains, UnUsed.......inquire

( stored with RVN patches )
- - - -
Kit Carson Scouts

"Hoi Chanhs" who volunteered for duty against the Communists
( KCS = Hoi-Chanh Vien = "member who has returned" = former VC/NVA that had rallied ( "Chieu Hoi-ed" to the RVN )



Kit Carson Scout Arc (KCS Tab), Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
In IV CORPS, KCS units were lead by U. S. Personnel and composed of Hoi Chanhs
Hoi Chanhs were selected by American Units, trained, and then integrated into their RECON Units


3580A - BDQ "Black Tigers" Print with Artist's signature

Large "BIET DONG QUAN" print, 14" x 19 1/2"

3580A - ARVN Ranger “Black Tigers” 14 x 19 ½ Print signed by the Artist, on heavy photo type paper, Excellent Used Condition........inquire

( enlarged scan of signature below )

scanned at 300dpi

Anyone know the name of this Artist?  I cannot read his signature.

Artist's signature scanned at 300dpi

Anyone know the name of this Artist?  I cannot read his signature.
- - - -

6th Vietnamese Ranger Group - 4 5/8" Scroll, Viet HE, UnUsed......Inquire

Ranger Insignia - Viet Woven, UnUsed.......inquire

NUNG FORCES  Nung Securitv Platoon Phu Dinh, Viet printed, stained, variation, UnUsed..(sold)

- - - -
Ranger patch printed on heavy material


well-made patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
7940LM - 199th LIB & RANGER Tab with ARVN RANGER


( see on RVN to 1975 Army patch page, 199th LIB section )
Ranger Tabs (ARC)
- - - -

I understand this Tab has uncommon colors(?)

Worn in IV Corps, made in Vietnam, a clear, thin, plastic backing has been applied to maintain the shape (great idea), UnUsed...inquire
- - - -
 ARVN Ranger LRRP Arc

Ranger Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol


Camouflage Tab with the thin Plastic and cheesecloth backing, Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire

( also on Army Ranger/SF page )
- - - -

Ranger Qualification Badges
- - - -

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

subdued badge with the old collector's ID tape on the back, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on Army Ranger/SF page )
- - - -
Vietnam ARVN Ranger Qualification Badge

probably made by a PX Concessionaire, on heavier cloth than normal, UnUsed......inquire

looks PX purchase, on normal thin Badge material, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
ARVN Ranger Qualification Badge


Found in an OG-107 shirt pocket, was folded and ironed but never sewn-on, UnUsed............(sold)
 ARVN Ranger Beret Badge

scanned at 300dpi = all of it's age shows

pinback Beret badge, Used.......inquire

( also on Army Ranger/SF page )
Ranger RECON Qualification


scanned at 300dpi

RECON badge, Vietnam made, UnUsed.........inquire
ARVN Ranger Beercan with pinback


5/8" BDQ DI made in Republic of Vietnam, Used......inquire

TD 241 - 241st Regional Force Battalion, Vietnamese ME, UnUsed.......inquire

Tieu Doan Bien Phong Biet Dong Quan 74 - 74th Ranger BN(?), Vietnamese ME, UnUsed.....inquire

Trinh-Sat - III Corps Ranger RECON Arc, Viet ME, ("to raid and kill in a strong force"), UnUsed.....inquire

Tham-Sat - II Corps Ranger RECON Tab, Viet ME, ("investigate, watch, follow, raid & kill in secret"), UnUsed....inquire

Thien-Loi - III Corps Ranger "Ligtning Team" Tab, Vietnamese machine-made(ME), ("Thunder God"), UnUsed.....inquire
(Buddhist believe thunder was made by this God; implies this Unit is as strong as the Thunder God)   

Thien Uy and Trung Uy Ranks

2nd and 1st Lieutenant's Ranks

scanned at 300dpi

2LT's rank, Used......inquire

single 1LT's rank, Used.....inquire

pair of 1LT rank, Used......inquire
- - - -
Dai-Uy Rank

Captain's Rank

scanned at 300dpi

Screwbacks (very uncommon for Viet rank), looks like late-1950s to early-1960s quality, screwbacks look like Brass, as-new, UnUsed.....inquire
( I think the card they are mounted on is the Original from the maker )

minor wear, if any, Used.........inquire

very-nice pair, Used......inquire
- - - -
Thieu Ta Rank

Major's Rank

scanned at 300dpi

single Major's rank, Used......inquire


right device, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Dai Ta Rank

Colonel's Rank

scanned at 300dpi



- - - -
Military Cadet's Shoulder Boards

I don't know which academy used this style

Academy epaulets for a Cadet, UnUsed.....inquire.....(sold)

anyone know which school wore these?
Provincial Reconnaissance Unit

Awarded for completion of the PRU Basic Course at Vung Tau
- - - -
Sandcast PRU Beret Badge


made in Vietnam, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Sandcast with Grooved Blade


made in Vietnam, Used.....inquire
- - - -
PRU Beret Badge


Vietnam made, Used.......inquire
- - - -
PRU Beret Badge


made in Vietnam, Used.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Badge was worn on the Beret, or Left Pocket; metal and cloth badges were worn
Most PRU Badges were very crudely made
PRUs were run by the CIA until the RVN National Police gained control  
SF, Marine, and other U.S. Personnel Advised and Led the Units

