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UI#2 -  Moved to the VF Navy patch page, VF-5 section

( moved to the VF patch box )

UI#4 -  "RED NOSE TIGERS", Japan made, Korean War Era(?), USAF Air Cargo Delivery?
             ID'd as the 757th Troop Carrier Squadron "Blue Tigers", this isa Special "RED NOSE TIGERS" patch made for a Christmas Drop circa mid-1950s

listed on the Troop Carrier Section

UI#8 -  Black Dress Uniform Jacket with U. S. Army Buttons, 8" tall Bullion Corporal Stripes,
"WPL 444" (I don't have a WPL issue list so I can't determine the date), any ideas?
(additional input: "possible Dress Uniform for the Unknown Soldier's Honor Guard...for Special Occasions"?)


UI#9 -  WWII Army style Khaki Shirt (PX Purchase), tailored shirt with crotch-strap & sweat-guards in the armpits.
Maybe for an Honor Guard, movie item, or etc., Any Ideas?


UI#10 -  5" FE Thunderbird patch came with a 456th FIS patch, maybe a "Flight" withing the 456th?
(I have seen a similar Red & White patch - owner had no idea what Unit had used it -  probably 1950s era)

UI#14 - "Teeny Weeny Airlines" patch from Vietnam Era (Southeast Asian made) ("TEEHY" should read Teeny), Unit........(SOLD)
 (ID'd:  Command Airplane Company flying U-21's based at Long Thanh North AAF; about 15 airplanes that carried: beer, cokes, pigs, and folks.)
( This patch is also claimed by the ARDF Section of the 3rd RRU based in Saigon flying missions out of TSN. )               

"Bombardment" patch?

Eagle with Bomb patch, possible unit number is "6", "33", or etc.? (A Veteran said this was VS-771...however, I have not been able to verify this ID.  Renumbering it as UI#383/  

( Eagle with BOMB retagged UI#383- moved down )

UI#15 -  Voice of America, Poro Point, Philippines, anyone know History on this VOA patch (PI made)?

UI#17 - Possibly an Aviation Patch, Asian made, circa late-1960 to 1970s, ever see one?
       (ID'd as a Philippine Air Force Squadron that flew F-8 Crusaders out of BASA AFB)

Could be the 52nd or 7th or etc.

UI#18 -  Possbily the VP-26 Tridents? 1960s era made in Japan, ever see one?

(shown on the Navy Patch Page "Other SQDNs")

UI#28 -  "Silencium Vel Letum"(Silence or Death), in his eye socket is a "III"; found with some SOS patches, Asian made, a Gunship squadron?
               (could the "III" mean an AC-119(Shadow or Stinger) as they were the 3rd Gunship version?)

UI#29 -  "F I  Gung-Ho".............(moved down to UI#360 on 110410)

(also shown on the: SOS/ACS and 1st - 43rd Flying Squadron pages)

UI#30 -  "Raider Flight", probably made in Korea in the 1960-70s, maybe 2nd Infantry Division Aviation?
       (ID'd as the 2nd Infantry Division, Division Artillery Aviation section, Camp Stanley, Oui Jon Bu, Korea 1975-77)

UI#31 -  "Fragrant(?) Region 5" and on the reverse is written "1175 7",  any ideas on the ID?
               from a viewer "ID'd as a SR-71 related patch in the 1980s" (this info from email on 100227)
              Possible connection to the Skunk Works or SR-71 project?

( also on: SR-71 and Squadron Main page )

UI#35 -  Crown Ranch, cheesecloth backing, any idea?
              ( Idea on ID from a viewer: ""Crown Ranch" patch, possibly a promotional item from the 1950's "Sky King" TV show starring the late Kirby Grant.
                He was based at his fictional Flying Crown Ranch." )

UI#36 -  HUEY Starlifters, cheesecloth backing, got an Air Force look but?.........(sold)

UI#37 -  Para SCUBA looking, Japan 1960s(?)........(SOLD)

UI#38 -  "B" Shift, "A B C", "We Carry the Load", coarse gauze backing-high quality patch, Okinawa, Japan, or Korea?

UI#39 -  "SKYBORN" gauze backing, cut-edge Hornet patch, ?

UI#40 -  Seagull with Bomb....ID'd as the 371st BS(M), 307th BW(M) circa 1952 - 1965.
        This patch looks like a 1970s manufacture(?) with the white Polyester Twill backing material?

UI#41 -  "Black Magic", Pellon backing, a note came with the patch: "660th Special Operations Group  C-130 Light Ship Callsign: "Black Magic", sounds good to me....any ideas?..............(SOLD)

UI#42 -  "RANGER C 9 M", came from an old-time Military Family, possible Japan made in the 1950s(?).
        Looks like an Ice Axe hanging on the left ski; a coiled rope on the right ski; sled leaning on the skis(?).
       (A thought on the patch origin: Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment was Inactivated on June 20, 1959
        and relieved from assignment to the 2nd Infantry Division while stationed in Alaska. On the same day it was Redesignated HQs & HQs
        Company, 3rd Battle Group 9th Infantry Regiment.  The "M" on the mountain could be for Mount McKinley?)

       ( Also on Army 1950 - early Vietnam page )

UI#48 - Kangaroo with baby in pouch, older high-quality workmanship, probably Japan made, Army Dustoff or ?..................(sold)

UI#53 -  3" insignia from Fort Crook (now Offutt Air Force Base(?)), "OAS"  "Civilian Instructor", pre-1948?

UI#56 -  WWII Italian made for a B-25 Unit, this may have been ID'd in the Trading Post, per a few collectors????

( see details on  USAAF  page )
( stored with USAAF patches )

UI#65 -  4 5/8" older merrowed edge with cheesecloth backing, removed from clothing, any ideas?

stored in gray cabinet

UI#68 -  written on the back is: "Flying Fish" and "1961", possbily a VAH A-3 unit??
(could be from a VAH outfit flying the A3...guy looking backward hanging from the lower fin is the way the 3rd Crewman faced  in the A3 Sky Warrior "Whale")

also on the  Navy VA  page

UI#71 -  A similar patch was shown on the back of a Marine Flight Jacket in a Japanese Magazine/Book dated late-1980s or early-1990s.
        Does the Patch depict Cam Ranh Bay (CRB)?
       The motto is ID'd in the ASMICmotto book as the Army's 45th Aviation Battalion( which was renumber 145th AVN BN in 1963? )?
        Patch was ID'd in the ASMIC Trading Post, April-June 2008 Issue, pages 39-40 as the "45th AVN BDE"?

also on Marine VMA and Army RVN pages

UI#72 -  Large  "STAR COM FAC CONT", Japan made, probably late-1950s or into the 1960s, a Signal Corps Novelty Patch as the D.ck even has Orange parts.
       The writing may mean: Star Communications Facility Control???   Came with a Signal Corps Bowling patch.

also on Army 1950 to early Vietnam page

UI#79 -  "85th Pacification Wing" "Moc Hoa Airforce", Moc Hoa is in the Kien Tuong Province of IV Corps, RVN.
        Special Forces Camp A-414 was in the area along with several other American Activities, any ideas?
        MACV Team 85 was at Muc Hoa.
        Maybe one of the Bird Dog Aircraft units that were armed with Rockets and/or Machine Guns?

      How do these IDs sound:
      22nd TASS Detachment at Moc Hoa with MACV TEAM 85
      or, an Army Bird Dog Team at Moc Hoa?                              

also on the USAF 22nd TASS & Army Aviation 199th RAC Patch Pages

UI#81 -  "4th BUT FIRST", motto of the 4th FW but the color of the Bavarian State Flag??
Possible help in IDing the patch:
"LeKG 44" patch probably belonged to the German Ground Attack Squadron based at Leipheim flying FIAT G. 91s.
Possible connection with an older LeKG 44 squadron or something in the Province or a U. S. 4th FW deployment to the Leipheim area in the 1950s(?)   

( also on 4th FW page )

UI#83 -  made in Trier, Germany by Lonquich, depicts a U. S. Army 3-star General, well made, any ideas?

also on  WWI to WWII U. S. Army patch page

UI#85 -  Older patch with "HT" ?
        ( possible Territory of Hawaii insignia? )

UI#86 - Army Aviation Patch?

