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 510th Fighter-Bomber Squadron

510th Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -
Large 5.5" 510th TFS, Uncommon with the bottom tab

circa mid-1960s


Largest 510th I have seen, UnUsed.......(sold)

( depicted in Jerome Polder's Volume 4 )
- - - -
510th Fighter-Bomber Squadron from late-1950s

510th Tactical Fighter Squadron, circa 1964-65

510th FBS, small USA made patch with White Lightning Bolts, made while based at Langley in late-1950s, UnUsed...inquire

510th TFS with bottom tab, made while stationed at England AFB in 1964-65, UnUsed.......Inquire

- - - -
Large 4 5/8" Squadron Patch


510th TFS, pre-1970 insignia, RFU flight jacket, Used.......(sold)
- - - -

510th TFS, variation with Yellow Lightning Bolts, UnUsed........inquire

510th TFS "PATIENCE MY ASS!!", 4.5", UnUsed.......inquire

510th Tactical Fighter Squadron, UnUsed.......inquire  

- - - -
probably A-10 era

510th TFS, must be an A-10 era design, pre-1994, Unused......inquire
- - - -
510th Fighter Squadron

Bosnia Buzzards, Patience my Butt, I wanna Kill Something

Purple Vulture sitting on a limb, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
625th Bombardment Squadron (Dive) (1943); 510th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (1943);  510th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, Single Engine (1943 - 1945)
 510th Fighter Squadron, Single Engine (1945 - 1952);  510th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (1952 - 1959)
Redesignated 510th TFS 11 Mar 1959; Activated on 9 Apr 1959; Inactivated on 15 Nov 1969;
Activated on 1 Oct 1978; Inactivated on 1 Feb 1994; Redesignated 510th FS 23 Mar 1994; Activated on 1 Jul 1994
405th Fighter Wing, 9 Apr 1959 (attached to Joint Task Force 116, 16 May–8 Jun 1962); 3d Tactical Fighter Wing, 16 Mar 1964–15 Nov 1969 (attached to 405th Fighter Wing, c. 8 May–17 Aug 1965). 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, 1 Oct 1978; 52d Operations Group, 1 Oct 1992–1 Feb 1994. 31st Operations Group, 1 Jul 1994–
Clark AB, Luzon, 9 Apr 1959–14 Mar 1964 (deployed at Chai–Yi AB, Taiwan, 1–8 Jul and 2–12 Nov 1959; at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, 11 May–8 Jun 1962);
England AFB, LA, 16 Mar 1964–7 Nov 1965 (deployed at Clark AB, Philippines, 8 May–20 Aug 1965); Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 10 Nov 1965–15 Nov 1969. RAF Bentwaters, England, 1 Oct 1978; Spangdahlem AB, Germany, 4 Jan 1993–1 Feb 1994. Aviano AB, Italy, 1 Jul 1994–
A-24 Banshee 1943; P-39 Airacobra 1943; P-47 Thunderbolt 1943 - 1945; F-84F Thunderstreak 1953 - 1956; F–100 1956–1958;  F–100 1959–1969;  A–10, 1979–1994;  F-16 1994 -
Combat in Southeast Asia, 12 Nov 1965–15 Oct 1969. Close air support for NATO exercises, Aug 1979–Dec 1992;
Deployed to Turkey to support Kurds in Northern Iraq  6 Sep–10 Dec 1991; 8 Apr–10 Jun 1992; 1 6 Aug–30 Oct 1992
Supported Operation Southern Watch post-1994 with F-16 aircraft - stopped when "briefs-boy" was kicked-out
510th Strategic Missile Squadron


510th SMS, glue residue on back, Unused........(sold)
 511th Fighter-Bomber Squadron

Active from December 1, 1952 to July 1, 1958


511th FBS, pre-1959 insignia, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
511th Tactical Fighter Squadron - 1960s

Redesignated 354th TFS pre-July 1971


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 511th FBS was Constituted 626th Bombardment Squadron (Dive) February 4, 1943; Activated March 1, 1943
Redesignated: 511th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 10 Aug 1943; 511th Fighter Squadron 30 May 1944;  Inactivated on 19 Oct 1945
Redesignated 511th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 15 Oct 1952;  Activated 1 Dec 1952; Inactivated on 1 Jul 1958
later reactivated as the 511th TFS; Redesignated 354th TFS before July 1971
405th Bombardment (later Fighter-Bomber; Fighter) Group, 1 Mar 1943-19 Oct 1945. 405th Fighter-Bomber Group, 1 Dec 1952;
405th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 8 Oct 1957-1 Jul 1958.
Drew Field, Fla, 1 Mar 1943; Walterboro AAFld, SC, 14 Sep 1943-14 Feb 1944; Christchurch, England, 6 Mar-22 Jun 1944, Picauville, France, 29 Jun 1944; St. Dizier, France, 14 Sep 1944, Ophoven, Belgium, 9 Feb 1945; Kitzingen, Germany, 23 Apr 1945; Staubing, Germany, c. 13 May-2 Jul 1945; Camp Patrick Henry, Va, 19 Oct 1945. Godman AFB, Ky, 1 Dec 1952, Langley AFB, Va, 17 Apr 1953-1 Jul 1958.
A-24, 1943, P-39, 1943; P-47, 1943-1945; F-84, 1953-1956; F-100, 1956-1958
512th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 51st Reconnaissance Wing
This is the Luftwaffe 512th TRS, 51st RW flying RF-4Es in the 1970s, German made patch
GAF squadron designators are usually based on the Wing designator, thus the 51st Wing would have the 511th, 512th, & 513th Squadrons
see on German page - click on picture for details
513th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

flew B-47s 1950s until 1965


513th BS(M), 4 7/8" (vertical on diamond), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
513th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)


513th BS(M), Yellow Eagle on falling bomb, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to 376th BW(M) (2nd AF) at Barksdale AFB, LA February 23, 1954 to November 14, 1957
Relocated to Lockbourne AFB, OH November 15, 1957 & assigned to 8th AF
376th BW(M) later Redesignated 376th SW (possbily on March 15, 1965)
Squadrons assigned to the 376th BW(M) while at Barksdale AFB:  512th, 513th, 514th, and 515th BS(M)s      
514th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)


flew B-47s, hard to find patch


5 1/8",  dark spot on upper scroll is glue, washed several times(?), Used.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
514th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (1942 - 1944)
514th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy (1944 - 1945)
514th Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy (1945 - 1947)
514th Reconnaissance Squadron, Very Long Range, Weather (1947 - 1951)
514th Bombardment Squadron, Medium (1951 - 1970) (Probably assigned to the 376th BW(M) part of that time)
6514th Test Squadron (1970 - 1992)
514th Test Squadron (1992 - 1994)
514th Flight Test Squadron (1994 - )

Aircraft: B-47 Stratojet (1954 - 1961)
514th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

pre-1961 era


514th FIS, 1950s era insignia, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

( both patches from the same Pilot )

514th FIS, variation of the left patch design, scrapbook residue on back, Used.......(sold)
( the Black & White border was never embroidered on this patch )

- - - -
partial History
Redesignated 514th FIS April 1, 1954
Discontinued and Inactivated January 8, 1961
Assigned to 86th FIW and 86th AD
(and possibly the 406th FIW while in England flying F-86s)
Stationed at Manston RAF and Landstuhl, Germany
Flew: F-84s and F-86s
517th Strategic Fighter Squadron DI

scanned at 300dpi = you can see every scratch

517th SFS, screwback, no hallmarks, Used......inquire

( in patch box )
- - - -
partial History
On August 15, 1943 the 632nd, 633rd, and 634th squadrons were Redesignated the: 515th, 516th, & 517th FBS of the 407th FBGp; DeActivated April 1, 1944
With assets from K-2 in Korea the 517th SFS was Activated December 18, 1953 at Great Falls Air Force Base ( now Malmstrom ), Montana flying F-84 Thunderstreaks
Deployed  to Misawa from August to November 1954: Deactivated in July 1957
522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (1958 - 1991)

522nd Fighter Squadron (1991 - 2001)

522nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (2001 - 2007)

522nd Special Operations Squadron (2011 - )

"FIGHTIN' 522nd"
- - - -
"Fightin' 522nd" variations

522nd TFS "THE FIREBALL SQUADRON  FIGHTIN' 522ND", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed...(sold)

522nd TFS, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -
"FIGHTIN' 522nd" with older plastic backing


- - - -
More Variations of the "Fireball Squadron"

In May-June of 1980 the 522nd TFS deployed to Boscombe Down, England for exercise CORONET HAMMER; first overseas Squadron-sized deployment of the F-111D

522nd TFS "THE FIREBALL SQUADRON", UnUsed......inquire

522nd TFS "CORONET HAMMER" "F-111D  1980", unusual Cut-edge patch, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 16th Bombardment Squadron (Light) December 22, 1939; Activated February 1, 1940
ReDesignated 522nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron on 23 Aug 1943
ReDesignated: 522nd Fighter Squadron, Single Engine, on 30 May 1944 Inactivated on 7 Nov 1945
Activated on 20 Aug 1946
Redesignated: 522nd Fighter Squadron, (Two Engine) July 22, 1947
Redesignated 522nd Fighter Squadron (Jet) December 1, 1949
Redesignated 522nd Fighter-Escort Squadron February 1, 1950
Redesignated: 522nd Strategic Fighter Squadron 20 Jan 1953
Redesignated 522nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron 1 Jul 1957
 Redesignated 522nd Tactical Fighter Squadron July 1, 1958
Redesignated 522nd Fighter Squadron 1 Nov 1991
ReDesignated 522nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron September 11, 2001; Inactivated September 30, 2007
 ReDesignated/Activated 522nd Special Operations Squadron April 7, 2011
Barksdale Field, Louisiana, 1 Feb 1940
Hunter Field, Georgia, 7 Oct 1940-19 Oct 1941
Fort William McKinley, Luzon, Philippines, 20 Nov 1941
Lipa Airfield, Luzon, Philippines, 22 Dec 1941
Cabcaben, Luzon (Ground echelon), 25 Dec 1941
Air echelon operated from Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, Australia, 24 Dec 1941-16 Feb 1942 Bataan, Luzon (Ground echelon), 29 Dec 1941
Air echelon operated from Batchelor Airfield, Australia, 17 Feb-c. 8 Mar 1942 Air echelon operated from Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, Australia, c. 10-c. 25 Mar 1942 Charters Towers Airfield, Australia, Apr-4 May 1942
Hunter Field, Georgia, 4 May 1942
Key Field, Mississippi, 14 Jul 1942
Hattiesburg Army Airfield, Mississippi, 15 Aug 1942
Harding Army Airfield, Louisiana, 25 Oct-21 Nov 1942
Sainte-Barbe du Tlélat Airfield, Algeria, 26 Dec 1942
Nouvion Airfield, Algeria, 5 Jan 1943
Ras el Ma Airfield, French Morocco, 4 Apr 1943
Korba Airfield, Tunisia, c. 8 Jun 1943
Gela Airfield, Sicily, 18 Jul 1943
Barcelona Landing Ground, Sicily, 3 Sep 1943
Capaccio Airfield, Italy, 18 Sep 1943
Paestum Airfield, Italy, 4 Nov 1943
Pomigliano Airfield, Italy, 19 Jan 1944
Castel Volturno Airfield, Italy, 10 Apr 1944
Santa Maria Airfield, Italy, 9 May 1944
Le Banca Airfield, Italy, 7 Jun 1944
Ciampino Airfield, Italy, 12 Jun 1944
Voltone Airfield, Italy, 4 Jul 1944
Serragia Airfield, Corsica, 10 Jul 1944
Le Luc Airfield, France, 25 Aug 1944
Salon-de-Provence Air Base (BA 701), France, 30 Aug 1944
Loyettes Airfield (Y-25), France, 11 Sep 1944
Tarquinia Airfield, Italy, 2 Oct 1944
Pontedera Airfield, Italy, 3 Dec 1944
St-Dizier Airfield (A-64), France, 21 Feb 1945
Toul/Ochey Airfield (A-96), France, 19 Mar 1945
Biblis Airfield (Y-78), Germany, 5 Apr 1945
AAF Station Mannheim/Sandhofen, Germany, 23 Jun 1945
AAF Station Stuttgart/Echterdingen, Germany, 15 Sep-20 Oct 1945
Camp Shanks, New York, 6-7 Nov 1945
AAF Station Fritzlar, Germany, 20 Aug 1946
AAF Station Bad Kissingen, Germany, 25 Jun 1947
Andrews Field, Maryland, 25 Jun 1947
Kearney AAFld (later, AFB), Nebraska, 16 Jul 1947
Bergstrom AFB, Texas, 16 Mar 1949
Deployed at Taegu AB (K-9), South Korea, 5 Dec 1950-30 Jan 1951 Deployed at Itazuke AB, Japan, 31 Jan-20 Jun 1951 Deployed at Misawa AB, Japan, 13-16 Oct 1952 Deployed at Chitose AB, Japan, 17 Oct 1952-c. 13 Feb 1953 Deployed at RAF Sturgate, England, 7 May-17 Aug 1955 Deployed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, 6 Sep-18 Dec 1958 Cannon AFB, New Mexico, 18 Feb 1959-30 September 2007
Deployed at Incirlik AB, Turkey, 18 Oct 1959-22 Feb 1960 Deployed at Clark AB, Philippines, 13 Feb-c. 7 Mar 1961 Deployed at England AFB, Louisiana, 29 Mar-5 May 1961 Deployed at Incirlik AB, Turkey, 5 Feb-15 Jun 1962 Deployed at MacDill AFB, Florida, 21 Oct-1 Dec 1962 Deployed at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, 13 Dec 1962-1 Jun 1963 (A Flight) Deployed at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, 13 Dec 1962-1 Jun 1963 (B Flight) Deployed at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, 16 Mar-6 May 1964 (A Flight) Deployed at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, 16 Mar-6 May 1964 (B Flight) Deployed at Clark AB, Philippines, 8 Aug-15 Nov 1964 Further Deployed to: Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 15 Aug-25 Nov 1965 Deployed to: Undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia as part of 27th Expeditionary Operations Group, 2002-2007 Deployed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, 13 Apr-12 May 1966 Cannon AFB, New Mexico, 1 October 2007-1 March 2008
Cannon AFB, New Mexico, 7 April 2011-Present
Trained with B-18 Bolos and A-18 Shrikes, 1940-1941
 A-24 Banshee, 1941-1942
 A-20 Havoc, 1941, 1942-1943
 A-36 Apache, 1943-1944
 P-40 Warhawk, 1944
 P-47 Thunderbolt, 1944-1945; 1946-1947
 P-51 Mustang, 1947-1948
 F-82 Twin Mustang, 1948-1950
 F-84 Thunderjet, 1950-1951, 1951-1957
 F-101 Voodoo, 1957-1958, 1958
 F-100 Super Sabre, 1959-1969
 F-111D Aardvark, 1969-1970, 1970-1971, 1971-1998
 F-16 Falcon, 1998-2007
 MC-130J Commando II, 2011 -
 523rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -

523rd TFS, Thai made, back covered in glue from being in a scrapbook, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -


523rd TFS, RFU, Used........(sold)
- - - -
523rd TAC FTR SQ

thick patch, plastic over gauze backing with cut-edge, UnUsed.......inquire

plastic backing with cut-edge, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

523rd TFS, UnUsed......(sold)

523rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, pre-1992, plastic backing with merrowed edge, UnUsed.......inquire


- - - -
partial History
Redesignated: 523d FBS July 1 1957; 523d TFS July 1 1958; 523d FS November 1 1991
27th FBW (later TFW) June 16 1952 (attached to TUSLOG, 11 Feb–20 Jun 1960; USAFE, 1 Sep–20 Nov 1961; 4135th Strategic Wing, 12 Apr–6 Jun 1962; TUSLOG, 12 Oct 1962–c. 12 Jan 1963; 39th Air Division, 9 Jun–6 Sep 1964 and 22 Mar–30 Jun 1965); 405th TFW November 20 1965 (attached to 432d TRW  9 Apr–24 Oct 1972);
27th TFW August 31 1973; 27th Operations Group, 1 Nov 1991–
Cannon AFB, NM, 18 Feb 1959–Nov 1965 (deployed at Incirlik AB, Turkey, c. 24 Feb–17 Jun 1960; England AFB, LA, 29 Mar–21 Apr 1961; Chamblay AB, France, c. 5 Sep–20 Nov 1961; Incirlik AB, Turkey, c. 12 Oct 1962–c. 15 Jan 1963; Dhahran AB, Saudi Arabia, c. 17 Sep–20 Nov 1963; Misawa AB, Japan, 12 Jun–4 Sep 1964 [with detachment at Kunsan AB, South Korea, 17 Jun–c. 3 Sep 1964]; Misawa AB, Japan, 22 Mar–2 May 1965 [with detachment at Kunsan AB, South Korea, c. 22 Mar–2 May 1965]; Kunsan AB, South Korea, 2 May–11 Jun 1965; Misawa AB, Japan, 11–30 Jun 1965 [with detachment at Kunsan AB, South Korea, 11–22 Jun 1965]); Clark AB, Philippines, 23 Nov 1965–31 Aug 1973 (deployed at Tainan AB, Taiwan, 12 May–27 Jul 1966; Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, 9 Apr–24 Oct 1972); Cannon AFB, NM, 31 Aug 1973–.
F–84 1950–1957; F–101 1957–1958; F–100 1959–1968; F–4 1967–1973; F–111 1973–
Maintained detachments on alert on Taiwan, Nov 1965–15 Feb 1972 and 15 Jul–31 Aug 1973
Combat in Southeast Asia, c. 9 Apr–23 Oct 1972. F–111 replacement training, 1 Nov 1976–c. Oct 1983
524th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)


524th BS(H), 1960s, (older and smaller than the right-patch), UnUsed......inquire

524th BS(H), 1960s, scrapbook residue on back,  UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
assigned to 379th BW
Flew B-52Hs in 1961 - ?
Flew Arc Light missions in SEA
stationed at Wuthsmith AFB, MI
524th Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -
Japan Made

524th TFS, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire
( see Pilot's 27th TFW Pilot Pool arc )

524th TFS, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
524th Fighter Squadron

F-111 era, circa 1994


524th FS "Hounds of Heaven", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

524th Fighter SQ, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
"VARKS are back in Town"


524th FS "HOUNDS", "ASK ME ABOUT AGM-130", UnUsed....(sold)

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 11th Reconnaissance Squadron (Light) 20 Nov 1940; Activated 15 Jan 1941
91st Bombardment Squadron (Light) 14 Aug 1941; 524th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 23 Aug 1943;
524th Fighter Squadron, Single Engine 30 May 1944. Inactivated 7 Nov 1945. Activated 20 Aug 1946.
Redesignated: 524th Fighter Squadron, Two Engine 22 Jul 1947; 524th Fighter Squadron, Jet 1 Dec 1949;
524th Fighter-Escort Squadron 1 Feb 1950; 524th Strategic Fighter Squadron 20 Jan 1953;
524th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 1 Jul 1957;
524th Tactical Fighter Squadron 1 Jul 1958;
524th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron 8 Jul 1980;
524th Fighter Squadron 1 Nov 1991
27th Fighter Wing 16 Jun 1952
attached to:
unknown unit 17 Jun – 8 Jul 1959;
TUSLOG 10 Feb–16 Jun 1961;
4158th Strategic Wing 30 Oct–14 Nov 1961;
2d Air Division 9–c. 27 Jun 1963 and 21 Jan–19 Mar 1964;
39th Air Division, 1 Dec 1964–28 Mar 1965
27th Operations Group, 1 Nov 1991 –
Cannon AFB, NM, 18 Feb 1959 –
( deployed at Hahn AB, Germany, 17 Jun–8 Jul 1959;
Incirlik AB, Turkey, 10 Feb–16 Jun 1961; Elmendorf AFB, AK, 30 Oct–14 Nov 1961; MacDill AFB, FL, 21 Oct–1 Dec 1962;
Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, 9 – c. 27 Jun 1963 and 21 Jan – 19 Mar 1964;
Misawa AB, Japan, [with detachment at Kunsan AB, South Korea], 1 Dec 1964 – 28 Mar 1965;
Holloman AFB, NM, 13 Apr – 12 May 1966 )
F–84 1950–1958; F–101 1957–1958; F–100 1959 - 1972; F–111 1972 – 1995, F-16 1995 -
525th Tactical Fighter Squadron


525th TFS, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
525th was reactivated 20 August 1946 at Nordholz, Germany, flying F-47s
Transitioned to F-84Es then to F-86s
Re-designated 525th FIS 9 August 1954; Bulldog emblem officially approved 29 September 1955
Transitioned to F-86Ds
Received it's first F-102s in February of 1959
Assigned to the 36th TFW 1 November 1968; Redesignated 525th TFS; Received F-4Es November 16, 1969
 On 27 April 1977 the 525th received F-15 Eagles

526th Tactical Fighter Squadron
 - - - -
early 1970 insignia

526th acquired F-4Es in April 1970 and Redesignated 526th TFS at the same time


larger 3 7/8" x 4 3/8", RFU jacket, never washed, Used.....(sold)
- - - -
526th TFS F-4E Flash, German made

The 526th had these made in Germany


larger 5" F-4E right shoulder flash, RFU jacket, never washed, Used.....inquire

( also on Aircaft Page, F-4 section )
- - - -
 "C" Flight, 526th TFS

9.5" backpatch


large backpatch RFU flight jacket, red felt on black felt with embroidery, never washed, Used........(sold)
- - - -
2 variations of the 526th TFS


526th TFS, RFU, Used......inquire

526th TAC FTR SQ, 3 9/16" x 4", UnUsed......inquire

 528th Bombarment Squadron

( 1960s construction - B-47 and/or B-52 era )


528th BS, pre-1969,  UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
FB-111A era ( 1969 - 1991 )


528th BS, cheesecloth backing, 1969 to early 1970s, UnUsed......inquire

528th Bomb Squadron, older plastic back (early 1970s), glue residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

partial History
flew B-47s 1955 - 1965; received B-52s in 1966;  flew SEA Arc Light missions;
flew F-111As 1969 - 1991; DeActivated in 1991
assigned to the 380th Strategic Aerospace Wing and later the 380th BW
 529th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

529th BS(M), 1955-65 (B-47 era), UnUsed......inquire

529th BS(M), F-111A era, Used.......inquire

partial History
Assigned to the 380th BW(M) at Plattsburg AFB, NY in the 1950s to 1980s and etc.
530th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

530th Combat Crew Training Squadron
- - - -
530th BS(M), pre-1967

hard to find patch


3 7/8", lots of wear, washed several times, Used........(sold)
- - - -
 Variation of the 530th CCTS for F-111s

530th Combat Crew Training Squadron, 3+ inches, has stitch marks, looks new, Used...(sold)

4007th CCTS established in late-1968 at Carswell AFB, Texas to train crews to fly the FB-111A  for SAC
Training at Carswell AFB continued until 1971 when the 509th Bomb Wing was manned at Pease AFB, NH  
Simultaneously  the 4007th CCTS closed its operation at Carswell AFB and moved to Plattsburgh AFB, NY

4007th CCTS Redesignated 530th Strategic Bombardment Training Squadron July 1, 1986
Redesignated January 1, 1987 as the  530th CCTS as part of the Project Warrior initiative
- - - -
partial History 530th BS(M)
Constituted 530th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) October 28, 1942; Iinactivated June 27, 1949
Redesignated 530th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) in May 1955; Reactivated July 11, 1955
Squadron performed ground training until January 1956 when it was was equipped with B-47s
530th lost its aircraft in December 1965; Deactivated June 25, 1966
Reactivated and Redesignated 530th Strategic Bombardment Training Squadron in July 1986
Redesignated 530th Combat Crew Training Squadron January 1, 1987.
 531st Fighter-Bomber Squadron

made in Germany circa 1956 - 1957

disc measures 4 1/8", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 21st FBGp the 72nd, 416th and 531st Fighter-Bomber Squadrons deployed to Europe in 1954, equipped with F-86F Sabres
Wing Deactivated February 8, 1958; Reactivated at Misawa, Japan July 1, 1958
Stations: George AFB, Calif, 1 Jan 1953 - 26 Nov 1954; Toul/Sosieres AB, France, 13 Dec 1954; Chambley AB, France, 14 Jun 1955 - 8 Feb 1958
Aircraft:  F-51 1953;  F-86 1953-1957
- - - -
D Flight, 531st Tactical Fighter Squadron



D FLT, 531st TFS, Japan made, from the Burns collection, residue on back from scrapbook, minor stain on front (at bottom right of triangle-probably from tape), UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
531st Tactical Fighter Squadron

callsign RAMROD


Hard to find 531st TFS from Bien Hoa era, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
531st Tactical Fighter Squadron


Flew F-100 Super Sabres out of Bien Hoa Air Base, Republic of Vietnam

The USAFPatches.com Web site does not have a two ARC variation - Probably UnCommon

531st TFS, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
3509FC - 531st Tactical Fighter Squadron Wooden Plaque

"Strike and Return"

3509FC - 10 1/4" 531st TFS at Bien Hoa circa 1969, above average condition, slot on back to hang it, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
partial Histories vary
assigned to the 39th Air Division June 18, 1960 to ?
531st TFS deployed to Bien Hoa, RVN from the 39th AD at Misawa AB, Japan:
13 July – 16 December 1965, flying F-100Ds
7 December 1965 - 31 July 1970, flying F-100 D/Fs

another version:
Assigned to 3rd TFW at England AFB and moved to Bien Hoa, RVN along with the 90th & 510th TFSs with their F-100s November 3, 1965
On October 31, 1970 the Wing was Unmanned/Unequipped remaining Active as a "paper" Wing
Relocating to South Korea March 15, 1971 and Equipped with F-4s

Stationed at Misawa AFB, Japan July 1, 1958 - June 16, 1964

If you know the "real" story let know
539th Fighter Interceptor Squadron



539th FIS, winged brown hand reaching through the cloud to grasp an aircraft, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 539th Fighter Squadron on September 24, 1943; Activated on October 1, 1943; Disbanded on April 10, 1944
Reconstituted, and redesignated 539th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, on March 23, 1953; Activated on April 18, 1954; Inactivated on August 23, 1967
402d Fighter Group, October 1943
326th Fighter Group, November 25, 1943 – April 10, 1944
4709th Defense (later Air Defense) Wing, April 18, 1954
4700th Air Defense Group, September 20, 1954
4709th Air Defense Wing, August 18, 1955
4621st Air Defense Wing (later New York Air Defense Sector), October 1, 1956
4730th Air Defense Group, February 8, 1957
New York Air Defense Sector, August 1, 1959 – August 23, 1967
Westover Field, Massacheusetts, October 1, 1943
Seymour Johnson Field, North Carolina, October 13, 1943
Bluethenthal Field, North Carolina, December 8, 1943 – April 10, 1944
Stewart AFB, New York, April 18, 1954
McGuire AFB, New York, August 18, 1955 – August 23, 1967
P-47 Thunderbolt, 1944
F-86 Sabre, 1954–1959
F-106 Delta Dart, 1959–1967
545th Bombardment Squadron (Medium), circa 1955 to 1964

This variation is not shown on the USAFPatches site


545th BS(M), gold color thread used instead of the more common yellow-thread, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 545th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) November 25, 1942; Activated December 1, 1942; Inactivated February 28, 1946
Redesignated 545th Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy) July 9, 1947; Activated in the reserve July 16, 1947; Inactivated June 27, 1949
Redesignated 545th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) in June 1955; Activated August 1, 1955; Discontinued/Inactivated September 1, 1964
384th Bombardment Group, 1 December 1942-28 February 1946
96th Bombardment Group, 16 July 1947-27 June 1949
384th Bombardment Wing, 1 August 1955-1 September 1964
Gowen Field, Idaho, 1 December 1942
Wendover Field, Utah, 2 January 1943
Sioux City Army Air Base, Iowa, 5 April-10 May 1943
RAF Grafton Underwood (AAF-106), England, 4 June 1943
Istres Air Base, France, 1 July 1945-28 February 1946
Nashville Municipal Airport, Tennessee, 16 July 1947-27 June 1949
Little Rock AFB, Arkansas, 1 August 1955-1 September 1964
B-17 Flying Fortress, 1942–1946
B-47 Stratojet, 1955–1964

Established as a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber squadron; trained under Second Air Force. Deployed to European Theater of Operations (ETO), assigned to VIII Bomber Command in England, Flew combat missions over Nazi Germany and Occupied Europe until the German capitulation in May 1945.