 Regional & Popular Forces

 pre-1961 Self Defense Force

Later know as the Popular Forces(PF), the boys at the bottom of the Totem Pole for everything.
Many of them never had boots/hats/etc. and were left holding the "bag" when the main-force ARVN/VNMC headed south.


DAN-VE pocket Hanger, Used.....(sold)

DAN-VE-DOAN, VI DAN TRU BAO, Beret Badge, Used.......inquire
loose translation
DAN-VE-DOAN = Self Defense Force(group)
VI DAN TRU BAO (Vietnamese proverb) = We defend our People and Country
 - - - -
Regional Forces = RF
Popular Forces = PF
"RUFF-PUFFS" = referring to both units


for ARVN Armor patches see patch section above

ARVN Tanker Qualification Badge

larger badge than the normal PX item, made on heavy material, UnUsed.......inquire

looks like a PX purchase, on thin material, UnUsed........inquire

made of heavier OG cotton, RFU, Used......inquire

( also on RVN - 1975 page )
- - - -
Enlisted Tanker's Beret Badge

RFU beret, Used......inquire

( also on RVN - 1975 page )
- - - -


 Vietnamese Airborne Group - circa 1955 - 1959

4 x variations made by An-Thanh
( I understand this shop was known as "Cheap Charlie's" )

Hand-embroidered on Wool

#1, UnUsed.....47.00

#2, UnUsed....48.00

#3, UnUsed.....49.00

#4, UnUsed....(sold)

Jump Status Badge


"sand-cast" made in Vietnam, clutch backs have been on the badge for a long time, Used........inquire
 - - - -
Airborne Quartermaster
Thieu Uy rank
Jump Status

all posts present

scanned at 300dpi

ABN QM School, Used.....(sold)

rank, Used.....(moved to the rank section)

winged-sword, Used....inquire

( QM and 2LT items came together )
- - - -
Woven & Printed

Large 4"(emblem only) UnCut Badge, woven in Vietnam, collector's tape on back near top, UnUsed....inquire

Vietnam woven badge, RFU, Used.......inquire

Printed in Vietnam, RFU OG-107 shirt, (see printed ARVN wing below=same Veteran), Used......inquire

( also on: SF and Airborne pages )
- - - -
Vietnamese Jump Status Badges

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam Pocket Insignia


Larger size pocket patch, Excellent Vietnam hand embroidered cloth badge, UnUsed........inquire
( tailor took their time and put some pride in it )

Viet hand embroidered, Used........inquire

Vietnam hand-embroiderd on twill, Used.......inquire

( also on: SF and Airborne pages )
 Airborne Grouping

removed from an old French camo jacket

ARVN Airborne Division, RFU, Used........inquire

woven Jump Status Badge, torn at the top and right side(rough removal), RFU, Used......inquire

Vietnamese Master Jump Badge, RFU, Used......inquire

ARVN Senior Parachutist's Badge

scanned at 300dpi

1 x nail has broken-off at the soldered base, former owner tried to glue it on, Used.......inquire
Hand-embroidered Parachutist's Badges


subdued Hand-embroidered Master Para Wing, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

color Hand-embroidered Para Wing on Ranger camo pattern, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

subdued Hand-embroidered Para Wing, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
ARVN Jump Wings - Vietnam made

( Wings 1 - 4 are from the same Veteran's shirts )

1 - silver-on-OG, ARVN Jump Wing, RFU, Used........inquire

2 - silver-on-OG, ARVN Jump Wing, RFU, Used........inquire

3 - silver-on-OG, ARVN Jump Wing, RFU, Used.........inquire

4 - silver-on-OG, ARVN Jump Wing, RFU, Well-Worn, Used......(free to the buyer of the Wing: 1, 2, or 3)

Top-Right - subdued Hand-embroidered Jump Wing, UnUsed.....inquire

UnTrimmed Woven Jump Wing, UnUsed......inquire

Woven Jump Badge, RFU, Used.....inquire

Bottom - Woven Jump wing, RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -
Master Jump Badge, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam


- - - -
Machine made Jump Badges

Basic, UnUsed.......inquire

Senior, Used and UnUsed.....inquire

Master, UnUsed.......inquire

Master Variation with Black Star, made on heavy-weight cloth and has a gauze backing, UnUsed.....inquire  
- - - -
Airborne - Ranger

Left picture - "24 Hours of Rest!"