(also on Army AVN Patch)

UI#90 -  These guys must have had the worst luck?  Japan made, probably late-1950s to 1960s?
               Black Cat (or Panther), Ace of Spades inverted, Arabic number 13, coiled rattlesnake ready to strike = no luck at all!       

( also listed on: USAF, USN, & USMC patch pages )

UI#92 -  "Select Lead Crew", older cheese cloth backing, aircraft look like: C-130, C-141, & C-5(?); Tac Airlift patch ?
        ID'd as the Insignia for Lead Aircraft Crewman on Combat Air Drops - see on C-130 Aircraft page
        Also ID'd as "1st" Select Lead Crew. This was a MAC combat airlift Competition held at Charleston AFB, SC in May 1971.
        Moved to C-130 section on the AIRCRAFT page

UI#93 -  "Run for your LIfe", thick patch (1960 - 1970s (?)), was on a Blue Jacket/shirt,  SAC ?
       ( Vance AFB, 71st FTW circa 1979;  morale patch from CO to individuals who ran a certain mileage in physical fitness program )

UI#94 -  "66B" "Testi ad Murem", I assume it is a Training Class patch from 1966 ?
       ID'd as a Class patch at Vance AFB - moved to USAF Training/Class page

UI#95 -  "LFG", Redwing Canada Goose, older cheese cloth backing, a Glider/Soaring club or etc. ?

UI#99 -  "SEMPER PRIAPUS NON REMORSUS" (could mean "Alway Erect, No Remorse"), Could be for a "Horny" Airman in Thailand ?
       Update on meaning:
         symbol = vasectomy, "Semper Priapus Non Remorsus" = always hard, no regret
         I would guess this was not a patch a "Straight-arrow" would wear.

UI#100 - "401 Clean Livers", Thai made, I assume it means "Straight Arrow"(?)......The Dog must be a "Straight Arrow", what does "401" mean (was there a Project in Laos known as "401")?
UI#101 -  "SPOOKS INC.", Thai made, Looks to be an Army Security Agency(Radio Research) or Air Force Security Service Airborne Radio Direction Finding(ARDF) unit....notice the "OO" has on earphones....maybe an ARDF aircrew novelty patch ?

( also on the ASA and Air Force SS pages )

UI#102 -  "B-4-251" "SNAP '69", apparently it is from 1969?

UI#103 -  Red Devil, Civilian, Military, or ?  Embroidered on high-quality velvet material, proably pre-1970 manufacturer(?).

UI#104 -  "FLY UNITED", a novelty patch or for some unit, cheesecloth backing ?..........(sold)        

UI#110 -  UI, probably Army, patch, any ideas on unit?

( also on Army RVN era Patch page )

UI#111 -  with Rapier and Spider ?
          Possible 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron novelty patch = combining the old and new insignia?


UI#113 - (catalog #3509BM), 14th USAAF Officer's bringback from China, "from the People of Wuhan", any ideas?


UI#114 -  USAF Pilot's A-1 Instructor's Grouping from his K-2B, Thai/Lao associated but may also have VNAF connections(?).......(sold)

removed from a Pilot's K-2B

left - Hand-embroidered Vietnam made "SKYRAIDER" with an "A" and a  "1"
center - Jet Aircraft Training Class(?), Thailand made
right -  Thai/Lao language means "Pilot Class 11", Thai made
( also on pages: USAF First "Squadrons", VNAF, & USAF Advisors pages )

UI#117 -  Marine Corps or Army?  Large Patch Construction/size & "4.0" point to the Marines but "The Ground Pounders" may be Army?

118.  USAF HOBOS patch, cheesecloth backing material, is this the GBU-9 Weapon system?

121.  "Commandos" Arc/Tab, came out of Vietnam, usage unknow.
           Attributed to the 19th SOS by a unit Veteran - moved to the 19th SOS section

( see 19th SOS for any updated info )

126.  Raptor-Hawk on felt, older patch, possibily  NAVAL Aviation, WWII to 1953 era?

also on Navy VA page

127.  9822nd SCU "Robinson Ponies", possibly an Army "sports" team patch, German made in the 1950s?
          Stationed at Robinson Kaserne (Barracks), Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, West Germany
          Possibly a Medical Unit/Hospital due to the Maroon color?
          What does "SCU" expand to:
          9822nd Special Care Unit?
also on the Army 1950 - RVN page
( in site done box )

130.  "small nails"....made on Okinawa or in Japan?   Any ideas why this was made or who used it?
A note from a Viewer:  "It looks to me like a beret flash attachment for the Fifth Special Forces Group.  
I understand that when the Special Forces Provisional Units went to Vietnam they added the 1st Special Forces insignia to their flash.
This change is shown in U.S. Special Forces Shoulder and Pocket Insignia by Harry Pough, Elite insignia guide 3."
anyone have further thoughts on this premise?...........................(sold)

132.  Larger,  Air Force Reserve insignia.....what era and why is it on a gray twill material?  
          ( The only uniform I know of is the Sage Green Fatigues used in the early 1950s )
          Did the AF ever use a Gray Uniform for the Reserves in the late-1940s or 1950s?

( also on USAF Commands page )

UI#140.  found with the Japan made USS ABNAKI (ATF-96) patch, "aircrew 4" or ????......(sold)

( see more details on Navy Ships patch page, USS Abnaki )
( also on Navy Main patch page )

148.  "US Pacific Command" homemade Pocket Hanger, what Unit wore this badge?
          Answer--Worn by all service members assigned to this command, regardless of SERVICE affilation

149.   Thai made, pre-1975 insignia for the "MGMT ENGR TEAM" (Management Engineering Team), must have been a rough-Team with the axe?
            Many Branches of the Air Force had these Teams, any idea which Branch this one worked for?

( also on USAF 1 - 43rd SQ patches page, at bottom )

151.  "EXITALIS" "D", came with a bunch of 1959 - 1969 Training Class patches?

( also on USAF 1 - 43rd SQ patches page, at bottom )

153.  Possibly it is an Arrowhead and Boomerang on the shield ?
          one feedback...may be associated with the CORDS Program
          another thought...Army Riverine unit working with the Brown Water Navy

155.  bronze metal flags, has a "Meyer" style trademark on reverse?
          A viewer has one similar to this pin with the pennant colored: Yellow, Black, & Red (see below)
          When he bought the pin it was only ID'd as "Venezuela", anyone know what unit in Venezuela used it?


UI#156 -  WWII USAAF Tow Target Squadron ( ID'd as the 6th Tow Target Squadron (6th TTS), see on USAAF patch page )

UI#161 -  Circa WWI with "J" post closure, imprinted "Sterling", a Signal insignia or a sweetheart pin, 1" x 1 1/16"?

( also on Army to  WWII patch page )

UI#165 -  "B" Flight, looks Japan made, maybe 1950s, small cap or neckbib type patch, know the Squadron?
                 ( maybe a "Beeliner" patch from the 21st TCS ? )

( stored in gray cabinet )
( also on 21st TAS section )

UI#167 -  "404 SQDN.", "get teady", only squadron I can find is the RCAF 404 Squadron but I cannot find any patch pics for them?
          There is a Cobra on his shirt....could this be a Thai Unit?

( also on British page )

UI#168 - Nicaragaun Guardia Nacional Device worn by USMC personnel assigned to the Guardia, circa 1927.
                Anyone have a more-detailed picture of this device being worn by USMC personnel?
                Nicaragaun Guardia Nacional Device worn by a Marine

scanned at 266dpi
( also on  Marine Patch page )

UI#170 -  an Air Force load crew patch, made in Japan, anyone know the Unit?

( also on USAF main patch page )

7848AF -  Air Defense Command OG cotton shirt with a probable 9th AAA BN pocket patch (circa 1950 - 1958)?

UI#174 -  "COMMANDOS", 2" with gauze back, I would guess at least 40 years old(?), any ID ideas?

( stored in gray cabinet )
( also on 1 - 19th SOS page )

UI#176 -  may read: "CCH"?, any ideas on the Medical facility/unit....Catholic Charities Hospital or ?

