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My Main Japanese Reference Material is the Book  "Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Uniforms and Equipment”,
by Tadao Nakata and Thomas B. Nelson ( I will reference the Page and Picture number )


1930s - 1945 Japanese Holster, made by Uchiyama of Tokyo, I understand this is a rare holster that was used for imported side-arms for Japanese Officers(?). Leather is very supple, Overall is Good Plus Condition.....250.00

Catalogued Items

6126B - 40th Battalion, 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment Soldier's Handbook

( capturing GI's Draft notice for a physical dated 1941 )


6126B - Pack Artillery Handbook with drawings/diagrams, shows Medals the trooper could win if he was a good soldier, handwritten notes by the soldier, used, some pages dog-earred but looks 98% complete(?), 3 5/8" x 5" and 3/4" thick, overall in Good Condition..........165.00


- - - -
6126D - Guntai Techou

military notebook/diary issued to soldiers

6126D - Japanese field-diary (first part printed- last pages are blank), stains/cover damaged/etc., Used....50.00

- - - -
6126F - "Homare" made Cigarettes

stamped Imperial Japan ("dainihonteikoku")

6126F - Package of Japanese Cigarettes, comes with "paper cigarette holders"(lower part of picture), opened-but looks full(?), Used(?)......inquire

6128E - Fur Lined  Winter Flying Suit

6128E - Army Air Force Fur Lined  Winter Flying Suit (New Style), dated Showa 19 (=1944) (Date is faded….maybe wrong), Belt missing, small storage stains, Overall in EC Condition.............375.00

( see REF BK, page 118, Picture 361 and Picture #1 )

 ( more pictures available, if serious )

6128G - Winter Flying Suit (New Style)


6128G - Army Air Force Fur Lined Winter Flying Suit (New Style), dated Showa 17 (=1942), small storage stains, small Abrasion on butt, small ¼” tear on shoulder area, Overall in EC Condition.........375.00

( see ref bk, page 118, Picture 361 and Picture #1)

 ( more pictures available, if serious )

6128M - Naval Landing Force CAP


6128M  -   the top "RANK" band has been removed to make an American Pilot's CNAC shoulder-loop Rank, cloth badge on front was damaged when the band was removed, Cap has not been damaged, only the front badge...(sold)

6129A - Enlisted Man's Summer Jacket


6129A  Enlisted Summer Jacket, Small size, Data Stamp reads: Model 98  Tosakuno 227, Showa 18 (=1943), and etc., OD Cotton with: 4-Pockets, Copper Buttons, 1 inside pocket, 1 Large Belt-Loop on Left-Side, paint stains and other minor stains, Top(throat) Button missing, EC.....150.00

( see ref bk, page 142, Picture 480 = very similar to this Jacket )

( I think that is what this Jacket is called, one collector said it was a Military Police Jacket(?) )


4th Wing

The T-2 aircraft was made by MITSUBISHI, entered service circa 1971
MSG may mean “Maintenance Service Group”, probably from the 1975 - 1995 era
Matsushima Air Base is in Northern Honshu

4" made in Japan, RFU, soiling from wear, border damage, Used......inquire

( I think this is a late 1970s era patch due to the construction )

4th Wing partial History
4th Wing Activated in 1958 flying F-86Fs
Received T-2s in 1975; T-4s in 1996
- - - -

all 3 have sold
- - - -
I think these are Japanese Jump Badges

if you need one, state the position


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