Reassigned to Air Transport Command and used B-17s as transports for demobilized personnel. Flew transport routes to French Morocco and Azores; returning to Istes France. Squadron inactivated in France during February 1946.

Activated as a B-29 Superfortress squadron in the reserves, 1947. Not manned or equipped, inactivated in 1949 due to budget reductions.

Reactivated in August 1955 as a Strategic Air Command B-47 Stratojet squadron which were designed to carry nuclear weapons and to penetrate Soviet air defenses with its high operational ceiling and near supersonic speed. The squadron flew the B-47 for about a decade when by the mid-1960s it had become obsolescent and vulnerable to new Soviet air defenses. Inactivated with the phaseout of the B-47; sending aircraft to storage at Davis-Monthan in the late summer of 1964 and the squadron was inactivated.
547th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

547th BS(M), probably from their B-47 days in Little Rock(?), glue residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

Not much info on the unit
Flew under the 384th BW at Little Rock along with the 544th, 545th, & 546th BS
550th Tactical Fighter Squadron

529th BS (380th BW in Plattsburg), 1955-65 (B-47 era), UnUsed.......(sold)

Bullion 550th TFS "SILVER EAGLES", 4.25", UnUsed.......inquire
553th Reconnaissance Squadron


553rd RS, Made in Thailand, RFU Jacket,never washed, Used.........inquire
 554th Reconnaissance Squadron

"Eyes of the Cat"
- - - -

made in Thailand, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
554th RS with top and bottom arcs


Thai made, RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Crew 39


made in Thailand, RFU, Used......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Flew EC-121s out of Korat RTAFB for the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing

555th Tactical Fighter Squadron

- - - -

Japan made, circa 1966-68, RFU, Used......(sold)
- - - -
555th TFS Made in Japan

Squadron  was in Thailand flying F-4s


"TRIPLE NICKEL PHANTOM II", small stains and holes in the white border (looks like it was stapled to a board for display(?)), border puckered in 4 places, residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
555th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-4 Factory patch, circa 1966


worn at Ubon in 1966, RFU, Harness rub on border, Used.....inquire
- - - -
"TRIPLE NICKEL" Bush Hat Patch

usually worn on the Bush Hat by Pilot's and other Squadron members, Thai made, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
Thailand National Shield

with Velvet-Panel top-bar


UnUsual with the velvel-panel, Thai made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
4362M - Triple-Nickel Knife carried in SEA

4362M - dated 5-67 (May 1967), marked “Camillus N.Y.”, been sharpened, 50% of the finish left on blade, stone broken and 1/3 missing, solid leather-washer handle, salty looking authentic rig carried by a 555th TFS Pilot, Used......inquire

( also on Weapons page )

- - - -
4 3/4" (vertical) Triple Nickel


- - - -
2 x variations

4 3/4", very-pliable, UnUsed........inquire

very-thin & pliable, RFU flight jacket, Used.......inquire

- - - -
3 x Variations

( bullion-type thread in the white-Vee areas )

larger 555th TFS, extremely soft(pliable) like patches from the 1950-60s(?), found with mid-1960s Triple Nickel patches, era unknow, Used.....(sold)

4 5/8" with dark-green disc, UnUsed......(sold)

555th, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
3 more Variations

( bullion-type  thread in the white-Vee areas )

plastic backing (looks older), UnUsed.....inquire

4 1/2" plastic backing, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 555th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 25 Nov 1942. Activated 1 Dec 1942
Redesignated: 555th BS (Medium) 9 Oct 1944; 555th BS (Light) 23 Jun 1945, Inactivated on 7 Nov 1945
Redesignated 555th TFS, Activated/Organized January 8, 1964
Redesignated: 555th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron 5 July 1974; 555th FS 1 Nov 1991
Inactivated 25 Mar 1994; Activated 1 Apr 1994
386th Bombardment Group, 1 Dec 1942–7 Nov 1945
12th Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Jan 1964
51st FIW, 12 Dec 1964–9 Mar 1965, 11 Dec 1965–21 Feb 1966
8th Tactical Fighter Wing, c. 22 Feb–4 Mar 1966)
13th Air Force, 4 Mar 1966 ( attached to 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, 4–24 Mar 1966 )
8th Tactical Fighter Wing, 25 Mar 1966
432d Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, 1 Jun 1968
58th Tactical Fighter (later, 58th Tactical) Training Wing, 5 Jul 1974
405th Tactical Training Wing, 29 Aug 1979
58th Operations Group, 1 Oct 1991–25 Mar 1994
31st Operations Group, 1 Apr 1994–
MacDill Field, FL, 1 Dec 1942; Lake Charles AAB, LA, 9 Feb–8 May 1943; Snetterton Heath, England, 4 Jun 1943;
Boxted, England, 10 Jun 1943; Great Dunmow, England, 24 Sep 1943; Beaumont-sur-Oise, France, 2 Oct 1944;
St Trond, Belgium, 9 Apr–27 Jul 1945; Seymour Johnson Field, NC, 11 Aug 1945; Westover Field, MA, 29 Sep–7 Nov 1945. MacDill AFB, FL, 8 Jan 1964 (deployed to Naha AB, Okinawa, 12 Dec 1964–9 Mar 1965 and 11 Dec 1965–c. 21 Feb 1966);
Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, circa 25 Feb 1966
Ubon RTAFB July 20, 1966
Udorn RTAFB May 28, 1968 – July 5, 1974
Luke AFB, July 5, 1974 – March 25, 1994; Aviano AB, Italy, April 1, 1994 –
B–26, 1943–1945; A–26, 1945. F–4, 1964–1974; F–15, 1974–.
Combat in ETO, 30 Jul 1943–3 May 1945
Combat in Southeast Asia, Feb 1966 until close of hostilities
Fighter training, Jul 1974 –

557th Tactical Fighter Squadron items

any extra or unwanted:  patches, neck bibs, party suits, flight suits, etc., if so contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

557th Flying Training Squadron

557th FTS, plastic backing, RFU, Used......inquire

plastic backing, RFU, Used.....inquire


558th Tactical Fighter Squadron items

any extra or unwanted:  patches, neck bibs, party suits, flight suits, etc., if so contact:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

 559th Tactical Fighter Squadron

left patch circa 1967 flying out of Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN for the 12th TFW


Okinawa/Japan made, RFU flight suit, does not lay flat(typical for an Oki/Japan patch), border fraying, Used.......(sold)

made by Maharajah of Udorn, Thailand, RFU, Used.........(sold)
- - - -
559th TFS Pilot's Grouping, circa late 1960s

Will part-out or sell as a Group

Patches made in Japan - Neck-Bib made in Udorn, Thailand

559th TFS made in Japan, RFU, Used........(sold)

McDonnell Phantom II patch made in Japan, RFU, Used.....(sold)

Neck Bib by Maharajah of Udorn, Used......(sold)

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 81st Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. Redesignated: 81st Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 30 Dec 1941; 81st Bombardment Squadron, Medium, on 9 Oct 1944. Inactivated on 22 Jan 1946. Redesignated 81st Bombardment Squadron, Light, on 29 Apr 1947. Activated on 19 May 1947. Inactivated on 10 Sep 1948. Redesignated 559th Fighter-Escort Squadron on 27 Oct 1950. Activated on 1 Nov 1950. Redesignated: 559th Strategic Fighter Squadron on 20 Jan 1953; 559th Fighter-Day Squadron on 1 Jul 1957. Inactivated on 8 Jan 1958.
Redesignated 559th TFS & Activated, April 17, 1962; Organized April 25, 1962; Inactivated March 31, 1970
Redesignated 559th Flying Training Squadron March 22, 1972; Activated May 1, 1972
12th Bombardment Group, 15 Jan 1941–22 Jan 1946. 12th Bombardment Group, 19 May 1947–10 Sep 1948. 12th Fighter-Escort Group, 1 Nov 1950 (attached to 12th Fighter-Escort Wing, 10 Feb 1951–16 Jun 1952); 12th Fighter-Escort (later, 12th Strategic Fighter; 12th Fighter-Day) Wing, 16 Jun 1952–8 Jan 1958. Tactical Air Command, 17 Apr 1962; 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, 25 Apr 1962 (attached to 51st Fighter-Interceptor Wing, 12 Jun–c. 7 Sep 1965); 836th Air Division, 8 Nov 1965;
12th TFW 27 Dec 1965–31 Mar 1970
12th Flying Training Wing 1 May 1972; 12th Operations Group, 15 Dec 1991–
McChord Field, WA, 15 Jan 1941; Esler Field, LA, 27 Feb–3 Jul 1942 (operated from Stockton Field, CA, 24 May–24 Jun 1942); Deversoir, Egypt, 30 Jul 1942; LG 88, Egypt, 18 Oct 1942; Gambut, Libya, 6 Dec 1942; Magrun LG, Libya, 14 Dec 1942; Gambut, Libya, 17 Dec 1942; Tmed El Chel, Libya, 11 Jan 1943; Berteaux, Algeria, 3 Feb 1943; Canrobert, Algeria, 15 Mar 1943; Thibar, Tunisia, 1 May 1943; Hergla, Tunisia, 2 Jun 1943; Ponte Olivo, Sicily, c. 2 Aug 1943; Gerbini, Sicily, 22 Aug 1943; Foggia, Italy, 5 Nov 1943; Gaudo Airfield, Italy, 18 Jan–6 Feb 1944; Tezgaon, India, c. 20 Mar 1944; Madhaiganj Airfield, India, 13 Jun 1944; Fenny, India, 17 Jul 1944 (operated from Meiktila, Burma, 21–29 Apr 1945); Madhaiganj Airfield, India, 7 Jun 1945; Karachi, India, 15 Nov–24 Dec 1945; Ft. Lawton, WA, 21–22 Jan 1946. Langley Field, VA, 19 May 1947–10 Sep 1948. Turner AFB, GA, 1 Nov 1950; Bergstorm AFB, TX, 5 Dec 1950–8 Jan 1958 (deployed at Manston RAF Station, England, 18 Jul–30 Nov 1951; Chitose AB, Japan, 15 May–10 Aug 1953; and Misawa AB, Japan, 12 May–11 Aug 1954).
MacDill AFB, FL, 25 Apr 1962–27 Dec 1965 (deployed at Naha AB, Okinawa 12 Jun–7 Sep 1965)
Cam Ranh Bay AB, Republic of Vietnam 27 Dec 1965–31 Mar 1970
Randolph AFB, TX, 1 May 1972 –
B–18, 1941–1942; B–25, 1942–1945; A–26, 1945. None, 1947–1948. F–84, 1950–1957. F–4 1964–1970; T–37 1972 –
 560th Strategic Fighter Squadron

560th SFS on naugahyde, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
560th Strategic Fighter Squadron

circa January 20, 1953 to June 30, 1957 - flew F-84s

2nd version of the 560th design, only made on Naugahyde


560th SFS, small smudge below the Club, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
possibly partial History
Constituted 82nd Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941.
Redesignated 82nd Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 30 Dec 1941. Inactivated on 22 Jan 1946.
Redesignated 82nd Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 29 Apr 1947. Activated on 19 May 1947. Inactivated on 10 Sep 1948. Redesignated 560th Fighter-Escort Squadron on 27 Oct 1950. Activated on 1 Nov 1950.
Redesignated: 560th SFS 20 Jan 1953; 560th Fighter-Day Squadron 1 Jul 1957; Inactivated 8 Jan 1958
12th Bombardment Group, 15 Jan 1941-22 Jan 1946. 12th Bombardment Group, 19 May 1947-10 Sep 1948.
12th Fighter-Escort Group, 1 Nov 1950; 12th Fighter Escort (later Strategic Fighter; Fighter-Day) Wing, 16 Jun 1952-8 Jan 1958.
McChord Field, Wash, 15 Jan 1941; Esler Field, La, 27 Feb-3 Jul 1942 (operated from Stockton Field, Calif, 24 May-24 Jun 1942); Deversoir, Egypt, 2 Aug 1942; LG 88, Egypt, 15 Oct 1942; Gambut, Libya, 5 Dec 1942; Magrun LG, Libya, 14 Dec 1942;
Gambut, Libya, 16 Dec 1942; Tmed El Chel, Libya, 10 Jan 1943; Berteaux, Algeria, 4 Feb 1943; Canrobert, Algeria, 15 Mar 1943; Thibar, Tunisia, 1 May 1943; Hergla, Tunisia, 2 Jun 1943; Ponte Olivo, Sicily, c. 2 Aug 1943; Gerbini, Sicily, 22 Aug 1943;
Foggia, Italy, 3 Nov 1943; Gaudo Airfield, Italy, 19 Jan-6 Feb 1944; Tezgaon, India, 19 Mar 1944; Pandaveswar, India, 15 Jun 1944; Fenny, India, 20 Jul 1944 (operated from Meiktila, Burma, 10-28 Apr 1945); Madhaiganj Airfield, India, 8 Jun 1945;
Karachi, India, 18 Nov-24 Dec 1945; Ft. Lawton, Wash, 21-22 Jan 1946. Langley Field, Va, 19 May 1947-10 Sep 1948.
Turner AFB, Ga, 1 Nov 1950; Bergstrom AFB, Tex, 5 Dec 1950-8 Jan 1958
PT-17, 1941-1942; B-18, 1941-1942; B-25, 1942-1945; A-26, 1945. F-84, 1951-1957
561st Fighter Bomber Squadron

561st Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -
F-105 era

561st TFS,  larger 4 3/8"+ design, F-105 era, UnUsed.....inquire

561st TFS, F-105 era, RFU flight suit, Used.....inquire

- - - -
561st Fighter Bomber Squadron

( ID'd from USAF.com site )


561st FBS, blemish to the left of the sword, UnUsed.......inquire

561st TFS, RFU shirt, residue on back, Used........(sold)

561st TFS, cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
561st Tactical Fighter Squadron (Wild Weasel-3)

(561st TFS, 23rd TFW at McConnell AFB, KS deployed to Korat RTAFB in 1971-73 for WW duty)