UI#180 -  "WATCHDOG F-26 COURAGE AND ACTION", made in Vietnam, Marine colors but the motto is used by the 26th FA??
ID'd to  Battery F, 26th Artillery,  served under the 108th ARTY GP up North(Dong Ha/etc.),  unit was a "Target Acquisition Battery", I think they used ground RADAR to track/plot enemy incoming rounds?   (patch moved to "RVN to 1975" page, Artillery section)

UI#181 -  Cambodian, bottom line may read "Republic of Cambodia",  made in Thailand, 46th SF Company associated?
          ID'd as the "Khmer Air Force Headquarters(command), Republic of Khmer"...moved to Viet/Khamer/Lao/Thai page

UI#182 -  "VIET NAM  LAOS-BURMA", made on Okinawa, found with UI#181, souvenir patch?

( also on: SF and Vietnam-Cambodian pages )

UI#186 -  Mitchell pattern M65 Field Jacket, I have seen one other jacket made similar to this one....both looked factory made......(Jacket has SOLD)
Has the zipper behind the collar but no drop-in Hood, zipper is a #5 with the slide marked "U.S.A.", no other markings on the jacket.
Sage Green(AG-474?) Quarpel liner was fairly common in the late-1960s on issue M65OG FJs.

If anyone knows any Unit(s) that wore this style of M-1965(MOD) Field jacket please email Jack@LJMilitaria.com

If you have a Vintage picture of someone wearing this Jacket please send a JPEG picfile.
         The Brigada de Seguridad Terrestre of the Uruguayan Air Force worn a similar Jacket and Camo Pattern with exceptions:
         No yellow/orange leaves and branches were a much darker color; material weave was not as tight as UI#186.

( also on clothing and RVN to 1975 pages )

UI#187 -  KAMO type Camouflage Flyer's/Tanker's/etc. Suit, Conmar Zipper on with "relief" pull on the bottom, U. S. made small snaps, Very High Quality workmanship, no markings on cloth.  
         Has a collector's tag that read: "Cuban Bay of Pigs Issue", the only picfile I have seen of BOP prisoners-they were wearing Spot Camo from the KAMO Company.  
         A similar heavywieght camo was used in Vietnam, notice the wide epaulets.

( also on: clothing, Flight Gear, 1950 - early RVN, and RVN to 1975 pages )

UI#188 -  UnCommon ARVN Ranger Camouflage set, similar pattern items have Saigon labels in them.
          Any ideas when and which unit(s) might have worn them...or was this just a personal set bought downtown?

From a viewer (091124): "....... same pattern used in Cambodia......predominally by the Cambodian Marine Corps called Marins-fussiliers.These uniforms were made in low quantity because the Cambodian military did not want to spent too much money on clothing."
Bad photographer - pics are the same shirt, just different lighting

back of shirt scan to show the colors and pattern better
 ( also on:  RVN 1975, Vietnam, and clothing pages )

UI#189 -  Made in Okinawa/Japan, "PAPA TANGO" flags, possibly a re-union patch(?)....I think all PT Boats were struck from the rolls at the end of WWII?
          ( came from a PT-161, RON-9 veteran )

( also on: Navy Surface Unit page )

UI#190 - Japan made Jump Oval, one possible ID is D Company, 16th Armor, 173rd Airborne Brigade but the colors are reversed according to the "Yellow, spiral-bound" Flash and Oval Book??

UI#192 -  Vietnam made Beercan DI, listed in Cecil Smythe's Vietnam Insignia Book as number "59".  Any ideas on the ID?
          ( Verbage and picture of Bat Beercan DI  "59" are from Cecil Smythe's Vietnam Insignia Book )

after minor research....I don't think this is from the French era:
---this style of Metal DI was not popluar during the French era
---more likely a: PRU, LLDB, or Trinh Sat unit related
---A Bat is a symbol of Good luck

( also on: PRU section, RVN-1975, and Vietnamese pages )

UI#194 -  "CTO", small 2" patch, maybe a cuff or upper arm trade/rate?  Came with older Military patches.


UI#197 -  2-layer wool "R" patch, 4.5" disc, found with a collection of WWII USAAF patches, any ideas on this one?


198.  "Old Gold Flight FIGMO Next Week We've Got to Get Organized", Japan made, late-1950s to 1960s(?), large like a Naval patch, but ?

199.  "Couch Patrol" 100 hours Standy, made in Thailand or PI?, looks like a Fighter Pilot with the Oxygen Mask, any idea on Service or Units?

200.  "STANBOARD CREW #1", Japan made, could this be a 360th TEWS/6994th SS Novelty patch from their EC-47 RVN era?
          Does "STANBOARD" expand to "standards board " ?

also on  360th TEWS page

202.  Similar construction to U.S. Aircrewman badges made in the PI, circa 1960s - 1970s?

( stored in gray cabinet )

UI#203 -  WWII era Armor Plate Vest, made of HBT material.....plates removed...this style of Vest has been seen but to my knowledge no one has put an ID on it, can you?
          (came with a War Aid Shirt and HBT Trousers) --------- (SOLD)

( also on Equipment page )

UI#204 -  Korean made in the late-1960s,  "Tolberts Terrors C", could be "C" Flight or ?

( stored in gray cabinet )

206.   Tiger's Head patches were in a Grouping of USAF patches(unit unknown as the other patches had been sold), Probably a  generic F-5 aircraft patch, 4" across?

( stored in gray cabinet )

207.  Chain-stitched Eagle, possibly German?

( also on:  German & USAF main patch  pages )

208.  Thai Armed Forces HBT Leaf Pattern shirt from the late-1960s into the 1970s, anyone know what the scroll reads or can surmise the patch that might have been on the right SSI?
          From a Viewer: Writing on pocket reads "Marine Corps", scroll is a unit ID with the number "2".
          From another viewer: "Thai Navy shirt"; Tape over right pocket is his name; scroll on left shoulder is the "Navy Barracks" where he was stationed.

( See on Foreign page, Thailand section )

209.    "Trumans Troopers Regaldis Shaftus ERC", made in Vietnam, sounds Army with the word "TROOPERS"??

( also on NA and RVN to 1975 pages )

211.  B-52 patch made in Thailand, depicting "18" in Roman Numerals "XVIII", probably from U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand?
          This patch has sold

( also on aircraft and main AF pages )

215.  Eagle with a Mushroom Cloud on his chest, well constructed insignia?......ID'd as the 81st Organizational Maintenance Squadron


216.  "HUSTLERS" "SQUADRON III", is it a B-58 AF patch or a Starwars civilian patch or etc.?
          Came with a USAF Pilot's old style Black Leather Name Tags and a 18th MAS patch.

( also on Main USAF and B-58 patch pages )

217.  Patch looks Thai, has been seen before but to my knowledge no firm ID has been established, any ideas?

( also on Thailand page )

218.  4 7/8" "Counter Guerrilla" arc made in Asia (probably Northern Asia), RFU, any ideas who wore it?

( also on SF and RVN - 1975 pages )

219.  "VIETNAM" Titles (2" wide) are crudely cast in brass, possibly cast in Vietnam;  Parachute Badge is stamped(well made), probably made in Europe with European style loops on backs.
          No markings, any ideas?
          from a viewer: "The parachute badge is British and was worn by personnel who completed the para course but were not destined for airborne units.
          It is called a "light bulb" - comes in three grades. Don't know when they were worn but my guess would be the 1960s.
          This one is on page 98 of Bragg and Turners book, Parachute Badges and Insignia of the world."
scanned at 266dpi
( also on: British, SF, & RVN - 1975 pages )

221.  Marine Helicopter CH-46 novelty patch "Routine Extract, My Ass!", was this for one Squadron or is it generic to the Heavy Rotary Squadrons?
          Made in Vietnam

( also on USMC Rotary page )

222.  "Bullet RECON" Tab, larger 3 7/8" arc, this tab has been seen before but to my knowledge it remains unidentified?
          ( Found in a collection with a 11th LIB Jungle Warriors" tab )

( also on: RVN-75, SF, and ABN patch pages )

UI#224 -  from the SEA era, thin clear plastic backing
ID'd as the Laotian "Powerful/Mighty Jungle Tigers - Unit 3" (gamlang seua pa pak 3)
-"gamlang" means power
-"seua" means tiger
-"pa" means jungle/forest
-"pak" means region/area

( moved to Viet/Lao/Thai/Khmer page, Laotian section )

225.  BUSHMASTER Tab, this is a know arc but the ID and exact age are not know,  circa late-1940s into the 1950s?

( also on WWII and 1950s to RVN pages )

226.  Anyone know where/who made these, probably taken from the double tab in the 1950s?, made in U.S. circa 1950s - 1960s?

