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Guidelines for Buying & Shipping

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Buying & Shipping Methods & Information

Price Quotes are valid for 7 days!  ( unless you make prior arrangements )
Prices listed on this Site and the Catalog are subject-to-change without Prior Notice
Lee-Jackson Militaria is not responsible for any errors and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors  
There will usually be a Price discrepancy between items priced on this Site and in the Catalog
Merchandise availability is subject to stock-on-hand

Buyers pay for all shipping & insurance ( = s/i ) costs
Domestic Buyers, shipping via the U. S. Post Office (USPS); Insurance is Recommended!
International Buyers, shipping via U. S. Postal Service (USPS); Insurance is Recommended!  
Buyers may reject the Insurance. If you do, you forfeit any claim against Lee-Jackson MIlitaria for Loss or Damages
Registered Mail for the United States is available
Registered Mail shipped outside the U.S. available for packages weighing less than 4 pounds, Insurance available.

If an Insured Package is Lost or Damaged it takes 30 days before the USPS will accept a Claim.
If you want the Item replaced that was Lost or Damaged before the Insurance Claim has been paid you must send Funds to cover the Replacement Item and the 2nd Shipping/Insurance Costs.
International Shipments: some Countries have low-amounts a package can be insured for, i.e., the UK has a limit of $650.00 USD (as of 090629).

Return Policy is very simple: NO Refunds on items that have been: Soiled, Switched, Altered, Cleaned, Polished, Stained, Scuffed, other reasons dictated by the management, and/or etc. ( If you want to return it....DON'T mess with it! )
i. e., If a Customs Service opens a Sealed Bayonet Package; your refund will be based on the value when I receive it.
Returns MUST be made within 7 days of receipt!
International Buyers, Refunds are subject to any Custom's Fees incurred when returned items pass through U. S. Customs.
If U. S. Customs charge an Import Duty-Fee on a returned package that amount will be withheld from your Refund.
Partial Refund on items that the box/bag/etc. was sealed when shipped & the seal has been opened/broken/altered/etc.
See Catalog for more details on return Policy
NO COD returns accepted!
30% Restocking Charge on all Special Order  items returned!
20% Restocking Charge on items Returned 10 Days from Receipt!
Permission is required on all items Returned 30 Days from Receipt!

Personal Check or other funds transferred via the USPS - must clear my Bank Account before your Order is shipped!
You can use U. S. or International Postal Money Orders ( in USD )

Western Union Money Transfer is the BEST! ( remember to send the "MTCN" )
For Western Union information ( http://www.westernunion dot com/info/selectCountry.asp )

If you pay via PayPal, add 5% to total bill

NO Bank Transfers!

CASH Payment -  Register the Letter containing the Cash.

NO C.O.D. Orders

Merchandise SOLD on the Web Site and Catalog are for "Collectible-Display" ONLY!
"Collectible-Display" = anything a prudent person would not use for anything except a Display

It is incumbent upon the Buyer to know the Laws and Regulations of their Government in regards to items sold on this Site and in the Catalog - and to be responsible for all actions of their Customs Agents!

Some items are NOT for Export.

Buyers of Edged Weapons must be 18 years of age

Product Names referenced are Trademarks of their Respective Makers

Condition of items listed in the Catalog and Web Site are described by how they look cosmetically:  NOT how they Function!

Grading of Merchandise:
"New"............Never-Issued or Issued but kept in New Condition
"EC"...............Excellent Condition for it's age
"GC"...............Good Condition, average wear for it's age
"FC"...............Fair Condition, rode hard and put-away wet
"PC"...............Poor Condition, next to "bagged-out"

You must be 18 years old to purchase any Weapon

Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

ALL SURVIVAL Equipment for sale in the Catalog and this Site is for a Static Display ONLY!

For additional information contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  

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Guidelines for Buying & Shipping

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