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USAF Special Operations Force

Insignia used from July 1968 through June 1974

stains on scroll, made in Japan(probably Okinawa), UnUsed.....inquire
( looks "used" on the reverse but I can find no stitch marks )

partial History
The USAF Special Warfare Center was established at Eglin AFB, Florida in April 1962
( the Center was probably located at Eglin Auxillary Field No. 9 ( Hurlburt Field ) )
The USAF Special Operations Force was Activated July 8, 1968 supplanting the USAF Special Warfare Center at Eglin AFB
On July 1, 1974 the USAF Special Operations Force was merged with the 1st Special Operations Wing and Redesignated 834th Tactical Composite Wing
In July of 1975 the 834th Tactical Composite Wing was Redesignated 1st Special Operations Wing


associated with Project Igloo White
a sensor dropping program along the HCM Trail


uncommon TF Alpha, Thai made, RFU, Used.....inquire

( also on: Equipment and htm pages )
- - - -

Sensor Air Drop Mission

click on picture for details

(  see   Catalog #2930   for list of Ground Sensors available that were used by this Unit  )
- - - -
partial History
Overall management/execution of the Trail Interdiction program was the responsibility of a Joint Task Force of:
Army, Navy, & Air Force Commands to integrate their respective intelligence and targeting under one roof.
Initially known as Joint TF 728 Sensor air delivery and attack portion of the program was first managed by the U.S. Navy under the code-name Dual Blade, later called Dye Marker, and still later Muscle Shoals.
USAF assumed control in June 1968 and name was changed to Task Force Alpha
( overall EW program of dropping sensors along the Ho Chi Minh Trail was known as Igloo White )

Air America Scratch-Pad Sheet

Sheet from a scratch pad from: "AIR AMERICA HANGER 137-C TAN-SON-NHUT AFB SAIGON R. V. N.", UnUsed.......inquire

( placed on an orange background to show-up better )

"The Dirty Thirty"
USAF C-47 Pilot's flying VNAF aircraft April 1962 - December 1963


"Ba Muoi Lam" made for 30 USAF Pilots (The Dirty Thirty), hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed....inquire

"Ba Muoi Lam"  =  the number 35  = a Billy Goat
also there is a "Black 35"  which equates to a Lecherous Man

- - - -
partial History
unedited information from the USAF Site
"In April 1962 a unique group of 30 USAF pilots were detailed to serve with the South Vietnamese Air Force in its C-47 squadrons. This permitted the VNAF to release some of its own experienced pilots to form new units for its rapidly-expanding air arm. A second group of 30 USAF pilots replaced the first group in the spring of 1963 and flew with the VNAF until the project ended in December 1963.
      These 60 USAF pilots flew VNAF C-47s for flare drops, airborne assaults, airborne resupply, psychological warfare leaflet drops and loudspeaker broadcasts, and constantly-increasing cargo and troop movements. During the 20-month period they were on loan, they flew approximately 25,000 hours with the VNAF, making a significant contribution to its expansion. During the period of Dirty Thirty operations, 97 Air Medals and two Distinguished Flying Crosses were awarded.
        The term "Dirty Thirty" originated because of the round-the-clock duty hours, which required them to wear their flying suits constantly. This once resulted in a passing comment about "one of those dirty pilots" and the term "Dirty Thirty" was born."

(  see info on this link  http://www.nationalmuseum  dot  af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=1284  )

Air Commando Arc/Tab


pre-1968 Shoulder Sleeve Tab, white-on-blue twill, RFU, Used......(sold)

Air Commando ARCs


"COMMANDO" Arc made in Thailand, UnUsed.......inquire

A-1 Skyraider
- - - -
 "Crater Creator"

Very nice,Thai made, Hand-embroidered A-1E patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

 "Crater Creator" & "Night Fighter"

A-1E Crater Creator hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Crater Creator hand-embroidered in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

A-1H Night Fighter, made in Vietnam, (stained below the "1"), Unused......inquire

( also on htm and Aircraft pages )

Numbered Units

1st Air Commando Squadron

Vietnam Hand-Embroidered


Very Nice Hand-embroidered(HE) in Vietnam, UnCommon insignia, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
Arcs found with 1st ACS patch


"VIET - NAM" hand embroidered, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

"SORRY 'BOUT THAT" Vietnam hand embroidered, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
3509DW - 1st ACS Coffee Cup from Pleiku days

3509DW - bringback from Pleiku, RVN, Used.....inquire

1st Air Commando Group/Squadron

Project Farm Gate
Time-frame for this patch is April 1962 to April 1964 when the last B-26s were flown out-of-country
Early Vietnam high-quality workmanship; probably from an upscale Indian Tailor shop (the boys that preferred Greenbacks)


1st Air Commando Group/Squadron, "B-26" "Viet Nam", large 4 5/8" Vietnam made, UnUsed..(sold)

Unit originally established as the 4400th CCTS at Hurlburt AFB, Florida
first B-26s ("RB-26" used as a cover designator) arrived in Vietnam in 1961
Redesignated 4400th Combat Crew Training Group March 1962
Redesignated 1st Air Commando Group (DET 2A) April 1962
Redesignated 1st Air Commando Squadron (Composite) 8 July 1963 under the 34th Tactical Group at Bien Hoa
The last B-26 flew out of Vietnam in April 1964
The 1st ACS later became the 1st SOS and ended the War at NKP RTAFB, Thailand
(There are some mistakes in the above history; the gist is close to the events.
There are many conflicting dates and etc., that it would take a Russian novel to explain all of them)

1st ACS in Action - A Shau Valley - 1966

Rescue of fellow Skyraider Pilot "Jump" Myers by Major Fisher in his A-1E while in support of a Special Forces Camp
(see below for conflicting squadron(602nd))

Print titled "Downed, but not Forgotten" by Stan Stokes

1 of 225 "remarqued" prints

 signed by Colonel Bernie Fisher Medal of Honor recipient
comes with the "Certificate of Authenticity" and "Bio" for Colonel Bernard Fisher, New Condition......(sold)
(in Original Package)

Only 225(of 4,750) prints were Signed by Colonel Fisher and "remarqued" by the Artist

Major "Jump" Myers is listed as a 602nd ACS Pilot on some sites.