F-105G belt buckle, 561st TFS flew WW missions in SEA circa 1971-73, nice patina, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Transitioned to F-4s in 1975

( patch is post-1975 )

561st Tactical Fighter Squadron "CHICKS DIG WEASELS   WEASELS DIG CHICKS", switched to Wild Weasel "5" level aircraft (F-4G) in 1975, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Below designs replaced on October 13, 1993

after 1993 the "Wild Weasel" Insignia was used, per the USAF

561st TFS Gold/Orange background, cheesecloth back, UnUsed.......inquire

561st TFS, 4.25", UnUsed......(sold)

561st TFS, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -

561st, 1960s era, UnUsed.....(sold)

561st TFS, pre-1992, Unused......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 561st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 19 Dec 1942; Activated 24 Dec 1942
Redesignated 561st BS(H) 20 Aug 1943; Inactivated 28 Aug 1945
Redesignated 561st BS(VH) 5 May 1947; Activated in the Reserve 12 Jun 1947; Inactivated 27 Jun 1949
Redesignated 561st FBS 5 Nov 1953; Activated 23 Nov 1953; Inactivated 10 Dec 1957
Redesignated 561st TFS & Activated 1 May 1962; Organized  1 Oct 1962
Redesignated 561st FS 1 Nov 1991; Inactivated 30 Jun 1992; Activated  1 Feb 1993
Tactical Air Command, 1 May 1962; 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, 1 Oct 1962; 23d Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Feb 1964 (attached to 41st Air Division, 6 Mar–8 Jul 1965); 832d Air Division, 1 Jul 1972 (attached to 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, 1–14 Jul 1973); 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, 15 Jul 1973; 37th Tactical Fighter Wing, 30 Mar 1981; 35th Tactical Fighter (later, 35th Fighter) Wing, 5 Oct 1989–30 Jun 1992 (attached to 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, Provisional, 16 Aug 1990–Mar 1991). 57th OPS GP 1 Feb 1993–
McConnell AFB, KS, 1 Oct 1962 (deployed at Yokota AB, Japan, 6 Mar–8 Jul 1965; George AFB, CA, 16–26 May 1966, 23 Sep–17 Oct 1966, 17 Feb–9 Mar 1967, 4–18 Aug 1967, 23 Jan–8 Feb 1968, 18 Jun–3 Jul 1968, 15–27 Nov 1968, 6–21 May 1969, and 12 Nov–c. 2 Dec 1969); George AFB, CA, 1 Jul 1973–30 Jun 1992 (deployed at Shaikh Isa, Bahrain, 16 Aug 1990–Mar 1991);
Nellis AFB, NV, 1 Feb 1993–
B–17 1943 – 1945; Unkown 1947–1949; F–86 1954 – 1956;
F–100 1957;  F–105 1964 – 1980;  F–4 1981 – 1992;  F–4 1993 –
Stood alert in Korea Mar–Jul 1965; Replacement training Jan 1966–1 Jul 1970;  Portion of squadron flew combat from Korat RTAFB, Thailand Apr–Sep 1972; Wild Weasel training Sep 1973–30 Jun 1992; Combat in Southwest Asia, Jan–Feb 1991
Decorations: Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm April 1 1966 – January 28 1973
Motto: "WILD WEASELS" Approved 13 Oct 1993; Replaced emblem approved 31 Jan 1955

( If anyone knows the exact dates the 561st first flew F-4s and other Aircraft, let me know  Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron


Flying F-105s during Vietnam era, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
562nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron (1953–1962)
562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (1962–1980)
562nd Tactical Fighter Training Squadron (1980–1991)
562nd Fighter Squadron (1991–1992)
562nd Flying Training Squadron (1992–2010)
388th Bombardment Group (1942–1945, 1947–1949)
388th Fighter-Bomber Wing (1953–1957)
Tactical Air Command (1962)
388th Tactical Fighter Wing (1962–1964)
23rd Tactical Fighter Wing (1964–1972)
Attached: 6235th Tactical Fighter Wing (6 August-7 November 1965)
Attached: 355th Tactical Fighter Wing (8 November-c. 4 December 1965)
832nd Air Division (1972)
35th Tactical Fighter Wing (1974–1981)
37th Tactical Fighter Wing (1981–1989)
35th Tactical Fighter Wing (1989–1992)
12th Flying Training Wing (1993–2010)
Clovis Air Force Base, New Mexico (1953–1954)
Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany (1954–1955)
Étain-Rouvres Air Base, France (1955–1957)
McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas (1962–1968)
Deployed: Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand August 6 to circa December 4, 1965
George Air Force Base, California (1974–1992)
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas (1993-2010)
B-26 Marauder (1949)
 F-86 Sabre (1954–1956)
F-100 Super Sabre (1957)
F-105 Thunderchief: 1963 - 1972, 1974–1980
F-4 Phantom II (1980–1992)
T-43 Bobcat (1993–2010)
563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -
Japan made 563rd TFS

Larger layered Felt patch, UnUsed........(sold)

Bullion thread, moth hole on border, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
563rd TFS F-4G Wild Weasels

 "PACAF's Real Wild Weasels, The ACES"
( This may be in reference to their participation in the first destruction of a North Vietnamese SAM site(?) )

made in Northern Asia, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
563rd TAC FTR SQDN Ace of Spades with Saber on a diamond

563rd TFS ( larger Yellow card), border has fraying, Used.....inquire

smaller Yellow card, RFU, Used.......(sold)

563rd TFS (Pink card), UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
563rd Bombardment Squadron Activated circa 1942 at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. Transferred to Wendover Field, Utah early 1943 and trained with B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft. Deployed In early-1943 to RAF Knettishall, England assigned to the 8th USAAF.
Flew combat missions from July 17, 1943 - to April 21, 1945
Squadron Relocated to CONUS awaiting transfer to the Pacific; Japanese surrendered before shipping out; Inactivated in August 1945.
Squadron Reactivated in the Reserves June 12, 1947 - June 27, 1949 flying: AT-6 Texans, AT-11 Kansans, C-46 Commandos, C-47 Skytrains, & A-26 Invaders at Orchard Place Airport, Chicago, Illinois.
Redesignated/Reactivated 563rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron at Clovis Air Force Base, NM on November 23, 1953 flying F-86Fs.
Relocated to Bitburg AB, Germany, in 1954; moving on to Etain/Rouvres AB, France in the summer of 1955 flying support for the Suez Canal and Hungarian missions.
Converted to F-100Ds on April 2, 1957; Inactivated December 10, 1957.
Reactivated May 1, 1962 as the 563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at McConnell Air Force Base, KS flying the F-100Ds & later F-105Ds in 1963
Relocating to Takhli RTAFB, Thailand in April 1965; flew sorties over North Vietnam and Laos with the loss of 10 of it's original 18 x F-105Ds
Returned to McConnell AFB as a Replacement Training Unit for F-105D Pilots circa 1966-1970; transitioned to the F-105 "Thunderstick II" before Inactivating July 31, 1972
Reactivated July 31, 1975 at George AFB, CA flying F-105 T-Stick IIs; adding F-4Cs in September 1975;
Re-equipped with F-4G Wild Weasels in October 1978; Inactivated in October 1989
Reactivated May 14, 1993 as the 563rd Flying Training Squadron teaching "Joint Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training" at Randolph AFB, TX
Also trained USAF & Allied Systems Officers until DeActivated June 26, 1996
582nd Air Resupply Squadron

successor to the WWII Air Commando Squadrons


see on 20th and UP SP OPS page for details
 596th Bombardment Squadron



1960s, Large insignia with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire

1960s, RFU Flight Jacket, never washed, Used.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Stationed  at Dow AFB, Base, Maine (probably assigned to the 397th BW)
Relocated to Barksdale AFB, LA in 1968 when Dow AFB closed
Assigned to 2nd BW April 15, 1968 – September 1, 1991
 Aircraft and Personnel involved in combat operations in SEA  from 1965 - 75
 Det-17, 601st Photographic Flight Squadron (AA-VS/MAC)

601st supported Units in Thailand and Vietnam
- - - -


Made in Thailand, UnUsed...........inquire
- - - -
601st PHOTO MAINT Section at Korat


"Photo Maint" "The Animal Pack" "YED MAHN", Thailand made, stationed at Korat RTAFB, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
601st Photo Squadron (Aerospace Audio-Visual Service/Military Airlift Command) was Headquartered at Ubon RTAFB and provided photo support to all Air Force units within Thailand (and Vietnam).   The 601st was under the Command and Control of the Aerospace Audio-Visual Service (AAVS) at Norton AFB, California. The Military Airlift Command was the parent unit.  With headquarters at Ubon RTAFB, the 601st provided on-site audio-visual services to the host 8th TFW and tenant organizations.
Detachments at: Udorn, U-Tapao, Nakhon Phanom, and Korat provided similar support at those locations. Requirements in other areas were covered by TDY crews out of Ubon.  Combat Documentation (COMDOC) and Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) were the primary missions of the 601st. This included both aerial and ground documentation of combat operations within Southeast Asia. Still, motion picture, and television laboratories provided support to those operations and to base support activities.
(Note: The 601st was previously Headquarted in Vietnam and the Ubon location was called Det-3)

for more information visit this site   http://www.usafcombatcamera  dot  org/
612th Tactical Fighter Squadron


612th TFS "FIGHTING 612TH", 4", UnUsed........(sold)

613th TFS, modern......(sold)
613th Tactical Fighter Squadron


613th TFS, RFU, puckered from being washed, border has fraying, Used........inquire
614th Tactical Fighter Squadron
- - - -
614th TFS



Gauze backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

plastic back, pre-1992 (probably late 1980s), Unused......inquire

UnUsual "uncut" patch, PELON backing, wing is 4 1/8", UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to 401st TFW: September 25, 1957 - April 27, 1966
614th Tactical Fighter Squadron attached to 366th TFW at Phan Rang September 18 – October 10, 1966 (F-100D/F Tail Code: VP)
ReAttached to 35th TFW October 10, 1966 – July 31, 1971 (F-100D/F Tail Code: VP)
Rejoined 401st TFW after SEA duty
 644th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)
- - - -
644th BS(H) Navigator's Grouping

Navigator flew B-52Ds for the 4133rd BW(?) out of Guam and U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand

Okinawa/Japan made Name Tag, RFU, Used.............inquire

patch RFU, Used.....inquire

Name Tape and "Vietnam 100 Missions B-52D" insignia made in U-Tapao, RFU, Used........(sold)

( The Squadron had B-52Hs in the States but this man flew the D Model in SEA )

( see the 4133 BW(P) for parent unit in SEA during the Vietnam War )
- - - -
flew for the 410th Bombardment Wing(H) out of K. I. Sawyer AB

flew B-52Hs acquired from the 526th BS, RFU, Used........inquire

activated 1963 and sent aircrews to 4133rd BW(P) 1968-1975 in SEA, UnUsed....(sold)

- - - -
644th BS(H) Pilot's Grouping

Cheesecloth backing on 644th BS, RFU MA-1, Used........inquire
656th Bombardment Squadron (Medium)

Flew B-47s circa 1953 - 63 at Lake Charles(Chennault) AFB


656th BS(M), UnUsed......inquire
668th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)


Squadron took over B-52 assets of the 75th BS at Griffiss AFB in 1963 and supported the SEA effort from 1968 to 1975 flying missions for: Operation Arc Light, Linebacker I, & Linebacker II.  Deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1990–1991 flying missions Operation Desert Storm.

668th BS(H), UnUsed.......inquire

Cheesecloth backing, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 668th Bombardment Squadron (Light) January 25, 1943; Activated February 5, 1943; Inactivated October 11, 1945
Redesignated 668th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy); Activated November 15, 1962; Organized February 1, 1963 (gained assets of of the Inactivated 75th BS)
Redesignated 668th BS June 1, 1992; Inactivated January 1, 1995
416th Bombardment Group February 5, 1943  –  October 11, 1945
Strategic Air Command November 15, 1962
416th Bombardment Wing (formerly the 4039th SW) February 1, 1963
416th Operations Group June 1, 1992  –  January 1, 1995
Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma, 5 Feb 1943
Lake Charles Army Air Field, Louisiana, 4 Jun 1943
Laurel Army Airfield, Mississippi, 1 Nov 1943 – 1 Jan 1944
RAF Wethersfield (AAF-170), England, 2 Feb 1944
Melun Airfield (A-55), France, 25 Sep 1944
Laon/Athies Airfield (A-69), France, 10 Feb 1945
Cormeilles en Vexin Airfield (A-59), France, c. 25 May 1945
Laon/Athies Airfield (A-69), France, 27 Jul – 13 Sep 1945
Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts, 10–11 Oct 1945
Griffiss AFB, New York, 1 Feb 1963 – 1 Jan 1995
Flight of aircraft and personnel deployed to 1708th Provisional Bombardment Wing, Prince Abdulla AB, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Aug 1990–Mar 1991 (Operation Desert Storm)
Flight of aircraft and personnel deployed to 806th Provisional Bombardment Wing, RAF Fairford, England, Jan–Mar 1991 (Operation Desert Storm)
B-25 Mitchell 1943
A-20 Havoc 1943–1944
A-26 Invader 1944–1945
B-52G/H Stratofortress 1963–1995
701st Squadron, Thai made


( probably a Thai RTAF SQ )


701st SQ, Black Widow Spider on a web, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
see 715th BS below
716th Bombardment Squadron


716th BS, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
flew B-52s for the 4239th SW at Kincheloe AFB until Wing
ReAssigned to the 449th BW(H) in 1963
B-52s supported the SEA effort from 1968-75
717th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Flew B-52s from 1957 to 1963 for the 28th Bombardment Wing and 4245th Strategic Wing