Right picture - "Enjoying one day's Rest"

These pictures are not for sale - thought you might like to look!
- - - -
Small RECON Arc


1 15/16" Tab, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
ARVN Airborne Division


Vietnamese Airborne Division (1965 - 1975 era), Viet Printed, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Printed Jump Status and Badge Group

from one Veteran's OG-107 shir


Printed Jump Status, RFU, Used.....(moved above with woven badges)

Printed Jump Wings, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
Army of the Republic of Vietnam Bullion Beret Badge

worn on their Red Berets


UnCut ARVN Bullion thread Airborne Beret Badge, made in Vietnam, Rare, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Vietnamese Basic Jump Wing




- - - -
Vietnamese Master Jump Badge

Master Parachutist's woven insignia, UnCut, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
 ARVN Airborne Tab

( ID from Cecil Smythe's Army Book, Airborne section, variation 15 )


Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on Army Airborne page )
- - - -

Vietnamese Airborne Units

Woven Vietnamese Airborne Units:

Top-Row, left ( NO ID )

Top-Row, center, 61st/6, ( NO ID )

Top-Row, right......(sold)

Center-Row, left ( NO ID )

Center-Row, center ( NO ID )

Center-Row, right ( NO ID )

Bottom-Row, left ( NO ID )

Bottom-Row, center ( NO ID )

Bottom-Row, Right, 82nd/8

3 have scrapbook residue, all are UnUsed.........(each)......inquire

( I got the 2 Company IDs from "Angels in Red" book )

( see U. S. ARMY pages for other Airborne items )
- - - -
6th Parachute Battalion Badge

scanned at 300dpi

"Tieu Doan Nhay Du Vietnam", hallmarked "Drago Paris", UnUsed.......inquire

UI #147 - any idea what this was for?

click on picture for details
- - - -
UI#219 -  "VIETNAM" arcs (2" wide) are crudely cast in brass, parachute is stamped(well made), possibly made in Vietnam, European style loops on reverse. No markings, any ideas?

click on picture for details

End Airborne Section

circa 1955 - early-1960s Infantry Collar Insignia

ARVN 1st pattern Bullion on Black Wool


Bullion Sword and Rifle with Helmet on Black wool facing (facing is a little darker than the picture shows),
the matching pair on top have mothing, Used...(pair)....65.00

 ( bottom single is free with the pair - came from same Veteran )

 3506AH - Officer's Leadership School Book

Nha Trang - Class of 1972

Book would be ideal for a Vietnamese-American Militaria Museum


3506AH - has had some very-rough storage but I believe 99% of the Information is still intact, Book is approximately 1.5" thick, maybe 125-200 Graduate photos ( I did not count them? ), many of the photos are autographed ( maybe 60-75%...I have not counted them ), Inquire for price........(sold)


many of the young Officers have written their New-duty assignments along with their names


One young Officer, Ly Van Nam, was going to the "7th Fleet"


( disregard this verbage, only for search engines: DE II Bao Binh, Thanh-to hai-quan, Tran-Hung-Dao, Tran-van Chon, TTHLHQ,
Hai Quan Nha Trang, Vai net ve Trung tam Kuan luyen, Hai-Quan Dai Ta Nguyen-Trong-Hiep, CH.T_T.T.H.L_H.Q_N.T, Bo Chi Huy, Truong Si Quan Hai-Quan, Khoi van-hoa Vn, Lien Doan SVSQ/HQ, Cong Quan Truong, Vai net ve khoa 23, Lien dai doi S,V.S.Q. HQ 25, Can-bo Tham-muu, Hai-doi IZP, HQ 402, TDYT Cat Lai, TDYT Ben Luc, CCYT/TV Qui-nhon )
- - - -
3506BA - "Purple" Utility Cap

click on picture for details

- - - -

Naval Officer's Full-sized Visored Cap Badge

Bullion cap (billed) device, UnUsed.........(sold)

Cap badge, similar to above but has a sequin on the anchor, UnUsed..........57.00

( both badges need to be re-folded and ironed )