1st ACS


1st SOS(ACS) "A-1H  SUPER SPAD",Thai made, Used.....(sold)

1st ACS(SOS) Callsign "HOBO" Arc (tab), Thai made, UnUsed.......inquire

Laotian, Thailand, Cambodian, and South Vietnam Flag patch, Thai made, UnUsed..(SOLD)

1st ACS/1st SOS

"A-1"   "LOADING"


Thai made An.y Ca.p, UnUsed.......inquire

1st Special Operations Squadron


1st Special Operation Squadron, PI made, UnUsed.......65.00

1st SOS "WITH THE GUTS TO TRY", PI made, UnUsed.........85.00

- - - -

1st SOS, Thailand made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

Subdued 1st SOS, Philippine (PI) made, Used..........inquire
- - - -

1st Special Operations Squadron "WITH THE GUTS TO TRY", Thai made, UnUsed.....inquire

1st SOS, Thai made, UnUsed......inquire

1st SOS Name Tag, Velcro on Reverse, PI made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

Asian Made 1st Special Operations Squadron

Top Left - Korean made, UnUsed.........65.00

Top Right - UnUsed.........45.00

Bottom Right and Left, UnUsed.........(each).....35.00

- - - -
MC-130H Combat Talon II Lockheed insignia

click on picture for details
- - - -
partial History
Constituted and Activated 1st Air Commando Squadron (Composite) June 17 1963, Organized July 8 1963
Redesignated 1st Air Commando Squadron (Fighter) August 15 1967
Redesignated 1st Special Operations Squadron August 1 1968
Pacific Air Forces, 17 Jun 1963; 34th Tactical Group, 8 Jul 1963; 6251st Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Jul 1965 (attached to 3d Tactical Fighter Wing, 21 Nov 1965–8 Mar 1966); 2d Air Division, 18 Feb 1966;
14th Air Commando Wing March 8 1966;
56th Air Commando (later, 56th Special Operations) Wing December 20 1967;
18th TFW 15 Dec 1972; 18th TFG 1 May 1978; 3d TFW 15 Jan 1981; 2d AD 1 Mar 1983; 23rd AF 1 Feb 1987;
353d SOW (later, 353d Special Operations Group), 6 Apr 1989 –
Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 8 Jul 1963; Pleiku AB, South Vietnam, 5 Jan 1966; Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand, 20 Dec 1967; Kadena AB, Japan, 15 Dec 1972 (segment of squadron operated from Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, 15 Dec 1972–28 Jan 1973); Clark AB, Philippines, 1 Jan 1981; Kadena AB, Japan, 5 Feb 1992–.
B–26, 1963–1964; T–28, 1963–1964; U–10, 1963–1966; C–47, 1963–1966; RB–26, 1963–1964;
A–1, 1964–1972; FC–47, 1964–1965; AC–47, 1965; C(later, MC)–130, 1972–.
Combat in SEA 8 Jul 1963–7 Nov 1972 and 15 Dec 1972–28 Jan 1973
Trained Vietnamese Air Force pilots in counterinsurgency operations, Jul 1963–Nov 1972

1st SOW


1st Special Operations Wing 5" sticker, UnUsed...(Sold)

1st SOW, 3", UnUsed.......32.00

3rd Special Operations Squadron

flew AC-47D Gunships
- - - -


RFU, Used......(sold)

- - - -

( scanned at 300dpi = all the scrapes and blems are visible )

3rd SOS "SPOOKY" 5/8" Beercan with single-nail on reverse, made in Vietnam, Used.....(sold)
 ( single post - reverse scan available, in #47 )

- - - -

( scanned at 300dpi = all the scrapes and blems are visible )

 5/8" Viet made Beercan with single-nail on reverse, Used.........inquire
 ( single post, a scan of the back is available-ask!  in #49 )

( also on htm and NA pages )
- - - -
3509ER - Spooky Party Shirt and Cap

3509ER - shirt ( chest 42"+, back 28"+ ), cap around a 7 1/8+/-, Used.....inquire

( also on htm )
- - - -

conflicting histories on the 14th ACS and 3rd ACS (later 3rd SOS)

partial History
o/a January 15, 1968, a second AC-47 unit, the 14th ACS was formed at Bien Hoa AFB as part of the 14th ACW  
Redesignated 3rd ACS May 1, 1968;  Redesignated 3rd SOS August 1, 1968
( The Official AF history states the 3rd was stationed at Nha Trang...however some of the Unit was located at Bien Hoa AFB in early-1969 flying AC-47Ds )

A1C John Levitow was assigned to the 3rd SOS when he received the Medal of Honor

( The aircraft nickname changed from "Puff the Magic Dragon" to "Spooky" around January 1968 )

