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USAF: SOS, Air Control, ARRS, & AREFS Main Patch page

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USAF: SOS, Air Control, ARRS, & AREFS Main Patch page

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49010A, B, & C - Cotton Military Issue Tape for making Name Tags

Make your own Vintage Name Tape or Tag

Issue tape from the 1950s through 1960s

see details on Main Army Ground Forces Page

Terms used in the Patch Pages

ANG = Air National Guard ( HI ANG = Hawaii Air National Guard ))
CE = Cut-Edge (No embroidered Border)
Cheesecloth  =  Gauze
FE = Fully Embroidered by machine
 HE = Hand Embroidered
ME = Machine Embroidery (by Computer or done  "freehand" by the "little-old-man")
ME = also will mean Merrowed-Edge (you should be able to discern which "ME" applies)
PI Made = item was made in the Philippine Islands
Pocket Patch = usually worn on the front of a shirt/jacket, many Aviation/Regimental patches are of this type
Residue = from glue/paper/etc. that was used to display a patch in/on a: scrapbook or board
(I will forget to state this on some patches!)
RFU = Removed From Uniform
Scroll = examples: WWII Ranger, many USAF patches, Modern Rangers/LRRPs and others
SEA = Southeast Asia
SSI = Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Tab  or  Arc  = "Airborne", "Thailand", "Guam", "Wolfhounds", "8th Army Band", or etc.

All Patch measurements are approximate!

Wanted Items

Vintage Patches I need are not limited to the ones depicted below

Items can vary in: design, color, where made, & etc.

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USAAC, USAAF, and USAF Flyer's:

Jackets, Party Suits, Patches, Boots, Caps, Gloves,

Survival Maps & Kits, and etc.

If you have extra items, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

- - - - - - - - - - Special Operations Units - - - - - - - - - -

1st ACS

1960s 5th ACS items

7th ACCS items

10th Fighter Squadron (Commando)
also referred to as the 10th Air Commando Squadron (Fighter) or 10th Fighter (Commando) Squadron

12th ACS(SOS), "Silver Bug Bird" for Insecticide Missions
I know that UC-123K Serial Number 55-4577 (construction number 20238) was a "Silver Bug Bird"(aka "Bug Bird" and etc.) from the color of the aircraft on the patch.
However, I could not find out when it entered the Operation FLYSWATTER mission so I don't know if it is an ACS or SOS or both timeframes.
When a "silver bird" was selected for the Insecticide Mission to eradicate mosquitos(malaria) the camo paint was stripped-off of the airplane and it was buffed so it would look different than the Herbicide Mission planes.  Theory was it would not be shot-at, as much, if it did not look-like an Agent Orange(Herbicide) aircraft.
The 12th conducted the Herbicide mission for MACV from March 1967 to July 1970 when the squadron was Deactivated.
The remaining assets of the 12th SOS were given to "A" Flight, 310th TAS and based at Phan Rang; last mission was in December 1971.
The first Bug Bird was "Little Devil"(sn 56-4396), the 2nd was "Patches"(sn 56-4362).  Patches is currently on display at the WP Air Museum in Ohio.
Provider Serial Number 55-4577
Both patches from the same Collection

15th ACS - did agent recovery for SOG (Combat Spear Missions)
(Formerly designated DET-1, 314th TCW)
Flew the Fulton 'Skyhook' Recovery System pickups for MACV-SOG, later Redesignated: 15th ACS, 15th SOS, 90th SOS, and 1st SOS

16th SOS "Rescue of the S. S. MAYAGUEZ"
also needed are items from the Embassy Evacuations from the 16th and other units

16th SOS “Black Spot” patches needed

20th Special Operations Squadron

3509HA - NAIL 78's Coffee Cup
Items with Callsigns needed

56th Special Operations Wing Items

The Tiger was worn on the right side of the green party shirt below the "witch doctor" looking patch
Det-1, 56th SOW  (Water Pump)  "EVERY MAN A TIGER" Insignias - unit flew T-28 Trojans for the RLAF out of Udorn

71st Air Commando Squadron patches needed

311th ACS

582nd Air Resupply SQ
 and other Air Resupply Units needed

604th Special Operations Squadron

609th SOS flying Douglas A-26A Invaders out of NKP

1198th Operation, Evaluation and Training Squadron

4400th Combat Crew Training Squadron

- - - - - - - - - - Air Control Units - - - - - - - - - -

Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line

19th TASS

20th Tactical Air Support Squadron

21st Tactical Air Support Squadron

23rd TASS

6147th Tactical Control Group in Korea

- - - - - - - - - - Air Rescue Units - - - - - - - - - -

Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons' PIN

Need 37th & 40th and other "Jolly Green" patches

- - - - - - - - - - Air Refueling Units - - - - - - - - - -

4505th Air Refueling Wing (Tactical)
1950s items wanted

- - - - - - - - - - Miscellaneous Units Wanted - - - - - - - - - -

Got an extra "1/4 Moon" patch

If you have extra items, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Other pre-1976 Air Force and Army Aviation patches wanted

UI/Mystery Items

UI#28 -  "Silencium Vel Letum" (Silence or Death), found with SOS patches, Asian made, any ideas on the Unit?
                (Could this be a 3rd Generation Gunship with the "III" in the eye-socket?)

UI#41 -  "Black Magic", Pellon backing, a note came with the patch with the ID of  660th Special Operations Group  C-130 Light Ship  
         Callsign: "Black Magic", sounds good to me....any ideas? or is it a 606th SOS C-123 FAC Candlestick patch?

UI#121 - "COMMANDOS" Arc from Vietnam

UI#174 - "COMMANDOS", 2" patch

UI#366 - a "Known" patch for many years but NO ID has been established, anyone know had to arrange the Numbers "437" or "7th SQ, class 43" or ?
                 ( from a Pilot of the 13th BS(T) and 81st FBS, he attended the 3506th PTS(probably 1950s), see the rest of his Grouping in the 13th BS(T) section )  

UI#367 - Hand-embroidered Mirror imaged Horse with RVN National Colors, SEA made
( also on: AVN, NAVY, SQ, WG, SOS, USMC, GRD pages )

UI#368 - Major Nebo's Crew 8, Howling Commandos, large patch probably made in WESTPAC(country unknown) with PELLON backing(introduced into the States in 1950), the "Howling Commandos" is a term from old Comics/etc., (resembles a PI made patch but no one I have talked to will go for that??)
( Also on: 1st SOS, SQs, Wings, Main Navy pages )

UI#377 - Horse's Head patch made in Japan/Okinawa, possibly the 319th TCS(Commando)?, anyone know an ID for the chess Knight?
( also on the USAF Squadrons, USAF Transport, and USN Patch pages )

please email if you have information:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  


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