( also on RVN - 1975,  SF, and Airborne pages )

228.  "TOTE" on shield, old pin back Eagle with a "J" post closure, any ideas?
          pre-Revolutionary War to Present Fraternal Organization named "Improved Order of Red Men Lodge", TOTE = "totem of  the eagle"


229.  Brass local made "44" found with items from a 33rd FA Officer, Germany 1945 - ?, did the Constabulary wear devices similar to this?
          2 x threaded posts with brass nuts, crude but very-sturdy.

( also on WWII patch page )

233.  Made in Thailand, probably for an American as it is very large(trousers marked 42" x 34"), know the era or usage?

235.  "TIGERS III", Japan made, maybe for a F11F(F11 after 1961), VA-165, Blue Angels, or ?

( also on Navy VF page )

UI#237 -  'CFO'? (not sure what the letters are), Hallmarked "J Mariott Boston", sweetheart or ?
scanned at 300dpi

UI#238 -  Wings and Badges that need IDs, got any ideas?  
          If you have an ID or a different ID list the picfile # and position (in the picture) of the item you are IDing.
- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 1
( also on: htm and Foreign-ALLO pages )

Top Row, left............Hungarian(same as WWII design)
Top Row, center...............Iragi
Top Row, right..........Bahrain or Sudan

2nd Row, Left.........Hungarian(same as WWII design)
2nd Row, center......Instructor.....Iraqi
2nd Row, right..........Bahrain

3rd Row, Left..........Hungarian(same as WWII design)
3rd Row, Center ( has snaps on back for cleaning/etc. )........Iraqi
3rd Row, Right.........Bahrain

Bottom-Row, left....................Oman.............(SOLD/Lost)
Bottom Row, center, older badge from the Kingdom(?)...Obsolete......Iraqi
 Bottom Row, right...............Dubai
- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 2
( also on Foreign-ALLO page )
Left Column........Hungary

top row, center.........Belgian PJI  

top row, right......(see picfiles below)......(SOLD/Lost)

2nd row, center......moved to Scan 13
2nd row, right.......Austria

3rd row, right.........Canadian?

4th Row, center.........New Zealand Airline Pilot
4th Row, right...........Canadian Para Badge

5th row, right..........German (modern) Jump Badge

UI#238, Scan 2, Top-Row-Right, Wing with 'C'

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 3
( also on Foreign-ALLO page )

Top-row, left.............Oman
Top row, right.......Italian

2nd Row, left.........Oman Coat of Arms (possibly Omani Navy)
2nd Row, right..........South African Special Forces Operator (moved to the British/UK/Commonwealth page)

Bottom-Row........pair of Polish Parachutist's devices
Bottom-Row, Winged Hand with Dagger(Dutch Para ReUnion)........(sold)
Bottom-Row-Right.......reproduction of a Dutch Parachute Packer

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 4
( also on htm and UK/British pages )

Top Row-Left......British Commonwealth
TopRow, 2nd..............RAAF Parachute Jump Instructor for Dress Uniform
Top Row, 3rd............ "RIGGER" on AUSCAM cloth......Australian
Top Row, 3rd.......Poss. 1990s PARA Rigger's Badge for Barracks Dress
Top Row, Far-right, ParaWing on Maroon Backing.........Australian 3 RAR Mess Dress

2nd Row-Left......British Commonwealth
2nd Row-2nd........(Desert variation of UK Para) (UK SAS)
2nd Row, 3rd.........1990s Australian PARA Qual badge
2nd Row, 4th.........Australian Wings

3rd Row-Left......British Commonwealth
3rd Row-Left.......Belgian A-Qualification, nice Private Purchase
3rd Row-2nd.........(UK Junior (16-18 year olds) Para Qual) (UK The Parachute Regiment)
3rd Row-3rd, on AUSCAM cloth........3 RAR
3rd Row, 3rd.........1990s Australian PARA Qual badge
 3rd Row, 4th.........Australian Wings
3rd Row, 4th, on AUSCAM cloth.........Australian Navy Para qualification Wing

Bottom-Row-left......cropped(cut) British Army Jump Patch (probably worn on older Battle Dress)
Bottom-Row-left......2nd ID on this badge.............Israeli Jump Badge
Bottom-Row-left......3rd ID on this badge.............Poss. WW2 Indian Para REGT

Bottom Row-2nd on OD........British Army Jump Patch
Bottom Row-right.......standard British pattern for Bush jackets.....(could be used by several countries)

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 5
( also on UK/British page )

Top row, left.......South African Hunter Group (Reproduction)
Top row, center..........Greece,1st Class Para
Top row, right..................Australian SAS (moved to British-Commonwealth page)

2nd row, left, hand-embroidered.................Zambia
2nd Ros, center...........Old British Army battle dress badge, shows you have had your First Jump and are Qualified
2nd Row, right..........Australian Mess Dress

Bottom Row-left......Gurkha Parachute Company (formed 1961 disbanded 1963)
Bottom row, center........Italian Beret Badge worn by the 9th Raider Battalion Folgore
Bottom row, right...........Rhodesian SAS Dress Badge....(moved to British-Commonwealth page)

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 6
( also on UK/British and Foreign ALLO pages )

     Choice: Top Row-left "STRIKE SWIFTLY"........1st Royal New South Wales Regiment (Commando)
Top Row-left "STRIKE SWIFTLY"........cap badge of the Australian Commandos
(could be the same unit? anyone know if these are the same unit?)

Top Row, right.....(might be a boomerang?)

Center, Phoenix Bird.........maybe a Greek badge?

Bottom Row, left......REPRO of No. 2 Commando
Bottom Row, right.......Thai Navy Badge

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 7

( also on Army ABN and Foreign ALLO pages )

left badge..........Italian HALO Badge....Moved to the Foreign Page

right badge................Zaire Commando Beret Badge, a similar design was also worn by 5 Commando Regiment(?)

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 8
( also on Foreign ALLO page )

top row, left...........Turkish Mountain Troops (Dagci Komando) Badge
top row, right........Turkish Paratroopers (Parasitcu Komando) Badge
- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 9
( also on Foreign ALLO page )

top row, left.....I think this one had an Indonesian tag when I bought it?  
top row, right...........collector's label reads "EGYPT"
rest of left column, silk-screened yellow wings have all 3 been in the same scrapbook

- - - -
Wings & Badges - Scan 10
( also on Foreign ALLO page )

top row, left.........the symbol on the wing is a "devilish looking Panther"?
top row, 2nd is a Cap Badge with a black backing
top row, right.....scroll reads: "CHEPAT-DAN-CHERGAS", motto is Malaysian

2nd row......embroidered on quality material, must be for a Dress Uniform, gold object in the green circle is crossed-sabers and a palm tree=probably SW Asian

Bottom-Row, Left........Collector's copy of a Dutch Parawing
bottom row, 2nd wing........Italian Instructor?

241.  5" insignia made in Japan circa 1950s - 1960s, Squadron, Martial Arts Club, or ?

( stored in Gray cabinet )

UI#242 - 23090 Squadron 'Courage and Pride', any ideas?.................(sold)
                ID'd as Civil Air Patrol, circa 1980s, Missouri Wing, Creve Coeur Senior Squadron 23090

244.  "VIETNAM KHANG CHIEN" = rough translation is "Liberation of Vietnam" (meaning all foregners get out of Vietnam).
          Soviet style metal (looks like brass) backing behind the ribbon, heavy construction-not typical of Commie workmanship?
          Possibly made in China?
          This medal is very similar to the one on this web page  http://www.emering dot com/medals/evm/resO.html
          The official name may be "Resistance Order"?

( on Vietnamese page, NVN section )

245.  "M.F." has been chain-stitched into the patch after it left the maker's shop, any idea when or why this patch was made?
          (One ID received: the "MF" was added to the Pirate Novelty patch in 1968 in Japan by a SOG man....a few were made....the MF does not mean Mike Force)
( on SF and Vietnam pages )

246.  Thai, Lao, or Khmer.....modern Tab, any ideas?
          from a Viewer: This is NOT Lao or Thai

( also on Khmer, Lao, & Thai section of Vietnam page )

UI#247 -  "CIXV", I was told several years ago this was the North Carolina Army National Guard 30th Infantry Brigade RECONDO School insignia?
                  Removed from an overdyed Black Jungle Shirt.  Shirt had other patches which were of the Vietnam era.
                  Looks like a Korean made patch from the 1970s with the PELLON backing material and the machine stitching is similar.
                  Another Viewer suggested it might be a "195" unit as the Roman numerals "CIXV" converts to 195.