( anyone with more info on the History of this unit contact   Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
- - - -
partial History per the USAF
Organized as Photographic Section No. 1 on 4 Apr 1918. Demobilized on 3 Jul 1919. Reconstituted, and consolidated (1924), with 1 Photographic Section which was authorized on 15 Aug 1919. Organized on 27 Sep 1919. Redesignated: 3 Observation Squadron on 1 Jun 1937; 3 Observation Squadron (Medium) on 13 Jan 1942; 3 Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942; 3 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 11 Aug 1943. Disbanded on 2 Jul 1944. Reconstituted, and redesignated 3 Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, Medium, on 9 May 1952. Activated on 28 May 1952. Inactivated on 1 Jul 1958. Consolidated (19 Sep 1985) with the following units: 3 Special Operations Squadron (constituted 3 Air Commando Squadron, and activated, on 5 Apr 1968; organized on 1 May 1968; redesignated 3 Special Operations Squadron on 1 Aug 1968; inactivated on 15 Sep 1969); and 3 Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron (constituted 3d Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron on 13 May 1976; activated on 15 May 1976). Consolidated squadron retained designation: 3 Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1991.
Redesignated 3 Special Operations Squadron on 20 Oct 2005. Activated on 28 Oct 2005.
I Corps Observation Group, Apr 1918; First Army Observation Group, Nov 1918-Apr 1919; unkn, Apr-3 Jul 1919. 1 Wing, 27 Sep 1919; 1 Surveillance Group, c. 12 Nov 1919; Eighth Corps Area, Jun 1922 (in association with 12 Observation Squadron, affiliated with 1st Cavalry Division, Jun 1922-Jun 1926, and with 2 Division, Jun 1926-c. Oct 1931); 3 Attack Group, 8 May 1929; 12 Observation Group, attached 1 Oct 1930, assigned 31 Oct 1931, attached 1 Mar 1935; Eighth Corps Area, 1 Jun 1937; Third Corps Area, 20 Jun 1937 (attached to Coast Artillery School); Coast Artillery School, c. 1939; I Air Support Command, 1 Sep 1941 (attached to Coast Artillery School to 5 Apr 1942); 73 Observation Group, 12 Mar 1942; Second Air Force, 12 Aug 1942 (attached to II Ground Air [later, II Air] Support Command to 23 Sep 1942); IV Ground Air (later, IV Air) Support Command, 7 Sep 1942; Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics, 21 Jan 1943; Air Support Department, AAF School of Applied Tactics (later, Tactical Air Force, AAF Tactical Center), 18 Feb 1943 (attached to 432 Observation [later, 432 Reconnaissance; 432 Tactical Reconnaissance] Group, 27 Mar-1 Nov 1943); Tactical Air Division, AAF Tactical Center, 4 Jan 1944; Orlando Fighter Wing, 20 Feb 1944; AAF Tactical Center, 28 Mar-2 Jul 1944. 26 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, 28 May 1952-1 Jul 1958. Pacific Air Forces, 5 Apr 1968; 14 Air Commando (later, 14 Special Operations) Wing, 1 May 1968-15 Sep 1969. 3 Tactical Fighter Wing, 15 May 1976; 6200 Tactical Fighter Training Group, 1 Jan 1980-30 Sep 1991. 16 Operations Group, 28 Oct 05-.
Ourches, France, 4 Apr 1918 (detachment at Flin, France, 15-28 Jun 1918); Saints, France, 29 Jun 1918 (detachment at Ourches, France, until c. mid-Jul 1918); Francheville, France, 9 Jul 1918; Moras Ferme (near La Ferte-sous Jouarre), France, c. 25 Jul 1918; Lizy-sur-Ourcq, France, c. 4 Aug 1918; Coincy, France, c. 10 Aug 1918; Chailly-en-Brie, France, 13 Aug 1918; Toul, France, 24 Aug 1918; Remicourt, France, 19 Sep 1918; Julvecourt, France, 3 Nov 1918; Vavincourt, France, c. 28 Nov 1918; Colombey-les-Belles, France, c. 5 May 1919; port of embarkation, France, May-Jun 1919; Garden City, NY, c. 20 Jun-3 Jul 1919. Fort Bliss, TX, 27 Sep 1919; Kelly Field, TX, 2 Jul 1921; Fort Bliss, TX, 24 Jun 1922; Fort Sam Houston, TX, 22 Jun 1926; Brooks Field, TX, 31 Oct 1931; Langley Field, VA, 20 Jun 1937; Camp Cooke, CA, 22 Apr 1942; Blythe, CA, 30 May 1942; Keystone Heights, FL, 21 Jan 1943; Alachua Army Airfield, FL, 3 Feb 1944; Orlando AB, FL, 6 Mar-2 Jul 1944. Lockbourne AFB, OH, 28 May 1952-1 Jul 1958. Nha Trang Airport, South Vietnam, 1 May 1968-15 Sep 1969. Camp O'Donnell, Philippines, 15 May 1976-30 Sep 1991; Nellis AFB, NV, 28 Oct 2005-.
Unkn, 4 Apr 1918-3 Jul 1919. Unkn, 27 Sep 1919-2 Jul 1944. None (not manned) 28 May 1952-1 Jun 1953; Maj Henry M. Henington, by 1 Jun 1953; Maj Robert C. Householder, 18 Jul 1953; Lt Col Henry M. Henington, 11 Jan 1954; Maj Carl A. Kluender, 4 Jul 1955; Maj John J. Mason, Jun 1956; Lt Col Roger A. Stevenson, Oct 1957; Maj Alvin G. Schuering, Dec 1957-15 Apr 1958; none (not manned), 15 Apr-1 Jul 1958. Lt Col Charles W. Hodgson, 1 May 1968; Lt Col Donald W. Feuerstein, 26 May 1968; Lt Col James R. Hyde, 2 Jan 1969; Lt Col Robert A. Davidson, 25 Feb-1 Sep 1969; none (not manned), 1-15 Sep 1969. Lt Col Thomas W. Wilson Jr., 15 May 1976; Maj Joshua T. Day III, 1 Aug 1977; Lt Col David F. Tippett, 7 Sep 1977; Lt Col Richard R. Sheppard, 15 Feb 1979; Lt Col Harold W. Stoll, 19 Sep 1980; Lt Col Paul H. Miller, 26 Aug 1983; Maj Jeff O. Prichard, 9 Jul 1985; Lt Col Charles F. Turk, Nov 1985; Lt Col David A. Geraldson, 24 Sep 1987- Dec 1989; Unkn, Jan 1990-Jun 1991; None (not manned), Jun-30 Sep 1991.
None, Apr 1918-Jul 1919. None, Sep 1919-May 1937; included B-10, L-2, and apparently 0-25 and 0-43 during years 1937-1942; 0-47, c. 1938-1942; 0-49, 1941-1942; 0-52, 1941-1942; L-4, 1942; P-39, 1943-1944; A-20, 1943; DB-7, 1943; L-2, 1943; L-3, 1943. YRB-47, 1953-1954; RB-47, 1954-1958; B-47, 1958. AC-47, 1968-1969. None, 1976-1991.
Organized in France in Apr 1918, the Photographic Section No. 1 processed aerial photographs taken by flying units working with the I Army Corps (American) and French XXXVIII Army Corps, 5 Apr-Nov 1918. The 1st Photographic Section, from Sep 1919 until becoming the 3d Observation Squadron on 1 Jun 1937, processed aerial photography of associated observation squadrons in Texas. At Langley Field, VA, the squadron engaged in aerial observation work with the Coast Artillery School until Apr 1942. It supported ground forces on maneuvers during 1942, and served as a training and demonstration unit Jan 1943-Feb 1944. The squadron was not manned or equipped, 1 Mar-2 Jul 1944. Activated again in May 1952, the squadron did not receive its first aircraft until 1 Jul 1953, when it immediately began familiarization training, followed by in-flight refueling training in Feb 1954. It received RB-47E aircraft in Mar 1954, and conducted its first long-range mission (6 planes to Alaska for 10 days) in May 1954. The squadron deployed at RAF Upper Heyford, England, 14 Sep-3 Nov 1954. It photographed numerous Air Force bases and American cities, 1954-1958, and participated regularly in SAC exercises, but was not operational, 15 Apr-l Jul 1958. As the 3d Air Commando Squadron in South Vietnam, it absorbed resources of the 14th Air Commando Squadron. It flew combat missions in AC-47D gunships in close air support of ground forces, providing flare illumination and gunfire in support of strategic hamlets, outposts, and friendly forces under night attack. From 16 Feb-1 May 1969, all squadron aircraft were maintained on ground alert when not flying, due to the TET (New Year) offensive. It began transferring its gunships to the Vietnamese Air Force in Jun 1969 and flew its last mission on 7 Aug 1969. The 3d Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron although having a "tactical" designation, was not equipped with aircraft. Rather, it operated Camp O'Donnell, Philippines, the Pacific Air Forces Electronic Warfare Range, the Crowe Valley Aerial Gunnery Range, and associated facilities. It provided realistic conventional, tactical, and electronic warfare training in a simulated combat environment during COPE THUNDER exercises. These exercises provided combat training for fighter aircrews of not only the U.S. Air Force, but also fighter crews of the US Marine Corps, US Navy, and allied air forces in the western Pacific area. Following the eruption of Mt Pinatubo in Jun 1991, personnel were evacuated, and the squadron remained unmanned until its inactivation.

4th Air Commando Squadron
- - - -

DET-3, 4th ACS

Thai made Tab

4th Air Commando Squadron, Detachment-3, been in 2 x scrapbooks, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -

( scanned at 300dpi = all the scrapes and blems are visible )

4th ACS "SPOOKY" beercan, 5/8" with 1-post, UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -


4th ACS - FLT A (Flight A), Asian made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
UnCut & a Hand Embroidered 4th ACSs


UnCut 4th ACS, Vietnam Era, unusual construction, pre-August 1, 1968 vintage (as the Unit was changed to the 4th SOS on that date), Unused......inquire

4th ACS, hand-embroidered in Vietnam circa 1966-67, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -

4th Air Commando Tail Number patches

Tailcodes of AC-47s:  622 &  623

"623 SPOOKY", Thailand made, UnUsed.........inquire

"SPOOKY 622" "HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL", yellow border, Thai made, UnUsed......(sold)

"SPOOKY 622" "HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL", Thai made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

Grouping from a Colonel

( all items are Asian made )

3 3/8" Round Brass "coaster"(?) with plastic feet, hanger on back, made in Taiwan, UnUsed-in-Box...inquire

Tie-tack, probably made in Taiwan (high quality), screwback, UnUsed Condition......inquire
( DI made similar to the high-quality Air America items from Taiwan )

( I have the Colonel's name and a handwritten letter from a person who had the Grouping )
- - - -
The 4th ACS/SOS flew FC/AC/C/ & HC-47 aircraft in Vietnam under the  14th ACW/SOW  

- - - -

Basic patch similar to a 4th ACS insignia

Is this patch a 4th ACS Detachment in Thailand?

