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Most Books in the Inventory will not be depicted on this Web Site - see  Catalog  for more Books

some Unit History Books will be listed on the "Patches" page

( i.e., Army's WWII 3rd Armored Divsion's History on WWII era Army Patches page )

Books Listed in Catalog

Kevin Lyles' U. S. Infantry Vietnam


47250H - 64 Page softback pictorial (color & black/white photos) of U.S. Army Infantrymen in Vietnam, Excellent Reference book for original Uniforms & Field Equipment used in the RVN, Used...(sold)
Shelby L. Stanton's Vietnam OB

47250K - Stanton's Vietnam Order of Battle, 1st Edition, dated 1986, with Dust Jacket, EC......inquire

Books Not Listed in the Catalog

Japanese edition

First "NAM" Vietnam 1965 - 75 book I have seen written in Japanese, 619 pages, printed in 1990 by Motovun Tokyo, the Bookstore price label reads $125.00,  has been damp but all the pages are good without stains, Dust Jacket is 50% condition, rare book(?), Used........inquire
(heavy book so expect hefty postage fees)
3508CW and CX West Point Books


see on Army to WWII Patch page
- - - -
3508CY and CZ USMA Books

see on Army RVN to 1975 patch page

1911 Infantry Drill Rgulations of the United States Army, named to a "CO B 4th Inf" man, spine a little loose........inquire  
Signed General LeMay Book

Signed copy of Mission with LeMay (My Story by General Curtis E. LeMAY with MacKinlay Kantor), DJ is ragged, small blems on outside of book, inside looks Good, overall in GC+............(sold)

Third Marine Division (3rd MARDIV) Fleet Marine Force Pacific, dated 1952, Pictures & Roster of Divisional Personnel, loose pages - a few with rough-edges, looks complete, MG Pepper was the CG, lots of WWII era equipment, some pictures showing the old Brown 3/4 lenght Jacket with the fur collar, "Ike" style Jackets, strange pile caps worn under their helmets, still using the old 2-wheeled pull-carts, 3rd Tank Battalion is still wearing the WWII "Tanker's" jacket, WWII USAAF OD Vests, RECON Company wearing WWII Camo Uniforms, excellent reference book for early 1950s USMC items.......inquire

Ranger Battalions Association of World War II Membership Roster Book dated 1985, 57 pages of names/addresses and etc., GC.......inquire
3508CU - "The Range Finder", newspapers from Camp Callin, CA


( see on Army WWII patch page, AAA section )

Gunships of the Vietnam Era, 64 pages, printed in 1982, written by Larry Davis, includes: Black Spot, Neptune, Bronco, Pilatus Porter, Helio, Spooky, Spectre, & Shadows.  AC/FC-47, AC-130, AC-119, AC/NC-123, AP-2H, OP-2E, OV-10D, AU-23, & AU-24.  with Dust Jacket, EC........inquire

USS Ranger (CVA-61) 1960 Far East Cruise Book with: CAG-9, VF-91, VF-92, VA-93, VA-94, VA-95, VAH-6, VAW-15 Det Mike, & VCP-61 Det Mike onboard, has a little tobacco smell, Good Condition...........inquire

The Story of the 91st Infantry Division Artillery, "On the Way", by Roy L. Moskop, 87 pages, copyright dated 1947, GC.......inquire

Medals and Decorations of Hitler's Germany by Robin Lumsden, printed in 2001,191 pages, some of the German Items included: Pour le Merite, Freikorps awards, Cross of Honour 1914-18, Iron Crosses, Army Honour Roll Clasp, German Cross, SS Long-Service Award, Krim Shield, Spanish Wound Badge, Sniper Badge, Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Political awards, RAD badges, NSFK awards, Customs Service, Medals, Stickpins, Ribbons, Maker Marks, Chronology of Third Reich Awards, Navy War Badges, Tanker Badges, Army Paratrooper Badge, Infantry Assualt Badge, and many more.
Small cut on the Dust Jacket spine (done while opening the shipping box), New Condition.........inquire

