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Civilian, Police, & etc.

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Homefront, American Legion, VFW, Civil Defense, ParaMilitary, Companies, & etc.

"Sons of The American Legion"

2 1/4" patch with cheesecloth backing, removed from older (pre-WWII (?)) gray side-cap, Used.....inquire

( stored in site done box )

Women's Ambulance and Defense Corps of America

WADC, circa WWII, UnUsed........inquire

( patches were worn with a "city" Arc below the patch )

( stored in site done box )

(see Christopher Brown's Book, "U.S. Military Patches of World War II", page 97 for a uniform with this patch)
( Jill Halcomb Smith's 2nd Volume should have an article on this outfit )  

Civilian & Police

Harley Davidson Motor Cycles

I am told this Wing is older that the 1950s

2" pinback Wing, (a Cap device(?)), Vintage ranges from the 1920s to 1940s due to the design of the Company Insignia, Used......inquire

( Military "C" and "J" Post pin-backs are usually dated before WWII )

"C" post pin-back
- - - -
Large 11.5" (vertical) Harley Davidson Backpatch

 possibly made in the PI, Used..........inquire

( stored in site done box )


Rotterdam, New York Police Patch, probably from the 1940s era, patch size 3.75" x 4.75", embroidered on Blue-Twill, Used.........inquire

( I place no value on the Jacket, if you prefer I will remove the patch from the jacket to lower the shipping cost )

Greyhound Patch and miscellaneous parts, his Jacket was dated July 1965, Patch is EC......inquire

( stored in site done box )

Gilmore Oil Company's 'RED LION'

"Roar with Gilmore"

Gilmore was merged into Socony-Vacuum(MOBIL) in 1945


pre-1946 insignia, 5 5/8" (nose to end of tail), UnUsed........inquire

( stored in site done box )

Scouting Patches


2 3/8", circa 1950s Explorer Patch on twill, UnUsed.....inquire

( stored in site done box )


Scoutmaster  2nd Pattern circa 1920 - 1937(?) UnUsed.......inquire

( stored in site done box )

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For Ordering information contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com