( also on SF page, RECONDO section )

UI#248 -  Large 6 5/8" patch, "L.R.R.P. U.S. PARATROOPERS", from the fine-gauze backing I would guess it was made in Germany(?).  

( also on Airborne page, LRRP section )

UI#250 - Yellow on Blue AIRBORNE Arc, looks WWII era?
          2 5/16" wide, older looking Tab, been on a wooden plaque or etc. as it has splinters of wood glued to the back
         The arc is the same as the top of a 2nd INF BDE Airborne patch but hangs over 1/8" on each side
         Arc fits well on a WWII "Airborne Command" red patch but hangs over 1/8"
         almost fits the arc of a 13th ABD patch
         Will not fit a USAAF basic ssi...arc is wrong

( also on Army Airborne page, WWII section )

UI#253 - T-29 "STRATO-PIG" 188 Hours, came from a Navigator's grouping, made in Japan?

UI#255 - probably an Aerial Port or Air Delivery unit?
             ID'd as the 4th Aerial Port Squadron

UI#256 - "KRUDE 7 KOMMIE KILLERS POON'EM TILL THEY GLOW", probably a Navy VP Squadron's #7 crew patch

( also on Navy VP page )
( stored in gray cabinet )

UI#257 - 4 x 4 patch, probably made in Germany, probably from early 1960s, ever see it?
( not mine - see picture in UI Box )

UI#258 - Fox with T-33 and Lightning Bolts, possbily a training patch from Webb AFB, probably late-1950s into early-1960s with old style gauze backed/twill design. Came from a collection of RADAR and ATC patches.
   Possible ID, a  "FLIGHT" from a Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron (DSES).

( not mine - see picture in UI Box )

UI#259 - 'B' Flight, Mach Knockers, anyone know the squadron or ?...........................(has SOLD)
Possible ID is a VF-21 (Fighter Squadron TWENTY-ONE) 1950s,  "B" section/det...squadron was known as the "Mach Busters" and "Mach Knockers".
Another possible ID is an F-86 Squadron's "B" Flight from the 1950s.

( also on AF Squadrons 1-43 page and VF-21 USN page )

UI#260 - any ideas on the IDs?

Bottom-Center.........REPRO for WWII Branch of Service for Japan
Bottom Row-right...................British WW2 2nd Infantry Division

UI#261 - any ideas on the IDs?

Top row. left............probably Turkish

2nd Row, 3rd.......REPRO Japanese Navy Leading Seaman, Paymaster rank
2nd Row, 4th.............."FEUERWEHR ZURICH" = Zurich Fire Department
2nd Row, right......Blue Service Chevron for serving less than 6 months Overseas

Bottom-left......unusual high-quality silkscreened "Brazil COMANDOS"
Bottom-right......."eye-ball" parch......UK, Guards Armoured Division

UI#262 - any ideas on the IDs?

Top Row-right.........Armed Forces of Malta, Task Force, Helicopter Pilot's (moved to Foreign Military, ALL Others page)

2nd Row, Middle............South African
2nd Row, Right..............Spanish

3rd Row, Left............French
3rd Row, Center........Italian Paratrooper Badge
3rd Row, Right......German 1st Airborne Division

UI#263 - any ideas on the IDs?

Top Row-left.....possibly a South African badge
Top Row-right.......probably Pilot's Badge from Venda Defense Force, pre-1994..a sub-area of South Africa

2nd Row-Left.......Blue Oval with Anchor.......Modern German Navy Petty Officer without a Trade.....moved to German page
2nd Row-2nd.....Blue Oval with Anchor/Gear....Modern German Navy Petty Officer(Engineer) (WWII = Machinist Mate 3rd Class (obermaschinenmart))...moved to German page
2nd Row-right-upper.......red shell w/wings.....East German Naval Costal Artillery
2nd Row-3rd.......red Diver's Helmet.....East German Naval Diver's Badge
2nd Row-last-lower.....circles with star.......probably Modern German Navy?

Bottom-Row........1 VALSK BN......Afrikaans language = 1 Parachute Battalion
The abbreviation “VALSK” = “Valskerm” = “parachute”
"Val” = fall and “skerm” = protect = a parachute

UI#264 - any ideas on the IDs?

top-left......Belgian Commando patch that was worn in Zaire ( moved to  Foreign-All Others  page )
Top-2nd.......Belgium, Sports Badge
Top-3rd........France, 1st Armored Division
Top-right.......Belgium, 1st Army Corps

center (arc by itself)..."OP.ESPECIAIS".....Portuguese language, probably an arc for Portugal's Armed Forces

Bottom-left......Spain, Foreign Legion, 2nd Tercio/5th Bandera
Bottom-3rd(lion), France, 8th Infantry Division
Bottom-right, Spain, HQ Central Military Region

UI#265 - any ideas on the IDs?

center........Israeli 35th Paratrooper Brigade
right.......Italian Pozzuolo Del Friuli Armored Brigade, Corporal-Major

UI#266 - any ideas on the IDs?

Red disc insignias.......Spanish Special Forces Companies ( "COE" = Compañia de Operaciones Especiales )
Placenames "BILBAO" or Company numbers "21".  Circa 1970s - 1980s for the dress walkout uniform.

Right patch..........Guatemala Paratroopers Battalion

UI#267 - a few collector's think it might be an AFROTC patch, any ideas?
sometimes ID'd as the USAF 762nd RADAR Squadron(the 762nd RADAR insignia looks nothing like this patch)

UI#268 - found with 1950s ROK and U.S. Army items.  To me it looks like a Transportation outfit=a Jeep driving down a road at night?

also on Foreign-All Others page, Korean section

UI#271 - Probably made in Germany, "SAMOA MO SAMOA"(Samoa for the Samoans), found with military patches.
One idea on a symbol on the patch: "........the oval device in lower-right resembles a AN/FLR-9 ("Flare 9"), the huge, so-called "elephant cage" antenna
that was used by the USAF Security Service for decades.  At one time they were placed in strategic locations around the world, including one in Germany and one in Italy........."

UI#272 - RFU (removed from uniform), must have been ripped from the uniform.  I think it might be European?
                ID'd as French Air Force,worn by Conscripts(draftees) from Airman to Chief Caporal (E1 to E4); only Conscripts wore these on their blue battle dress.
                FAF conscription ended circa 2001.

UI#273 - European style Jump Badge embroidered on reverse side of camo cloth?

UI#274 - Looks like a Flower?

UI#275 - Trench Knife with Brass Knuckles superposed over a "C", I think this one came with UI#42 (see above)?


UI#276 - Well made Metallic Thread Badge with "VFC", European style with padded back, maybe a Flying Badge?

scanned at 300dpi

UI#277 - Triangle Lightning Bolt superposed on a Dagger, maybe Euro Zone?  Broken but still interesting?
                 Viewer states: "....unofficial "Delta Force" insignia......unit wives wear a similar emblem on a necklace")

UI#278 - Probably Asian made (above average construction - double-seam stitching), best guess = from Thailand?

UI#280 - Supposed to be a USAF Flight crewman's novelty patch for NVN Missions, made in Thailand.  I assume the burning Flag is NVN's, the wavy silver line is the Mekong River, and the Mountains are the ones you have to fly over to reach Hanoi from Thailand.  Anyone know the usage?   

( also on USAF Squadrons & Wings Main Pages )

UI#283 - Thai made (came with a grouping from the 34th TFS or the 8th TFW), was removed from a shirt or jacket. Unit or novelty patch?
ID'd as the 6908th Security Squadron based at NKP circa 1971 - 1975+/-.

( also on AF SQs Main page )

UI#285 - Clark Air Base, Philippines, 'Squadron Extras League' 70 - 71, any idea which unit at Clark?