Variation/Unfinished(?) as the Elephant has no ears, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Constituted 717th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 6 Apr 1943; Activated 1 May 1943
Redesignated 717th Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy) 23 May 1945
Redesignated 717th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) 28 May 1948
Redesignated 717th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 16 May 1949
Redesignated 717th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic) 1 Apr 1950
Redesignated 717th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) 16 Jul 1950
Redesignated 717th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 1 Oct 1955
Discontinued/Inactivated February 1, 1963
449th Bombardment Group, 1 May 1943; 28th Bombardment (later Strategic Reconnaissance) Group, 4 Aug 1946, 28th Strategic Reconnaissance (later Bombardment) Wing, 16 Jun 1952; 4245th Strategic Wing, 1 Feb 1960-1 Feb 1963.
Davis-Monthan Field, Ariz, 1 May 1943; Alamogordo AAFld, NM, 5 Jul 1943; Bruning AAFld, Neb, 12 Sep-26 Nov 1943; Grottaglie, Italy, 5 Jan 1944-13 May 1945; Sioux Falls AAfld, SD, 15 Jun 1945; Dalhart AAFld, Tex, 24 Jul 1945; Grand Island AAFld, Neb, 8 Sep 1945-6 Oct 1946; Elmendorf Field, Alaska, 20 Oct 1946-24 Apr 1947; Rapid City AAFld, SD, 3 May 1947, Sheppard AFB, Tex, 1 Feb 1960-1 Feb 1963.
B-24, 1943-1945, B-17, 1945; B-29, 1946-1950; B-36, 1949-1950; RB-29, 1950; RB-36, 1950-1957, B-52, 1957-1963.
Combat in MTO and ETO, 8 Jan 1944-26 Apr 1945
Air Offensive, Europe; Naples-Foggia; Anzio; Rome-Arno; Normandy, Northern France; Southern France; North Apennines; Rhineland; Central Europe; Po Valley; Air Combat, EAME Theater.
Distinguished Unit Citations: Bucharest, Rumania April 4, 1944; Ploesti, Rumania 9 Jul 1944
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Sep 1957-30 Jun 1958
On a medium blue disc, a white caricatured elephant with blue eye, yellow toe nails, and red wings on feet, in flight, holding aloft with trunk a large yellow aerial bomb banded of the field, and supporting on the back a gunner in red uniform within glass "bubble" gun turret, and having cartridge belt with black and yellow shells hanging down side from turret; sixteen white stars in orle, arranged seven to dexter, one in chief, seven to sinister, and one in base. (Approved 10 Jul 1944.)
see 720th BS below
 721st Tactical Fighter Squadron


721st TFS, "PETERE-OPPUGNARE-DELERE" (Seek-Attack-Destroy), 1958 era, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Redesignated: 721st FBS March 31 1954; 721st Fighter Day Squadron March 8 1955;
721st TFS July 1 1958; Deactivated December 18 1958
Assigned: 450th FTR-Day Wing December 11 1957 to December 18 1958
Stationed Foster AFB, Texas July 1 1954 to December 18 1958
728th Bombardment Squadron, Light, Night Intruder

Flew Douglas B-26 Invaders out of K-9 (Pusan East AB, Korea) during the Korean War


728th BS, made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History (unedited from the USAF site)
Constituted as 728 Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 14 May 1943. Activated on 1 Jun 1943. Redesignated 728 Bombardment Squadron, Heavy on 20 Aug 1943. Inactivated on 28 Aug 1945. Redesignated 728 Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy on 11 Mar 1947. Activated in the Reserve on 19 Apr 1947. Redesignated 728 Bombardment Squadron, Light on 27 Jun 1949. Ordered to active duty on 10 Aug 1950. Redesignated 728 Bombardment Squadron, Light, Night Intruder on 25 Jun 1951. Relieved from active duty, and inactivated, on 10 May 1952. Redesignated 728 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 6 Jun 1952. Activated in the Reserve on 13 Jun 1952. Redesignated: 728 Bombardment Squadron, Tactical on 22 May 1955; 728 Troop Carrier Squadron, Medium on 1 Jul 1957; 728 Air Transport Squadron, Heavy on 1 Dec 1965; 728 Military Airlift Squadron on 1 Jan 1966; 728 Military Airlift Squadron (Associate) on 1 Jan 1972; 728 Airlift Squadron (Associate) on 1 Feb 1992; 728 Airlift Squadron on 1 Oct 1994.

Assignments. 452 Bombardment Group, 1 Jun 1943-28 Aug 1945. 452 Bombardment Group, 19 Apr 1947-10 May 1952. 452 Tactical Reconnaissance (later, 452 Bombardment; 452 Troop Carrier) Group, 13 Jun 1952; 452 Troop Carrier Wing, 14 Apr 1959; 942 Troop Carrier (later, 942 Air Transport; 942 Military Airlift) Group, 17 Jan 1963; 944 Military Airlift Group, 1 Jan 1972; 445 Military Airlift Wing, 1 Jul 1973; 446 Military Airlift (later, 446 Airlift) Wing, 1 Jan 1992; 446 Operations Group, 1 Aug 1992-.

Stations. Geiger Field, WA, 1 Jun 1943; Rapid City AAB, SD, 9 Jul 1943; Pendleton Field, OR, 10 Oct 1943; Walla Walla AAFld, WA, 6 Nov-23 Dec 1943; Deopham Green, England, c. 11 Jan 1944-c. 5 Aug 1945; Sioux Falls AAFld, SD, 14-28 Aug 1945. Long Beach AAFld (later, Long Beach Muni Aprt), CA, 19 Apr 1947; George AFB, CA, 10 Aug-26 Oct 1950; Itazuke AB, Japan, 8 Nov 1950; Miho AB, Japan, 10 Dec 1950; Pusan-East AB, South Korea, 23 May 1951-10 May 1952. Long Beach Muni Aprt, CA, 13 Jun 1952; March AFB, CA, 14 Oct 1960; Norton AFB, CA, 1 Jan 1972; McChord AFB, WA, 1 Jan 1992-.

Commanders. None (unmanned), 1 Jun-8 Jul 1943; Maj Robert E. Kaufman, 9 Jul 1943; Maj George J. Oxrider, by Sep 1943; Maj Talmadge D. Reed, by Apr 1944; Maj Edward A. Steedman, Oct 1944; Maj Carl M. Thomajan, 11 Nov 1944; Maj Charles W. Lunan, 27 Dec 1944-c. 24 Jun 1945; unkn, Jul-28 Aug 1945. Unkn, 19 Apr 1947-Jun 1948; Lt Col Arthur R. Reaume, by Jul 1948-unkn; Lt Col Claude J. Norton, by Sep 1950; Maj Gene L. Maddocks, 9 Apr 1951; Maj Isaac T. Van Patten III, 1 Jul 1951; Lt Col John W. Hiney, c. 1 Dec 1951; Maj St. Clair Thompson Jr., c. 8 Mar-10 May 1952. Lt Col Merle E. Larson, 13 Jun 1952; Maj George M. Becker, by Jun 1960; Maj James L. Menard, by Aug 1962-Jan 1963; unkn, Feb 1963-Apr 1964; Col George D. Hoffman, May 1964; Col Charles J. Harmon, Jun 1971; Col Evan E. Clements, 1 Jan 1972; Col James M. Rizor, Oct 1973; Col William L. Worthington, 24 Jul 1977; Lt Col Errol R. French, 29 Aug 1979; Lt Col William E. Hensley, 7 Jun 1980; Lt Col Emmet D. Murphy, 1 Jul 1982; Col Lewis Aaronson, 14 May 1983; Col James C. Wecker, 29 Oct 1985; Lt Col Thomas W. Vinson, 1 Nov 1989; Lt Col John W. Barton, 1 Aug 1991; Lt Col Keeton D. Zachary, 13 Nov 1993; Lt Col Harold L. Mitchell, 9 Sep 1995; Lt Col David A. Richards, 21 Sep 1997-.

Aircraft. B-17, 1943-1945. Unkn, 1947-1948; T-6, 1948-1950; T-7, 1948-1950; T-11, 1948-1950; B-26, 1949-1952. T-6, 1952-1954; F-51, 1953-1954; T-33, 1954-1955; F-80, 1954-1955; B-26, 1955-1957; C-46, 1957-1958; C-119, 1958-1965; C-124, 1965-1971; C-141, 1972-.

Operations. Combat in ETO, 5 Feb 1944-Apr 1945. Combat in Korea, 12 Nov 1950-9 May 1952. Flying training in the Reserve for fighter missions, 1952-1955, tactical bombardment operations, 1955-1957, and tactical airlift missions, 1957-1965. Worldwide airlift missions, especially across the Pacific, beginning 1965. Transported ex-prisoners of war and refugees from the Far East to the United States in 1973 and 1975 at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. Took part in operations to liberate Kuwait in 1991.

715th Bombardment Squadron, flew with the 509th BW, possbily 1960s(?), Used......inquire

720th Bombardment Squadron(Heavy) (720th BS(H)), circa 1963-68, flew B-52Hs, UnUsed....inquire

744th Bombardment Squadron, circa 1963-75 with 456th SAW(H), UnUsed.......(sold)

744th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Reactivated and Assigned to Strategic Air Command in 1963 Replacing a Provisional B-52G Stratofortess squadron at Beale AFB, California.
In 1966 the 744th deployed personnel to forward bases in the Western Pacific flying Arc Light missions over SEA
Inactivated in 1975 and Redesignated 34th Bombardment Squadron when SAC pulled out of Wright-Patterson AFB


744th BS(H), with pigtail, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 744th BS(H) May 14, 1943; Activated June 1, 1943; Redesignated 744th BS(VH) August 5, 1945; Inactivated October 17, 1945
Activated in Reserve July 12, 1947; Inactivated June 27, 1949
Redesignated 744th TCS(M) October 15, 1952; Activated December 1, 1952; Inactivated July 9, 1956
Redesignated 744th BS(H) & Activated November 15, 1962; Organized February 1, 1963 (Equipped with assets from the 31st BS); Inactivated September 30, 1975
( Assets used by the 34th Bombardment Squadron)
456th Bombardment Group, 1 Jun 1943-17 Oct 1945; 12 Jul 1947-27 Jun 1949
456th Troop Carrier Group, 1 Dec 1952
456th Troop Carrier Wing, 1 Mar 1955-9 Jul 1956
Strategic Air Command, 15 Nov 1962
456th Strategic Aerospace (later Bombardment) Wing, 1 Feb 1963-30 Sep 1975
StationsWendover Field, Utah, 1 June 1943
Gowen Field, Idaho, 14 July 1943;
Bruning Army Airfield, Nebraska, c. 30 July 1943
Kearns Army Airfield, Utah, c. 11 September 1943
Muroc Army Air Field, California, October-December 1943
Cerignola Airfield, Italy, January 1944
Stornara Airfield, Italy, January 1944-July 1945
Sioux Falls Army Air Field, South Dakota, 1 August 1945
 Smoky Hill Army Air Field, Kansas, 17 August-17 October 1945
McChord Field, Washington, 12 July 1947-27 June 1949
Miami International Airport, Florida, 1 December 1952
Charleston AFB, South Carolina, 25 July 1953-16 October 1955
Shiroi Air Base, Japan, 10 November 1955-10 May 1956
Ardmore AFB, Oklahoma, 25 May-9 July 1956
Beale AFB, California, 1 February 1963-30 September 1975
B-24 Liberator, 1943-1945
B-29 Superfortress, 1945
C-119 Flying Boxcar, 1 December 1952-9 July 1956
B-52 Stratofortress, 1 February 1963-30 September 1975
757th Tactical Fighter Squadron

Flew A-37s circa 1973 to 1981

757th TFS, UnUsed......inquire

larger 5 3/16" patch, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Not much History
Designated 757th TFS from 1973 - 1981 flying A-37s in the Air Force Reserve Youngstown, Ohio; Redesignated TAS flying C-130s.

Flew RC-135 aircraft, tail code is "OF", UnUsed......inquire

( the 763rd ERS insignia is similar to the 4407th RS patch )
764th Bombardment Squadron


RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
 Constituted 764th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) May 19, 1943; Activated July 1, 1943; Inactivated August 28, 1945
Redesignated 764th Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 11 Dec 1953; Activated 23 Dec 1953
Redesignated 764th Bombardment Squadron (Tactical) 1 Oct 1955; Inactivated on 8 Jan 1958
Redesignated/Activated 764th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) November 15, 1962
Organized February 1, 1963 upon Receiving assets of the 718th Bombardment Squadron (when it was Redesignated the 764th BS(H))
Inactivated 28 March 1968
461st Bombardment Group, 1 Jul 1943-28 Aug 1945; 23 Dec 1953-8 Jan 1958
Strategic Air Command, 15 Nov 1962
461st Bombardment Wing, 1 Feb 1963-28 Mar 1968
Wendover Field, Utah July 1, 1943
Gowen Field, Idaho, July 29, 1943
Kearns Center, Utah September 11, 1943
Wendover Field, Utah, September 30, 1943
Hammer Field, California, October 30, 1943 - January 1944
Torretto Airfield, Italy c. February 20, 1944 - July 1945
Sioux Falls AAF, South Dakota, July 22 - August 18, 1945
Hill AFB, Utah, December 23, 1953 - April 8, 1956
Blytheville AFB, Arkansas, April 8, 1956 - April 1, 1958
Amarillo AFB, Texas, February 1, 1963 - March 28, 1968
B-24 Liberator, 1943-1945
B-26 Invader, 1954-1955
B-57 Canberra, 1955-1958
B-52 Stratofortress, 1963-1968
864th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Flew B-52 Stratofortresses out of Sheppard AFB, Texas circa 1963 – 1966


864th BS(H), UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 864th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) September 14, 1943; Activated December 1, 1943; Inactivated January 6, 1946
Redesignated 864th Strategic Missile Squadron (IRBM-Jupiter) January 7, 1958; Activated January 15, 1958
Redesignated 864th Technical Training Squadron April 15, 1959; Discontinued June 1, 1960
Redesignated 864th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) November 15, 1962; Organized February 1, 1963( using assets of 717th BS); Inactivated April 2, 1966.
494th Bombardment Group, 1 December 1943 – 4 January 1946
1st Missile Division, 15 January 1958
704th Strategic Missile Wing, 23 February 1958
Attached to 1st Missile Division, 1 November 1958
1st Missile Division, 1 July 1959
Department of the Air Force, 1 June 1960
Strategic Air Command, 15 November 1962
494th Bombardment Wing, 1 February 1963 – 2 April 1966
Wendover Field, Utah, 1 December 1943 – 15 April 1944
Mountain Home Army Air Field, Idaho, 14 April 1944 – 15 June 1944
Barking Sands Army Airfield, Hawaii Territory, 15 June 1944 – 30 September 1944
Angaur Airstrip, Angaur, Palau Islands, 30 September 1944 – 24 June 1945
Yontan Airfield, Okinawa, 24 June 1945 – 13 December 1945
Redstone Arsenal. Huntsville, Alabama, 15 January 1958 – 1 June 1960
Sheppard AFB, Texas, 1 February 1963 – 1 April 1966
B-24 Liberator, 1944 – 1945
B-52 Stratofortress, 1963 – 1966
901st AEROMEDICAL Evacuation Squadron

made in Japan


3 3/8", back covered with scrapbook glue residue, UnUsed.....inquire
 903rd AEROMEDICAL Evacuation Squadron