Marine Corps
3507AFS -VNMC Olive Green early-Pattern Field Jacket

made in Japan by "Department of Army, Japan" (DAJ) contract

I would guess this is a Rare jacket


3707AFS - Vietnamese Marine Corps early Pattern OG Field Jacket made in Japan “DAJ” = Department of the U. S. Army, Japan, “HAMA” zipper, all snaps and the zipper works, small black stains on front-bottom(see pic below), small snags on front-bottom(see picture below), Good Color, Used......inquire

stamped NECK label reads in part:
S......5 (maybe the "size")
DAJ D.3 – 61 – 0558
(top row is 100%, 2nd and 3rd rows are hard to read)

stamped neck label

snags and stains on front             HAMA zipper


Marine Corps of Vietnam, Brigade (Black Background) Level: Beercan DI, Woven Patch, and the Harris Tailor's  Bag they were brought home in, UnUsed.......RARE..(Sold)

Vietnamese Marine Corps Beret Badge

Vietnamese Hand-Embroidered


UnTrimmed, Unused.......inquire
( stored in RVN box )

( also on USMC page)

Clothing, Equipment, Plaques, & etc.

3508AH - Military Brass Whistle

GI bringback

3508AH - Brass “Military of the Republic of Vietnam” Whistle, stamped: “CHIEN THANG” “Q.L.V.N.C.H.”, missing lanyard ring, Used.....inquire

CHIENG THANG = victory

QLVNCH = Republic of Vietnam, Military
- - - -
3508AJ - Vietnamese Military Police Brass Whistle


3508AJ - missing lanyard ring and cork ball, Used......inquire
- - - -
3508BL - ARVN IV Corps Shooting Plaque 1967

see on Army RVN to 1975 page, "Commands" section

Documents & Paper


Possible pre-1940 Vietnamese Envelope, has a cheese cloth backing (see right picture), preprinted for the Indochina Cigarette Company to mail to London, staining and damaged edges (been laying in Saigon for 50 years(+)), UnUsed......inquire

( I have about 10 in stock....make offer for all )

Envelopes & Stamps

Most Items in this section will be Ngay Dau Tien "First Day Issue" ("Premier Jour d'Emission")


10-12-58, United Nations looking stamps dated 10-12-58.........13.00

1-11-64, Commemorates the Revolution on 1-11-1963.......(sold)
 - - - -
Premier Jour d'Emission

( First Day of Issue Cover and Envelopes )



1955......... (sold)

 - - - -



1972......bottom (torn on left side)....15.00
- - - -

First Day of Issue 1972, Popular Defense   Forces, Nhan-Dan-Tu-Ve......(sold)
First Day of Issue 1972, Popular Defense Forces (PF), Nhan-Dan-Tu-Ve............26.00

First Day of Issue 1964, Republique du     Vietnam, la Revolution du 1-11-1964........(sold)
- - - -

RVN Money

I know nothing about currency, notes or coinage;
don't ask any Guru level questions!

Circa 1950s?


Inquire for Pricing

Vietnamese merchants held their notes together with "cheap-straight-pins";
some of the notes listed below will have pin-holes and some will have rusty-pin-holes

All Notes have been scanned at 300dpi so you can see the: Good, Bad, and Ugly = eschew obfuscation.

Mot Dong

Hai Dong

large Nam Dong

 red Nam Dong

- - - -

Muoi Dong, bottom-right corner missing

Mot Tram Dong

- - - -

Hai Tram Dong XA354248, 1/2 tear on right-side

Hai Tram Dong W967148

Circa 1960s?

All Notes have been scanned at 300dpi so you can see the: Good, Bad, and Ugly = eschew obfuscation.

Muoi Dong 107726

Muoi Dong 265147

Muoi Dong 265149

Hai Muoi Dong 338227

Hai Muoi Dong 629566

Hai Muoi Dong 769221

- - - -

Nam Tram Dong A6 760984, if interested-ask about pinhead sized holes

Nam Tram Dong V6 534612

- - - -
Bac Gia (counterfeit) 500 Dong notes

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong S7 016738

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong S7 016701

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong S7 016711

- - - -
Bac Gia (counterfeit) 500 Dong notes


Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186303

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186311

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186340
- - - -
Bac Gia (counterfeit) 500 Dong notes


Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186346

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186401

Bac Gia Nam Tram Dong U5 186407
- - - -
Circa 1964 to ?


Mot Dong, A2 342202

One dong, N1 844863

Mot Tram dong, 500 dong, A2 481095
- - - -

Hai Muoi dong, B1 527573

20 dong, H4 991722

twenty dong note, X6 588407
- - - -
Circa 1966 to ?