UI#287 - All items removed from a Tour jacket several years ago, some made in Korea, "24 SAC DALY CITY" Morton Air Base, Philippines, possibly a "fashion patch group"?
                Eagle backpatch is 11" (vertical)

UI#288 - Similar pattern to the M-1941 Army Field Jacket(and the USN jacket) with a heavyweight liner and quilted sleeve lining like the Navy would wear(?).
Made by M. Rubin & Sons, Inc., N.Y.C. with an "EMAR" Zipper.  Sleeve lining stamped "#68 WESTERN COSTUME SIZE 40", I believe this was purchased by Western to be used in movies and not made by them.  I don't think it was ever worn-found in a 1,000lb bale in a "rag-mill".  Anyone have knowledge of a similar jacket?
( stored in H5-UI# Boxes )



UI#289 - WWII Bringback by a GI, he told his family it was from Japan but everyone I have talked to says NO!  Concensus is the Western Pacific far South of the Japan Islands.  Any Ideas?  If you have some info, Contact:   lonnie.m.long@gmail.com

UI#290 - Anyone know the Air CAV Scout unit this patch was used by?

UI#291 - Looks Navy with the Trident, excellent construction with fine-mesh backing material, any ideas?

UI#292 - Has the look of an Air Force "Air Control" squadron?
                ID'd as 807th Tactical Control Squadron

UI#295 -11 TIGERS, patch made in Japan, pair of dice 6 and 5, any ideas?
                Probably Navy, I understand this saying "SURE!! YOU'VE GOT THE NEXT GOOD DEAL" was used by the "Assignment Officer"( detailer in Navy Speak )
                Could be for: the Grumman F-11F Tiger(not plural though), Squadrons who flew the F-11Fs, VF-11, VT-11, an aircrew patch for a VP unit, or etc.???

( also on the Navy Main Patch page )

UI#296 - "SAT CONG BAO VE QUE HUONG" with Leopard superposed on a canopy and lines, anyone ever see this patch wor, a picture, or have knowlege of it?

( also on Vietnam and SF pages )

UI#297 - Constructed of a thin canvas applied to a thin backing of quality blue felt..residue on back of felt(may have been on a plaque).  
                The Tiger looks hand-painted and the verbage may have been applied as a decal or etc.  
                My research came-up with the following results from several sources: similar to Korean War era noseart seen on an F-86 to the Radio  Research
                "Wounded Tiger" insignia from the Vietnam Era.  Bottom line = no conclusion what-so-ever on the ID of this patch................(sold)
                Even though it has sold - I would like to know the ID.

UI#298 - "RECON EYES & EARS", possible ID is RECON Troop, 3rd RECON SQDN, 8th CAV, 8th ID; an Airborne Troop with M-551 Sheridans(?)
                Anyone have any ideas on who wore this German made patch?...............................(SOLD)
                ID'd as 3/8th CAV and 1/509th PIR, 1st Airborne BDE/8th ID(MECH) at Lee Barracks in Mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany circa 1958 to mid-1970s.

( also on Army Ground Forces 1950 to early Vietnam, 8th ID section )

UI#299 - USAF style "TOP GUN" Airman First Class (A1C) orange stripes, has a plastic backing similar to the type introduced circa 1965 on USAF stripes and patches.
                Removed from a shirt/jacket and the residue thread was the heavyweight OG thread used in Military Rigger shops.
                Any ideas on the ID: "Fashion Jacket" patch, USAF Novelty patch, or ?

UI#302 - Thai made, "PHNOM-PENH-BANGKOK" "MAGNOLIA 79-80", this time-frame is after the NVA invaded Cambodia and defeated Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge Forces.
                Possibly an Air Evacuation Operation by the USAF or someone else flying C-130s.  Any ideas?  
                (This is a long-shot but, a Graduate of the USAFA who flew C-130s for the Air Force during the War also flew Evacuation Flights out of Cambodia to Thailand after being    
                  discharged, his nickname was "Magnolia".  He was killed in a C-123 crash when it was shot down by the Sandinistas circa October 1986?)

( also on: Squadron Main patch and Aircraft Main pages )

UI#303 - "GERONIMO '67", small arc (tab), found in a bag of subdued patches, any thoughts on this one?

also on Airborne page

UI#304 - Bullion on brown felt with a 3 x post back (dress style patch which could be removed for washing the shirt/cap/jacket), aircraft could be a Hiller H-23D/OH-23D, the land mass depicted could be Antarctica, Austrailia, or ?, any ideas? (not mine)

( also on the Army AVN Main Page )

UI#305 - RAPIDEZ Y FUERZA(ID'd, see below), winged green snake, Japanese looking parachute, Arabic writing on a Special Forces DI, any ideas on the IDs?

Top-Left......Salvador Special Forces
This patch was used by the Salvadorean Army's First Special Operations Group during the 1980-1992 Military Campaign (aka"Salvadorean Civil War").
The unit that wore this patch was the PRAL (patrulla de reconocimiento y alcance largo); better known as LRRP UNITS.
PRAL was mainly trained by 7th Special Forces Group personnel.
This patch was also worn by the HACHA (Hatchet) Units (an SAS type Unit).
Top-Center....Iran Special Forces
Top-Right.....Israeli 35th Paratroopers Brigade
Bottom-Left......WWII era Distinguishing Mark("cuff insignia") for Minesweeper Personnel. It was not authorized to wear (moved to USN Patches, WWII page)

UI#306 - Air Combat Group, probably made in Korea, Orange-White survival type parachute canopy, Korean looking dagger, winged flaming torch(school or training?), newspaper on back looks Korean, any ideas on the unit or where made?
Searches on the web come-up with the UK and Australian Air Forces using the term "Air Combat Group"(?).

( Also on Korean section of Foreign pages )

UI#307 - '364' with 101st ABD type Eagle on Black twill
There is a Cadet SQ 364 in Canada?


UI#308 - VI Commando (6th Commando) on black felt


UI#309 - 2nd Infantry Division '2250', M-48 Tank (moved to the 2nd ID, RVN to 1975 era page)
 Issued  to Tank Crews for Excellence in Tank Gunnery, worn only in Korea like the Imjin Scouts patch.


UI#310 - USA made in the 1950s for the South Korean Navy on felt
ID'd as the ROK 12th Division circa 1950s

( also on the Korean page/section )

UI#311 - Black Felt Jump Oval with hand-embroidered white border...............(SOLD)


UI#312 - Red enamel Star on brass, North Vietnam Button


UI#313 - RVN Survival Equipment patch (machine embroidered patches have also been seen), possibly an Aviation Rigger's shop?
( not mine, see email on 100315WT )

( also on USAF Main Squadrons and Navy Main pages )

I#315 - E-2 Hawkeye patch, 'FIRST IN EARLY WARNING', Japan made, possibly VAW-115?

( also on Navy Main Patch page )

UI#316 - Infantry-Light-Blue felt with3 x Fleur-de-Lis on  black bend, Golden Bell & quarter-moon, pre-WWII?


UI#317 - French Parachutist's Badge, Bullion with black backing, anyone know the era and is it an Issue item?                  

front = 300dpi                                                  reverse = 200dpi
( also on French Section of Foreign page )

UI#318 - White Triangle & 9 white Lightning bolts on black twill, any ideas on the ID?

( also on Main USAF Squadrons page )

UI#319 - "JETS", chain-stitched Gold & Silver thread on black felt with Red Lightning Bolt, 6 3/8" (vertical), could be Military or Civilian sports patch?

( also on Main USAF Squadrons page )

UI#320 - James Brown Stamps, 'BLACK AND BROWN', Cash Value 1 Mill, BD 32, when and where used?
                 Update: used in the 1960s to repalce the "Blue Chip" stamps in stores in Oakland (and may be other cities).


UI#321 - Duck in Red Jockey Clothing with whip riding a Cloud on white Felt, maybe a weather squadron?

( also on USAAF page and Main USN patch page )

UI#322 - Canal Lock and Key patch, Panama Canal Corps of Engineers or ?  Could be for Civilian workers? Any ideas?........(sold)

( also on the Army Ground Forces, 1950 to early-RVN )

UI#323 - Comandos Lautaro No. 6, Ejercito, Ready SW, Batallon Lempira 12 Potus Morquan Foedari, Jefe de Salto...these came together, not sure they are a grouping or a collection....any IDs?