Large Insignia made in Japan; stationed at Phu Cat with the 12th TFW in 1969


5 1/8"(to tip of right wing), back covered with scrapbook glue residue, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
found a reference the Unit was at Phu Cat, RVN with the 12th TFW in 1969
 1129th Special Activities Squadron

1129th SAS "ROAD RUNNERS"  located at Groom Lake (Area 51), Nevada; a Joint A-12 Project by the CIA & USAF

The Lockheed A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft (Single-seat) was constructed for the Central Intelligence Agency by Lockheed's Skunk Works
Produced from 1962 - 1964; Operational from 1963 to 1968
The A-12 first flew in April 1962 & was the forerunner of the USAF YF-12 Interceptor and the SR-71 Blackbird RECON(Two-seat) aircraft
Final flight in May of 1968; Program/Equipment retired in June 1968


"BEEP BEEP", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial 1129th SAS History
1129th SAS Established circa 1961/62 at Groom Lake (Area 51), Nevada by the Central Intelligence Agency and USAF to develope/fly the A-12
                         Detachment-1 operated from Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan
      Deactivated June 1968

Consise A-12 History
Conceived circa 1957/1958 and project named ARCHANGEL
 CIA orders 12 x A-12 aircraft in 1960
First A-12 leaves Skunk Works in Burbank for Groom Lake in 1962
First flight in 1962
First A-12 Mach 3+ flight  in 1963
Final A-12 delivered to Groom Lake in 1964
DET-1, 1129th SAS A-12s were flown to Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan in May of 1967; BLACK SHIELD was Operational
In late-May 1967 the first Combat Mission was over North Vietnam
Last A-12 operational mission flown on May 8, 1968
3509P - 1453rd Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

3509P -  1453rd MAES,  “PAC'D MATS” ASHTRAY, Korean War Era, shows the Squadron's Patch, never used, As-New.....inquire
3305th Pilot Training Squadron


GRAY 2 Flight of the 3305th PTS, UnUsed......inquire
3558th Combat Crew Training Squadron (1954 - 1958)


3558th CCTS "FLYING 58TH", RFU, harness rub on borders, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to 3555th Pilot Training Wing (Advanced Interceptor Training) at Perrin AFB, Texas under the ATC
Transferred to the ADC in 1958 and Redesignated 4782nd CCTS
3389th Flying Training Squadron S. A. T. P.

S.A.T.P. = Security Assistance Training Program for VNAF Pilots


"3389 FTS" S.A.T.P.", RFU, Used.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Probably assigned to 78th FTW
stationed at Keesler from 1967 to 1973: moved to Webb AFB, TX 1973; deactivated 1977
The 3389th Pilot Training Squadron at Keesler provided T-28 pilot training to VNAF pilots and mechanics
3500th Pilot Training Squadron


3500th PTS, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU, scrapbook residue on back, Used......inquire

3506th Pilot's Training Squadron

 patch came from a 13th BS(T) Pilot's Grouping


3506th PTS with "9 7 8 10" on 4-Pointed Stars, stationed at Greenville AFB, MS circa 1953-59, RFU, Used.....inquire
3536th Navigator Training Squadron

3536th NTS, UnUsed......inquire
 3537th Electronic Warfare Training Squadron
similar insignia is listed on USAF.com but both have a bottom arc


3537th  EWTS, RFU, puckered from washing, Used......inquire

Why the discrepancy exists between the name of this squadron and the listed name below is unknown
something for the Gurus to ponder
- - - -
partial History of the 3535th Navigator Training Wing and it's successor
In the 1960s Mather AFB became the sole aerial navigation school for the USAF and also trained Electronic Warfare Officers (EWOs) and Weapon Systems Officers (WSOs) 3535th NTW was redesignated 323d FTW April 1, 1973 and continued training Navigator's, EWO's and WSO's until it was inactivated September 30, 1993
Navigator training relocated to Randolph AFB consolidating under the 12th FTW

3535th Navigator Training Wing was assigned these units:
3535th Navigator Training Squadron (3535 NTS)
3536th Navigator Training Squadron (3536 NTS)
3537th Navigator Training Squadron (3537 NTS)
3538th Navigator Training Squadron (3538 NTS)
3539th Navigator Training Squadron (3539 NTS)
3540th Navigator Training Squadron (3540 NTS)
3541st Navigator Training Squadron (3541 NTS)
323d FTW squadrons were:
449th Flying Training Squadron (449 FTS)
450th Flying Training Squadron (450 FTS)
451st Flying Training Squadron (451 FTS)
452d Flying Training Squadron (452 FTS)
453d Flying Training Squadron (453 FTS)
454th Flying Training Squadron (454 FTS)
455th Flying Training Squadron (455 FTS)
3556th Flying Training Squadron

Fight'n 56 Squadron at Perrin AFB, Texas circa 1958-1962

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

( formerly: 3556th Combat Crew Training Squadron, under the 3555th Flying Training Wing )
3575th Pilot Training Squadron

Ace Novelty Box 1374 Tokyo, Japan label on back, UnUsed......inquire

3575th PTS, UnUsed........inquire

RFU, never washed, Used......inquire

3576th Pilot Training Squadron

"H" Flight


3576th PTS, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
3597th Combat Crew Training Squadron

F-86 era, circa 1950s

3597th CCTS "THUNDER BIRD" "97th Fighter Squadron", white scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

3597th CCTS, black scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

not much info on this unit
based at Nellis AFB in the 1950s and Fly F-86s
3610th Navigator Training Squadron, 3610th NTWg

- - - -
3611th NTS, Harlingen AFB, TX

post-1960 Design


RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
( previously listed on the Troop Carrier page as the 64th TCGp )

3610th NTS, UnUsed..........(sold)
- - - -
possbile partial History
3611th Navigator Training Squadron, 3610th Navigator Training Wing Harlingen AFB, Texas active in 1961
Possibly associated with the Observer/Navigator Training Squadron(or Wing) at Harlingen AFB, TX until circa January 1963
3613th Combat Crew Training Squadron (WATER SURVIVAL SCHOOL)

Assigned to 3636th Combat Crew Training Wing(S), Air Training Command


( now designated, 66th Training Squadron Detachment-2 )

3613th CCTS stationed at Homestead AFB, Florida, with pigtail, UnUsed.......inquire

larger 4 3/4" patch, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on the Training page )

- - - -
partial History
Originally designated 17th Training Squadron (Water Survival School) and started by TAC at Langley AFB in 1962; relocated to Homestead AFB in 1966 and designated 4550th School Squadron (Sea Survival).
In July 1971 USAF survival training was consolidated under ATC and the USAF water survival school now designated 3613th Combat Crew Training Squadron was formed at Homestead AFB to replace schools in: Japan, Okinawa, and Northwest Florida.
In August 1992, the 3613th CCTS relocated to Tyndall AFB following destruction of Homestead AFB by Hurricane Andrew.
Squadron resumed training in December 1992; Redesignated 17th CTS January 1993; Redesignated 17th TS April 1994; Redesignation 17th TRS September 1994.
Relocated in June 1994 NAS Pensacola, FL and resumed training in July.
Redesignated December 1996 as DET-2, 66th Training Squadron.


4539th Fighter Weapons Squadron

F-111 Training Unit - "WE BETTER THE BEST"
Got an extra 4539th FWS patch?
( also on Front Squadrons page, WANTED section )
( email and info in the Squadrons Box )
 4007th Combat Crew Training Squadron

4007th CCTS, UnUsed...........inquire

4007th CCTS, Thai made, RFU Jacket, Used.......inquire

4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron

4017th CCTS at Castle, AFB, B-52 crew training, Used....inquire

4017th CCTS at Castle, AFB, B-52 crew training, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -
4017th CCTS Instructor's Insignia

"CFIC" = Combat Flight Instructor Course


4017th CCTS,  5.5", cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Established August 1955
Stationed at Castle AFB, CA
Assigned to 93rd BW
Components: 328th, 329th, & 330th Bomb Squadrons
Trained: B-52 aircrews
4018th Combat Crew Training Squadron

"Virtus per Sciencia"

Trained B-52 aircrews

4018th CCTS, older ME with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire

4018th CCTS, Merrowed-edge(ME), UnUsed.......inquire

4018th CCTS, ME with plastic back, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Activated in 1972(?) at Carswell AFB
Assigned to 7th BW
Inactivated 1984
may have relocated to Dyess and trained B-1 aircrews later(?)
 4025th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron

this insignia is listed in Mr. Polder's Book 5 as the 4025th SRS

see patch in the RB-57D  section on the AIRCRAFT patch page

see "Lightning Bug" patch below in 4028th SRS section
 4028th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron


Flew U-2s, DC-130s, CH-3s, and AQM-34s

4028th SRS, 4 1/4" (vertical), residue from 2 scrapbooks on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
4028th SRS, 4080th SRW Neck Scarf by Rakke'l


poor picfiles, the red is dark

"Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady", one end show minor staining(in right picfile-stain is very difficult to see), Used......inquire
- - - -

small patch for a cap, neck bib, or ?, made in Korea, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

embroidered on Khaki, 4 1/2" (vertical), been in 2 x scrapbooks, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
partial History of U-2s in SEA
SAC sent a detachment of 4 x U-2s from the 4080th SRW based at Laughlin AFB, TX  to Bien Hoa AB, RVN (OL-20) on February 14, 1964 to fly high-altitude reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam.
On February 11, 1966 the 4080th Wing SRW was Redesignated 100th SRW and moved to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.
The U-2 DET(OL-20) (possibly known as the 4028th SRS DET or 4080th SRW DET(??)) at Bien Hoa AB, RVN was Redesignated 349th SRS o/a June 25, 1966
On July 1 (or 11th), 1970 the 349th SRS(OL-20) at Bien Hoa AB relocated to  U-Tapao RTNAF, Thailand and was Redesignated 99th SRS (OL-RU) o/a November 1, 1972
99th SRS Relocated to Beale AFB, CA June 30, 1976 and continued flying the U-2

( see  100th SRW  patch )

Anyone knowing more, or different, information on these patches and/or Units in SEA--please let me know.
- - - -
"Blue Springs" ( later "Lightning Bug" ) Mission assigned to:

4028th SRS

4025th SRS

350th SRS

Originally a Teledyne Ryan Project patch but design used through the Test Phase, circa 1962-64

Listing the Lighning Bug patch with the 4028th SRS is strictly arbitrary - it had to go someplace


Quilted "Lightning Bug", High-Quality Vietnam craftsmanship, Near-New, Used.......inquire

flew and recovered the Ryan Firebee 147A (later AQM-34) Reconnaissance Drone

( also on: 350th SRS, 4025th, 4080th SRW, AQM Aircraft pages )
- - - -
Codename "Blue Springs" ( later "Lightning Bug" ) partial History
1962 - Ryan converted a target drone to a Reconnaissance configuration (Model 147A), using Codename "Fire Fly", which first flew in April 1962
1964(?) - Codename "Blue Springs"  was the Operational name for the DC-130 / Ryan AQM-34 Drone Detachment of the 4028th RS/4080th SRW in Vietnam
June 1965 - "Blue Springs" name changed to "Lightning Bug" and assets given to the ReActivated 4025th SRS
Aircraft flown: DC-130s, CH-3s, and AQM-34(Drones)
June 25, 1966 4025th SRS Redesignated 350th SRS ( "RED FALCONS")
1969 - Air Force assigned  AQM-34 designations to the RPVs

excellent sites for reference:
http://www.xs4all  dot  nl/~robdebie/aqm34.htm
http://www.acig  dot  org/artman/publish/article_344.shtml
http://www.designation-systems  dot  net/dusrm/m-34.html
http://www.spyflight  dot  co.uk/aqm34g.htm

( If you know different, or more correct, information contact    Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
- - - -
AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System)
AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System)

( If you know more, or different, information on these patches and/or the History of the U-2 units in Vietnam and Thailand let me know )

( for details see Aircraft page, U-2 section )
4029th Strategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron

U-2 Training Squadron at Beale AFB, CA 1981 - 1986


Left - 4029th SRTS, patch designed by the Commander's wife, (hard to find patch(?))...(sold)
(worn by Instructor Pilots and RSOs)

Right - 4029th Strategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron, 4", unit active at Beale AFB 1981-86, Unused.....inquire
(for U-2 Training at Beale AFB, California)


(NOTE: one of the larger RECON sites does not have the Left patch = UnCommon(?))
( see more info on this excellent site:  http://www.blackbirds dot net/patch/4029th-srts.html )
4235th Strategic Training Squadron

4235th STS, circa 1980s, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Stationed at Carswell AFB, TX from late-1950s - 1980s
Assigned to Director of Opeations & Training, SAC
Prepared SAC Crews for the: B-47, B-52, FB-111, B-1, B-2, KC-135, & KC-10
4397th Combat Crew Training Squadron

Possibly part of the 4397th Air Refueling Wing(Training) at Randolph AFB, Texas flying KC-97s from late-1950s to 1963

Anyone know the history of the 4397th CCTS?

large 5" disc, 4397th CCTS, probably a 1950s era patch, UnUsed........inquire
3396AC - 4402nd Reconnaissance Squadron (Provisional)

Flew U-2 "Dragon Lady" aircraft

worn in Saudi Arabia while TDY from Beale AFB, CA

see Headgear page for details
(Team had only 15-20 members)
Veteran of the mission says they were the 4409th CCTS Combat Evaluation Team for the "COMBAT BRONCO" mission from Hurlburt AFB, FL and were Hosted by the 19th TASS at Bien Hoa AB, RVN. ( email 130527 )
circa August 1968 - February 1969
see the listing with the 19th TASS who hosted the Combat  EVAL Team at Bien Hoa, RVN
4417th Combat Crew Training Squadron