Nam Muoi dong, M.3 682859

Mot tram dong, Z4 827465

Hai Tram dong, G.3 985430
- - - -
Republic of South Vietnam Mot Tram dong

100 dong bill, F5 523340

- - - -
Circa 1969 - 1971


Hai Muoi Dong:

B.87. 160414

B.87. 160422

B.95. 338454
- - - -

Nam Muoi dong, B.11. 720159

50 dong note, B.11. 720163

Mot Tram dong, J6 025031

100 dong bill, X5 410766

- - - -

Hai Tram dong, N2 887859

200 dong note, N2 967621

Nam Tram dong, J8 906675
- - - -
1969 - 1971 1000 dong notes with CONSECUTIVE Serial Numbers

Sold as a set

Mot Ngan Dong, G4 833824

Mot Ngan Dong, G4 833825

Sold as a set

- - - -
1972 to 1975


Nam Muoi dong, A66 683219

50 dong bill, A78 234586

50 dong note, A78234592
- - - -

Mot Tram dong, A70 388159

100 dong, A95 586779

Hai Tram dong, Y1 932852
- - - -
Tiger and Bank Building notes, circa 1972 - 1975


Nam Tram dong, F8 764744

Mot Ngan dong, M5 524383

Inquire for Pricing

Vietnamese merchants held their notes together with "cheap-straight-pins";
some of the notes listed above will have pin-holes and some will have rusty-pin-holes

All Notes have been scanned at 300dpi so you can see the: Good, Bad, and Ugly.

North Vietnam
NVN Medal and Rank


"Quyet Thang", Used.....inquire
( may mean:  "Resolve to Win" or "Resolution for Victory" )

NVA Private's pair of collar rank, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -

UI#244.  "VIETNAM KHANG CHIEN", any idea what this is for or who used it?
                Soviet style backing behind the ribbon, heavy construction, not typical of Commie workmanship?


If you have information on this medal, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

- - - -

4563B - early CHICOM NVA "split-yoke Harness"

                                                                                                                  correct color

4563B - not much wear, named on strap, paint and straps faded from the sun, Excellent Condition, Used.....inquire

                                                                                                    last name on strap

NVA Soldier's Letters to his Family, circa 1966 - 68

Last censor's entry is October 1968 = I assume he died in the South

2 x Letters with Propaganda logos (NVN Sailors and Air Force MIG shooting-down U. S. aircraft)
2 x Letters after he infiltrated down the Ho Chi Minh trail
(1 envelope is made from a newspaper and the other was done with a lined-pad)
I had some of one letter read to me and the Soldier was deeply committed to fighting for Uncle Ho
Overall in Good condition from the travels they have had....(sold)

1917 - 1977 "Red Revolution" Commemoration Letter


Viet Cong

National Liberation Front

3509AM - Viet Cong Flag

- - - -
NLF (Viet-Cong) Beercan


nut will not turn-threads are ok ( bolt/nut needs soaked in WD-40), Used......inquire
- - - -


VC medal for something, Used......inquire

NLF Money

I know nothing about currency, notes or coinage;
don't ask any Guru level questions!

National Liberation Front (NLF), circa 1963 to ?

better known as the Viet Cong

Inquire for Pricing

All Notes have been scanned at 300dpi so you can see the: Good, Bad, and Ugly.
- - - -

Mot Dong DO 027052

Hai Dong AV 472875

1 dong bill DO 027058

2 dong NA 714988

- - - -

Nam Dong CT 162953

Muoi Dong MU 441545

- - - -
National Liberation Front, circa 1963 to ?

Nam Muoi Dong TD 383208

Viet Cong 50 Dong bill TD 383407

Vietnamese Imperial Items


Silver-tone Bai, GI bring-back, Chinese characters read: "Imperial Award" or something similar, Used.........Inquire

( I am sure this is not a completely correct translation;  feel free to tell me the correct translation! )

Copper-tone Bai, 2" x 2" with Neck-ribbon hanger, GI bring-back, inquire for price
(stored in "D" bldg)

Vietnamese Miscellaneous Civilian Items



Older Serial Numbered "Piggybanks" from Saigon, Vietnam, made in America, no keys
3 banks available:
Left Bank SN 4965, has coins..............85.00
Center Bank SN 4029, has coins.........84.00
Right Bank SN 2729, has coins............83.00

data plate                                 bottom of bank

French Indochina Money

I know nothing about currency, notes or coinage;
don't ask any Guru level questions!