Top-Left....Comandos Lautaro No. 6........Chile Commandos Batallion Lautaro #6....................sold
Top-Right.....ID'd as the ADM PLT/78th ENG BN(Special Weapons Platoon).......moved to Army Ground Forces, RVN Era, Engineer section
Bottom-Left.....Battalon Lempira#12....Honduras Special Forces Batallion Lempira # 12
Bottom-Right....Jefe de Salto....Chile Paratroopers

UI#324 - Tiger on White Parachute, European or ?


Both Patches are associated with the 7/15th Artillery Regiment in the Highlands (MR2), circa 1970-71

Both patches were brought home by a 7/15th ARTY Crewchief/Observer on a OH-58A, his callsign was "CE SUNDOWN 119" (or something similar)
I have a picture of him wearing the UI#325A HIJACKER patch on his NOMEX shirt
UI#325 - Pegasus Maintenance, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, associated with the 52nd Artillery Group working for IFFV

UI#325A - HIJACKER OH-58A patch related to the Pegasus patch, anyone know the units who wore these patches?


( This section updated on 110207(email history )
( both patches are also on the Army AVN Main page )


UI#326 - "67 NITE EYES", Green Antenna and Electionic Emissions symbol is for RADAR. Anyone know the unit(individual) who designed this insignia?
                 Similar to the Chain-stitching done in the Delta in the 1960s

( also on: USAF SQDNs, USN, and USMC pages )

UI#327 - "CIC", older hand-embroidered patch, possaibly WWII era


UI#327a - "219th MAINT", Anyone know the ID of this unit, I cannot find a 219th Maintenance unit?

( also on:  Army AVN and RVN Era Army Ground Forces )

UI#328 - "S.M.R.U." plus old Armor symbol with an Ordnance flame/ball on orange twill, could be 1930-40s, any ideas on who used this one?
                Small patch that could have been used as a lower-sleeve insignia.

( also on Ground Forces WWII page )

UI#329 - "USAFSO Panama Canal" (United States Air Force Southern Command (or Air Division) in the Panama Canal Zone. I have found the acronym listed both ways "Southern Command or Air Division".  Patch not shown on USAFPatches web site so it must be uncommon.............(sold)

( main listing on USAF Commands section )

UI#330 - Has aCommonwealth look to me, stitch threads burned like cotton, black backing cloth, any ideas on ID or the Era worn?
--ID for #330: UK Commando Badge
--ID for #330: "....looks like the standard Belgian Commando Qualification Triangle" except for Red embroidery on Black cloth versus the Regulation White on Black.
This badge could be awarded to U. S. personnel for successfully completing the Belgian Commando School in Scaffen, Belgium.
The course is similar to American Ranger training with a priority on mountaineering and climbing.
The Veteran who ID'd this badge was in the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 509th Battalion Combat Team stationed in Vicenza, Italy.
He also made 5 jumps with the Paras at the School in Scaffen.


UI#331 - Possibly Greek writing, Duke Kit Acron, Eagle with Lightning Bolt-possibly an F-86 below his right-wing, Jet Assisted TakeOff (JATO Flight)?
                "FSHT 1959" ID'd as a Fort Sam Houston patch worn on sports shorts or etc. to show you had paid your yearly dues. Colors changed from year-to-year.
                 (FSHT = Fort Sam Houston, Texas (or maybe Tennis Club?)

check Dwnld picfile #65 for reverse scan

UI#332 - Northwest Indian Totem pole, Excellence in Action 86, Goin' Hard B-Flight with Bubble Bee holding a Bomb, Machine Gun, and Rocket?

check Dwnld picfile #65 for reverse scan

UI#333 - possible Thai Advisory Group to the Burmese Resistance, Thailand Shield with a golden animal, rice-grain wreath and sword...?

( also on Foreign VIET/Thai page and RVN to 1975 page )

UI#334 - "CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND", suggestions to the ID: 198th LIB, other LIBs, Radio Research, just a Generic Novelty, open to all ideas?

(also on RVN to 1975 main page)

UI#335 - possibly circa 1954-55 early VNMC 2nd Battalion "TRAU DIEN II" Beercan DIs (Vietnam Marine CORPS Crazy Buffalo), possibly used before the 2nd BN received their cloth patches(?).  Came from estate of a USN (WWII to circa 1955) Pilot who flew fixed wing attack aircraft in WW2 and a Rotary in the 1950s.  If these are circa mid-1950s the Pilot may have did the rescue of the Northern Vietnamese Refugees who fled to the south after the armistice and the USN provided a sealift(?).  May have been worn French Style on the Pocket Flap or on a Leather Hanger.

( also on Foreign-Vietnamese page, VNMC section )

UI#336 - possibly an ARVN General's Tanker Beret Badge, Bullion on Velvet, made in Vietnam, colors are wrong for the normal General's badge, possibly a maker's error or an early badge, any ideas?

( aslo on Foreign, Vietnamese page, Tanker section and on the RVN to 1975 Ground Forces page )

UI#337 - Do NOT use

UI#338 - Probably a USAF Police 'A Flight' 'DEFENDERS OF THE DAWN' 'TEAM WORK PRIDE HONOR' patch, anyone know the Squadron and Base?
Identified as the 51st Security Police Squadron at Osan AB, Korea....moved to the Police page

( also on Air Police page at top )

UI#339 - 21st ARVN Division "42 NDDTA", anyone know what the printing above the patch means?

(listed on the RVN page in "printed patches")

UI#340 - Japan made, Trojan or Athens styled Helmeted Head on green disc, possible Women's Army Corps (WAC) novelty or etc. patch, any ideas?


UI#341 - "PASIFITE" maybe a bicycle or MOPED name plate, came from Saigon, ever see one?

UI#342 - Thailand(?) Parachutist's Badge, gold-color Bullion on Balck felt, sew on style, ever see a "gold" jump badge?

UI#343 - ID'd as: "2/60th Inf of the 9th Inf Div at Ft Lewis in about 1976. It had to do with FTX at Yakima Training Center."
Now listed on the Army Ground Forces, RVN to 1975 page, 9th ID section

UI#344 - probably a Transport Squadron...someone said they thought the Squadron number was in the 17xx or 19xx block??


UI#345 - USAF Law Enforcement "B Flight" "The Killer Bees", PELON backing=probably made in Korea, unit probably stationed in WESTPAC?
Identified as the 401st Security Police Squadron at Torrejon AB, Spain


UI#346 - ID'd as the WWII 401st FS flying P-38s for the 9th USAAF - see on USAAF page                

UI#347 - another batch of miscellaneous badges, any IDs?

Bottom-Left...has "AUSTRALIA" printed on the reverse....what unit and era?

UI#348 - All hand-embroidered, two are on camo material

Top-Left...on felt/wool
Bottom-Left....looks like a material used in a garrision uniform

UI#349 - any ideas as to country, service, or uniform worn on?


Center...........Bullion thread Rigger
Bottom......looks older with the hooks for loops on a dress uniform(?)

UI#350 - U.S. FLAK Jacket, Armor is stamped "DSA 100-69-C-1989", part of label reads 'C.O.R.P., Inc.', ever see this one?

Armor is removable via a Velcroed opening at the bottom-back
( also on RVN - 1975 Army Ground Forces page )

UI#351 - Operation Redwing, Project 5.8, A3D-1 (Skywarrior) Nuke Test in the Pacific, anyone know if the 3 x A-3D-1s were assigned to a Squadron or Group?
                 Operation Redwing was controlled by the "HQS Joint Task Force SEVEN" (circa 1956)
                 The Project "58" patch is very similar to this "5.8" patch except there is NO decimal point

( main listing on the Navy VA page )

UI#352 - Camo shirt, made in USA, embroidered label with place for Name & Address and laundry instructions.  Lots of wear and the repairs look like military "field repairs", Epaulets, proably had old style olive green buttons(only 2 left on the shirt), had a neck hang label (probably with the size?), the woven label reminds me of labels used by the USAF in the 1950s.  I would guess it is made of 100% cotton..very soft material and is heavyweight...something like a Korean shirt but I don't think a ROK shirt would have a made in USA label...any ideas?

( not listed on other pages )

UI#353 - small patch, "AIRBORNE-D ARMORED-D"......ID'd as 1st Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (Deployable) Pocket Patch worn at Fort Bliss, TX in the '70s.

UI#354 - "D" with a skull inside on black felt with a black cloth backing, white embroidery does not glow, a thread from the backing material does not have black smoke or a ball on the end of the thread when I burned it, the yellowish stain on the back is glue; Special Forces style Oval but the blue is a light-shade vice the normal Teal Blue?