(  see  USMACTHAI/TLD  on this link  )

- - - -

Modern 4th Special Operations Squadron

4th SOS "SPOOKY GUNNER", UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -

Unknown Special Ops, AC-130U Gunship (marked on back as "4th SOS"), UnUsed......inquire

5th Special Operations Squadron, Combat Shadow, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
partial History from USAF History site
( there are 1 or 2 other units that have formed the Current 4th SOS - see the USAF History site )
Lineage: Constituted 4th ACS(Fire Support); Activated 2 Aug 1965; Organized 8 Aug 1965; Redesignated 4th SOS 1 Aug 1968; Inactivated 15 Dec 1969; Activated 1 May 1995
Assignments: Pacific Air Forces, 2 Aug 1965; 2d Air Division, 8 Aug 1965 (attached to 6250th Combat Support Group, 8 Aug 1965–1 Mar 1966); 14th Air Commando (later, 14th Special Operations) Wing, 8 Mar 1966–15 Dec 1969; 6th Operations Group, 1 May 1995–
Stations: TSN AB, RVN August 8, 1965 (deployed at Forbes AFB, KS August 8 - circa November 1, 1965); Nha Trang AB, RVN June  1, 1966; Phan Rang AB, RVN, October 1, 1969 – December 15, 1969; Hurlburt Field, FL May 1, 1995 –
Aircraft: FC(later AC)–47 1965–1969; C–47 1966–1967, 1969; HC–47 1969
Operations: Combat in Vietnam circa November 20, 1965 – November 30, 1969

more History
Thanks to an Aerial Gunner flying out of OL-Phu Cat, circa 1967-68
In 1966 the 4th ACS had 5 x Operating Locations(OLs): Da Nang(relocated to Phu Cat in Winter of '66), Pleiku, Bien Hoa, Binh Thuy with one Flight remaining at Nha Trang.
The OLs corresponded to the Tactical Area of Operations(AOs) that divided Vietnam.
Each of the Flights usually had 3 Aircraft assigned.
OL-Phu Cat was responsible for the Night time Combat Air Patrol(CAP) over Da Nang and maintained a Backup AC-47 on the Ground at Da Nang.
The Backup aircraft ,on the ground at Da Nang, would take over the CAP if the Primary aircraft was called to a another target.
Normal maintenance and minor inspections were preformed at the OLs. Inspections that required more time and weather protection were done at Nha Trang.
Higher echelon maintenance was done on Taiwan.

5th Air Commando Squadron


- - - -


1960s era 5th ACS items

Needed: patches, party suits, scarves, badged flight suits and shirts, photos, and etc. from the 1960s
- - - -
partial History from a Veteran of the 4th ACS, circa '67-'68
The 5th ACS (sister Squadron to the 4th) flew the Loudspeaker/Paper Distributor EC-47s as well as the PSYOPS U-10s.
These were commonly referred to as Bull S... Bombers and were stationed at most OLs.
In 1967 the 5th ACS was split to form the 9th ACS which took over MRs 1 and 2

6th Fighter Squadron (Commando)

later redesignated: 6th ACS and then 6th SOS

flew: B/RB-26s, L-28s (U-10), T-28s, and A-1s


6th FS (Commando), cheesecloth backing, early-mid 1960s era, RFU, Used......inquire
( ID'd from Jerome Polder's Book Volume 1, page 51 )

- - - -

7232F & G - 6th FS(Commando)  Pilot's Bringbacks

click on picture for details
- - - -
partial History
The unit was reconstituted at Hurlburt Field, Florida April 27 1962 and assigned to the 1st Air Commando Group;
flew: B/RB-26, U-10(L-28), T-28, & in 1963, the A-1E (callsign HOBO).
Trained in COIN & Unconventional Warfare; served as advisors to Vietnamese Air Force personnel at Bien Hoa.
All aircraft were reassigned in July 1963 except the T-28. Some personnel formed cadres for new special operations units.
Squadron deployed to Udorn RTAFB to train air and ground crews in COIN operations.
By December 1967, the last of the T-28s were transferred, and the unit started receiving A-1G, H and J aircraft.
Unit deployed to Pleiku Air Base in February 1968 and was reassigned to the 14th ACW.
Reassigned to the 633rd SOW July 15 1968 and was Redesignated 6th SOS.
Flew combat missions, including air support for ground forces, air cover for transports,
day and night interdiction, SAR, armed reconnaissance and FAC.
Deactivated November 15 1969

6th Airborne Command and Control Squadron


6th ACCS, circa mid-1970s cut-edge, tape residue on front, UnUsed........inquire

partial History
6th ACCS Activated in 1974 and assigned to 4500th Air Base Wing at Langley AFB, VA
ReAssigned to 1st TFW April 19 1976 - October 1 1991, Langley AFB, VA
probably DeActivated in 1992(?)
flew EC-135P's in support of Atlantic Command missions

7th Air Commando Squadron (Composite)


3 3/4" wing-tip to tip, UnUsed......inquire

( I don't where this was made or worn(maybe a bush hat )
- - - -
7th Special Operations Squadron

 7th SPEC. OPS. Sq. "GERMANY" Arc, probably made overseas, UnUsed.......inquire

Bottom Left - 7th SOS, cheesecloth back, UnUsed......inquire

Center - 7th SOS, Pelon backing, UnUsed........inquire

7th Air Commando Squadron "30 YEARS", circa 1994, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
MC-130H Combat Talon II Lockheed insignia

click on picture for details
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 7th ACS (Composite) and activated May 14, 1964 under USAFE;  Organized July 1, 1964 at Sembach, Germany
Operating: C–47 (1964 – 1973); C–123 (1964 – c. 1973), U–10 (1964 – 1968) aircraft; Reassigned to 17th AF May 1, 1967
Redesignated 7th SOS July 15, 1968;  Relocated to Ramstein AB, Germany August 15, 1968
Operated: C–130 (1968 - c. 1977); UH–1 (1971 - 1973)
 Reassigned to: 26th TRW November 17, 1972; 86th TFW January 31, 1973
Reassigned to 322nd TAW March 15, 1973; Relocated to Rhein-Main AB, Germany March 15, 1973
Operated: MC–130 (1977 –  )
Deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey January 13 – March 18, 1991 & April 6 – May 14, 1991
Relocated to RAF Alconbury, England October 1, 1992

7th Airborne Command and Control Squadron

ABCCC = Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
( forerunner of the modern AWACS and JSTARS Squadrons )