4417th CCTS, 4 5/8", EB-66 & B-52 Crew Training, UnUsed......inquire

4477th TES.....( see below )

4477th TES.....( see below )

4427th Tactical Fighter Replacement Squadron

Trained F-111 replacement crews at Cannon AFB, NM for the 27th TFW


4427th TFRS, made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
4427th Tactical Fighter Replacement Squadron was activated 1 October 1971 as a  F-111D training unit.
Deactivated 15 January 1976; Aircraft reassigned to 481st TFTS
4435th Tactical Fighter Replacement Squadron

4435th TFRS, 1960s, or earlier, construction, UnUsed......inquire

RFU, looks like a later patch than the UnUsed one, Used....inquire

 - - - -
partial History
1966 = flying F-100s at Luke AFB, AZ
4435th Tactical Fighter Replacement Squadron assigned to the 35th TFW from October 1, 1971 - January 15, 1976
Flying F-4s for the Operational Training Course
Replaced, on January 15 1976, by the 431st TFTS
( some web sites state the 4435th replaced the 431st?? )

( the 431st, 4435th, & 4546th squadrons all have similar insignia featuring a Red Devil ? )
 4452nd Combat Crew Training Squadron

4452nd Test Squadron
- - - -
I cannot find verbage connecting these two Squadrons but I think they are the same unit - just different times in their existance(?)
- - - -


4452nd CCTS, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
4452nd CCTS partial History
4452d Combat Crew Training Squadron assigned to the 35th TFW at George AFB, CA October 1971 - October 1973 flying: F-4D 1972, F-4E 1972-73
- - - -
4452nd Test Squadron "Goat Suckers"

conflicting verbage on which unit this patch belongs to:  4450th Group or 4452nd SQ

4452nd Test Squadron, flew A-7Ds out of Nellis AFB, Nevada, ME patch with plastic over gauze backing with short-pigtail, UnUsed....inquire

?4452nd TS partial History?
Assigned 35th TFW at George AFB, CA flying F-4Ds
4452nd Test Squadron (Q-Unit) was assigned to 4450th Tactical Group at Tonopah Test Range & Nellis AFB, NV flying A-7Ds, A-7Ks, and F-117As in 1981  

anyone know the dates these two squadrons were active?
 4453rd Test and Evaluation Squadron

F-117A Stealth Aircraft

( the F-117A unit histories are so messed-up I cannot say this is an accurate ID of this patch )

( one site lists the 4453rd as the "Bandits" another states "Grim Reapers" ? )

"GRIM REAPERS", UnUsed.......inquire

"GRIM REAPERS", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
this history may be bogus - one screwed-up mess
Detachment-2, 4450th Tactical Group ("R-Unit") formed on October 15, 1979
Based at Groom Lake, R-Unit tested Infrastructure of F-117A Operations
Conducted  initial checkout flights before acceptance by the AF  
Detachment 2, 4450th TG (R unit) inactivated on May 30, 1989
Later 4453rd Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES) "Bandits" was established

Some of the Veterans of the early F-117A days should get together and standardize the Unit History

( I held off for 10 years in listing these patches - very little has improved in their history department )
4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron

 "Red Eagles"

reason for White and Black Stars is unknown

This unit possibly had MIG-23 aircraft(?)

4477th TES with White Star, Nellis AFB......inquire

Black Star, UnUsed.....inquire

Detachment-1, 4481st TFS Harvest Reaper

for details see DET-1, 428th TFS section---click on picture
4484th Fighter Weapons Squadron


1970s (probably at Tydall AFB, FL), UnUsed.......inquire
4501st Tactical Fighter Replacement Squadron


 4501st TFRS, RFU, scrapbook residue on back, Used.......inquire
- - - -
patial History
4501st TFRS Active from October 1, 1971 to June 30, 1975 and Assigned to 1st TFW
4503rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (Provisional)

Stationed at Bien Hoa Air Base from October 1965 to March 1966

scanned at 300dpi = all the blemishes show

"CON COP NHO", Used......inquire

"Skoshi Tiger" Used......inquire

Flew the first squadron of F-5s the Air Force acquired; this was an evaluation unit to prove the F-5 could operate
in combat areas so it could be sold to Foreign Nations by Northrop; flew from Bien Hoa and Danang AFBs

( all assets acquired in April 1966 by the  10th Fighter Squadron (Commando)  )
- - - -
possible Skoshi Tigers associated patch

see on Aircraft page
- - - -
4503rd partial history from a Squadron Veteran


  Coffee Mug pics provided by an original member of the 4503rd TFS(P) who trained at Wiliams
"....about 100 mugs were made....several were destroyed in a morter attack on Bien Hoa in late 1965 very close to Christmas....
...when we arrived at Bien Hoa(1965) it was under construction and we lived in tents and ate "C" rations, 3 meals a day..."

Here is an Original patch that is from the same Veteran who owns the Coffee Mug

"....this patch is somewhat rare as only a few of us Security Cops wore it during Operation Skoshki Tiger 1965/1966"

4503rd TFS(P) later 10th Fighter Squadron (Commando)

 "Skoshi Tiger"

( you can contact the Veteran at this e-mail address BigJoePizz1@aol.com  )
4511th Combat Crew Training Squadron


4511th CCTS, RFU, torn on 1 corner, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 4511th CCTS was Redesignated 426th TFTS  in 1970
Both units flew F-100s 1968-1971
426th transitioned to F-4Cs in 1971
4514th Combat Crew Training Squadron

( I cannot find a translation - possibly some of the words are spelled wrong )
( possibly meaning "a (barking) dog has pertinent sex" )


4514th CCTS, RFU, puckering, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB, AZ flying F-100C & Fs, circa 1958 - 1970
4515th Combat Crew Training Squadron

Flew F-100 Super Sabres for the 58th TFTW at Luke AFB, Arizona, circa 1969

4515th CCTS, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
4515th Combat Crew Training: October 15, 1969 – January 18, 1970
Assigned to the 58th Tactical Fighter Training Wing at Luke AFB, Arizona
4517th Combat Crew Training Squadron, F-100 Training at Luke AFB

4517th CCTS Black Top Hat on Black/White Checkerboard Shield

Right patch came from a 13th BS(T) Pilot's Grouping

RFU (washed=puckering), Used......inquire

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB, AZ flying F-100C & Fs, circa 1958 - 1970
4518th Combat Crew Training Squadron, 4540th CCTGp

 German Air Force (Luftwaffe) Training Program at Luke AFB, AZ flying F-104G Starfighters, circa 1964 - 1969

UnCommon Patch


4518th CCTS, RFU, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
4518th Combat Crew Training Squadron Activated March 1, 1964 and was Assigned to the 4540th CCTG upon the Groups Activation in April
On 20 February 1964, the 4540th Combat Crew Training Group (CCTG) was Organized/Designated to conduct GAF training at Luke; Activated April 1, 1964
(A second squadron, the 4519th Combat Crew Training Squadron, was assigned to the group, effective 1 July 1964)

The German Air Force(GAF) unit was named:
"2. Deutsche Luftwaffen-Ausbildungsstaffel F-104 USA
 (2. DtLwAusbStff F-104 USA)"
 (2nd German Air Force Training Squadron F-104 USA)

Although remaining German property, the F/TF-104 Starfighters carried USAF insignia and were assigned USAF serial numbers

At some time after 1964 the 4540th CCTGp was Redesignated the 4540th CCTW

The designators of the Wing(Group)/Squadrons changed on October 1, 1969:
The 58th Tactical Fighter Training Wing (TFTW) was Activated and Replaced 4510th CCTW as the host unit at Luke
The 69th and 418th Tactical Fighter Training Squadrons were Activated as F-104 training units Replacing the 4518th CCTS and 4519th CCTS

The 418th was merged into the 69th TTFS circa 1976 and the 418th TFTS was Inactivated October 1, 1976

The 69th TFTS was Deactivated March 16, 1983
4527th Combat Crew Training Squadron

4527th CCTS for F-111 Crew Training, 3.75", probably from the 1960s, UnUsed.......inquire

7405th Support Squadron, "Spook Electronics" unit established circa 1952 to monitor Soviets in Europe, Unit renamed 7405th Operations Squadron, flew: C-118A, EC-97G, RB-47, RB-29, RC-97, & RC-130 Aircraft, Used....(Sold)

4535th Combat Crew Training Squadron


Assigned to 35th Tactical Fighter Wing at George AFB from October 1971 to December 1972 flying F-4Cs


4535th CCTS
- - - -
partial History
4535th Combat Crew Training Squadron Assigned to the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing which WAS Reassigned & Reactivated at George AFB, CA October 1, 1971 replacing the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing. Their Mision at George was the training of F-4 flight crews
 4677th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron


4677th DSES, pre-1968 patch, RFU, Used....inquire
- - - -
RB-57D Qualification Insignia

worn by 4677th DSES personnel

click on picture for details
- - - -
partial History
stationed at Hill AFB
( see 4758th DSES for more History )

( see this site for additional info:  http://www.smecc  dot  org/new_page_2.htm  )
4713th RADAR Evaluation & Electronic Countermeasures Squadron

4713th Radar Evaluation (ECM) Flight

( flew: B-29s in the 1950s and 1960s )
( possibly flew B-25s from Griffiss AFB, NY  in the mid-1950s )


"4713th RE-ECM FLT", Griffiss AFB, New York, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History on a B-29 Aircraft of the 4713th RE-ECM
"B-29 Tail Code 44-70016 "City of Quaker City" survived it's 32 bomb missions;  
in November 1945 it was flown to Victorville AAB, California, where it was stored by the 4196th Base Unit;
in June 1946 it was flown to the 4117th Base Unit Robins Field, GA; March 1951 aircraft was Redesignated a TB-29
(probably modified as an RCM aircraft) and transferred to the RDC Squadron at Griffiss AFB, Rome, NY;  
March 1954 transferred to the 4713th Radar Evaluation Squadron at Griffiss;
retired to the Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch at Davis-Monthan June 1959; Ten years later the old war-horse was loaned to the Pima Air Museum through the Air Force Museum loan program, and there it shall remain for posterity."

( see 4758th DSES for more possible History )
4713th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron

( I don't know if the 4713th RE-ECM (above) and the 4713th DSES are connected )
( If I was guessing....I would say yes )


4713th DEF SYS EVAL SQDN 'THE ROVING RAVENS", minor damage at 01:30 on the border area, RFU, UnUsed..........inquire

I have another in New Condition (NOT shown) with scrapbook residue on the back.......UnUsed.......inquire  
- - - -
partial History
The 4713th DSES, flying EB-57E Canberras tested the effectiveness of NORAD's SAGE Systems
The 4713th DSES was first stationed at Stewart AFB, NY, then at Otis AFB, and finally moved to Westover AFB
Aircraft were frequently deployed to Europe to support USAF fighter activities
In 1974 the 4713th DSES at Westover AFB was inactivated and its aircraft were given to two Air National Guard units:
the 190th DSEG of the Kansas ANG and the 158th DSEG of the Vermont ANG

( see 4758th DSES for more History )
4750th Test Squadron

4750th Test Squadron (Operational) = listed on some sites with this designator(?)

Gold color, UnUsed.......inquire

Yellow color, RFU, Used.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
May have been designated as the 4750th Drone Squadron in the 1950s at Vincent (Yuma) AFB, AZ flying B-26 Invaders testing Drones(?)
Located at Yuma, AZ until December 1959, then Relocated to Tyndall AFB, FL flying Flying F-106 Darts
In the 1960s the 4750th testing many items (gloves to aircraft) at Tyndall AFB, FL
Tested Firebee in 1974 using ADC Pilots
(at some time they flew F-89Js and F-102As)
4754th Radar Evaluation Squadron

Flew B-29s in the 1950s
(not sure they were still a flying unit when this patch was made?)


probably from the 1980s-1990s, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on RADAR page )
- - - -
partial History
TB-29B SN 44-84076 wasTransferred to 4754th Radar Evaluation Flight (ADC), Hamilton AFB, CA, March of 1954 and again in July 1958
4754th was conductin RADAR evaluations from Hill AFB, Utah circa 19612-70+/-
4756th Combat Crew Training Squadron


4756th CCTS, RFU, damage to the bottom of the flag pole, Used.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
4756th CCTS stationed at Tyndall AFB November 15, 1962 - August 15, 1974
Aircraft transferred to 2nd FITS on August 15, 1974 or September 1, 1974 (date discrepancy)
4756th CCTS Redesignated a Drone Squadron & Assigned Air Defense Weapons Center by October 1, 1975
4756th CCTS probably supported: F-101, F-102 & F-106 Training
4758th Defense System Evaluation Squadron

patch used from 1962 - 1970

( see predecessor unit  6th Tow Target Squadron )

4758th DEF SYS EVAL SQ, older patch, UnUsed.....inquire

4758th DSES, Uncommon for top & bottom arcs to be sewn-on, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
4758th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron

Both patches came from a 13th BS(T) Pilot's Grouping(see grouping in the 13th's section)

4758th DSES, Black Crow dressed like Sherlock Holmes, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

Indian Brave with a Blue Duck, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
129th Observation Squadron Established at Biggs Army Airfield El Paso, Texas in 1939 flying a B-10
Redesignated 6th Tow Target Squadron; Redesignated 406th Base Unit and Relocated to Deming AAF, NM in December 1944
Returned to Biggs AAF in September 1945 and Redesignated 27th TTS
Redesignated 1st TTS in late-1947; Deactivated in October 1949; Reactivated in May 1950
Redesignated 1st Aerial Tracking Squadron in 1960; REDES 4758th Defense System Evaluation Squadron July 1, 1962
The 4758th DSES Relocated to Holloman AFB, NM when Biggs closed April 8, 1966
4758th Merged with the  4677th DSES  (click link) in late-1970

The last two active duty DSES units were the 4713 DSES(see above) and 4677 DSES (see above) which became the 17th DSES (see on 1-43rd SQDNs page) when the unit moved to Malmstrom AFB.

some Aircraft Flown: B-10, A-20, B-29, F-80, A-26, B-26, B-45, L-13, C-45, C-47, F-100, &  B-57s
4781st Combat Crew Training Squadron



4781st CCTS, 4 3/4"(vertical), RFU flight suit, Used......inquire
 4786th Test Squadron

F-12 Test Force at Edwards AFB in the 1960s


MACH-3 PLUS, "USAF F-12 TEST FORCE NASA", made in Japan, Unused.......(sold)
- - - -
4786th Test Squadron SR-71/F-12 TEST Force


large 4 3/8" patch "1 May 1965, 500Km 1000Km, 15/25 Km - Altitude", RFU Flight jacket, minor soiling (never washed), Used......inquire
 5040th Helicopter Squadron


RFU, Used......inquire
5041st Tactical Operations Squadron

EB-57E Canberra Squadron

(also flew: C-118A, C-124C, & T-33A)


5041st TOS, assigned to 21st Composite Wing 1971-77, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, minor damage from a staple (above the head), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
(The EB-57E was used, along with the EB-57A and EB-57B, in Defense Systems Evaluation Squadrons for training combat interception. The EB-57E was modified with electronic counter measures (ECM) equipment and the rear cockpit was modified for use by the electronic warfare officer (EWO). The aircraft was also fitted with a chaff system using chaff dispenser pods mounted on wing pylons. On a typical mission, the EB-57E would fly as an aggressor or faker against US or Allied ground -based radar detection and tracking facilities. Once the ground station began tracking the 'threat', interceptors were directed to make a simulated attack on the EB-57E. The EB-57E conversions began in the early 1960s after the target towing mission for which the -E model was originally built was made obsolete. The newest fighter/interceptors were equipped with guided missiles (e.g.. GAR-1/AIM-4) rather than unguided rockets (e.g.. 2.75" M..hty Mo.se FFAR). The EB-57E remained in active service throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Beginning in 1974, the aircraft were gradually turned over to Air National Guard units until the last of the EB-57Es were withdrawn in the early 1980s.

