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Marine Corps Air Station "Operations" at Iwakuni, Japan


large MCAS Iwakuni patch made in Japan, Unused.....inquire

Marine Corps Air Station, New River


MCAS New River, UnUsed......inquire

AH-1W Super Cobra from Hell

The "Whiskey Cobra" is a twin engine Cobra capable of Day or Night Missions.


Phantom II


4 1/4" plastic back, UnUsed.....inquire


made in Japan, RFU flight jacket, minor soiling from wear, Used......(sold)

4 1/2", UnUsed.......inquire


( also on  VMCJ  page )


click on picture for details

30 Years of Phantoms

click on above picture for details

AV-8 Harrier Factory patch

circa 1973, per Mr. Holmberg

3 7/8", Unused......inquire


1st Design insignia circa 1965


Factory patch by North American Rockwell, UnUsed......(sold)


made for a planned event that never happened

older patch (non-plastic back), UnUsed......inquire

Marine Air Base Support Squadron Twelve (MABS-12)


Japan made, UnUsed....inquire
Marine Air Base Squadron-13 (MABS-13)


MABS-13, made in Japan, UnUsed........inquire
Wing Equipment & Repair Squadron-17 (WERS-17)

meaning of the "1" on the side of the block may mean MAW-1(?)

WERS-17 assigned to MWSG-17 (Marine Wing Support Group-17) which was assigned to MAW-1

normally stationed in Japan but did 4 years at Danang, RVN (circa 1966-77)  


WERS-17 patch made in Japan, puckered from washing (normal for the partially-embroidered Oki/Japan made insignia), Used....inquire
Headquarters & Maintenance Squadron-32

Cherry Point MCAS


MARHAMRON-32, early design, UnUsed......inquire

( I believe this is the 1st Design with the stylized aircraft in the "wing" form vice the aircraft outline on 2nd & 3rd designs )
( see Mr. Holmberg's book on support Marine squadrons for 2nd & 3rd designs )

Marine Aircraft Group-11 (MAG-11)
- - - -
Insignia made in Japan


MAG-11, Japan made, removed from jacket-near-new, Used......inquire
- - - -
MAG-11, made in Japan


Silver Jet, made in Japan, puckered from maker's shop, UnUsed.......inquire
Marine Aircraft Group Twelve (MAG-12)


Made on Okinawa, Japan, UnUsed......inquire
Marine Aircraft Group-13 (MAG-13)

3rd Design used at  Iwakuni, in Vietnam, and at El Toro


Large made in Japan patch, Unused.......inquire
Marine Aircraft Group-14 (MAG-14)

2nd Design used at NAAS Edenton, NC; VMA-211 & 225 were flying A4D-2 Skyhawks circa late-1950s


Large insignia, UnUsed........inquire
Marine Aircraft Group-15 (MAG-15)

2nd Design used at Iwakuni circa 1968


Large made in Japan patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Marine Aircraft Group 15, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (Task Force Delta)

Stationed at the "ROSE GARDEN", Royal Thai Air Base at Nam Phong, Thailand

Units assigned to MAG-15 were: H&MS-15, MABS-15, VMFA-115, VMFA-232, VMA(AW)-533, VMGR-152, H&MS-36, and a "Det D"(with CH-46 Sea Knights)


Thai made patch, UnUsed........inquire

( links on: VMFA:115, 232, and 533 )
- - - -
Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron FIFTEEN (H&MS-15)


Anyone know what "G.S.E." means, "ground support element" or ?
I received this email (130302) from a Viewer:  "You asked about the HAMS-15 patch: ...........It means Ground Support Equipment. The GSE or 900 division in the HAMS (They're called Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons (MALS) now) squadrons take care of the Yellow gear, or Green in the case of the SATS loader pictured on the patch."


"HAMS-15", larger "MCAS Rose Garden", "G.S.E.", nade in Thailand, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Task Force Delta was stationed at the Royal Thai Air Base at Nam Phong (Nam Phong district, Khon Kaen Province), Thailand from June 1972 to September 1973.
3/9th Marines served as Base Security, Navy personnel ran the Medical & Construction jobs, USAF handled cargo/Ground Control; Thai military units were also present.
Air operations were targeted against Commies in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
Marine Aircraft Group-24 (MAG-24)

Large Insignia - Mr. Holm's has similar patches on his dBase

Came with a VMA-332


scrapbook residue on back (matches residue on back of VMA-332 patch), UnUsed.......inquire
Marine Air Group-26

MAG-26, cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

First Marine Air Wing


Japan Made, UnUsed......inquire

Japan Made Bullion


1st Marine Air Wing (1st MAW), Japan made Bullion Patch, UnUsed...........inquire

Marine Pilot's Japan Made Bullion Name Tag.....UnUsed.........inquire

(1st MAW possibly made in "New Itami Studios" shop in Yokusuka)

WWII Aviation Insignia

click on picture for details and other patches


 General Electric J-79 Engine

also worn by USAF F-4 crews - all "J-79" patches listed on USAF page

click on picture for details


 NAME TAGs/etc.

USMC Brown Leather Name Tag - made in Tientsin, China

Dated January 8, 1946 - stamped with English and Chinese characters

I understand this style of Tag from post-war China, for Marines, is a known format

made in Nationalist China, UnUsed.....inquire

English reads:
JAN. 8 1946

Marine Bulldog in a Utility Cover, made in Japan


Mean looking Bulldog with green spiked collar, UnUsed.......inquire
SEA Patch used by all the Services

Made in Vietnam, click on picture for details

Some Novelty Patches were used by ALL the Services

( look in: Army, USAF, & USN pages for Novelty Insignia )

Some Aircraft Patches are common to other Services

check-out the USAF & Navy Listings


Air Wings and Groups, Aircraft, Engines, Name Tags, Novelty, etc.

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