Controlled TAC and SAR Aircraft for the 7th/13th Air Forces in SEA
- - - -
Variants of the 7th ACCS

notice the Black and White Bar and other variants

7th ACCS, Thai made, Removed from Uniform(RFU), Used........inquire

7th ACCS, Thailand made, RFU, Used........inquire

from a Veteran, Patch design copied from the ABCCC Capsule Logo of the LTV Corporation in 1968

- - - -


 "IF YOU AINT BEEN THERE SHUT THE F..K UP!", still has the blue marker outlines when it was "free-hand" machine embroidered in Thailand, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

UI#50 - "Crew 386" "ABLE GUNSLINGERS"

Probably a 552nd AEW&C Wing "Crew" patch who flew EC-121Ds and assisted fighter crews in killing MIGs

came with a 7th ACCS "Orbit" grouping


click on pictures for details
- - - -
7th ACCS Novelty Patches

Anyone Know the Meaning of the John Wayne Novelty Patch

100 Missions (over/in) Tokyo Japan, Japan made, UnUsed......inquire

John Wayne "OFFICIAL" and "CERTIFIED", Thai made, UnUsed.......inquire  

- - - -
variations of Orbit/Callsign "Moonbeam"

"Hillsboro" was Day Callsign - "Moonbeam" was Night Callsign


7th ACCS "MOONBEAM", Thailand made, Laotian Orbit, UnUsed......inquire

7th ACCS "MOON BEAN", Thai made, Night Callsign for AO in Laos close to DMZ, UnUsed......inquire

( AO = Area of Operations )

7th ACCS "MOON BEAM", Thai made, RARE with the "Moon Eyes", Night callsign for "Hillsboro" AO, RFU, Used.....inquire

( any car buff from the 1950s - 1960s will understand the "OO" in this patch )  

- - - -
Laotian Orbit close to the DMZ


"MOONBEAM", Thai made, RFU Flight suit, Used....inquire
- - - -
"Cricket" Orbit/Callsign

Day time Callsign - flew same AO as Night time callsign "Alley Cat"

Cricket Orbit, Thailand made, Unused.......inquire

 "Cricket" Daytime Callsign for Laos, Thai made, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -

"ALLEYCAT" Orbit Callsign

"Cricket" was Day Callsign - "Alley Cat" was Night Callsign for Laos

Rare Japan made ALLEYCAT  


ALLEY CAT, Laotian Night Orbit Callsign, Japan made,  RFU flight suit, Used.......inquire

- - - -


7th ACCS, partially subdued, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Bits of History
Formed in 1965 at Tan Son Nhut; then moved to Danang;
Later relocated to Udorn, Thailand; still later to Korat  RTAFB, Thailand
In May 1974 Squadron relocated to Clark AFB, PI
Then moved to the land-of-the-round-door-knobs: Keesler and then to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

Flew: RC-47s, C-119s, then EC-130Es Hercules which were configured to allow for insertion of an airconditioned
Command and Control Capsule containing: Communication Equipment, Operator Stations, and Display Boards.
Functioned during major operations as an Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC);
the 7th ACCS flew on a round-the-clock basis by always having a minimum of 2 x Aircraft on Station.
Carrying a Battle Staff of 12 crewmembers consisting of a Director known as an Airborne Mission Commander (AMC)
and 3 x Sections: a five-man Operations Section, a two-man Intelligence Team,
and a four-man Communications Unit (who operated 20 air-to-air and air-to-ground radios)

The 7th ACCS flew 3  well-known Operations in 1975:
Eagle Pull...Embassy extraction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on April 12 1975
Frequent Wind...Embassy extraction in Saigon, late April - early May 1975
SS Mayaquez Rescue (May of 1975)
Flew "TRUMP" Intelligence Missions in SEA after their Combat role ended

see this link for definitive verbage http://abtriplec  dot   com/history/history_project_checo_report.html

8th Special Operations Squadron


flew A-37s in the late 1960s to early 1970s


8th SOS "BLACK BIRD", older ME, UnUsed.......inquire

older ME, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
circa 1974 - 1990s

Koreans started this style of manufacture circa mid-1970s?

Subdued 8th SOS, Korean made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

8th Special Operations Squadron "BLACKBIRDS", Korean made, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Organized as 8 Aero Squadron on 21 Jun 1917. Redesignated: 8 Squadron (Surveillance) c. Jun 1921;
8 Squadron (Attack) c. Nov 1921; 8 Attack Squadron on 25 Jan 1923; 8 Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 15 Sep 1939;
8 Bombardment Squadron (Dive) on 28 Sep 1942; 8 Bombardment Squadron (Light) on 25 May 1943;
8 Bombardment Squadron, Light, c. Apr 1944; 8 Bombardment Squadron, Light, Night Intruder, on 25 Jun 1951;
8 Bombardment Squadron, Tactical, on 1 Oct 1955; 8 Attack Squadron on 18 Nov 1969;
8 Special Operations Squadron on 30 Sep 1970; 8 Fighter Squadron on 1 Jul 1973;
8 Special Operations Squadron on 1 Mar 1974

9th Air Commando Squadron

9th Special Operations Squadron
- - - -
9th ACS

 "Nha Trang"

9th ACS "NHA TRANG", Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

"A" Flight, 9th SOS Beercan DI 

shows "The DOG" on a "loudspeaker" and "leaflet" mission, winning the hearts and minds

(scanned at 300dpi - all the storage nicks show-up = Excellent Condition)

9th SOS "A Flight" "Cheiu Hoi", Used..........inquire

- - - -

"B" Flight, 9th Air Commando Squadron


9th ACS-FLT B, Vietnam made, Unused.......inquire

FLT B, Vietnam made, Unused........inquire
- - - -
"C" Flight, 9th Air Commando Squadron Grouping

"Charlie Flight"

Vietnam made "AIR COMMANDO" Tab, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

( Items came from same veteran )

"The Dog" on a Loudspeaker & Leaflet mission, 4.5" Asian made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire


- - - -

9th SOS Navigator's Grouping, circa 1969

made in Vietnam, harness rub on the left-side of the Wing, RFU K-2B, Used....inquire

- - - -

circa 1988 - 1990s

9th SOS "NIGHT WINGS", UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Operating Locations circa 1970-71:
Da Nang = A Flight
Bien Hoa = B Flight
Phan Rang = C Flight
Redesignated 39th Bombardment Squadron, Medium, on 20 Dec 1950; Activated on 2 Jan 1951
Redesignated 39th BS(H) 16 Jun 1952; Discontinued & DeActivated 15 Sep 1963
Consolidated (19 Sep 1985) with 9th Air Commando Squadron (Psychological Operations),
which was constituted, and activated 9 Jan 1967; Organized 25 Jan 1967
Redesignated 9th SOS 1 Aug 1968; Inactivated 29 Feb 1972; Activated 1 Mar 1988
6th Bombardment Group, 2 Jan 1951; 6th Bombardment (later, 6th Strategic Aerospace) Wing, 16 Jun 1952–15 Sep 1963 Pacific Air Forces, 9 Jan 1967;
14th Air Commando (later, 14th Special Operations) Wing, 25 Jan 1967;
315th Tactical Airlift Wing, 30 Sep 1971–29 Feb 1972. 39th Special Operations Wing, 1 Mar 1988;
1st Special Operations Wing, 18 Apr 1989; 1st Special Operations (later, 16th Operations) Group, 22 Sep 1992–
Walker AFB, NM, 2 Jan 1951–15 Sep 1963. Pleiku AB, South Vietnam, 25 Jan 1967; Nha Trang AB, South Vietnam, 1 Sep 1967; Tuy Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 5 Sep 1969;
Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam, 15 Aug 1970–29 Feb 1972. Eglin AFB, FL, 1 Mar 1988–
B–29, 1951–1952; B–36, 1952–1957; B–52, 1957–1963. C–47, 1967–1972; U–10, 1967; O–2, 1967–1972. HC–130, 1988–
While retaining combat capability, trained B–52 crews for Strategic Air Command 15 Jul 1959–Sep 1963.
Combat in Southeast Asia, Mar 1967–Jan 1972. Trained for special operations, refueling and resupply missions using modified C–130 aircraft, 1988–. Combat in Panama, 20 Dec 1989–14 Jan 1990 and Southwest Asia, 16 Jan–5 Apr 1991.