Inquire for Pricing

All Notes have been scanned at 300dpi so you can see the: Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Banque de l'Indochine


Giay Mot Dong Vang, Une Piastre 3219434

Mot Tram Dong Vang, 100 Piastres T393658
- - - -
Governement General de L'Indochine

Payables au Porteur en Indochine en Especes


Muoi Xu, 10 cents, 227377 CT

10 cents, XP 424 395

Hai Muoi Xu, 20 cents, 691086 BZ

Nam Muoi Xu, 50 cents, 872761 CF
- - - -
Governement General de L'Indochine


Nam Xu, 5 cents, 322052 H

Mot Hao, Dix cents, 10 cents, HD 251.046

Hai Hao, Vingt cents, 20 cents, RE 247.291

Nam Hao, Cinquante cents, 50 cents, JB 245.265
- - - -
Institut D'Emission des Etats du Cambodge du Laos et du Vietnam


Viet Phat Hanh, Giay Mot Dong, Une Piastre, A.13590707

Nam Dong, Cinq Piastres, 067620

- - - -
 FANK Special Forces Beret Flash

FANK = Force Armee Nationale Khmere


- - - -
Khmer Commando & Marine Commando

Khmer Commando 537, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

Marine Commando Beret Flash, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
"Khmer Air Force Headquarters(command)"

"Republic of Khmer"


Insignia for the Cambodian Air Force Headquarrters, made in Thailand or by a Cambodian Tailor Shop using Thai methods, UnUsed.......inquire

( came with UI#182 - click this   link  for that patch )
- - - -
Military Assistance and Advisory Group, Cambodia

click on pictures for details
- - - -
Air Base 122

located at Battambong, Cambodia


made in Cambodia, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
all from same collection - many will have scrapbook residue on the backs

UI red background, Unused......inquire

UI yellow/red, UnUsed.....inquire

Lao Women's section/corps/etc. patch, UnUsed.....inquire

RECON Skull, Unused.....inquire

7th airborne outfit, UnUsed......inquire

UI shield patch, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -

UI naval style patch, UnUsed.......inquire

possibly a Military Region 4(?), Unused.....inquire

UI, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
"LAOS" Arc

Tab made in Laos, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
Laotian Guerrilla

Guerrilla Raider Force, no backing(printed like a Viet patch), written on the back is "Laos Raider school", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

3rd Military Region Special Guerrilla Unit, thin "see-through" plastic backing, written on the back "Laos 3rd Group Commando", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

( right patch moved to the Thailand section below )
- - - -
"Powerful/Mighty" Jungle Tigers - Unit 3

Arc reads:
"gamlang seua pa pak 3"
-"gamlang" = power
-"seua" = tiger
-"pa" = jungle/forest
-"pak" = region/area

Anyone know any info on this unit?


arc has a thin-clear-plastic backing, came with other SEA patches, stained on the "W", Unused.......inquire
- - - -
Royal Lao Air Force (RLAF) TAC

( see details on the 56th SOW page )
- - - -
Royal Laotian Customs Service

pre-Coalition Government of 1974

Both from same Collection

dark background, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
Royal Laotian Army Volunteer Battalions

All patches are from the same collection - most have scrapbook residue on the back

VB-201, UnUsed......inquire

VB-203, damage across the top portion, UnUsed......inquire

VB-204, UnUsed......inquire

VB-205, UnUsed......inquire

VB-206, UnUsed......inquire

VB-208, UnUsed......inquire

VB-208, UnUsed......inquire

VB-2010, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
3509GO - 1st ACS Pilot's Airfield/Site "LIMA" List

Aircrew's airfield information booklet for Laos, circa 1967

( see on 1st Air Commando Squadron patch page )
- - - -
RLAF Wanted Items
 Royal Laotian Air Force

Wanted Vintage badges similar to these, if you have extras email:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( also on 1-43rd SQDNs and ADVISOR'S page )

- - - -
left patch is supposed to be a "Support Unit", 3 x letters at bottom are the Unit's ID
Tiger patch not ID'd

left patch, Unused............inquire

Tiger patch, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
post-1972-73 Bullion Badge with straight wings


Thailand Army Parachutist's Badge, Used..........inquire
- - - -
Older Thai Master Jump Badge, 1950s to early-1960s

post-1972-73 Cloth Parachutist's Badge


early Parachutist's bullion style badge with droop wings, circa 1950s to early-1960s, Used.......inquire

Senior(?) sewn-on badge, RFU (probably from a shirt), Used.....inquire

- - - -
3509CR - U-Tapao Bush Hat

click on picture for details
- - - -
SF and Ranger Badges

cloth badge is explained on page 481 in LTC Sutherland's Book

SF Qualification Badge at Lop Buri, (mis-ID'd on collector's label), UnUsed.......inquire

Ranger Jungle Warfare School DI, looks like the original screwbacks, Unused......inquire

( also on SF patch page )
- - - -
Commando Battalion 418

Commando Battalion 418, thin "see-through" plastic backing, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
( a collector mis-ID'd it and wrote on the back "Laos Para Ranger" )
- - - -
USAF Advisor's Patch Grouping