American Military Insignia 1800 - 1851, printed 1963 by Smithsonian Institute, by J. Duncan Campbell and Edgar M. Howell,  124 pages, if you are into old American Insignia this would probably be a decent reference book, GC.........inquire

Pamphlet-Vietnam at the Crossroads of Asia, 39 pages published by the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington 8, D.C., last date I see is 1959 (very early booklet on Vietnam), has a fold-out showing the Branches of the Government, Used........inquire

Pamphlet-A Guide to Viet-nam, 40 pages published by the Embassy of Vietnam in Washington 8, D.C., last date I see is 1959 (very early booklet on Vietnam), a Tourist Guide, Used.............inquire

U. S. Army Special Forces (Vietnam Studies by Colonel Francis J. Kelly), First Printing, 227 pages, dated 1973, Printed by the Department of the Army, a few: Pictures, Organization charts, maps, and lots of verbage, minor storage marks, UnUsed Condition...........inquire

Space Patches (from Mercury to the Space Shuttle) by Judith Kaplan and Robert Muniz, copyright 1986, 128 pages, lists data on the: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, & Apollo/Soyuz Missions,  used very little, minor storage marks, EC.....inquire

FMs & TMs Listed in the Catalog

Several more Training Manuals & Field Manuals are logged in the   Catalog

Left  9620 - FM 21-76, Survival Field Manual, dated June 1992, Many Color Plates of Plants and Snakes (Best FM 21-76 ever Published, in my opinion), New...........inquire

Right  9720 - TM 10-270, Repair of Quartermaster Items of General Equipment, July 1949, Used.....inquire

FM 23-9  M16A1 Rifle and Rifle Marksmanship, June 1974 (with changes: C2, C3, C4), cover loose/etc,.......inquire

FM 21-26 Map Reading (includes change One), January 1969, GC............inquire

TM 9-2320-218-10 M151 Series Vehicles (JEEPS) March 1983, GC..........inquire

9720  -  TM 55-1510-203-10/3, dated October 1967, U-6A Beaver Aircraft Operator's Manual, GC........inquire

(Flown by the Radio Research Companies and other Aviation Units in Vietnam)

Magazines Listed in the Catalog

10200x - sample of National Geographic Magazines: 1943 October & December issues - Good for Medals/etc.

( see  Catalog for availability and prices )

10350 - "Green Angels", 1st and 2nd issues, published in the mid-1980 for Latinos serving in the U. S. Armed Forces....inquire

10360A - First Issue (datred 1986) of SWAT AR-15/M-16 "America's Assault Rifle".........inquire

10400x - samples of Life Magazines, over 40 dates in stock
( see  Catalog for availability and prices )

10700x - Samples of Soldier of Fortune Magazines, issues from 1979 to 1997 in stock, over 100 dates in stock

( see  Catalog for availability and prices )
10800x - GUNG-HO Magazines

10800x - samples of Gung-Ho Magazines, First Issue(April 1981) & over 55 other dates in stock

( see list of Issues in stock Gung-Ho  section )

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Published by USARV, given to homeward bound GIs, Dated Mid-Year 1969, Used.......Published by USARV, given to homeward bound GIs, Dated Mid-Year 1969, Used.....(sold)
( I have another copy, not as nice........(sold)
USS America (CV-66) 1984 Cruise Book with: CVW-1, VA-34, VA-46, VA-72, VAQ-135, VAW-123, VF-33, VF-102, VQ-2, and  VS-32 onboard. Not much use but some rough landling, damage to spine, hard-sleeve has stains, still smells new, GC......(sold)
The Call of Duty, by John E. Stranberg & Roger James Bender, Military Awards and Decorations of the United States of America, 384 pages, loaded with color pictures, OUT-of-Print, as-New....(sold)