9th Airborne Command and Control Squadron

Pacific Command - Operation Blue Eagle

EC-135J Airborne Command Post flying from Hickham AFB, HI

"SENTINEL FOR SURVIVAL", Okinawa made, RFU, Used.......inquire

( Both patches from the same Veteran )
( ID'd from Mr. Polder's Supplement Book #1, page 139 )

"1" "Blue Eagle", showing a: Mule, Billy Goat, and an Eagle(?), Okinawa made, RFU, Used....(sold)
( the "1" probably is for Team 1 )

almost no History on this unit
Operated in 1966 - 68 era, probably additional  years but data is hard to find

12th Air Commando Squadron

motto = "Purple"
- - - -
3509 - Ranch Hand Shirt and Scarf

click on picture for details
- - - -


Pilot's 12th ACS "Ranch-Hand" neck-scarf, Vietnam HE, purple has started to fade..(sold)

Head-scarf (25" x 25"), silk(?), 12th Air Commando Squadron Pilot's present for his Wife, UnUsed.....(sold)

(both scarves came from the same Pilot's Estate)
- - - -

The Chinese character means "Purple"

( if anyone knows why the motto was "purple" let me know )
One Idea - purple was the color of the defoliant?

Operation "RANCH HAND VIET NAM", UnUsed......inquire

12th ACS, SEA made, UnUsed......inquire
( this patch is attributed to a S/SGT of the 12th ACS - his name will accompany the patch )

from a Ranch Hand Grouping, was hand-sewn to a Shirt/jacket, Used....inquire

- - - -

UnCut 12th Air Commando Squadron


12th ACS "RANCH HAND VIET - NAM", UnCut "Velvet" panel Vietnam made, Unused.....inquire

- - - -

3509EH - 12th ACS Party Shirt

click on picture for details
- - - -
partrial History
"Ranch Hand" Defoliation Operation in Southeast Asia(SEA) started in 1962;
flew C-123s (UC-123s & UC-123Ks)
designated 12th ACS from October 1966 - August 1968, then redesignated 12th SOS)

14th Air Commando Squadron Arc
"When You Hurt Enough to Want the Very Best"


14th ACS Tab, Thailand made,  probably rare, the 14th was active for 3 1/2 months, UnUsed........inquire

partial History
o/a January 15, 1968, a second AC-47 unit, the 14th ACS was formed at Bien Hoa AFB as part of the 14th ACW;
Redesignated 3rd ACS May 1, 1968
A1C John Levitow was assigned to this Unit when he received the Medal of Honor.

( The aircraft nickname changed from "Puff the Magic Dragon" to "Spooky" around January 1968 )

( anyone with more info on the History of these 2 ACS units contact   Jack@LJMilitaria.com )

14th Air Commando Wing

- - - -

14th Special Operations Wing

14th SOW, metal plate removed from a wooden plaque...(sold)
(1969 - 1970 era at Phan Rang AFB, South Vietnam)
- - - -
Bringback from a 14th SOW Pilot


Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) Insignia, woven, UnCut, UnUsed....inquire

( also on Vietnamese page )
- - - -
14th ACW Re-Union Patch?


14th Air Commando Wing "DAY AND NIGHT  PEACE AND WAR", modern Korean made patch, probably a reunion patch, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

14th APS

click on picure for details
- - - -
partial History
Redesignated 14th Air Commando Wing and Activated, on February 28 1966; Organized on March 8 1966;
Redesignated 14th Special Operations Wing on 1 Aug 1968; Inactivated 30 Sep 1971
Assignments:  Pacific Air Forces, 28 Feb 1966; 2nd AD March 8 1966; 7th AF April 1 1966 - September 30 1971

1st ACS March 8 1966 - December 20 1967
3rd ACS (later 3rd SOS) May 1 1968 - September 15 1969
4th Air Commando (later, 4 Special Operations) March 8 1966 - December 15 1969
5th Air Commando (later, 5th SOS): 8 Mar 1966 - 15 Oct 1969
6th ACS 29 Feb - 15 Jul 1968
9th ACS (later 9th SOS) 25 Jan 1967 - 30 Sep 1971
14th ACS October 25 1967 - 1 May 1968
15 ACS (later 15th SOS) March 15 1968 - October 31 1970
17th SOS June 1 1969 - 30 Sep 1971
18th SOS 1 Oct 1969  -25 Aug 1971
20th ACS (later, 20th SOS) March 8 1966 - September 1 1971
71st ACS (later 71st SOS)  December 20 1968 - June 10 1969
90th SOS 31 Oct 1970 - 1 Sep 1971
602nd ACS March 8 1966 - April 8 1967
604th ACS (later 604th SOS) 15 Nov 1967 - 1 Mar 1970 (detached)
Nha Trang AB, RVN March 8 1966; Phan Rang AB, RVN  October 15 1969 - 30 Sep 1971

Col Robert J. Jones, 8 Mar 1966; Col Gordon F. Bradburn, 17 Apr 1966; Col Forrest L. Rauscher, 10 Apr 1967;
Col John M. Patton, 21 Nov 1967; Col Conrad S. Allman, 3 Jun 1968; Col William K. Bush, 5 Mar 1969;
Col Clyde S. Cherry, 2 Sep 1969; Col William H. Fairbrother, 3 Apr 1970; Col Alfred F. Eaton, 13 Sep 1970;
Col Mark W. Magnan, 14 Mar 1971; Col Malcolm L. Nurnburg, 13-30 Sep 1971.

A-1, 1966-1967, 1968; AC-47, 1966-1969; C-47, 1966-1971; HC-47, 1966-1969; U-10, 1966-1969; CH-3, 1966-1969; O-2, 1967-1971; UH-1, 1967-1971; C-130, 1968-1971; C-123, 1968-1971; AC-130, 1968; AC-119, 1968-1971
Combat in SEA March 1966 to September 1971, operating from numerous locations in South Vietnam and Thailand.
Operations included close and direct air support, interdiction, combat airlift, aerial resupply, visual and photographic reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency operations, psychological warfare (including leaflet dropping and aerial broadcasting), forward air control (FAC) operations and escort, search and rescue, escort for convoy and defoliation operations, flare drops, civic actions, and humanitarian actions. The wing also operated Nha Trang AB, South Vietnam, Mar 1966-Oct 1969, and provided maintenance support for a number of tenants. Trained South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) personnel in AC-119 operations and maintenance, Feb-Aug 1971, and transferred
some of its AC-119s to the VNAF, Aug-Sep 1971 as part of a phase-down for inactivation.