( also on SF page )

UI#355 -  Djibouti Section Protection, well made bullion style patch with white felt backing, the Republic of Djibouti is located in the Horn of Africa (formerly known as French Somaliland), any ideas on who wore this patch?
Identified as the Air Detachment insignia of the "Fusilliers Commandos de l'Air" for the Security and Defense of the Djibouti Air Base  Air Detachement 188 / Air Base 188" (DA 188/BA 188)  (Moved to the French section of the Foreign pages)

UI#356 - 1940s to 1950s Chenille "LION" patch with a submarine(?) in it's mouth, looks similar to the old VS patches = an animal with a submarine in it's mouth.

( also on Navy: main & VS patch pages )

UI#357 - Mystery Aircraft, could go back 60 years+/-, was pinned to a blanket (or etc.) in a smoke filled room, no intakes or engines, maybe the imagination of some artist??

( stored in Gray Cabinet )

UI#358 - Cabinet Committee on International Narcotics Control (CCINC) Team 1975, this committee was established by President Nixon in 1971....anyone know why or who made this patch in Thailand...I assume circa 1975?

UI#360 - "F I Gung-Ho", a larger version of this patch exists, "F I" is also on a 10th TFS "B" FLT patch, anyone know what "F I" means in Air Force speak?
(also shown above with UI#29A --- Listed in the Trading Post Oct-Dec 1991 issue, page 50)
( Possibly associated with the 18th Airborne CORPS? )

(also on pages: USAF SQs, Ground Forces Airborne)

UI#361 - "BELLICOSE GATORS", probably a Navy patch?

UI#362 - "CTC" Transportation Guidon (came with WWII items), what is the meaning of "CTC"?....measurements = 21"(vertical) by 31"

(Also on Army Ground Forces, WW2 page, UI section)

UI#363 - probably a 46th Special Forces Company related FLASH with Skull, Beret, Thai National Colors Band & unknown mix of Writing (looks English/Thai?)
                Small FLASH from an unknown manufacturer - anyone know the history on this Flash?

Can anyone translate the writing?

( also on the SF page )

UI#364 - Older Wolf with Top Hat hand-sewn on an older HBT Pioneer Freefall suit with double neck-to-ankle zippers; I think the para badge is Belgian(?);
                man belonged to the Sport Parachute Club of Quebec ("CLUB DE PARACHUTISME DU QUEBEC") - anyone know the ID of the chain-stitched Wolf  patch?
                Suit SOLD = 111125
( also on USAAF Main page )

UI#365 - OG "treated Canvas carrying pouch (6" x 27"), "DOT" marked glove-snaps, maybe for Signal Equipment, (needs to be aired-out as the anti-Fungal(or ???) treatment smell is strong), any ideas of the Designator/Use of this Bag?                 ( also listed in the Catalog as 4826A )

( also on Equipment page )

UI#366 - a "Known" patch for many years but NO ID has been established, anyone know had to arrange the Numbers "437" or "7th SQ, class 43" or ?
                 ( from a Pilot of the 13th BS(T) and 81st FBS, he attended the 3506th PTS(probably 1950s), see the rest of his Grouping in the 13th BS(T) section )  


UI#367 - Hand-embroidered Mirror imaged Horse with RVN National Colors, SEA made (for my reference: see card in UI file)

( also on: AVN, NAVY, SQ, WG, SOS, USMC, GRD pages )

UI#368 - Major Nebo's Crew 8, Howling Commandos, large patch probably made in WESTPAC(country unknown) with PELLON backing(introduced into the States in 1950), the "Howling Commandos" is a term from old Comics/etc., (resembles a PI made patch but no one I have talked to will go for that??)

( Also on: 1st SOS, SQs, Wings, Main Navy pages )

UI#369 - ( also logged under 3508DY ) - Black Baseball CAP(local made) with British style PARA Badge, anyone know the Country and Purpose for this Cap?


UI#370 - Displaced Person's ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE(AEF) D. P. INDEX CARD G 09727674', DP Card printed by the U. S. Government Printing Office(GPO). Items came together in an old Plastic-type sleeve for displaying on a person(?), High-Quality Printed patch on heavyweight white twill cloth, knife might be a Mauser Bayonet(?), an uncommon maker's trait is the broken blue trim line (anyone know a maker that did this in the 1940s?), patch could be a WWII unit? Very early DP form as it is number One.

UI#371 - Foreign patches, need the IDs on: Top Row 3 and 4; Bottom Row: "PRAL", SCUBA.
                Bottom right is Collector marked as "Syrian Airborne Brigade"  

UI#372 - 3 x ACES pocket patch on a USARV Jungle Shirt dated 1969, Subdued local made SP4 cloth rank on collar, Tapes are US ARMY NYLON style, SSI is a Merrowed-edge. Anyone ever see the "ACES" patch and know the unit it was worn by? (reference note: not mine, email on 110803, see UI box for info)

( also on NA and RVN-'75 pages )

UI#373 - "SEMPER ANTE MAXIMUS", Japan made, possibly a Naval Nuke (Training/Research?) site in New Mexico?....maybe an Electronics Squadron?

( also on NA, USAF Squadrons, and Navy VA Squadrons pages )

UI#374 - "BL&E" on a Maltese Cross with Swords, notice the "pierced" visor with rivet swivels, a lot of work went into this pendant/?, it is about 1/8" thick.  Anyone know if the "Bird-in-Flight" on the helmet is indicative to any Country?


UI#375 - anyone know the ID of this patch, it may not be oriented correctly?.......A Viewer ID'd this as an OLD University of San Francisco patch.......another viewer it to the University of San Francisco ROTC Program.

UI#376 - What is this, small item but it is heavy (weighs about 5 x USD quarters)?  
Could have been minted in Mexico City(?).

scanned at 600dpi

UI#377 - Horse's Head patch made in Japan/Okinawa, possibly the 319th TCS(Commando)?, anyone know an ID for the chess Knight?
                Ideas on this one: might be connected with the 902nd MI GP, 500th MI GP(Japan), 640th MI BN(have a Horse's Head on their patch), or ?

( also on the USAF Squadrons, USAF Air Commando, USAF Transport, ASA/MI, and USN Patch pages )

UI#378 - Little Red Devil with Trident standing in Flames, Tab reads 'HOT TO GO', made in Japan, may have been trimmed short on the bottom or it may have had a tab removed.....I think I have seen a disc with this Devil that was a Navy Novelty patch(?).

( also on the Navy patch page )

UI#379 - (catalog #3162B) M65 style White Cotton Field JACKET (LtWt Poplin), anyone ever see these being worn?

( Listed on Clothing page )

UI#380 - (catalog #3195A)  Grouping of M65 Field Jacket LINERs ( Heavyweight material ), these Liners came from a Retired Army Officer in the Fort Ord, California area circa late-1980s, maybe Prototype Liners(?)

( listed on the Clothing page )

UI#381 - 'THE ICERIDERS' 'WE LOVE IT ON TOP' '1',  a female in red garter belt superposed on an ocean and blue sky, anyone know this patch?  Looks like it might be a Crew patch for a VP SQ?

( also on NA and USN VP page )

UI#382 - "Tactical Command", similar to the old USAF TAC design but missing "AIR", possibly made in Japan, large patch, anyone know the timeframe or unit?

( also on NA and USAF Command(in the TAC section) pages )

UI#383 - possible ID is VS-771 (Air Anti Submarine Squadron-771) at NAS Los Alamitos flying TBMs, AFs, and S-2Fs in the early-1950s, however I have not been able to verify that ID, anyone have a picture of a VS-771 squadron patch.

( also on NA and Navy VS pages )

UI#384 - Red/Yellow Owl, notice the red "vees" in all but one corner???, any ideas on who used this patch?

( also on: NA, USAF SQDNS, Navy Main Patch page )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  NO UI Numbers Assigned  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - -
7004S - Colt 3 x 20 Rifle SCOPE

This looks like the Scope shown in Kevin Lyles' "US INFANTRY VIETNAM" book, page 37 showing a C/2/35th IR/25th ID Rifleman with a scope mounted on his M-16.

Is this an Early Colt Scope as used by the U.S. in Vietnam?         See on Weapons page

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