( unknown if this Group is Thai/Lao associated or if part is VNAF connected )

( click Picture for details )
- - - -
 UI#208 -  Thai Armed Forces HBT Leaf Pattern shirt


UI#208 - circa late-1960s into the 1970s, not sure of the unit, left SSI was removed, I do not have a translation of the right SSI scroll, Used....inquire


( also on NA and UI pages )
- - - -
UI#217 - Unidentified Thai patch

click on picture
- - - -


Wanted, Fatigues similar to these


If you have: 2-pocket shirts, 4-pocket Jungle Jackets, trousers, caps, and etc. with a similar camouflage pattern,  contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com

see Boonie Hat on the Army Airborne page, RVN Era ABN Section
- - - -

UI Mystery Items

UI#180.  F-26 = ID'd as F Battery, 26th ARTY, 108th ARTY GP  

UI#181. Cambodian  = ID'd as the AF HQS for Cambodia


click on picture for more details
- - - -

UI#188.  UnCommon ARVN Ranger set

click on picture for more details
- - - -

UI#192.  Vietnam made Beercan DI similar beercan shown in Cecil Smythe's Vietnam Insignia Book as number "59".  Any ideas on the ID?

click on picture for details
- - - -
245.  "M.F." has been chain-stitched into the patch after it left the maker's shop, any idea when or why this patch was made?

- - - -


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For Ordering information contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

All Items on this Web Site are SOLD as Collectible Display ITEMs ONLY!

( A "Collectible Display” Item is Anything a Prudent Person would NOT USE for Anything but A DISPLAY)