( Verbage taken from this site http://www.wpafb.af dot mil/museum/research/bombers/b5/b5-21.htm  )
6003rd Support Squadron, Detachment-3

DET-3 stationed at Takhli, Thailand circa 1969 - 1975


6003rd SS "RATS", made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
probable partial History
Unit was assigned to 13th Air Force circa 1966(?)
Unit had a facility on Taiwan circa 1966-67(?)
6010th Wild Weasel Squadron

( see successor squadron  17th WWS  )

6010th WWS supported the raid on the Son Tay Prison Camp in November 1970
- - - -
6010th WWS - Japan made


6010th WWS, made in Japan, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
6010th WWS partial History
6010th WWS (formerly DET-1, 12th TFS) assigned to 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Korat RTAFB November 1970 to December 1971
F-105 Thunderchiefs from the 6010th WWS supported the Son Tay Raid on November 21, 1970
17th WWS absorbed personnel and equipment of the 6010th WWS December 1, 1971
partial History of Project Wild Weasel
The Wild Weasel concept was originally proposed in 1965 as a method of countering the increasing North Vietnamese SAM threat, using volunteer crews. The mission of the Wild Weasels were to eliminate SAM sites in NVN.
In early 1966, standard F-105D's with no special Electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment accompanied F-100 Wild Weasel I aircraft equipped with basic ECM equipment. In general, the F-100 would identify the SAM site and the F-105D's would fly the actual strike. The mission gradually evolved with the addition of new weapons and ECM equipment until the F-4 Phantom II replaced the F-100 and the F-105D was replaced by the more capable and specialized two-place F-105F and -G models.
The tactics employed on the Iron Hand missions were primarily designed to suppress the SA-2 and gun-laying RADAR defenses of North Vietnam during the ingress, attack and egress of the main strike force. In the suppression role, AGM-45 Shrike missiles were employed to destroy, or at least harass, the SA-2 and/or fire control RADAR which guided the SA-2 missiles.
The 12th Tactical Fighter squadron was equipped with the F-105G and was temporarily reassigned to Takhli in June 1967. The Detachment returned to its main unit at Korat and the 44th TFS was returned to Korat in September 1970 from the 355th TFW to the 388th TFW when the decision was made to consolidate the units of the Wild Weasel mission. With their return, the 6010th Wild Weasel Squadron was formed. The 6010th TFS's aircraft flew with tail code "ZB". The squadron was redesignated 17th Wild Weasel Squadron December 1, 1971 and its aircraft used tailcode  "JB".
In February 1972, the 67th TFS returned on Temporary Duty to Korat from Kadena AB, this time being equipped with the EF-4C aircraft. The EF-4C was the initial Wild Weasel version of the Phantom. It was a modified version of the F-4C, designed in parallel with the F-105G Wild Weasel program. The EF-4Cs suffered from certain deficiencies which limited their combat effectiveness. For example, they were unable to carry the Standard ARM. Consequently, the EF-4C was seen only as an interim Wild Weasel aircraft, pending the introduction of a more suitable type. In February 1973, after the end combat operations in Vietnam, the 67th TFS with its EF-4C "Wild Weasles" were withdrawn and returned to Kadena.
6091st Reconnaissance Squadron


6091st RS, flew RC-130s from Yokoda, Japan circa 1956-62...(sold)
- - - -


6091st RS, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

6091st RS "HERO" novelty patch, Japan made, UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -
partial History
Offshoot of the 91st SRS; Redesignated 556th RS
stationed at Yokota: 1950s to, at least, mid-1960s
one mention that it flew COMINT Missions in the Gulf of Tonkin

( If anyone has some solid info on this SQ I will publish it in this section )
6148th Tactical Control Squadron associated Items

(K-47 Chunchon, Korea)

K-47 Mess Card and His Patch

see on Tactical Control page
 6175th Airbase Squadron

Trans Choge Airlines
Kunsan (VERY)LTD

I think the C-47 they flew was Tail number O-36142

A note that came with the patch read "6175 CSS"

probably made in Japan for the Crew Chief on the C-47, embroidered on an old wool blanket, UnUsed........inquire

The word "Choge" is most likely from the common Japanese/GI slang expression: "Cut a choge" (leave quickly).
"Choge" in Korean means "oyster" or "there" depending on pronunciation.

( was listed as UI#25 )
6486th Operations Squadron, made in Japan



Large Japan made patch, scrapbook residue on back, RFU, some of the stitching  thread is still present in the border area, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Very sparse infomation on this Squadron...probably assigned to the 6486th Air Base Wing ; the 6486th Wing was active, at least, from 1963 to November 1, 1971;
Wing Deactivated and Replaced by 15th Air Base Wing November 1, 1971; Squadrons located at Wheeler and/or Hickam AFBs, Hawaii
6512th Test Squadron


6512th Test Squadron circa 1969 - 1992 stationed at Edwards AFB, CA


6512th TS, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 445 Fighter Squadron (Special) on 19 Feb 1943. Activated on 24 Feb 1943. Redesignated: 445 Fighter Squadron (Twin Engine) (Special) on 15 Mar 1943; 445 Fighter Squadron, Single Engine on 11 Mar 1944; 445 Fighter Squadron, Jet Propelled on 18 Jan 1946. Inactivated on 3 Jul 1946. Redesignated 445 Fighter-Interceptor Squadron on 11 Feb 1953. Activated on 20 Mar 1953. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1968. Consolidated (1 Oct 1992) with the 6512 Test Squadron which was designated, and activated, on 1 Oct 1969. Redesignated: 445 Test Squadron on 2 Oct 1992; 445 Flight Test Squadron on 1 Mar 1994. Inactivated on 30 Nov 2001. Activated on 11 Mar 2004.
50 Fighter Group, 24 Feb 1943; Tactical Air Division, AAF Tactical Center, 10 Feb 1944; 412 Fighter Group, 11 Mar 1944-3 Jul 1946. 530 Air Defense Group, 20 Mar 1953; 412 Fighter Group, 18 Aug 1955; Sault Sainte Marie Air Defense Sector, 1 Apr 1960; Detroit Air Defense Sector, 15 Jul 1963; 34 Air Division, 1 Apr 1966-30 Sep 1968. 6512 Test Group (later, 6510 Test Wing), 1 Oct 1969; Air Force Flight Test Center, 1 Jan 1973; 6510 (later, 412) Test Wing, 1 Mar 1978; 412 Operations Group, 1 Oct 1993-30 Nov 2001. 412 Operations Group, 11 Mar 2004-.
Orlando AB, FL, 24 Feb 1943; Muroc, CA, 11 Mar 1944; Palmdale AAFld, CA, 1 Jun 1944; Bakersfield Muni Aprt, CA, 11 Oct 1944; Santa Maria AAFld, CA, 10 Jul 1945; March Field, CA, 3 Dec 1945-3 Jul 1946. Geiger Field, WA, 20 Mar 1953; Wurtsmith AFB, MI, 18 Aug 1955-30 Sep 1968. Edwards AFB, CA, 1 Oct 1969-30 Nov 2001. Edwards AFB, CA, 11 Mar 2004-.
In addition to P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, and P-63, included A-24, BT-13, C-78, L-3, L-4, XR-3, XR-4, and Beaufighter during period 1943-1944; in addition YP-59A, 1944-1945, and P-59B, 1945; included A-24, A-25, A-36, P-38, P-51, B-17, and Zeke-52 during period 1944-1945; P-51, 1945-1946; P-80, 1945-1946. F-86, 1953-1955; F-89, 1955-1960; F-101, 1960-1968. Primarily flew F-4, A-7, T-38, C-135, T-37 during period 1969-2001.
Testing of aircraft and tactics, Mar 1943-Mar 1944; operational training, Mar 1944-Jan 1946; operational as a fighter Squadron in Jan-Jul 1946. Air defense, Mar 1953-Sep 1968. Managed support aircraft fleet for 412th Test Wing and operated more than 100 aircraft test and evaluation programs, 1969-2001.
6514th Test Squadron
- - - -
 DC-130H "Cyrano"

probably named for "Cyrano de Bergenac" due to the RADOME on the front


was handsewn to a shirt and washed = a few border-puckers, the white-flecks look like paint-overspray as it does not show on the reverse-side, Used.......inquire

( I am not positive this patch should be in the 6514th TS section)

( also listed on the C-130 page )
- - - -
partial History
Only one C-130 (65-0979) converted to a DC-130H configuration, circa 1975-76
In 1976 Cyrano was being flown by Lockheed, at Edwards AFB, as a Drone Launch and Control Testing platform performing various tests including low observable cruise missiles
Aircraft in service in 1977 being flown by the 6514th TS/6510th TW at Hill AFB
Reconfigured to a NC-130H in 1977
Aircraft was still in service in 2003 being flown by the 40th FLTS/46th TW at Eglin AFB
 6593rd Test Squadron (Special)

probably a coffee stain across the top, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

cut-edge, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Flew missions from Edwards and Hickham AFBs
Did work for the National Reconnaissance Office and etc.
Test Fulton Recovery System
Flew C-119s and C-130s
6908th Security Squadron at Nakhon Phanom (NKP)

( see on the Security Service page )

I don't believe this was a flying unit but worked with units that had an airborne mission - if this is not correct let me know.
 7406th Support Squadron


"SPOOK" unit flying SIGINT Missions in Europe


7406th SPT SQDN, RFU Winter Flyer's Suit, comes with his black-on-white Name Tape, Used........inquire
- - - -
partial History
The mission of the 7406th Support Squadron was Airborne Reconnaissance
Activated at Rhein-Main AB, Germany on May 10, 1955
Flew RB-50s starting in March 1956; replaced with C-130A-II RECON aircraft in 1958
One C-130's (60528) was shot down over Soviet Armenia on September 2, 1958, all 17 crewmembers were lost
C-130B-IIs replaced the C-130A-IIs in 1971
Last C-130B-II mission was flown on June 13, 1974; Deactivated in June 1974

( also on USAFSS page )


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Viewers disregard this section:
430th Fighter Bomber "TIGERS" (later 430th TFS)
524th TFS, Japan made......( moved, see above )
525th TFS, 4", damaged near the right ear, Used......
Operation Southern Watch
510th Fighter Squadron, "BAI CSAR CAS DEAD OCA OCI FACA", flew F-16s, UnUsed.....(
510th FS, "Buzzards Rule!!!", Unused...
524th TAC FTR SQ, Thai made, RFU K-2B Flight Suit, Used......
4535th Combat Crew Training Squadron
4535th CCTS, 35th TFW at George AFB circa 71-72, Used, EC.......(sold)
(replaced by the 20th TFTS on January 1972)
6010th Wild Weasel Squadron
Tail code "ZB"
patch sold
Thai made, UnUsed....(sold)
partial History
Designated and Formed at Korat RTAFB, Thailand on November 1, 1970
( from Assets of 355th TFW at Takhli & DET-1, 12th TFS ( was deployed from Kadena to Korat since September 25, 1970 )
DeActivated December 1, 1971 and assets given to the 17th Wild Weasel Squadron
Stationed: Korat RTAFB, Thailand November 1, 1970 to November 30, 1971
Aircraft: F-105G
Operations: Supported SEA Operations to include the Son Tay Prison Raid
615th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
Large 615th FBS patch from the 1950s when flying F-100s out of England AFB, LA
(  see details on 401st FBGp )
3 1/4", Unused......(sold)
512th Tactical Fighter Squadron
512th TAC FTR SQ "BIGILARE PRO PACE", patch....(Sold)
512th TFS, modern, UnUsed...(sold)
561st TFS circa 1964-65, 4 3/8", RFU, UnUsed...(sold)
23rd TFW, circa 1964-65, RFU, Unused...(moved to 23rd TFW page)
(found together - removed from Flight Jacket)
"Patience My ASS!  I'm Gonna Kill Somebody"
Uncommon 510th TFS with bottom tab, UnUsed.....(sold)
510th TFS Bien Hoa Airbase, RVN, made in Vietnam, UnUsed...(sold)
6010th WWS made in Japan, stationed at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, UnUsed.....(sold)
4517th Combat Crew Training Squadron
4517th CCTS, RFU, puckering, Used......(sold)
3500th Pilot Training Squadron
3500th PTS, scrapbook residue on back, RFU, Used......(sold)
3575th PTS, RFU, Used............(sold)
4750th Test SQ, RFU, Used........(sold)