15th Special Operations Squadron
- - - -
MC-130H Combat Talon II Lockheed insignia

click on picture for details

16th Special Operations Squadron
- - - -
9553F - Overdyed Aircrewman's Flight SUIT

patch has sold - depicted together as a display

9553F - Black K-2B Flyer's SUIT, large size ( chest = 46, inseam  = 27 ), Used....(suit only)......inquire

( patch is NOT included in this offer - it has sold )

( also on Clothing page )
- - - -
8th TAC FTR WG Lighter

"The Fabulous Four Engine Fighters of the Wolfpack"


AC-130 SPECTRE Gunship Vulcan Cigarette Lighter, made in Japan with a U. S. address, Used.....(sold)

( stored in "site done" drawe r)
- - - -
16th SOS Novelty patch
"Saigon Security Patrol"


16th SOS Novelty patch, made in Thailand ( the words mean something to someone? ), UnUsed....inquire
( probably a TDY trip to Saigon - of course everyone was sober when they got the idea for the patch )

- - - -

Palace Lightning

 USAF Withdrawal Plan for leaving Thailand


"SIRVIVOR" Palace Lightning Ubon, Thai made, Unused......inquire
( Does "Sirvivor" mean he survived the Officers at Ubon or is it a misspelling? )

Palace Lightning
With the fall of Cambodia and South Vietnam in the spring of 1975, the political climate between Washington and Bangkok had soured ( I think we had stopped giving the "Thai stickup artists" money and equipment by then ). Palace Lightning was the plan for the widthdrawal of the USAF Thailand.
- - - -

Found with a 16th SOS grouping


Thailand "If you haven't been there shut the Hell-Up", 4.5" Thai made, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -

Crew Patch for the 16th Special Operations Squadron, 1972


16th SOS " SPECTRE VASPERS VULTURES", named for the Aircraft Commander, Captain Vasper, Crew II flew out of Ubon RTAFB in 1972, 4.75" Thai made, scrapbook residue and "Ubon" written on the back, UnUsed...(Sold)

Symbols on the Patch Represent the following:
Vulture = Aircraft Commander
"H" on the Vulture's Chest = Aircraft Commander's first name started with an "H"
Compass = Navigator
TV = Sensor Operator
Guns Firing = Aerial Gunners
Lightning Bolts = Electronic Warfare Officer
Indicator at bottom = Co-Pilot
pink face character = Illuminator Operator (IO) scanning the ground for SAMs and AAA
Indicator with broken mast(at 4 oclock) = unknown

(if anyone knows the meaning of the "unknown" symbol, e-mail  Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
16th SOS " SPECTRE VASPERS VULTURES", named for the Aircraft Commander, Captain Vasper, Crew II flew out of Ubon RTAFB in 1972, 4.75" Thai made, scrapbook residue and "Ubon" written on the back, UnUsed...(Lay-away)

- - - -
Made in Thailand
'Footprint of the American Chicken'


found with a 16th SOS Grouping, still has the tailor's chaulk marks,  UnUsed....inquire

( also on htm and Novelty pages )

- - - -
Thai made


"DIRTY DICK'S OVER THE HILL GANG" AC-130 Gunship Hurlburt 73-74, Used...inquire
- - - -

"One more drink Bartender, I'm ready to fly"


16th SOS Novelty Patch, "Clear the Bar!" "PACAF Alert Force", Thai made, Unused.....inquire

- - - -
Rescue of the S. S. MAYAGUEZ


patch for the action in Cambodia around Kontang Island in May of 1975, Thai made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -


Possible 16th SOS ?


click on picture for details
- - - -

16th Special Operations Squadron "GUNNER" Patch


16th SOS"SPECTRE  SHOVEL QUALIFIED  GUNNER  AC130 GUNSHIPS", Thai Hand-Embroidered (HE), scrapbook residue on back, Excellent Detail, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Rare Thai made "West Vietnam" Spectre Patch

partial Hand-embroidery on both patches

Laos Cambodia Viet Nam "100 + MISSIONS" "AC-130 GUNSHIP", Thai made, glue residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

West Viet Nam "100 + MISSIONS" "AC-130 GUNSHIP", Thai made, Unused....(RARE)......inquire  

- - - -

UnUsual Red-on-Black Spectre

both Hand-embroidered with machine-made border

Spectre "AC-130 GUNSHIP", Thailand made, Unused..........inquire

 "AC-130 GUNSHIP", Thailand made, Unused........inquire

- - - -

Let There Be Light "AC-130 ILLUMINATOR OPERATOR", Thai made, UnUsed..........inquire

Spectre "PATIENCE MY ASS GONNA KILL SOMETHING", Thai made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

Spectre "Super - Chicken AC-130", Thai made, Excellent Detail, UnUsed......(sold)

Airspeed Control Officer "104 Knots" "AC-130", Thai made.......Unused......inquire

- - - -
16th SOS - 9 patch Grouping

made in Thailand

Laos Cambodia Vietnam "140+ Missions" AC-130 Gunship.....(sold)

Shovel Qualified Specte 16th SOS AC 130 Gunship, 4.75", Near-New.......inquire

U. S. Flag, Near-New...........inquire

Thailand Flag Shield, Near-New........inquire

Laotian Highway Patrol, Near-New.......inquire

Spectre Battle Damage Qualified, Near-New......inquire

F Jane Fonda, Near-New......(sold)

Spectre Patience my Ass  I'm Gonna Kill Something, Near-New...(sold)

AC-130 Airspeed Control Officer "100 Knots" "AC-130", Near-New.......inquire
( The Co-Pilot is the "Airspeed Control Officer"(?) )

- - - -

Hand Embroidered


Thai made, HE, RFU K-2B, Used.....(sold)

- - - -



Crew 34 (or 31) of the 16th SOS, "AC-130H GUNSHIP" , Thai made, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -



16th Special Operations Squadron "AC-130H", Thai made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -


16th SOS, AC-130 Spectre Pilot's Name Tag, Thai made, UnUsed.......inquire

16th SOS, AC-130 Spectre Aircrew Name Tag, Thai made, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -


16th SOS(?), AC-130A Spectre Gunship, ("A" Model) older ME with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed..(sold)

16th SOS, AC-130 Spectre Gunship, Thai Hand Embroidered(HE), UnUsed........inquire


- - - -


16th SOS, AC-130H Spectre Gunship, Older ME, soiling, Used.........inquire

16th SOS, AC-130H Spectre Gunship, older ME, UnUsed............inquire


- - - -

older plastic-back Cut-edge AC-130 Spectre Gunship, not a common find, UnUsed....inquire

AC-130H Spectre Gunship, 4", plastic/gauze backing, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -

3509CH - Neck-Bib


3509CH - made in Thailand, soiled on neck from wear, 1-adjustment snap missing, Used....inquire  
- - - -