Viewers disregard this section:
Life in Vietnam weekly magazine (6" x 8.75" format), issue dated October 19, 1968. Published in Saigon and contains:
Ads, short articles, Airline Schedules, Telephone call rates, Horoscope, and etc., designed for the GI (Ads for: Tailor Shops, Restaurants, Steam & Creams, & etc.), I have about 10 different issues, inquire for pricing and inventory.
(stored in "D" bldg)
QC (MP) patch
(Also worn by the USAF Police Squadrons and a few Army  MPs)
Quan Canh (Military Police), woven, UnUsed.....(sold)
3509AN - RVN Flag, 23.5” x 33.5”, GI bringback, a few manufacturing imperfections, thumbtack hole on each corner, No stains or dirt, near-New.....(sold)
3509AO - Desk Flag, circa 1968
3509AO - GI bringback, Desk Flag with fringe, 6 5/8” x 9 ¾”, UnUsed......(sold)
Khmer National Defense Medal, Battalion Level Award, looks UnUsed.....(sold)
clip-on 2 3/8" rank, high-quality workmanship, Used.........(sold)
Metal pin-on rank, possibly for a Captain, approximate size is 7/8", felt backing under the metal bars, Used.....(sold)
( stored in "site done" box )
3406K - ARVN Airborne SET
A Hoi Chanh in the Kit Carson Scout Program?
( his OG Jungle Shirt has a 1st ID "Big Red One", left SSI )
3406K - POPLIN ARVN Airborne Shirt and Trousers Lime Poplin SET from a Veteran named "U-LEN", Excellent Color (washed once) and Condition, Used.....(sold)
Shirt: Chest 36”, Sleeve 29”, data stamp faded (been washed 3-4 times(?)),
marked “U-LEN” twice in the neck area, Good+ Color
Trousers: 30” x 25.5”, dated 01/68, minor “tailoring” in the crotch area,
legs “pegged” down to 7 ½”(typical for a Vietnamese soldier),
U-Len's two SETS of OG POPLIN Jungle Fatigues(tailored) are available at a nominal price if you buy this 3406K SET
One shirt is named to him in the neck area
"Hooch-moose" laundry mark "U-LEN" in collar area         Trousers data label
Veteran's Grouping also had his U. S. Army's 1st Infantry Division("Big Red One") badged OG Jungle shirt plus other items
I have been told this name, "U-LEN", is a Montagnard family name.....I don't know if that is correct.
 There is an Organization that helps Montagnard refugees named  ".... Len ..."  if that counts for anything(?)
 1972-73                        1973-74
                                                                                                                                                    "Old Soldiers"
First Day of Issue 1972, Linh Thu Doi Xua, Le Soldat D'Autrefois....(sold)
$14.00 each
Left Column - top
Left Column - bottom
Right Column - all
1964 & 1969
20-7-64, damage to top-left corner & right side..........(sold)  
20-9-69, "Mobilisation Generale".........(sold)  
1969 & 1971
Top - 20-9-1969, "Tong - Dong - Vien", minor damage to bottom-left corner.......(sold)  
Bottom - 19-6-71, "Ngay Quan-Luc" "Journee de l'Armee"...........(sold)    
"Old Soldiers"
First Day of Issue 1972, Linh Thu Doi Xua, Le Soldat D'Autrefois....(sold)
Air Vietnam 1st Day Covers
"20 Years of Development of Air Vietnam 1951-1971"
Top - Hue 18-4-72, damage to the back side.......(sold)
Bottom - "20 ans de developpement"......(sold)
 5572A - Vietnam made Sunglasses
Got to be Rare - only pair I have seen in the States
5572A  -  Vietnam made Sunglasses from a shop in Cholon "Van Quoc", still in Original Case, case has slits in the back to fit over your belt,  Used-still in GC..(sold)
( also on the Souvenirs Page )
ARVN Jump Wings
Upper-Left - Woven Basic Jump Wing, 1964-66 era, RFU, CIDG Advisor, Used...(sold)
Upper-Right - Woven Basic Jump Badge, RFU, scrapbook residue on back, Used....(sold)
Bottom - Subdued Senior Jump Badge, U. S. Army PX item, UnUsed......(sold)
( for other ARVN Airborne Badges & Patches check the  Vietnam  page )
Vietnamese Navy 'HAI-QUAN VIET-NAM" Ashtray, EC.......(sold)
Quan-Doi Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa, President Diem is in this book so it was probably printed pre-December 1963 era, 112 pages promoting the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam, many of the topics are in Vietnamese and English, remarkably condition for a Book from Diem's era, GC.....(Sold)
Marine Corps Shoulder Loops
VNMC Major General's Bullion on Black Velvet Eaupalet Loops, UnUsed.....(sold)
3420D - 1961 era 7th ID Officer’s Khaki Shirt
Original factory folds still present - Never Washed
3420D - dated December 1961 ("12/61"), size A6 (40” chest), 1st Lieutenant in 7th Infantry Division, III Corps, wore once, very minor stains, Used.....(sold)
3404F - Vietnamese Issue 6-Pocket Trousers
3404F - Late-War Issue 6-pocket trousers, no labels, 31 x 29.5 (waist was let out to 31”) (leg hems were let-out, need to be re-hemmed to 29.5” or ?), YKK black plastic zipper, minor wear, Used......(sold)
3410K - ARVN Ranger Camo Shirt
click on picture for details
3410M - IKE Jacket style "field-shirt/jacket" with concealed buttons
click on picture for details
3412AA - ARVN Ranger Shirt, size XL
3412AA - Extra-Large Heavyweight shirt, this is for the “BIG-Ranger”, Neck-stamp reads: size 7 and dated 03/65 (stamp fading, been washed 4 times(?)), has the vent-slits, in the side-seams, below the armpits, Used......(sold)
approximate measurements: chest = 46”,  sleeves = 34+”
( more pics available if serious - ask )
( also on: htm, Army RVN patch, Ranger patch pages )
3498C - Vietnamese Field Police Boonie Hat
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3498D - Field Police Trousers
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3508AB - Vietnamese Matches
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3508BH - 1969 Christmas Card from President Thieu
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4110F -Tiger Stripe Boonie
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Signal Corps Captain's Bringback
( This DI is associated with the 175th RRC but it has Signal Corps orange ???? )
ARVN Signal Unit(?), Vietnamese writing means: "First and Finest"(?), Excellent Condition...(sold)
( came from a Grouping from a 21st Signal BDE Captain )
pre-1954 "Fleuve Rouge" Drago DI, "Brown Water" French Navy Unit on the Red River of North Vietnam.
I believe this is for the Monitor Units that did a lot of fighting, EC+...(Sold)
Vietnamese Jump Wing
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hand-embroidered & woven Jump Status Badges
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ARVN Airborne Division
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5710AA - Ranger Beret
Royal Laotian Customs & VB-208
Royal Laotian Customs Service, pre-Coalition Government of 1974, UnUsed...(sold)
Royal Laotian Army 8th Volunteer Battalion (VB-208) in Military Region 2 (MR-2), maker's stamp on back, UnUsed.....inquire
 Red 'crushed' Velvet with hand-embroidered Red Border, UnUsed......(sold)
Trung Uy
1st Lieutenant 2 x post back, made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
High-Quality Workmanship Dai-Uy Rank
Dai Uy & Thieu Ta Ranks
Captain's rank made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
Major's rank made in Vietnam, Used.....inquire
Dai-uy & cast Ranger Qualification Badge
Dai-uy matched pair, Used.....(moved to the rank section)
Ranger Badge, Used.......(sold)
Issue Boots

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