RARE Bent Nail Qualified

( Patch used when the GunShip had Battle Damage )


AC-130 Gunship "BENT NAIL QUALIFIED", Thailand made, UnUsed.......inquire
( minor damage to the left of the "G", black spot is underlying thread, done at the tailor shop )
- - - -
"SAM Qualified" 2nd Award

AC 130 Flight Examiner, Thai made, UnUsed.....(sold)

Spectre "AAA Qualified", Thai made, UnUsed......inquire

"Specter", Thai made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
16th SOS “Black Spot”


(  If you have an extra patch, contact:  Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )

( also on 1 - 43rd SQ page in "wanted" section  )

- - - -
Black Spot Project, NC-123K Night Bombers
Jewett's Jewels,  "Gems of the Sky"

2 x C-123s were modified with a RADOME on the nose; below that was a Turret housing a FLIR, LLLTV, and a LASER Illuminator/Rangefinder


"E-59" "We deliver where it counts", RFU, Used.......inquire

Parachute depicted is one-of-twelve "dispenser chutes" used to drop a 3-cluster bomb unit ( CBU ) from the B-52 Hayes Dispenser through Bomb-Doors in the floor of the aircraft.

( also on UI#78 page )
- - - -
16th SOS Eagle Pull, 388th TFW


"EAGLE PULL" operation to extract U. S. Embassy personnel from Phenom Penh, Cambodia, Unused...inquire

(  for another Eagle Pull patch see  21st SOS  )

- - - -
3509EV - Missing-in-Action Bracelet

3509EV - For a missing 16th SOS Aircrewman, in package, UnUsed........inquire

( also on USAF Gear page )
- - - -
partial History:
16th SOS constituted October 11 1968; Activated October 30, 1968
Assigned 8th TFW October 30, 1968 at Ubon RTAFB
ReAssigned 388th TFW July 19, 1974 at Korat RTAFB
             ReLocated to Eglin AFB (Hurlburt Field), Florida December 12, 1975
AC–130 in 1968
NC-123K(AC-123K) Night Bombers (Black Spot) in 1969-70

17th Special Operations Squadrron
"A" Flight, circa 1969 - 1971

"Shadow" = an early AC-119 Gunship configuration

17th SOS "DENY HIM THE DARK  SHADOW", based at Tuy Hoa, Thai made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Japan made, white backing cloth

( circa 1989 - 1990s while stationed at Kadena AB, Japan )

17th Special Operations Squadron,  Unused.......41.00

partial History
17th Reconnaissance Squadron (Bombardment) (constituted 17th Observation Squadron [Light] on 5 Feb 1942;
activated on 2 Mar 1942; redesignated: 17th Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942, 17th Reconnaissance Squadron [Bombardment] on 2 Apr 1943; inactivated on 27 Apr 1946) consolidated (19 Sep 1985) with the 17th Liaison Squadron (constituted on 19 Sep 1952; activated on 20 Oct 1952; inactivated on 25 Sep 1953); and the 17th Special Operations Squadron (constituted on 11 Apr 1969; activated on 1 Jun 1969; inactivated on 30 Sep 1971). Activated on 1 Aug 1989.

18th Special Operations Squadron


18th SOS, small Thai made "party patch", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Nakhon Phanom (NKP) era patches

Thai made, RFU, minor bleeding on border, Used........inquire

made in Thailand, RFU, Used........inquire

- - - -

Black AC-119K "STINGER" "VENGEANCE BY NIGHT", Thai made, UnUsed.........inquire

Blue AC-119K "STINGER" "VENGEANCE BY NIGHT", Thai made, maker's residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

- - - -

18th SOS AC-119K Patches

made in Thailand

AC-119K "THE EYE THE MIND THE HEART OF THE STINGER" "Fire Control", UnUsed.........inquire

AC-119K "VENGEANCE BY NIGHT STINGER GUNSHIP" "Sensor",  UnUsed........inquire

minor History
18th SOS Activated January 25 1969; Inactivated December 31 1972

1st SOW January 25, 1969
4410th Combat Crew Training Wing July 15, 1969  
14th Special Operations Wing October 1, 1969
56th SOW August 25, 1971 - December 31, 1972

Lockbourne AFB, OH January 25 - October 1, 1969
Phan Rang AB, South Vietnam October 1, 1969
Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand August 25, 1971 to December 31, 1972

AC–119(K?) 1969 to 1972

Combat in Southeast Asia November 13, 1969 - November 2, 1972

Vietnam: Vietnam Summer-Fall, 1969; Vietnam Winter-Spring, 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive;
Southwest Monsoon; Commando Hunt V;  Commando Hunt VI;  Commando Hunt VII;  Vietnam Ceasefire.

19th Special Operations Squadron


anyone know the significance of the Yellow center?

19th SOS, Thai made, scrapbook residue on back, also some maker's glue has bled-through, UnUsed......inquire

Yellow center 19th SOS, Thai made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
19th SOS Commando Tab

attributed to the 19th SOS by a Veteran of the Unit

If you know more, or different, information about this arc email Jack@LJMilitaria.com


( also on UI/Mystery page UI#121 )
- - - -
partial History
Organized 19th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) December 22, 1939; Activated Feb. 3, 1940 at Langley Field, VA
Redesignated 19th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) in January 1944
Redessignated 19th BS (Very Heavy) April 30, 1946
Consolidated with the 19th Tactical Airlift Squadron (constituted 19th Air Commando Squadron, Troop Carrier, and activated, Sept. 14, 1964), the 19th Air Commando Squadron was organized October 8, 1964, at Tan Son Nhut Airfield, RVN
Redesignated 19th Air Commando Squadron (Tactical Airlift)  August 1, 1967
Redesignated 19th Special Operations Squadron August 1, 1968
Redesignated 19th Tactical Airlift Squadron January 1, 1970
Inactivated June 10, 1971
On September 19, 1985, the unit was redesignated and combined with the 19th Tactical Intelligence Squadron.
The 19th SOS was Reactivated May 24, 1996, at Hurlburt Field with the 16th OSS Central Training Flight becoming the core of the new unit.

AC-119 Gunship note:

"Shadow" = Two Reciprocating Engines and Four miniguns (original configuration)

"Stinger" = Two J-85 Jet Engines & Two 20mm Cannons were added

Insignia Wanted

GOT an Extra.....e-mail Jack@LJMilitaria.com


Can you Identify?

UI#121 - "COMMANDOS" Arc from Vietnam

( also on: UI & SF pages )
- - - -

UI#174 - "COMMANDOS", 2" patch

( stored in gy cabint )

( please email if you have information:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )


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Viewers disregard this section:
1st Combat Evaluation Group (1st CEG), Vietnam made, "Operation Combat Skyspot", site was operated by
USAF personnel on civilian status (had Air America IDs and etc.), Lima Site 85 was overran by the PAVN/NVA.
18TH SOS "STINGER", (AC-119G/K model Gunships)
22nd SOS "ZORRO"
3509EY - Neck Bib
3509EY - 16th SOS Neck Bib, By Raja's Ubol 'WOLF PACK' Tailor Shop, in Ubon, minor soiling, Used......